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JOB DESCRIPTION: Director of Religious Exploration
Reports to: Personnel Committee, minister

Work Schedule: 20 hours weekly (average); regular hours are 10am-2pm

on Sundays worked, 9am-2pm on Sundays with RE Committee meeting.
Special Events are sometimes planned on Saturday afternoons and evenings.
Meetings with congregants by appointment. Meets regularly with supervisor.
One Sunday off a month allowed with DRE arranging coverage at least one
week prior.



Delegation is necessary and encouraged to lay leaders, teachers and

volunteers. Many of the listed responsibilities may be delegated to others

with the DRE maintaining oversight. Our RE program as a cooperative

effort with parents and others in the congregation.


Administer the Children's Religious Exploration (RE) Program throughout

the school year.

Recruit teachers, assistants, and other volunteers during the year and
particularly in the spring, to provide quality RE programming for each school

Arrange for or lead portions of teacher training in the summer for each
cadre of teachers with the object of creating effective, congenial teams of
teachers who work cooperatively with staff.
Complete a teaching calendar for each class at the summer teacher
training/planning meetings that includes who will be teaching and what will
be taught each Sunday.

Work closely with the Religious Exploration Committee (REC) and minister
each spring to plan the program, choose curricula, and do long range
planning for the following school year.

There may be occasional adult programs for parents mutually planned and

See that a light summer program is planned and in place (although the DRE
may be on vacation during that period.)

Communicate with teachers in advance, as needed, to see that the

program runs smoothly. See that needed curriculum and supplies are
obtained for the teachers for them to use in their Sunday classes.

Plan activities, secure subs and assist with programming on days teachers
have off.

Coordinate subs to fill in for teachers as needed.

Supervise teachers and follow up with them if any problems should occur
(i.e. absenteeism, late for class, discipline concerns, parent concerns).

Congregational Liaison

Serve as the liaison between the RE Program and the congregation.

Attend monthly Board meetings, as needed, to report or dialogue on RE


Work with other active Committees of the Congregation relevant to the

position, as needed, e.g., the Safety Committee, Social Justice Committee,
Welcome new families and children to the program. See that follow-up
contact is made with visiting families via e-mail or phone.

Attend Worship Services on occasion to be cognizant of what is current in

the adult services

Stay for the lunch/gathering that follows Worship Service as often as possible
to become well-acquainted with the adult population. This helps make RE
more visible to the congregation at large, and helps the DRE recruit a strong
volunteer base.


Track participation in the program by overseeing the registration of

families, maintenance of registrations and attendance records for RE
programs (attendance records may be recorded in the congregational
database by the Office Administrator).

See that visitor information is obtained on children who are not yet

Maintain curriculum materials, RE library, supplies, Sunday attendance

sheet (children/youth/teacher/nursery) in the DRE office.

Obtain police background checks on full-time RE teachers and any RE staff


With the RE Committee, prepare a proposal for the RE portion of the

congregations operating budget, divided by category (e.g. curriculum,
teacher training, supplies, professional development, special events, etc.)
and then track income and expenses in those categories during the year.

Write or see that a Religious Exploration column or page is prepared
monthly for each newsletter to inform the congregation of current and
upcoming activities for children and youth.

Provide weekly Order of Service submission that lists programming for the
week and any special announcements and other RE information.

Give input to the web master for the RE portion of the congregations web

Meet monthly with the RE Committee.

Meet regularly with the minister or chief of staff to plan and coordinate
activities, give mutual updates and feedback.

Communicate with the RE parent and teacher list by e-mail and mail/phone
calls for those without e-mail access, as needed.

Make e-mail/phone contact, as needed, with teachers, parents, committee

chairs and members.

Oversee preparation of an annual Religious Exploration brochure.

Prepare and distribute fliers for special RE events.

Prepare correspondence as needed in the position.

Special Events

Work with the Religious Exploration Committee to plan and conduct

intergenerational special events over the course of the year that attract and
benefit families.


Prepare and present announcements and ceremonial components related

to RE.
Occasionally assist the Worship Committee or Minister in preparing and
leading a portion of Sunday worship service which involves the children and

Collaborate with the Worship Committee or Minister in the scheduling of

family worship services.

Supervise Nursery Staff

Recruit and hire nursery staff (for 0 to 5 years old).

Supervise and support Nursery Staff for Sunday and Special Events.

Coordinate childcare coverage for other events, working with lay leaders for

Sign Nursery staff time sheet.

Denominational Participation

Participate, as time permits, in District, Cluster and national UU programs.

This opportunity for leadership development within the position is
encouraged. Funding for training and travel will be negotiated and requested
from the general operating budget as a line item in RE expenses.