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EhEF EY ‘ulaing Mestyies since 1967 ate: 31 May, 2017 National Stock Exchange Bombay Stock Exchange Limited of India La 25" Floor, Exchange Plaza, P.2. Towers, Bandre-Kurla Complex, Dalal Street, Bandra (East) ‘Mumbal ~ 400 001 ‘Mumbai - 400 051 ‘ublished extract of Audited Financial Results for the Quarter/ Year ‘ended on the 31" March, 2017. Refi SEBI (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2015 Dear Sif Madam, Further to our letter dated the 29" May, 2017, please find enclosed herewith cettified true coples of the extract of Audited Financial Results for the Quarter/ Year ended on the 31% March, 2017, a8 published today in "Financial Express” (English) and “Jansatta" (Hind!) pursuant to Regulation 47 of SEBI (Listing obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2015. ‘This Is for your information and records please. ‘Yours faithfully, For Ansal Propert Cémpany Secretary Encl: as above. ‘Ansa Properties & ntastrucure Lid tastoroL! PLcooeTs9 “Email, TOLL FREE NO. 19002005565 WEDNESONY, MAY 33. 2017 \WeDNesoay, May 33,2017 or ee WVVWANANCALEXPRESS COM, FINANCIAL EXPRESS aie "A POPERTEST STRUCTIRE LED 1 tr ei) Sa ee senor eh P| i pest tet eels v=) tm] an] Fries Preps ceeeee lcs [ae | een" O | | eee ea tes Fe ae 8] oa] en) [ eaeeree | ==) terry ca to | ad S| [ se9so7>| EE aaa sedis we vara ee et metre ah ao, feo, es 911120859550, 0:26808073, Fe aralerereenapLcnm, eke wrw anagem co a eer ai] * = 1 eae aR CRT | 2 fae eee) Cw re ar am} eee os) a FRC ae ae fe ew CU) (te eT} [acer we) a) el coon] case} om fe @ we ae foes Oe cr) ee [acne a =) >| wm] sno] one] com] cs see errr ome are (tg ce) ere) fe ara ss are (wee wR) | ws] ss] Grn] case] ns) fsa sor m4 es er cen Ct at ai ge oe a | arse oes ae) sea -| saa leet Bec SR Coe er em e on | ax] ca] ” on) 2 Gm] Gai] cer] CERNE TRUE CoP Certified True Copy