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Grade: 4th grade high school

Students: 32 (8 groups of 4)

Project: Collaborative research project using wikis related to School needs.

Length: 2 weeks (4 classes)

Pre task: each group investigate and chose a particular problem they observed in their school, then the classroom discuss and
them and then decide which one is the most important to solve.

Establishing the Main problem: For example, students have observed that the only Math teacher has not came to class for at
least 3 weeks and that issue will affect students as they have to be prepared for give the "PSU" by the end of the year.

Group work: There are 8 groups of 4 and any member of it has a specific duty : a) To establish the problem, b) Reasons/
who/what causes the problem, c) Propose solutions to solve the problem, d) Action plan to solve the problem, considering the
solutions mention by c member. (Members can write a paragraph explaining the part they had to research or design a c-map or
a poster; then they will have to present it to the class).
First class:

Main idea - introductory class about wikis (explanation with a powerpoint about wikis) and setting up the task (explanation of
the task in: get in groups of 4, think about a problem in their school that needs improvement, selection of the main problem at
school, once the problem is selected then each member of the group takes one of the duties mention above in this document).

Second class:

Teacher creates a wiki and allows students to edit and contribute in the online edition. Then, they start working on the wiki
editing their material and at the same time the teacher monitors and guides them.

Third class:

Continue working on the same issue, clarifies doubts and finish it. Then the teacher divides the 8 groups of 4 students with
different roles according to particular roles; all students with the same role join in a group. Then there are 4 big groups with 8
students with the same role, but only the half (4 students) of them have to present their role in order to do one final
presentation as a whole with all different roles together.

Fourth class:

The wiki is presented in the classroom.

Lesson Plan: Level Date Time Length Student-teachers:
“Developing a wiki project” 4 grade June 1st 45 Ana Gandara
high school minutes Andres Hunter
Sergio Nova

Aim: At the end of the lesson students will be able to design a wiki involving solutions Assumed Knowledge: group work, to
for one of their school’s problems. follow instructions

Anticipated Problems: Students can get confused with designing a project using wikis Aids : computer, data

..and Solutions: Teacher will explain every step to accomplish the aim.
Stage of the lesson and Purpose What I am going to say Interaction Skills Time
procedure developed
LEAD-IN Engage Ss with a Do you have any experience T – Ss Speaking/ 10 min
project by eliciting working online with others? Ss - T Listening
questions about Can you give me some examples
collaborative of that?
work. OK.

PRESENTATION After that T will Today we are going to see an T - Ss Listening 10 min
present wikis as excellent tool for collaborative Ss - T (Comprehensi
an effective way working on the internet. It is called on of what T
to accomplish a wiki. Have you heard about it? says)
project online and Well, as you can see wikis are....
explain all its
stages and how it

The task is Now we are going to do a wiki Ss – Ss Speaking 10 min

PRACTICE introduced by project which consists of finding a Ss – T
teacher’s particular problem in the school, T - Ss
explanation. defining it, discover its cause(s)
Teacher delivers and propose solutions.
the instructions in
a piece of paper.

As students need For this task, you have to work in

more time to groups of 4 students. The entire
complete the instructions are written in this
project, during sheet. Take one and pass the rest.
this class they will
only get in groups Do you have any doubts? Did you
of four and understand what you have to do?
discuss about the
most important Now we are going to make a draft
problems they about this project Join in your
have observed in groups and start thinking about

GROUP: _______________________________

Requirement Attempted Acceptable Admirable Awesome

1 2 3 4
Contributions -Seldom cooperative -Sometimes cooperative -Cooperative. -Always willing to help and
-Did not do any work -Could have done more -Did their part of the job. do more.
-Usually offered useful -Did more than others.
ideas Routinely offered useful

Work with others -Rarely listens to, shares -Often listens to, shares -Usually listens to, shares -Always listens to, shares
with, or supports the efforts with and supports the effort with and supports the effort with and supports the effort
of others. of others. of others. of others.
-Often is not a good team -Sometimes not a good -Does not cause problems -Tries to keep people
member team member in the group. working together

Focus on the task -Does not focus on the task -Sometimes focuses on the -Focuses on the task and -Almost always focused on
and what needs to be done. task and what needs to be what needs to be done most the task and what needs to
-Lets others do the work. done. of the time. be done.
-Other group members -Group members can count -This person is very self-
most proa and remind to on this person. directed.
keep this person on task.