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Jan. 11, 2007 Vol. 12, No.


THEMIS rocket arrives Expedition 14 crew begin new

at CCAFS launch pad experiments on space station

ELV Update: At Cape Canav- soundproofing of the ventilation sys-

eral Air Force Station's Pad 17-B, the tem. Tyurin installed new fans, /ops/nasatv. Employees may ask
first stage of the Delta II rocket for sound-deadening vibration isolators questions from the Press Site News
the THEMIS spacecraft has been in- and air ducts with acoustic shields to Auditorium (please arrive before
stalled into the launcher. Nine solid reduce the noise they create. 12:45 p.m.) or e-mail questions to na-
rocket boosters are being placed On Jan. 2, Williams set up the
around the base of the first stage and hardware for the Test of Reaction and
Get Immunized — It is not too
attached in sets of three this week. Adaptation Capabilities, or TRAC
late to get a flu shot to protect your-
The second stage will be hoisted atop investigation. It is a NASA-sponsored
self during the flu season. Immunity
the first stage on Jan. 16. At Astro- experiment jointly managed by scien-
begins within two weeks. Please go to
tech, the five THEMIS probes are be- tists from Germany and Canada.
the Occupational Health Facility
ing installed onto the spacecraft Hand and eye coordination of crew
weekdays between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m.
carrier this week in preparation for members are tested before, during
or the Launch Area Clinic, Bldg. K6-
spin testing. and after missions. The experiment
1145, weekdays between 7 a.m. and
gathers data about how, and to what
ISS Update: After a New 3 p.m. to get immunized.
extent, the brain adapts to weight-
Year's Day holiday, Expedition 14 lessness. NASA Science — It's official:
Commander Michael Lopez-Alegria Crew members completed the fi- the moon is on the metric system.
and Flight Engineer Suni Williams nal operations of a biological experi- NASA is returning to the moon, and
spent most of the week installing the ment on the impact of varying levels the agency has decided to use metric
U.S. oxygen generation system acti- of light and gravity on plant root units for all future lunar operations.
vation kit in the Destiny laboratory. growth. The final images of samples You can read the full story at
The parts had been delivered on shut- in the European Modular Cultivation
tle mission STS-121 in July. The new System were taken and downlinked, 007/08jan_metricmoon.htm?list947
generator will supplement the Rus- and the samples were stowed in a 891.
sian Elektron oxygen system on the freezer for eventual return to Earth.
station. The additional oxygen- Did You Know? The NASA En-
generating capacity will be important NASA Update — NASA Ad- gineering and Safety Center Academy is
as the standard station crew size in- ministrator Michael Griffin and Dep- currently accepting applications for its
creases to six as the complex grows. uty Administrator Shana Dale will next knowledge-sharing course, Software
In their work with the new system host a NASA Update at 1 p.m. today As an Engineering Discipline: Learning
this week, Lopez-Alegria and Wil- to discuss the year ahead for the from the Past and Looking to the Future.
liams installed a hydrogen vent valve agency. This all-hands meeting for It will be presented March 13-15. NASA
and power, data and fluid hoses and NASA employees will be broadcast engineers and scientists can register for
cables. The system will be activated live on NASA Television and webcast the Software course and learn more
and tested later this year. on the agency's home page from the about the NESC Academy and its instruc-
Meanwhile, Expedition 14 Flight Headquarters auditorium. Employees tional program, including online courses,
Engineer and cosmonaut Mikhail Ty- may watch the event on NASA TV by logging on to
urin worked in the Russian segment and on the Web on the center's inter-
of the station, where he upgraded nal webcast site listed at

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