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ceived the summa cum laude honor. His neering consulting for the maglev
People time collaborating with Prof. Roik gained TRANSRAPID as expert and proof engi-
him experience and reputation in the neer for the German Federal Railway Or-
field of forensic analysis and bridge engi- ganization (EBA). Prof. Albrechts re-
Professor Gert Albrecht dies at 75 neering. Notable examples are the reha- search interest and passion was in bridge
bilitation of the West-Gate-Bridge Mel- engineering, among them steel-reinforced
bourne, the forensic analysis and rehabil- concrete single and double hybrid bridge
itation of the Tasman-Bridge in Hobart, design and performance assessment, or-
Tasmania after partial collapse and struc- thotropic deck, long-term behavior, such
tural analysis of the 370m-span- ca- as creep, shrinkage and long-term ten-
ble-stayed bridge Rheinbrcke Dssel- sion stiffening, structural glass and fa-
dorf-Flehe. tigue/life-cycle assessment and rehabilita-
Prof. Albrecht was engaged in commit- tion of bridges.
tee work and standardization throughout In 1996, Prof. Albrecht became mem-
his career. He contributed to the new ber of the examining board for the ac-
DIN 18800 and the new DIN 1072, and creditation of proof engineers in struc-
was member of the working group Ef- tural engineering in Bavaria. He was
fective Width which was setup by the voted into the experts committee Struc-
Secretary of State for Transportation. tural Engineering of the IHK for Mu-
Further, he was member of the group of nich and Upper Bavaria and into the ex-
experts on Bonding Technology at perts committee for Structural Glass of
Deutsches Institut fr Bautechnik be- the Deutsches Institut fr Bautechnik.
tween 1983 and 1990. He became Chairman of the working
Prof. Albrecht became Partner of the group for EC 3-2 in 1997.
consulting engineering firm Haen- Professor Albrecht has been a dedi-
sel-Roik-Albrecht (HRA) and received cated mentor for Bachelor, Master, Doc-
the proof expert for statics license for toral and Visiting Students providing
metal structures in 1990. At HRA, he guidance, fostering talent, detecting po-
Colleagues and former students have contributed to significant structures, such tential in his students and creating enor-
lost a friend and mentor. Univ.-Prof. Dr.- as the 310m-span cable-stayed bridge mous opportunities. For all of his stu-
Ing. Gert Albrecht has died at the age of Rheinbrcke Beeckerwerth, the widen- dents, his leadership laid the foundation
75 on 16. January 2017. Our thoughts ing of the Rheinbrcke Kln-Roden- for a strong career in engineering prac-
are with his wife Brigitte and his two kirchen, the railway brides crossing the tice or in academia.
daughters, Tanja and Christina, who Sderelbe in Hamburg, and the Sauertal- Professor Albrecht inspired interna-
have lost a wonderful husband and lov- brcke Trier-Luxemburg. tional collaboration and knowledge
ing father. On October 1, 1992 Gert Albrecht transfer. He was Chairman of the bien-
Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gert Albrecht was wasappointed Professor at the Chair of nial Japanese-German-Bridge Sympo-
born in Chemnitz/Sachsen as son of Steel Structures, Department for Civil, sium taking place in Japan and in Ger-
builder Kurt Albrecht and lived from Geo and Environmental Engineering at many with experts from academia, indus-
1951 on in Berlin. After finishing high Technical University Munich (TUM). The try and government attending. Prof.
school in Berlin, he studied civil engi- same year, he founded an engineering Albrecht had research collaborations and
neering at TU Berlin and graduated in consulting firm in Munich which became student exchange with Osaka Institute of
1968. During these years he came for the Engineering Consultants Albrecht-Do- Technology and the Technical University
first time in touch with steel structures blies in 1996. As it was in Bochum, Pro- Timisoara.
working as student assistant. The same fessor Albrecht combined academic inter- After becoming Professor Emeritus
year, Gert Albrecht was hired as engineer ests in science and education with engi- TUM, Professor Albrecht stayed active
by Friedr. Krupp Maschinen- und Stahl- neering practice and consulting. The attending conferences, chairing the
bau Rheinhausen. In the firms depart- outcome of this quite time-consuming JGBS. Too early and for many suddenly
ment of bridge construction, he dedi- approach benefited in particular his stu- Professor Albrecht is pulled out of this
cated his time to structural analysis and dents. Professor Albrecht knew on how life. He will be missed.
investigation of bridges, including mov- to explaining rather dry theoretical con- Friends and colleagues of Gert Al
ing and modular bridges, and challenging tents using illustrative examples out of brecht view back to the shared times full
research themes, such as the design of recent and exciting engineering practice of gratefulness. The authors of this obitu-
long-span suspension bridges. During which made his lectures enjoyable and ary will always treasure the memories to
this time his interest and ambition for fascinating. Through close collaboration a friend and mentor. The thoughts which
teaching became obvious when he be- with industry Professor Albrecht suc- move us are expressed in the words by
came part-time teacher for mathematics ceeded in establishing cutting-edge re- the German poet Matthias Claudius:
at the Stdtisch-Naturwissenschaftliches search projects at his Chair of Steel They buried a good man, but to me he
Gymnasium Rheinhausen. Structures and involved undergraduate meant much more.
In 1970, Gert Albrecht became doc- and graduate students. Creating opportu-
toral research assistant at the Chair for nities for his students, Prof. Albrecht of- Marcus Rutner, Hoboken, USA
Steel Structures led by Prof. Roik at TU fered many promising students a full-time Akimitsu Kurita, Osaka, Japan
Berlin. Albrecht followed Roik when he position in his engineering firm. Notable
became Professor at the Ruhr-University engineering projects during that time are
Bochum in 1973. His studies on the effec- the design of the Strom- und Vorland-
tive width of T-beam sections under con- brcke des Wasserstraenkreuz Magde-
sideration of elastic-plastic behavior be- burg, the proof engineering of the Lehrter
came his dissertation topic which re- Bahnhof Berlin, the research and engi-

80 Steel Construction 10 (2017), No. 1