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1>> Saturn/Neptune can be symbolic of grieving over an unnecessary, unexpected, and tragic

loss. Now we know the type of madness that Saturn/Neptune is capable of reflecting in society,
politics, and economics, and also in terms of human suffering. It is a time that demands
compassion for the deep grief and pain that others experience. It is truly a test (Saturn) of
faith (Neptune) in people, the systems of government, and even ones belief in God.

2>>> Any market making a high or low within 10 trading days of Mars retrograde is prone to
a counter-trend move into the period surrounds Mars direct, +/- 10 trading days.

3>> >Mars retrograde in late Scorpio is one of the more powerful geocosmic signatures
driving social, political, and financial market forces right now, it is not the only cosmic force at
work. We continue to be under the influence of The Mutable T-square between Jupiter, Saturn,
and Neptune, which, as stated last week, . has certainly lived up to its billing as
changeable. Nothing stays put. Everything changes and quickly. You cannot believe what
you read, see, or hear.

Mars rules Scorpio. Scorpio is the sign that rules termination, the ending of matters. Or, if
positive, an effort to change and reform

With Saturn square Neptune, the path ahead is not very clear, for Neptune rules fog, and
Saturn rules the ground and earth, so the combination is like running in mud to a destination
or goal that keeps changing, even seeming to disappear at times. So with Saturn square
Neptune, you have to ask: What decision will create the most chaos and uncertainty? Staying
or leaving?

Uranus rules technology, cyberspace, and the internet.

4>>>on August 2, Mars will begin an 8-week sojourn through Sagittarius, which acts a lot like
Uranus. This implies there will be more records broken, in sports and financial markets. In
most cases observed in the past (but not in all cases), Mars in Sagittarius is favorable for
stocks, but not so favorable for precious metals, at least not while in the early degrees.

5>>>Uranus turning retrograde at 24 Aries on July 29. In the studies reported in The
Ultimate Book on Stock Market Timing, Volume 3: Geocosmic Correlations to Trading Cycles,
this signature had a 77% correlation to primary or greater cycles within 11 trading days.

6>>>Mars means action. Sagittarius means exaggeration. With Uranus also highlighted, it
could be a case of sharply rising or sharply falling prices, or both, one right after the other.

7>>>Mars in Sagittarius is not likely to lessen the threat of terrorism, and with Uranus also
highlighted, the next two-five weeks will be the cosmic equivalent of a color code Red for
travelers. Watch the grain markets too, for these aspects can correlate with hotter than
expected temperatures, given all the emphasis on first signs involving fire-like planets (i.e. Sun
in Leo, and Mars in Sagittarius).
8>>> However, strange is a description often associated with Uranus. Divergence is yet

9>>Venus rules love and money. Neptune rules love. Saturn rules loss or lack of. It is the
same old story: no money, no love. In terms of market psychology, this could correlate with a
broken agreement that was expected to yield a huge profit. No agreement, no money. It is so
heartbreak hotel.