Implementing the Vision 2nd Space Exploration Conference

KSC Constellation Project Overview

Tip Talone
KSC Constellation Project Office Ground Operations
December 6, 2006

Constellation Program Office
Constellation Program Office

Marsha Ivins Special Assistant, Integration Brenda Ward Assistant Mgr, Integration Deb Neubek Chief of Staff, Technical

Jeff Hanley Program Manager Mark Geyer Deputy Program Mgr Scott Gahring External Program Integration Stephanie Castillo, Lead Administrative Office

Tip Talone Associate Program Mgr KSC

Todd May Associate Program Mgr MSFC

Barry Waddell Program Planning & Control Director

Bill Arceneaux Test & Verification Director

Bob Castle Operations Integration Director

Chris Hardcastle SE&I Director

Lauri Hansen SR&QA

Carlos Noriega Advanced Projects Office Manager

Tip Talone Ground Operations Project Office (KSC)
Skip Hatfield CEV Project Office (JSC) Steve Cook Launch Vehicle Project Office (MSFC) Tip Talone Ground Operations Project Office (KSC) Dennis Webb Mission Operations Project Office (JSC) (Vacant) NASA Provided Systems Projects Office (JSC) Lander Project Offie

Comm & Nav Project Office (GSFC)

Kennedy Space Center

KSC Constellation Project Office


Staff Office Business Project Control

Operations & Integration

Systems Engineering & Integration (including IT&V) Level III


Launch Vehicle

Ground Systems



Project Management

Requirements & Project Integration

Project Support Office

KSC Constellation Ground Operations Project Office
Primary Responsibilities:
• KSC Project Office under Constellation Program
– Level 2 Associate Program Manager – Level 3 Ground Operations Project Manager

• • • • • • •

Ground Systems Requirements Ground Systems Design/Build ( Facilities, Systems, GSE) Flight Hardware Elements Design Support Flight Elements Ground Processing, Integration, Launch, and Recovery Operations Planning Test and Verification Planning Logistics Planning Support To Program-Level Requirements Development
– – – – “Level II” Requirements Operations Concepts Constellation Architecture Integrated Test and Verification

Launch Pad 39 – Saturn/Apollo

Saturn V on mobile launcher (ML) with launch umbilical tower (LUT) and mobile service structure (MSS)

Launch Pad 39 - Shuttle

Shuttle with rotating service structure (RSS) extended

Shuttle with rotating service structure (RSS) retracted

Launch Pad 39 – CEV/CLV

Clean Pad (Integrated Mobile Launcher)
– – – – – Stack Elements in VAB Vehicle/launcher umbilicals mate; integrated testing in VAB Transport integrated and verified flight vehicle to Launch Pad Launcher/ground systems mate Service ( L-time driven only), arm, crew on-board, Launch

Access for Service / Arm / Crew Access from Launcher

Vehicle Assembly Building Saturn/Apollo

Saturn V / Apollo in VAB, platforms extended

Saturn V / Apollo in VAB, platforms retracted

Integrated Mobile Launcher - VAB

CLV / CEV Stacking in VAB High Bay

CLV / CEV Stacking in VAB High Bay

Integrated Mobile Launcher - Pad

CLV Integrated Mobile Launcher at LC-39

LUT platforms & Crew Access Arm