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June 2017 Volume 74

Hall receives facelift


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Amity Bradford, Editor

News from the Elphinstone Facilities Committee
The EFC is a Section 86 committee Shire for doing this! Although the been there (see below and front
of the Mount Alexander Shire hall doesnt get used as much as it page). The committee has tried to
Council with responsibility for the could, it is good to know that it is in keep costs down to make it
Elphinstone Hall and Recreation good working order. affordable for that special occasion
reserve and the Sawpit Gully where the house is just too small. It
Reserve. However, we do have two regular is well heated in winter with the gas
groups of users with the carpet wall furnaces and has ceiling fans
The Committee last met in February bowls and the playgroup, as well as for summer.
and is scheduled to meet again on casual hirers including a textiles
the 17th May. Since the New Year workshop last year. We would I would like to thank all our
the Shire has been working to welcome anyone interested in using committee members for their time
upgrade the Hall with some much it for a community or private over the past 12 months.
needed improvements and most of purpose to contact us through Gill
this work has now been done. The at the Post Office. Cheers,
work includes repairs in the kitchen, Mike Reeves (Chairman EFC)
upgraded lighting and new The hall can hold 100 people quite
switchboard, exterior painting and easily and the floor area is about
new cisterns in the toilets. We have 140 square metres if you are
also got new shutters between the interested in hiring it for a function.
kitchen and the Hall and external I have included some photos of the
woodwork repainted. Thanks to the interior space if you have never



The Elphinstone facilities committee are running what hopes to become an annual shop-
ping tour fundraiser. Our little hall is a great asset to the community so please come along
& help raise the funds we need to keep a well-maintained reserve.
Tickets are approx $65 each, for this money you receive a bus driver & hostess, morning /
afternoon tea & a restaurant lunch all included in the ticket price.
A $40 deposit is requested as a seat cannot be reserved unless a deposit has been received.
Itinerary (subject to change)

Outlet Arrive Depart

Castle Books 7:50am 8:20am
Feelgood Australia Pty Ltd 8:40am 9:10am
Road to Home 9:15am 9:45am
Five Star Direct 10:00am 10:45am
Beaches Fashion 10:55am 11:25am
Siriocco Leather 11:45am 12:15pm
TS14+ 12:25pm 12:55 pm
The Linen Factory 2:10pm 2:40pm
Bambis Homewares 2:50pm 3:30pm
Diana Ferrari 3:40pm 4:10pm
Candy Stripes 4:20pm 4:50pm
Toy Networx 5:05pm 5:45pm

For more information please dont hesitate to contact Erin Downie on

Mob: 0407 401 406 or email: or like us on Facebook

Elphinstone Land Management
Association (ELMA) Update
Our Bird & Habitat Walk was held back Square-tailed Kite, an adult. Square- 6 Welcome Swallow
in February and was really well tailed kites are listed as Rare nation- 3 Dusky Woodswallow
received with many people asking wide, and Near Threatened in Victoria. 1 Tree Martin
when we would be holding another They are a migratory raptor which 1 Olive-backed Oriole
one! ELMA will host another bird walk breeds in the Victorian forests every 6 Crimson rosella
down the track but in the meantime summer for more info click here: 4 Superb Fairy-wren
we will host a Flora & Fauna Walk in square-tailed kite. 1 Square-tailed Kite
Spring to be led by Bonnie 3 Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike
Humphreys, Project Botanist from 2 Satin Flycatcher
Connecting Country with a special 10 Striated Thornbill
interest in native flora and weed 1 Weebill
ecology, so keep an eye out for further 1 Scarlet Robin
For more information on
The following article was written by birdwatching, or our bird program
Tanya Loos, Woodland Bird & Project see Connecting Countrys website
Coordinator from Connecting Country, or
who led our walk and is passionate contact Tanya Loos, Woodland Bird
about bird watching and provided us Project Coordinator, 5472 1594
all with a wealth of information on
birds, their habitat and native
vegetation. Sylvia Reeves has created our very
own Facebook page. Check it out for
It is not every day you see a Federally many more photos from the walk and
listed rare bird on an outing - we were The walk at the Elphinstone water other photos of interest. Its an
all very excited to observe a Square- race was well attended and it was excellent reference to ELMAs
tailed Kite perched in a tree, preening great to have beginner birdwatchers activities and a great way to keep up-
itself after a heavy bout of and children along for our forest walk. to-date on projects. The page is called
rain. Connecting Countrys first Bird It was a bit quiet at first but about Elphinstone Land Management
Walk for 2017 was in early February, an hour in, after some rain we saw a Association.
and we were kindly hosted by Sue whole host of birds, including our wet
McLennan and other members of the Square-tailed Kite. Once again ELMA is hosting its annual
Elphinstone Land Management Winter Solstice event at the
Association. The walk was along the Jane Rusden noted the species and Arboretum on Friday 23 June. Please
old Elphinstone Water Race, through numbers down for us 22 species in see the poster opposite for details.
some really nice forest. all! Not bad! Hope to see you there!

The Kite was photographed by Rob 2 Sulphur-crested Cockatoo Sue McLennan

Simon on a pretty glary day after some 1 Grey Currawong Secretary
rain. He or she was hard to identify, as 3 Grey Fantail
the bird was perched some distance 4 Yellow-faced Honeyeater
away through the trees, facing away 3 White-throated Treecreeper
from us and preening its wet feathers. 15 White-winged Chough
The identifying features are the white 1 White-naped Honeyeater
face, and the fact that the wings of the 2 Grey shrike-thrush
kite are actually longer than the tail! I 8 Red Wattlebird
sent Robs pics to Geoff Park who 7 adult + 1 immature Fuscous
confirmed Robs photo was of a Honeyeater

Whats happening at Elphinstone Primary School?
Term 2 started with ANZAC Day Regional Cross Country event in and parents under the wonderful
activities with the students making Bendigo on Friday 12 May. We have leadership of Deita!
word searches, poppies and ANZAC over half our school 10 students
biscuits to take home. representing our school at this event On Thursday 25 May, the school will
amazing! The students will also be host an Open Morning from 9am-
Last week the school received news participating in Orienteering in 11am for any parents thinking of
that the Andrews Labor Government Castlemaine, the Whole School sending their child to Elphinstone PS
has allocated $221,000 funding for Sports Day in Redesdale and Junior next year. This is the perfect
capital works projects at the school. Tabloid Sports in Castlemaine. We opportunity to have a look around
This funding will be put to very good have some extremely active and the school, meet the teachers,
use at the school and the staff and athletic students at the school. students and learn more about the
parents will be having many great programs offered at the
discussions as to how best spend The parents at the school continue school. We hope to see some
the money to improve the facilities to work extremely hard and have families on that day!
at the school. been busy building garden beds for
the new vegie garden. It is really Katrina Victor-Gordon,
Over the next few weeks, the starting to take shape. As you drive Acting Principal
students will be extremely busy past the school, you might also
attending a variety of sports days in notice our very colourful Art Room Elphinstone Primary School
the area. This commences with the which is being painted by the kids Wright Street Elphinstone
(03) 5473 3285

Photo: Mary-Anne Thomas MP with students and staff following presentation of the cheque for the schools capital works

A message from our Councillor
Bubbs Lane, north of Elphinstone, is As your local ward councillor, Ive
slated for a new bridge. Bubbs Lane been making myself available to
might not be the busiest of roads, but residents on the first Friday of each
that doesnt mean we can ignore a month outside the Elphinstone post
bridge that is approaching the stage office, from 8:30am to 10:30am. The
of no longer being safe. The lifetime invitation to everyone is to use this
of a bridge is usually 100 years or opportunity to talk to me about any
more. One of the legacies of being a council-related concerns you may
goldrush shire is a lot of very old have, whether its a road or drain that
bridges, some well in excess of 100 needs attention, a planning
years old. application that seems to have
stalled, an idea for Elphinstone
Its good to see that people have been With the exceptional rains that improvements, a project that you
taking copies of the council occurred last month, the country think council should be undertaking or
information sheet from the post office around Elphinstone is looking very anything else that comes under the
counter. Thanks to Gill and Dave for attractive, with plenty of grass in the broad heading of council business. If
making them available to customers. paddocks and deciduous trees this time is not suitable for you, Im
The hand out has the highlights of the showing off their autumn colours. The always happy to talk on the phone, or
proposed 2017-2018 council budget stand of claret ashes planted recently meet if thats more appropriate.
on one side. On the other is a in Wright Street by the Elphinstone Please call me on 0466 004 628 or
summary of the objectives in the draft Land Management Association email
council plan, with a request that (ELMA) benefited from last years wet
people look through the plan and give winter and are starting to make their if you wish to arrange a meeting.
feedback. Tell us whats missing, what presence felt along the roadside.
you like and dont like. The draft plan What a beautiful addition to the town Christine Henderson
is on the council website and there streetscape and a great legacy to Coliban ward councillor
are a few hard copies at the post future generations of Elphinstonians.
office. Take one if youre interested. Mature ash trees are tall and stately
The budget is also up for comment. and the claret ashes are a sight to
Every year council budgets to replace behold in spring, summer and
a couple of our old bridges. Next year especially autumn.

Elphinstone Fire Brigade
Elphinstone CFA at the Police & times), Breathing Apparatus (funny jangle around in my tummy, but
Emergency Services Games 2017 - A looking scuba-type gear for smoke), when I saw Mark heading back
Horses Tale driving accreditations and towards me from the Secretarys
firefighting accomplishments at an office with my number, I felt a lot
Written by Tracey Franze, Brigade advanced level. He also keeps the better with his calm approach and
Secretary books and balances the Fire Brigade steady hand, as he wiped any
budget. His dedication and travelling dust from my shiny coat,
Recently, as part of the Police and commitment to the Elphinstone CFA looking a burnished copper-bronze.
Emergency Services games, is actually a bonus for me, as he My bridle and saddle, with sparkling
Elphinstone Brigade Firefighter and doesnt have time to work me too bit and stirrup irons, had been
Treasurer, Mark Ware, competed hard - not like the hard slog of my cleaned of any signs of sweat and
and was awarded a bronze medal in former racing days meaning when hair, and the clean saddle cloth
two Equestrian Events one for he is busy doing other things, I can slipped easily across the hair on my
dressage and one for combined laze around the well-manicured and slick coat as my saddle was put
training (includes dressage & show fenced paddock in my spare time, neatly into place. Much care was
jumping in the same event) on his chatting to other members of the taken by Mark in adjusting my gear
trusty steed, a 10yo thoroughbred herd, and basking my glorious (even more so than usual, to ensure
gelding named Teddy. chestnut coat in the sun. that we were as safe as possible).
Instinctively I knew this was going to
Following breakfast, a smooth float be a big occasion.
Teddy (the horse) takes
ride, heading north, ensued. I
up the story from here:
always feel safe with Mark driving Mark mounted with ease despite
On the first day of competition, as a
as I know that he has driven in some me dancing around in excitement.
crisp Elphinstone autumn dawn was
very daring firefighting situations, so It felt good to be on the move and
barely breaking, I knew something
a float trip is like a walk in the park breathe the cool air into my lungs as
was up when I received my
for a driver like him. On arrival at we trotted off to the warm-up arena
breakfast earlier than usual. Mark
the Elmore Equestrian Park (quite a with anticipation. The arena was full
arrived looking sharp in new
flash looking place in a broad acre of a mixture of horses doing
jodhpurs which caught my eye
setting) and on exiting my float I seemingly perfect circles, including
under his weathered coat no
received an acknowledgement some very impressive types. The
doubt trying to keep himself clean
neigh and request for reassurance riders represented the various
for whatever was in store for the
from a couple of fellow competitors, facets of the Emergency Services
looking slightly edgy tethered to not only Police but Ambulance,
their respective trailers. Quite Corrections Victoria, SES, to name
A bit about myself, as a former
nervous myself but trying to look just a few, and our favourite of
racehorse - I took up residence at
brave, I gave them my deepest course, the CFA. Mark and I met
the Ware farm some 15 months
confident-sounding murmur in quite a few of the competitors and I
ago, and I must say it is a very happy
reply. Mark settled me with a hay was impressed with the level of
partnership. Mark is very busy,
net and made sure I was respect and sportsmanship amongst
working a hectic job whilst raising a
comfortable, whilst he went to them all. I felt that it was great for
family of three gorgeous kids in
register me for whatever lay Mark to have interaction and build
partnership with Justine. He is a
ahead. camaraderie with these fellow,
pony club Dad and in his spare
dedicated, brave service personnel
time he also drops everything at a
Looking around I could see the area in a completely different
moments notice to bravely head off
abuzz with activity, and quickly environment, rather than at an
to fight fires and attend car
realised that I was here to compete, emergency event.
accidents with the CFA. It is not
as a horse and rider combination as
unusual to see him coming and
part of the Police and Emergency Continued next page...
going at all hours of the day and
Services Games 2017. Wow! Thats
night when that siren goes, using his
why we have been doing those
vast experience and qualifications
arena drills this past week. My old
including Lieutenant (could have
racing day butterflies started to
made a Light Horseman in war

Elphinstone Fire Brigade continued...
The mounted branch Police horses (I of the final placings, I was not really improved and I now feel like a
call them the Mounties) looked very expecting too much, due to the winner.
impressive with their uniformed quality and high standard of the
riders and service-issued event. I was very pleasantly I hope that the Elphinstone Fire
saddlecloths bearing embroidered surprised to hear Marks name Brigade would be very proud with
logos very fancy. Mark and I also announced for a Bronze medal for how we represented them. I had
made a handsome pair Mark is both the dressage, and the fire in my belly, thats for sure (ha
tall, lean and beautifully poised I combined training. Double bronze ha!) One small confession when
like to think that I saw the judge at my first Games in Grade 5! I held the applause sounded for the
nudge the penciller as we entered my head up with pride at the placegetters it was quite
the arena, so impressed she was. thought of our achievements. I felt unsettling as the sound of the
so happy at this positive change in people clapping actually gave me a
When it came to my turn to do the my life. You see, back in my racing fright (embarrassing I know!) In
dressage test, after a lot of waiting days, I was considered an also ran. the future, I am sure I could get
around and even yawning (which In Equestrian events, maybe Ive used to it. Bring on the Games of
was actually good for my nerves) I found my niche. My confidence has 2018 and go Elphinstone!
put my best hoof forward resulting
in an impressive display. I could feel
that Mark was trying hard to use the
subtle aids of communication
required in dressage, and I
responded accordingly, giving him
my very best efforts in each stride.
The tests were judged on the best
of two for each event. The longer I
was there, the more settled I
became. I felt exhilarated at the
standard of my tests and walked out
of the arena effortlessly, like I was
walking on air. I secretly hoped that
Mark was pleased with me.

The show jumping phase was held

in a very large indoor arena. I had
never been accustomed to indoor
arenas in the past, so I found it all to
be quite daunting at first. Chewing
on my bit nervously and feeling a
slight prickle of sweat behind my
ears whilst entering the huge,
echoing, indoor space, Mark kept
his cool throughout and he gave me
such confidence that I was able to
jump a couple of very respectable
rounds. Thank you Mark for getting
me around safely oh what a team
we make!

There were around 12 or 13 riders

for each class so there was plenty of
competition. At the announcement

Photo: Elphinstone Brigade Member, Mark Ware riding Teddy

Register Your Burnoff
Information from

How do I notify emergency services of a planned burn?

Before you carry out and notify your planned burn, make sure you check and follow local regulations or laws set
down by CFA or your local council.

More information about burning off

To ensure that the fire services are aware of your planned burn, please give the Emergency Services
Telecommunications Authority (ESTA) prior notification. You can do this is four ways:
1. Phone 1800 668 511 and provide the required information OR
2. Complete the Burn off Notification Form (DOC 127k) and email the form to (form
available on CFA website)
3. Send the form to ESTA by fax: 1300 674 428 or
4. National Relay Service Users can ring 1300 555 727 and ask for Information to be relayed to ESTA via
1800 668 511.

Notifying ESTA about planned burns prevents unnecessary fire brigade response. Callers reporting an actual fire
can then verify that the fire is a planned burn. If this can't be verified a fire brigade will be asked to respond.

Some information that you provide may be displayed on CFA's website. This may include the street name and area
where the planned burn you are registering will take place. This information may be shared on
the VicEmergency website, as well as the VicEmergency app and internal incident management systems.

CFA also recommends you inform your neighbours.

Would you like to see your ad
Email for
advertising prices.


Bob Franze (Dip Equine Dentistry)

Phone 0418 346 830
Prompt and reliable service covering all areas

Warm Up at Goldfields Libraries this Winter!
A range of heart-warming activities
will be available at Goldfields
Libraries this Winter! Special guest
speakers, hands on technology
workshops and a holiday program
for the kids are just a few of the
activities that will ensure all age
groups find something of interest.

As a program highlight Australian

television and theatre star Jack
Charles will speak about his
experiences as a 22 time convicted
felon and heroin addict. A great
contributor to the community, Jack
will share how his experiences have
made him more resilient.

The Immigration Museums Talking

Difference project will be visiting
with special workshops and an
interactive portable studio display.
The project aims to help the
community learn about other
cultures and what Australian life is
like for newcomers.

The Winter program will have a

strong focus on making technology
accessible to the community, Family History enthusiasts will be best-selling author/illustrator Trace
including a showcase of Oculus Rift well catered for with a local Balla and performances by Team
virtual reality, Tech Savvy Seniors program of National Family History Henderson of Bong Bong Hat Band
and a range of other IT sessions with Month events coming up in August, fame.
digital experts, said Tammy Higgs, including book launches, talks,
Goldfields Library Corporation workshops and beginner sessions. Most events are free and many
Programs and Events Coordinator. There will be presentations from a require bookings.
range of authors and writers,
The fourth Write on the Fringe including Nadine Williams, Sally For more information, visit:
Festival will also be a major Abbott, Jennifer Ackerman, Lauren
highlight, and as always promises to Mitchell, Brendan McCarthy,
bring together the best of Katherine McKinnon, Jannyse
community arts and participation Williams, Dee White and Tegan
with an exciting line up of events, Gigante.
said Ms Higgs.
The kids will be spoilt for choice in
Music will be a great feature this the July holidays with activities
Winter, with the Australian Girls galore to keep them busy. Highlights
Choir and Orchestra Victoria lined will include a collaborative Captain
up for multiple performances. Underpants display, science and
technology sessions, movie
screenings, special sessions with


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