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Xiria integrated metering solutions for medium voltage distribution

The integrated solution for metering

within the Xiria product range

Xiria metering panel is, combined and integrated with the Xiria product range, the ideal solution for
control- and tariff metering in medium voltage distibution.

For medium voltage distribution


Xiria metering panel meets your demands

Application of your current- and voltage transformers
Easy disassembly and assembly for local calibration
Sealed secondary connections possible
Safe arc-resistant enclosure
Easy connection with insulated busbars
Easy to install (compact)
Easy to extend
According to the DIN 42600 standards
Technical data
Electrotechnical data

Rated voltage 12 & 24 kV IEC

Rated normal current busbar system 630 A
Impulse withstand voltage 125 kV
Rated frequency 50/60 Hz
Power frequency withstand voltage 50/1 kV/min.
Rated short-time withstand current 20/3 kA/s
Rated peak withstand current 50 kA
Internal arc resistance 20/1 kA/s
Degree of protection primary part IP31D
Degree of protection secondary part IP3XD


The metering panel complies with the following publications:

System IEC 62271-200
Current transformers IEC 60044-1
Voltage transformers IEC 60044-2
Dimensions current- and
voltage transformers DIN 42600 T.8/T.9 - Small
Colour RAL 7035

Dimensions 12 & 24 kV IEC

Panel width 850 mm

Panel height 1325 mm
Panel depth 760 mm

Secondary equipment Ducts and C-profile

Wiring and terminals etc. On request

Technical diagram for complete Xiria M metering solution (example)

Xiria block-type Metering unit Xiria E extendable panels

(Example: 3-panel version) (Example: 4 modular panels)


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