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Jan. 18, 2007 Vol. 12, No.


Center director continues Atlantis ready to move to
tradition of safety, health at KSC VAB for stacking

Center Director Bill Parsons Reinforces Need for Safety: "This year's Safety and Health Organizational Focus,
'All Hands on Safety and Health,' has been designed to remind us that safety and health are integral parts of every-
thing we do, both here at KSC and at home, and that the responsibility of providing a safe and healthful place to live
and work belongs to each of us. The All Hands on Safety and Health activities (available online at will allow for detailed discussions on safety and health as
they pertain to your actual work setting and its potential hazards. KSC directorates are encouraged to partner with
their support contractors during their safety and health organizational focus activities. I strongly encourage all
NASA-KSC employees to actively participate. There is no better way to begin a new year than to focus on safety and
health. Our continued success in processing and launching space vehicles depends on it."

Shuttle Update: Final vehicle training auditorium. Hale will reflect tion to NASA Awards Officer Lori
closeouts are under way in prepara- on the successes of last year and dis- Hicks, mail code: BA-C.
tion for technicians to move Atlantis cuss the challenging missions ahead Mark Your Calendars — The
to the Vehicle Assembly Building on of us this year. The meeting is open KSC All American Picnic will be
Feb. 7. Last week, the payload bay to all NASA and contractor employ- held March 10 at KARS Park I.
was cleaned and the doors were ees on a first-come, first-served basis There will be fun, food and enter-
closed. The doors were cycled one -- no seating will be allocated. The tainment for everyone. Watch the
last time and closed for flight this meeting will be broadcast live on KSC Countdown and KSC Daily
week. closed-circuit television, channel 7. News for additional information.
The external tank scheduled to fly SWE Seeks Award Nomina-
with Atlantis, designated ET-124, is Volunteers Needed — The So-
tions — The Society of Women En-
in the checkout cell in the Vehicle ciety of Women Engineers is seeking
gineers, Space Coast Section, is
Assembly Building for final process- volunteers to assist with its Introduc-
requesting nominations for Women
ing prior to being mated to the solid ing Girls to Engineering Workshop, a
Engineer of the Year Awards to be
rocket boosters in high bay 1. program for girls in third to ninth
presented Feb. 27 at the Rockledge
On Endeavour last week, techni- grades, being held at Merritt Island
Country Club. The awards are for
cians installed the left-hand orbiter High School on Jan. 27. Details are
Space Coast Woman Engineer Tech-
maneuvering system pod on the vehi- on the Web at http://www.swe-
nical Achievement, Space Coast Out-
cle and performed interface verifica- If
standing Woman Engineer, and Space
tion. Main propulsion system leak, you have any questions, please e-mail
Coast Distinguished New Woman
functional and electrical checkouts Judy Kersey at
Engineer. Specific criteria, along
were successfully completed, along or call 783-4644.
with information relative to submis-
with water spray boiler checkout and sion of nominees and award applica- Did You Know? The NASA family
servicing. tions, are available online at pauses on the final Thursday in January
All-Hands Meeting: Space (the 25th this year) for a Day of Remem-
Shuttle Program Manager Wayne Nominations are due to the Society of brance, honoring the fallen heroes of
Hale will hold an all-hands meeting Women Engineers, Space Coast Sec- Apollo 1, Challenger and Columbia, and
from 8 to 9:30 a.m. on Friday in the tion, on or before Jan. 25. Please all those who have given their lives in the
send a courtesy copy of the nomina- cause of exploration and discovery.
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