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2017 Norman Family Reunion Late Registration Form

Late registrations (any registration paid after the original April 28, 2017 deadline) are subject to a $5 late registration fee.
Identification credentials and/or favors for late registrants may not be identical to those of registrants who paid by the
original deadline.
Please take the time to list the names of the family members and friends that will be attending the 2017 Norman Family
reunion in Charlotte, NC on July 1, 2017. I need you to complete and return the form, along with your registration fee by
June 9, 2017. All payments are NON-REFUNDABLE. Note: There is NO pay-at-the-door option.

Rather than a per person fee, I am instituting a per household size fee. Be honest. Consider, for example, how you
approach your household for tax filing purposes. Example: If you have 2 children but share a home with your cousin and
his wife and their 2 children, you are not a household of 7. You are two households, one of 3 and another of 4.)

Household Size Fee

1-2 $15
3-5 $30
6-8 $45
9 $60

Family Member Name

1. _______________________________________________________________
2. _______________________________________________________________
3. _______________________________________________________________
4. _______________________________________________________________
5. _______________________________________________________________
6. _______________________________________________________________
7. _______________________________________________________________
8. _______________________________________________________________
9. _______________________________________________________________

Household Size Registration Fee _________

Late Registration Fee _ $5.00___
Total Registration Fee(s) Included _________
Methods of payment:
1. Cash
2. *Check or Money Order (Make Payable to: Timicia Winston)
3. Paypal (
4. **Debit/Credit Cards
5. ***Deposit to Bank of America (online or over the counter)
6. ***Deposit to Suntrust (online or over the counter)
Contact Information: Timicia Winston * (980) 298-4410 *

Thank you

Photo Haul

1. If you would like to submit your own photo(s) for your ID badge(s), please send your photo of choice to my phone via text, to my inbox via
Facebook or to 9normanfamilyreunion@gmail by June 4, 2017. After that date, I will mine FB, other online platforms and old photo albums.
2. I would like to create a slide show to display our family heritage during the Saturday evening portion of our family reunion. I would also like to
make a CD copy of the slide show available to family reunion participants. Please submit any photographs that youd like to share, along with the
name(s) of the subjects in the picture(s). (I am not as smart as some people think I am and I certainly do not know the names of half as many people
as I should. So help me out please and thank you in advance.) If you DO NOT want your submitted photographs to be saved to the CD for
distribution and only want them visible during the reunion, you must indicate that bluntly when submitting the photo(s). Please send your photo(s) of
choice to my phone via text, to my inbox via Facebook or to 9normanfamilyreunion@gmail by June 4, 2017.
1. What are your childrens middle names?
2. Who in your lineage has served in the military?
3. In what year were your parents married?
4. what was the best advice that you mother ever gave you?
5. what was the best advice that your father ever gave you?
6. what is the furthest destination that you have traveled too?
7. What degrees or certifications do you hold?
8. What are the names of three notable or important streets or neighborhoods from your childhood?
9. What is the most memorable car that you had in your family as a child?
10. As a child, your family went to_____for vacation.
11. What is the most memorable birthday present that you ever received?
12. Please share a funny story about yourself or someone in our family that you or they would not mine sharing.
13. Of the Norman siblings, who was the funniest?
14. Of the Norman siblings, who was perceived to be the meanest?
15. If you could only eat one more time, you would have _______ (family member name) what?

When YOU were a kid...

16. What was your favorite TV show?
17. What was one silly, crazy, or funny thing you did?
18. Who was your hero?
19. What was your favorite toy?
20. What was your favorite outside activity?
21. What was your favorite food?
22. What was your favorite candy bar?
23. What was your favorite chore?
24. What was your least favorite chore?
25. What was one bad mistake you made?
26. What was your favorite color?
27. Who was one of your best friends?
28. What was your favorite book?
29. Where was your favorite family vacation?
30. What was the most painful thing you did?
31. What was your most embarrassing moment?
32. What was your favorite pet?
33.Who was your favorite teacher?
34 What did you like to do in the summer/fall/winter/spring?
35. What did you want to be when you grew up?
Please answer as many questions as you are comfortable sharing the information with family in trivia games. You may number and use a separate piece of paper or
respond by texting answers to:

Talent Show Registration

Participant(s) Talent Song Name (if applicable)

Whether you sing, dance, play an instrument or tell jokes, come and show us what you can do. All music and/or jokes
should be of the PG13 variety. (Its a family show.) Please register by June 4th. Due to time restraints, the maximum
length of your set will be determined by the number of participants. The final maximum time limit will be communicated
to all participants on June 10th. If your talent requires a musical accompaniment, please provide a copy of the song in
either mp3 or CD format by June 17th.
Lip Synch Battle Registration
Participant (s) Song Selection

_________________________________ 1.________________________________________________



Lets face itnot everyone can sing or dance but we sure like to try it. In that light, you are welcome to Lip Synch and
two-step your way into Family Reunion History. I envision this to be a cross between the Johnson Family Reunion
movie and LL Cool Js Lip Synch Battle. You can go as extravagant as you like with costumes and all. You can
register as a family group, individuals, or any combination of cousins and such. Deadline to register is June 4th.
Much like the talent show, the maximum time limit for your performance will depend on the total number of participants.
This time will be communicated to all individual participants or the person who registers their group by June 10th. The
music selection should also be PG13 and any musical accompaniment should be provided as either mp3 or CD format
by June 17th. So we dont have to hear Brick House five times (twice is okay), please list three songs that you would
be willing to perform in order of preference. When your registration is received will determine what song you will
perform. Ex. Jaye submits her form on 5/16/2017 at 5:20am, Gabe submits his form on 5/16/2017 at 2:30 pm and
Anthony submits his form on 5/20/2017 at 12:03am. Jaye would get her #1 choice. Gabe would get his #1 choice
(even if identical to Jaye because we will do up to twice on the same song) Anthony could get his #1 choice if different
from Jaye and Gabe. Otherwise, he would get his #2 choice. Tso on and so forth. o keep it fair and above board,
Gmail date and time stamp will determine the order of preference.
1. Complete the form, scan it, and email it to OR 2. Fill out the form, take a picture
of it and text it to (put that address where you would normally put the telephone
number). OR 3. Manually type in the applicable information from the form into your text screen, text the message to (put that address where you would normally put the telephone number). **If you
text the registration information to my phone, I will text you back with the following message The registration that you
texted to my phone will not be considered. Please follow directions by texting or emailing the same information to Thank you. Love you. This is an excellent exercise in following directions.
Love yall.