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New publication, effective Mar. 2010

Specifications subject to change without notice.
C-172-10-C002Y-A INA-1003 Printed in Japan (INADEN) 2010
Environmental Issues and
Global Approaches
What is happening to the environment?
These are only a few examples of observed impacts of climate change around the world. We must
proactively work together to stop global warming in order to protect our beautiful Earth for posterity.

1978 1998

Dried-up pond due to lack of rainfall Retreating AX010 Glacier in the Himalayas of East Nepal Majuro Atoll in the Marshall Islands Collapse of Perito Moreno Glacier in the Andes of Argentina
Agriculture in the Sahel region, without the Some coral islands are in danger of submersion
widespread use of irrigation systems, farm equipment by rising sea levels due to global warming.
or chemical fertilizers is dependent on rainfall. Source: Japan Center for Climate Change Actions

Assessment Laws & Codes

Throughout the world, a variety of assessment systems for green buildings have been established to Some countries have established a legal framework
promote the better environmental performance of buildings. to promote energy conservation.

USA ( LEED Germany ( DGNG and VDI 4707 Singapore ( BCA Green Mark China
[Certification levels: Certified, Silver, Gold, Platinum] [Certification levels: Energy Level G, F, E, D, C, B & A] [Certification levels: Certified, Gold, GoldPlus, Platinum] ( Energy Conservation Law )
Leadership in Energy and VDI 4707 is a The BCA Green Mark Scheme was launched by the Building On April 2008, an amended version of China's Energy
Environmental Design (LEED) is guideline and Construction Authority (BCA). It is intended to promote Conservation Law came into effect. Based on this law,
a rating system developed by established by sustainability in the built environment and raise environmental measures for the Supervision and Administration of
the U.S. Green Building Council the German awareness among developers, architects and builders. Energy-conservation of Special Equipment with High
(USGBC) to evaluate the Association of Energy Consumption that are related to elevators and
environmental performance of Engineers for escalators came into effect on September 1, 2009.
buildings and sites. It is adopted evaluating the
not only in the U.S., but also energy efficiency
used in many other countries of installed
for real-estate appraisal. elevators. Hong Kong
Le Mirage (The Netherlands)
Eurocommerce Holdings B.V. ( Building Energy Code )
Plaza Tower VDI 4707 / Energy Level A Hong Kong is considering implementation of a
Segerstrom Co. mandatory adoption of the building energy code for
LEED / Gold Japan ( CASBEE introduction into the Legislative Council by the end of
[Certification levels: C, B-, B+, A, S] 2009. The proposed scheme requires buildings to comply
United Kingdom ( BREEAM CASBEE (Comprehensive
with minimum energy efficiency standards in their
system design.
[Certification levels: Pass, Good, Very Good, Assessment System for Build
Excellent, Outstanding] Environment Efficiency) is an Straits Trading Building Ocean Financial Centre
Implemented in assessment method to The Straits Trading Ocean Properties Pte Ltd.
1990 in the UK by measure the environmental Company Limited BCA / Platinum
the Building BCA / Gold
performance of buildings. It Photo: Courtesy of Ocean Properties Pte Ltd.
Research was established in 2001 by the
Photo: Courtesy of The Straits
Trading Company Limited
Establishment, the Japan Green Build Council
BRE Environmental (JaGBCand the Japan
Assessment Sustainable Building Building with
Method (BREEAM) Mitsubishi Electrics
Consortium (JSBC) under the elevators/escalators
was the world's first Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Property/Building
environmental Transport and Tourism (MLIT). Owner
assessment system Assessment system
for green buildings. More London Plot 8 / Certified level
More London Development Ltd. Midland Square
BREEAM / Excellent TOWA Real Estate Co., Ltd. (As of March, 2010)
CASBEE / Class S (Excellent)
1 2
The New Quality in Motion with an Environmental
PerspectiveEvolving Quality We strive to be green
in all of our business
We take every action to reduce environmental
burden during each process of our elevators
and escalators lifecycle.

Eco Products
Page 5-6

Modernization Eco Factory

Page 9 Page 7-8

Comfort Efficiency
Smooth riding comfort Promoting energy-savings with cutting-edge
Universal design drive/control technologies
Creating comfortable Improving efficiency of building management

building environments and transportation in buildings

Pursuing space-saving developments

Installation/ Logistics
Safety Ecology Maintenance Page 8
Ensuring safety during boarding and Saving resources through downsizing Page 9
exiting and at the time of an emergency and weight reduction
Developing highly durable and safe Using environmentally conscious materials
service systems Promoting eco-factories
Offering advanced building security

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GREEN We strive to be green
TECHNOLOGIES in all of our business activities.

Eco Products
Mitsubishi Electric s advanced technologies bring greater energy savings to products. Our latest group control system enables elevators to use less energy, and improves traffic flow in the building.
Moreover, we use materials with reduced environmental impact. *Actual energy saving rates differ depending on specifications and conditions.
*Applicable features differ depending on elevator models.

Energy Savings Traffic Efficiency

Regenerative Converter Energy
savings 35 Mitsubishi Electric original
Traffic improvement
without increasing
power-supply capacity 15 Car light/fan shut off AI group control system Traffic improvement
without increasing
power consumption 20
The car lighting and ventilation fan are automatically
The Regenerative Converter Regenerated power
Supplied power
Motor Control panel &
Variable traveling speed elevator system turned off if there are no calls for a specific period.
Effective control of multiple elevators reduces energy
transmits the power This system allows elevators to travel faster than their consumption.
regenerated by the traction Energy-saving operation
machine via distribution
rated speed depending on the number of passengers in LED lighting Energy
savings 10
the car, thereby improving transport efficiency. Energy-efficient and long-life LEDs are used for car lighting Smart control technology
transformer to the electrical According to each cars location and passenger load,
network in the building.
Traveling speed (m/sec)
in elevators and under-handrail lighting on escalators.
1.6m/sec the group control system assigns a call to the elevator
88 Escalators 50
8 Elevators Energy
savings that best balances operational efficiency and energy

Car lighting Under-handrail lighting

1.0m/sec (Rated speed) 1.0m/sec (Rated speed)
Power supply
27 May. 8:46 AM
27 May. 8:46 AM Destination oriented prediction system (DOAS)
When a passenger enters Example of hall arrangement
Distribution transformer 0 100 Car load (%)
a destination floor at a
Mitsubishi Electric original Mitsubishi Electric original hall, the hall operating
panel indicates which car
Electricity recycling system for PM motor with joint-lapped stator Energy
savings 20 will serve the floor.
elevators <ELESAVE> savings 20
With the joint-lapped motor in traction Materials
ELESAVE is designed to store electricity machines, the iron core is split like a hinge,
Less oil
Motor Battery

generated during regular elevator which allows coils to be wound around

the core more densely, resulting in greater The guide shoe and rope require only minimal oil, All floors
operations. The electricity stored in
motor efficiency and compactness. significantly reducing environmental impact.
nickel-hydrogen rechargeable batteries can Automatic operation
be used as an auxiliary power supply for
Permanent magnet (PM) door motor Size and weight-saving Our newly-developed, innovative
running elevators, providing approximately The size and weight of doors, cars, car frames, rails and escalator inverter enables a unique
20% power savings. The direct-drive PM door
Regenerated power some other components have been reduced based on way of controlling the escalator
motor and the VVVF
Charging power
test analysis of their shock-absorption performance. speed in Automatic and
Supplied power inverter realize efficient
Power supply PM door Variable-Speed Operations.
door opening and closing. motor

Milestones of Energy-saving Technologies *1: Alternative current variable voltage *2: Variable voltage, variable frequency
*3: These values are estimated based on the latest CO2 emissions.

Year 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010

Variable traveling
Drive system AC2 control ACVV*control VVVF*control speed elevator system
Control circuit Relay circuit Microcomputer
Low-speed elevators

Traction machine

Worm-geared Helical-geared PM gearless

Machine room Machine-room type Machine-room-less type
CO2 Emissions
5,380 3,980 1,610
Power consumption ( kg / year )

100% 93% 74% 37% 32% 30%

Worm-geared Drive Helical-geared Drive VVVF control Post-free automatic operation (VVVF)

Control / Drive system


Automatic operation (Post type) Automatic operation (Post-free type) Slow-speed operation in standby

CO2 Emissions
9,250 7,400 5,740
Power consumption ( kg / year )

100% 80% 62%

5 CO2 emissionsCalculated from the power consumption with coefficient of 0.6 kg/kWh. 6
GREEN We strive to be green
TECHNOLOGIES in all of our business activities.

Eco To minimize the negative environmental impact of our

business activities, we employ environmentally responsible
Factory manufacturing technologies and production processes. Logistics
Rooftop garden (5,537 m2) High efficiency ceiling lights Reduction in wood consumption for Increasing load capacity to reduce the
[ INAZAWA works ] Old lights were replaced by high-frequency inverter packing (3Rs reduce, reuse, recycle) number of trucks used
The garden on the factory building shields from heat lights, as the illuminance sensors help optimize the use of By reusing wood from crates, Mitsubishi Electric reduced We formulated guidelines on how to stack multiple
and improves air conditioning efficiency. natural light and save 270,000 kWh of electricity per year. wood consumption by 240 m3 per year. containers or crates depending on their shape to
improve load capacity. These efforts reduced the
number of trucks used, and CO2 emissions accordingly.

Fewer trucks
Returned wood Sorted

High-frequency inverter lights Illuminance sensor (MELSAVE)

The packaging for small parts of escalator trusses was
changed from wooden crates to cardboard boxes, which
VOC* removal system reduced wood consumption by 69 m3 per year.
A VOC removal system was installed. It not only eliminates
approximately 93% of the VOCs, it also deodorizes the
gases emitted. As a result, the deodorizing furnace is no
longer required, which ultimately reduces the natural gas Before: single-stack After: triple-stack
consumed by Inazawa Works. * VOC: volatile organic compound Before: 0.078 m3/box After: 0.037 m3/box
Elevator testing tower Exhaust-gas after VOCs
[ INAZAWA works ] are removed Local procurement and production
Exhaust-gas from Purchasing materials and manufacturing products as close as possible to our customers, we promote
painting process local procurement and production in order to use minimum resources and energy in transportation.
containing VOCs

Waste reduction
We have reduced waste in our manufacturing
processes to protect the environment.
Amount of waste in manufacturing processes INAZAWA Works
Source: Inazawa Works & Mitsubishi Elevator Asia Co., Ltd.
Amount of waste (%)
100 25,000
Production units
80 22,000

60 19,000

40 16,000

20 13,000

12 major manufacturing facilities Central and South America
05 06 07 08 (Year)

ISO 14001 certification around the world

Mitsubishi Electrics products, comprising the worlds
Manufacturing plants
Ventilation tunnels Photocatalytic tiles leading elevator and escalator technologies, are now
Large voids (ventilation Photocatalytic tiles on manufactured in nine countries and regions, and sold in
tunnels) allow the tower to the outer walls resist and 88 countries. Since the achievement of
breathe fresh air through decompose dirt and ISO 14001 certification at the Inazawa
window louvers, ventilating even bacteria, helping Works, other overseas manufacturing
the tower and cooling off the reduce the use of cleaner. plants and affiliated companies in
indoor temperature.

Japan have also been certified.

7 8
GREEN Westrive
We strivefortoGREEN
be green
TECHNOLOGIES in all of our
throughout our entire business activities.

Environmental Vision 2021

Environmental Vision 2021 is the long-term environmental management vision of
the Mitsubishi Electric Group. It establishes a framework for realizing a sustainable
Installation / Maintenance planet, and defines long-term initiatives to prevent global warming and to create
a recycling-based society.
Development of installation engineering High-performance maintenance service
In order to reduce the time and energy required for Monitoring each elevators condition at the central
installation, installation equipment was made smaller control center, we provide efficient and reliable service
and lighter. Mitsubishi Electric developed its installation without wasting energy.
method and equipment to have less impact on the
environment. Customer
WOS method
(Without-scaffolding installation method)
Field mechanic Aim to Reduce CO2 Emissions from Product Usage by 30%
On-Call service
Reception from
customer 24 h/day,
Prevent global warming by delivering energy-saving products
An elevator is installed by using consulting 365 days/year
the elevators car platform, Building systems Home appliances
CALL Center (MIC)
instead of scaffolding. It can
eliminate the time for Assi
installation and removal of
scaffolding. plet

Initiatives to Prevent Global Warming

Groupwide Plan to Reduce CO2 from Production
Aim to Reduce Total CO2 Emissions from
Production by 30% Base year Goal of the 6th Goal of Environmental
Environmental Plan Vision 2021 (FY2021)
Proposing the most suitable solution

Total emissions (thousands of tons)

2012 2021
Raising the efficiency and performance of air conditioning, Overseas
Modernization allows an elevator to be refurbished by replacing some of its components so that usable components lighting and other utility equipment, as well as improving Affiliated Companies 240 18%
Base year: FY2006 30%
can be retained. production lines reduces the amount of CO2 emitted during Domestic 230
production and helps prevent global warming. Affiliated Companies
Base year: FY2001

Before After 190 160

Mitsubishi Electric, 670
Benefits 510
Base year: FY1991

1991 2012 2021 FY

Traction machine Energy savings

Initiatives to Achieve a Recycling-based Society
Improved trac
eciency The 3Rs: Zero Emissions:
Old induction motor New induction motor Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Products Measures to Reduce the Direct Landfill of Waste
(AC-2) (VVVF) Minimal wasted Utilizing Design for Environment and to Zero
parts Life Cycle Assessment Technologies Restricting generation of waste and promoting the efficient
reuse and re-resourcing of waste
Safety Produce products that incorporate the 3Rs throughout
their lifecycles Reduce Reuse
Reliability Resource Cycle Cut amount of raw materials used by 30% Introduce product lease/rental program
Control panel Maintenance of Eco-System Resources Product by setting the goal of size and weight and expand maintenance services
reduction for each product, and by not

Prosperous Society
Reduce using more materials than necessary

= Replace parts Expand closed-loop recycling program for plastics and work
Relay circuit Microcomputer toward recycling 100% of waste plastic from appliances

Reuse Conventional Method Hyper Cycle Technology

Existing elevators Modernization: Case A Modernization: Case B Recycle
All plastics are
pulverized together
Traction machine Purification/Regeneration End-of-Life Products Televisions

Replaced Control panel (VVVF) & traction motor (Gearless) Downgraded Use
Air Conditioners
Closed-loop Recycling: Different
Washing Machines types of plastics are pulverized
Door motor Control panel (VVVF)
components Signal fixture
General plastic goods/fuel Refrigerators and automatically sorted
Door motor Cleaning
Signal fixture Manual Dismantling and sorting
Can only reuse plastic parts that Reuse
Energy-saving 100% 62% 38% cut 54% 46% cut are easy to manually dismantle
and sort
Plastics recovered from home appliances are
reused in home appliances

Reuse rate 100% 88% 71%

9 10