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Cabiling vs.


G.R. No. 183133, July 26, 2010


The petitioners herein were born of a naturalized Filipino father and a natural-born
Filipino mother. They were all raised, have resided and lived their whole lives in this
country. During their age of minority, they secured from the Bureau of Immigration
their Alien Certificates of Registration (ACRs).Immediately upon reaching the age of
twenty-one, they claimed Philippine citizenship. Having taken their oath of
allegiance as Philippine citizens, petitioners, however, failed to have the necessary
documents registered in the civil registry as required under Section 1 of
Commonwealth Act No. 625.


Whether late registration of the acquired Filipino citizenship in the Civil Registry
encumbers persons to become naturalized citizens of the Philippines.


No. Petitioners complied with the first and second requirements upon reaching the
age of majority. It was only the registration of the documents of election with the
civil registry that was belatedly done. The SC ruled that under the facts peculiar to
the petitioners, the right to elect Philippine citizenship has not been lost and they
should be allowed to complete the statutory requirements for such election.The
actual exercise of Philippine citizenship, for over half a century by the herein
petitioners, is actual notice to the Philippine public which is equivalent to formal
registration of the election of Philippine citizenship.

WHEREFORE, the Decision Court of Appeals is hereby SET ASIDE.