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CSR ORE TO THE STUDENT 1 SECTION 1 Introduction to law: eon basic terms lediate ‘Steve Flinders. The folowing terms introduce you to the law and basic legal termi Simon Sweeney i aa eee Below are the definitions. Find the defnition for each term. ‘ing ‘Alison Poh Nick Briager ‘Simon Sweeney authority court govern judge ‘Simon Sweeney faw enforcement agency lawyers legal action legal system ‘Alison Pohl legislation rule the judiciary -tibunab ‘Alison Poht 1 abody that is appointed to make a judgement of inquiry __tribunal 2 a country's body of judges an act or acts passed by a law-making body 4 behaviour recognized by a community as binding or enforceable by authority 5 legal proceedings 6 an official body that has authority to try criminals, resolve disputes, or make other legal decisions 7 an organization responsible for enforcing the law, especially the police a senior official in a court of law A the body or system of rules recognized by a community that are enforceable by established process Pere eeeeeeEe 10 the control resulting from following a ‘community's system of rules 11 members of the legal profession PEPE Eee 12 torule a society and control the behaviour of its members, PP reese tk vubrarchananece wena Section 1, The scope of law. the legal system and lege! professionals 4