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Jeff & Kristina Sims

Calle Ajusco #9 Casa

20, Col. Buena Vista,
Cuernavaca, Morelos,

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62130, Mexico


J u n e - J u l y 2 0 1 0

Prayer Re-

For endurance and
Settling In
patience while our
team is in language
school. After arriving games, and church
safely in Mex- and team activities
ico, our first already. Our house
 That our relation-
ships with the peo- few weeks is one of twenty-one
ple brought in by here in Cuer- in our neighbor-
the recent campaign
would continue to navaca were hood, and we have
grow. spent finding already begun rela-
a house to tionships with sev-
 For the continued rent and fill- eral of the people
spiritual health of ing it with living here. Things
our team and for
our mentors here.
essential do take longer here,
items for our but we feel like we
family. We have accomplished
were so a great deal in these
blessed to have my parents time. While there are still first few months. We are
Upcoming and Kristina’s mother here several household items we so grateful that we have
Dates with us for the first week. lack, we already feel like been given the opportunity
They helped us tremen- this has become our home. to have a little time to get
Jeff’s Birth- 08/07
day dously with the children We have enjoyed having settled before we begin the
during that very stressful people over for dinner, rigors of language school.
Kristina’s 08/12
mother and
sister come
to visit Getting Around
Noah’s 08/20
Birthday Driving in navigating our way traveling through
Cuernavaca town and we’ve even
Jeff and 08/23 acquainted ourselves
was definitely
intimidating with several of the
begin lan-
guage markets and cities in
at first, but
school and around Cuer-
Kristina and I
navaca. We feel very
Noah and 08/23 have actually safe here and have
Juliana be- been doing thoroughly enjoyed
gin school
very well. We exploring our new
both feel very surroundings to-
comfortable gether.
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Helping Out
Two here for about a week, church events. Our fam-
weeks ago, but they were able to ac- ily was blessed to be able
groups complish much in that to help receive them from
from Sny- short time. They pre- the airport, prepare food
der, TX pared and hosted a Car- for them, escort them
and Wich- nival for children and around town, sing with
ita Falls, their families, visited and them in the city center,
TX arrived encouraged the children and accompany them to
in Cuer- at a local orphanage, the orphanage. We feel
navaca for walked through several so fortunate to be learn-
a short- neighborhoods praying, ing so much from the
term mis- talking to people, and current Cuernavaca team
Sunday of the Campaign sion trip. They were only passing out fliers for the that was hosting them.

Moving Forward
Our team Lourdes who we’ve all plays basketball regularly
has also grown to love. She re- with Lourdes’ youngest
been busy cently made the decision daughter Corina as well.
reaching out to give her life to Christ Please pray for Lourdes,
to those and to be immersed for Corina, and their family
around us the forgiveness of her as they continue to learn
and sharing sins! We were fortunate more about God’s will for
why we have to be able to host the their lives. And please
made the baptism at our house and pray that the relation-
decision to Noah even prepared the ships that our teammates
move to baptistery by rolling back and we are beginning
Mexico. Pat- the pool cover by him- with our friends and
Lourdes’ Baptism rick has been studying self! Our team has a neighbors will continue
with his landlady named good relationship and to bear fruit for Christ.

Gearing Up
August 23rd is that it is going to be a very be personally, for our fam-
going to be a very good fit for the both of ily, and for our team. I
big day for our them. Kristina and I will think we all realize what an
family. Noah also begin language school important step this is for
and Juliana will on the same day. We will the future of our work here
start classes for be studying Spanish at the in Mexico. Please continue
the first time at Instituto Chac-Mool. We to pray for us and to en-
Colegio Cuer- are both very ready to begin courage us in the coming
navaca. We are learning Spanish at a much months as we dedicate our-
Chac-Mool Language School very pleased by what we more intensive level, selves to the task of learn-
have seen about their though we continue to hear ing Spanish.
school so far and we think how much of a trial it will