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Under the supervision of Prof J.P. SHARMA

SONAL NAGPAL (Mcom, Mphil, D.U)


Corporate Governance is gaining wide importance in every economy. Corporate Governance is

an integrated system of rules, processers and practices for directing and controlling the
companyThe real estate sector in India has become of the faster growing sector in the world. This
growth is attributed to rise in population, rapid urbanisation and rise in the income level. This
sector can be bifurcated into four sub sectors- the housing, retail, commercial and hospitality.
The study aims to study the conceptual framework of corporate governance with special
reference to the real estate sector. It is important to highlight the transparency issue under the
sector. The Real Estate sector contributed to about 6.3% to Indias GDP in 2013. Real estate
includes housing, commercial space, theatres, hotels, retail spaces, industrial building factories
etc. The key players in this sector include the developer, builder, agents, tenants, landlord buyer
etc. Owing to liberalisation this sector is gaining importance. It is the second largest employer
after agriculture. The paper broadly focuses on its main objectives i.e to understand the Concept
of Corporate governance,to highlight the growth and functioning of the Real estate sector andto
find out the relationship between firms performance and corporate governance variables for
Real Estate Companies.

KEY WORDS- Coprorate Governance, Real Estate Sector, Firm Performance