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Plants Comparisons

DD: Sol, Umb, Logan
Violence done to you and want to do violence to other person
You want to escape or run, A pursuit, A fright or flight reaction
Desires light and company
Something comes suddenly and stabbed you, its horrible, an axe
A strong instrument of attack, sudden, sharp and intense
Shuns light and company
Surprise and wonder, (gasp) how could this have happened?

DD Connection and disconnection

disassociation, not separation
Inner emptiness
I am brittle and I will be disassociated with self
Two entities come together, become a part of each other
A bond between two separate entities
The bonds are not strong, can loose at any time
Want to hold on tightly
The bond can break easily
Tearing and loose
The self is a string of separate pieces
It could fall and separate into many pieces

DD: Papa vs. Piper
Intense suffering and hell like state, death and dying
Half alive and half dead state
Dreams with corpses
State of no pain, calmness and tranquility, like meditation
With boredom comes pain and suffering
With amusement comes excitement and loquacity

DD: Ham and Pip

Exaggeration of things
Between boredom and entertainment or amusement

DD: Lab & Pip

Passionate excitement, tingling, exhilaration, lets party
I looove this
Plants Comparisons cont.
Between pain and suffering and amusement on the other

DD: Rub and Pip

Everything is stimulating, ideas, fanaticizes
Diversion from boredom

DD: Compositae & Solenaceae
Sol: sudden violence and rage, strokes, being pursued, attack, snakes, wild animals
A sudden danger, the panic, the spasms
Comp: do not see danger, terror, fright
See more injury and numbness

DD: Compositae & Umbellifereae

Umb: also injury a blow, injury is unexpected, sudden, HUGE blow, a big injury
A stab in back, an axe fell down
Also about injury: sudden and HUGE and VIOLENT, a bolt from the blue
Mutilations, riots, cruelty
Response: convulsions rage and violence
Comp: boxing, falling, hurt
Umb: a rape, a stab in back, an abuse

DD: Composite & Papaveraceae

Papa intense suffering, hell like state death and dying, death agony, half alive and half dead state
Opp: numbness, anesthesia
Not one specific sensation
Sensitivity to extreme pain and suffering
Comp: you have definite physical sensation, soreness, injury

DD: Solenaceae and Papaveraceae

Sol also fright
Stram frightened of anything afraid of animals, of being alone, of anything, he runs and want sot be held
Anything produces fright, escape and flight reaction
DD: Papa as if a particular incident was frozen
That sensitive spot should never be touched again, Intense suffering, Hell-like state

DD: Ran and Comp

Injured in body can also be insulted in mental state
Not just insulted, a mixture of feelings, width grief, with sadness
With many emotions
Rawness of nerves, cannot touch very sensitive vs the hit or injury
Acute: Typhoid: Rhus-T Malaria: Rhus-r
Ringworm: Rhus-v Sycosis: Mangi Tub:
Cancer: Anac Leprous: Com, Rhus-g Syphilis:

Im stuck, I cant move

Catch, clasped, in a vise, ensnared, stuck, blocked, lodged, clung,

stiff, rigid, tightness, tension, jammed, confining, ironclad, unyielding,
compacted, cramped

Passive: paralyzed and immobile

Active: desire to move constantly, sitting aggr, being indoor aggr, con-
stant restlessness
Comp: always on the move

Delusion: angel and devil

You are stuck, one on either side
You are stuck you are paralyzed
Of being trapped and not being able to move
The opposite is to move free

Indecision, Cant make a decision

What is it about indecision?
I feel stuck, I go to grocery store and I see pineapple and mangos
I completely cant decide, Im stuck, I cant move

My movements are restricted

I need to stretch in order to feel better
The situation is now critical, I need to get out of this in 48 hours
During pain my breath stops, its stuck there
Im not able to move forward, need to make effort to breath
Its stuck, its caught, will not get released
All movement stops, stiff, spasms, stiff, jammed , no mobility
Youre stuck, cannot move ahead
I have to be mobile
Cactus Family
Acute: Cactin Typhoid: Carn-g Malaria: Cact (Cactus Grandflorius)
Ringworm: Opun-v Sycosis: Tub: Cere-b
Cancer: Anh Leprous: Cere-s Syphilis:

Sensation: Constriction vs. expansion

Shrunk, contracted, bound trapped, pressed, downtrodden, oppressed,
clutched, weighed down

Used; Feel abused; Treated badly

Isolated (worse than forsaken) Alone
Wants to be part of the greater whole; Im not complete
Their vision; Meaningful (big cactus word)
Conscience changes more in the desert, Intuitive
ability to see farther; In desert things are very expansive
Less about responsibility and more about seeing
Things to be accomplished; Huge need to be of service
Work hard; Industrious (Cactus works hard to exist)
I have energy, so much to do (in the world), and Im going to do it
Dont realize until too late, until completely debilitated

Contracts and expands; Constricts and grows

Feelings of large and small; When Im big enough Im alright
They feel weighed down
I have great vision of what needs to be done, but I have this great pressing feeling keeping me back
When they cant work; Life is empty
big heart idealism I love my family
my heart has shrunken I dont feel that way anymore

Intensity of symptoms that bring them to a halt in a periodic type way

(Jayesh) Cactus: Tight feeling and having enough room
Issues of nutrition, they don't feel nourished by near and dear ones
They have to stay deprived and sustain themselves without nourishment
I need enough space in my house to play
And not become contracted
If I am contracted I have to survive without any nutrition for a long time
Issues: like row 3
Carnivorous Plants
Drosera rotundifolia a Sundew an active flypaper trap
Dionea muscipula a Venus Flytrap an active snap trap
Sarracenia purpurea a pitcher plant a passive pitfall trap
Nepenthes distillatoria a pitcher plant a passive pitfall trap
Utricularia Bladderworts

From trapping and consuming insects

Must attract, luring these insects
Sometimes odor or brightly colored leaf
Or drop that looks like honey
1. Pit fall plant, prey falls into it and is trapped in pool, pitcher plants
2. Fly paper trap, sticky on leaf, it adheres to leaf and cannot get off
(Drosera The Sundew)
3. Snap trap, active leaf movement, it snaps and closes itself (Venus Flytrap) (Dionia Muskatola)
4. Bladder traps, creates a vacuum inside and entire water is sucked in with insect, it opens and
sucks it in (Utricularia)
5. Lobster traps, inward pointing hair and forces prey to move towards the digestive area

Sensations related to experience of insect being caught

Lure, entice, tempt, attract
Capture, caught
Deceive, disguise, pretend
Cheat, betray, trick, ploy
Take advantage
Trapped, ensnared
Confined, cornered, locked in
Constricted, choked, suffocated
No way to get out, cant escape, no loopholes
Pulls you down, its a cage
Deceive, pretend, cheat, to trick, ensnare, confine, constrict, suffocate, no way to get out, no loophole,
a cage, sticky
Acute: Arn, Calen Typhoid: Cham Malaria: Cina, Eup-per
Ringworm: Tarax Sycosis: Senec Tub: Abrot
Cancer: Bell-p Leprous: Inul, Lact, Lappa Syphilis: Echi


Being Tough, Hitting Back, If Im attacked I can fight back
I was unaffected by the injury, I did not cry
I worry I will be hurt, injured

Injury, hurt or insulted, Shocked, burnt or scalded

Banging, beating, burned, hit, hammer, Scald, shot, acci-
dent, concussion, crush, pound, punch, smack, trash
Fear to be touched, hurt and approached
Pass: numbness, anesthesia, stupor and catalepsy
Active; hurting others, being cruel, violent and abusive
Comp: tough person who takes all beating, a protective
person, to see others do not get hurt

Conifer family
Acute: Agath-a (Kauri tree) Typh: Ter ebinthina (Oil of Turp) Malaria: Abies-n (Black Spruce)
Ringworm: Pseuts-m (Douglas Fir) Sycosis: Thuj Tub: Pix (Liquid tar)
Cancer: Sabin (Juniper) Leprous: Syphilis:


Any movement...and it will break apart

Delicate, fragile, a china doll

(the treeness) So big and they are so straight

DD: Legumes vs. Conifers
Legum: things are just bound together, loosely bound and they can be broken into pieces
Conifer: one piece of glass, one single piece and an impact and it is broken
Acute: Lepi Typh: Sin-n Malaria: Iber
Ringworm: Sin-a Sycosis: Coch Tub: Thiosin
Cancer: Thlaspi Leprous: Raph Syphilis:

Everything is blocked
Vs. flowing freely
The toilet
The tube gets thickened
It gets swollen
The passageway is getting narrower
No position I could find I could get any air in
It was completely blocked
Now as soon as she feels narrowing I reach for inhaler
A smooth flow
(HG) the air goes like this
Its the toilet
Its blocked
Its not happening
Like: of analogies are like a river
Like a river that has a rock and water need to find a way around, its blocked
It cant get around
The axis is blocked, stuck, opposite is flowing freely
Narrowing would have confused us
No swelling in the toile t- it was completely blocked
Blocked, obstructions
What should happen when you knock, obstruction should go to general like Im trying to get ahead
in my job, its like being in the little cubicle and everything is trying to come at me
Need to break free
There is a stop point and my stop point is too soon
Acute: Arbut Typh: Gaul Malaria: Kalm (Kalmia)
Ringworm: Sycosis: Rhod Tub:
Cancer: Chim Leprous: Led (Ledum) Syphilis:
Acute: Crot-t Typhoid: Manc Malaria: Casc, Merl
Ringworm: Sycosis: Tub: Acal
Cancer: Euph Leprous: Hura Syphilis: Still

Its about the lack of movement: Tighter and Tighter

Lack of elasticity
Wrapped like a mummy, like a prisoner
Desire to break free, untied, disentangled TO BREAK FREE

Entangled, straight-jacket, restrained, tangled, trapped,

grab, hold, throttle, like a prisoner
Liberty, freedom, break free, boundless, untied, unchained,
limitless, escape, disentangle

Hura: sense of tight, things are tight, tight is like trapped

Is like you cant move, as if, Im wrapped, As if Im a
The opposite is to break free, I just want to break free (sounds animal)
Its bound and tight
The quality of constriction is quality of adhesion
Where is gets stuck, Too tight
It cant move, Its bound, Hide bound (adhesion)
Elastic: A lot of reference to elastic
As if it has an elastic around there
The elastic will only stretch so far, Tied and untied
The diarrhea of Crot-t is a plug and the plug is stopping, and it just breaks free and comes out
Bound, tied, like a rope around like tied around, like tight, held
Taught (like tight), Held, Straight-jacket
IN ASTHMA: what should be lungs that go like this
like they are hardened, leathery
are bound, wrapped
The lungs are not soft and malleable
they feel like they should expand naturally
these are hard, like the moisture is gone
like dont expand
a bit of movement but not enough
its bound, its not pliable
its like elastic too stretched, like latex
the respiration feels tight, and it cant move
As if the lungs that should move like this can only move like this
As if lung material has become hard and thick and cant move
I just want to take a deep breath, I just want to break free
Agaricus muscarias (agar) fly agaric
Bovista lycoperdon (bov) Puff ball
Candida-albicans (cand-a) Yeast
Psilocybe caerulescens (Psil)
Secale cornutum (sec) Corn smut, ergot
Ustilago maydis

(Notes from Laurie Dack)

Highly evolved
Mutate immediately
Underground reproduction

Toxic transformation
No one knows what this mechanism is, but they take in toxic material and transform it
Im reborn, a spiritual re-birth
Unstoppable, Spreading
Its capacity to reproduce, it spreads
Underground network
You cant see it, Insidious, Like smoke, coming in and moving
Pops up out of no-where
It wasnt there, and suddenly you look and its fully formed
Like Cancer
Cancer is a reproduction that is not differentiated
My space is getting smaller and smaller, Its eating it, it over taking
The movement is relentless, but not fast
The Borg Star Trek
The Borg were all very similar, You shot at them and it killed a few
The information of your shot, so that the next time, you shot it had no impact
Being cheated, stealing
They took over, they took all my money and they took all my space
Dreams; robbers on in my house taking my stuff and telling me to get out
I wake up and the robbers and having breakfast!
Cracks, comes from nowhere!
Strength and size
HUGE strength
Almost invisible and absolutely huge
They might come and they might take over they might look like humans
Age, They are ancient plants
Babies that are wrinkled and look like old old people
Myths, The fairies live under the toadstools
A whole network that is invisible that is moving in and taking our freedom away
Remedies: Coca, Cocaine

Opp: strength and stamina

Opp: shaky and collapse
Push to limits of endurance

Poking, sharp, penetrating sensations
Feels like something very thin going in
Sensitive to penetration
Acute: Fic-i Typhoid: Malaria: Cann-s, Myric
Ringworm: Fagu Sycosis: Cann-i Tub: Jug-c
Cancer: Ulm Leprous: Cast-v Syphilis: Jug-r

Closed & Heavy (oppression) vs. Light & Open

Closed, pressurized, compressed, heavy, load, limited, confined

Burden, restricted, restrained, a tunnel
Closed, dragged down, shut in
Lack of senses: colorless, odorless, darkness, room with no window
Want doors and windows open, everything free light and open
but this gives a feeling of insecurity
the Window becomes the most important part, can open or shut
Keeps you inside but also exposes you to outside
Wen no opening vs. everything too one and there is too much stimulation

Open, light and flying, liberated, weightless, boundless,

elevated, Flying and floating

Like a soda bottle, pressurized inside bottle, to come out light

and floating
Passive: you dont want to move or do anything, feel depressed
Cann-I a vegetable existence, no colors, no sounds
Vs. everything is louder, as if pores of his skin are wide open
and ready to be stimulated

But how could I reach them, I was in another sphere,

an uncertain world I did not know
To break thru the open doorway seemed impossible
Here I must remain, a feeling loneliness, overwhelmed me
I must seek rest of family, I had to get out
I hurled my body, I went on pushing myself thru resistant atmosphere
I by force of will overcame it step by step

No outlet from circle, No way to come out of this

As if you are trapped in the circle
I just want to rip it free and find a way out
As if in dark circle, and white around it (not this is not danger, matter of death, Im going to be finished)
I cant see anything, No life, no joy, no colors, no company
It stops me from mixing around with people
I cant live on outside, I cant break it
Like a big hoop around me, constantly moving, I cant break it, no outlet
I want to break it, I want to move out into open space
There is no opening, It is dark, confined, small space, Like you are stuck in something
Its heavy, Not light
A book is heavy, Opposite is light going upwards, like a feather
Heavy is downwards, light is upwards

The fear holds me back, its like a wall a limitation

At least there is no pain inside
Like a wall, better to stay inside this wall
Acute: Menthol Typhoid: Lycps Malaria: Coll
Ringworm: Teucr Sycosis: Lam Tub: Teucr-s
Cancer: Agn Leprous: Oci-s Syphilis: Orig

A pleasant tremulous excitement

A lot of vivacity and passion
I looovvee sweets
Going from fun vs. dullness
dull, lack of excitability, numbness or trance
If teacher boring, completely lost in another world

(mint family)
Used for seasoning and taste, nice smells
They excite our taste and sensory buds
The excitement of the senses

A pleasant tremulous excitement

The warmth, pins and needles and tingling
Spread throughout body, a nervous tingly and excitement of
the senses
A lot of vivacity and passion
Thrill, passion, stimulation
Elated state, with loquacity, excitement
Animate when talking
Get pleasure even when thinking about something
I looovvee sweets
Leads to lots of activity, singing, sports, adventures, painting
Excited by sexuality, passion and romance
Excited about falling in love
Language of passion and thrill
The flush, the heat, the restlessness
The excitement and the joy
Like putting mint in your mouth
A tingling thru body
Vivid and pleasant
Flushing, tingling
To be active industrious, humorous
Might have fright or anxiety
Opp: boredom, dull, lack of excitability, numbness or trance
If teacher boring, completely lost in another world

(VO) Dullness is cant think more of the fog, cant focus

I just cant think, I cant understand, (dullness) opp of sharpness, I cant get thru it to concentrate
Excitement: nervous system stirred up
(Piper) Boredom (Lab is dullness)
Legumes (Fabaceae)
Acute: Meli Typhoid: Bapt Malaria: Rob
Ringworm: Chrysar Sycosis: Cop Tub: Bals-p
Cancer: Phys Leprous: Caesal Syphilis: Lath

To being split apart in many pieces

Come together and split apart


Acute: Verat Typhoid: Par, Verat-v Malaria: Colch
Ringworm: Sars Sycosis: Helonias, Lil-t, Sabad, Croc Tub: Agra
Cancer: Orni Leprous: Aloe Syphilis:

Excluded, forced out, to expel, to be left out

Reaction: to hold, to draw together to grasp
When you are inside, you feel constricted and constrained
Attractive behavior; that draws attention, they want to belong

Full, heavy or forced out feeling

Pain press outward and downward
Something coming out, Pressing outward
Also drawn in, or drawn together
Pushed out and Drawn in
Excluded, forced out, to expel, to be left out, to be
put out of something
Reaction: to hold, to draw together to grasp

Lil-t: The child wants mother, to hold hand of mother

When you are inside, you feel constricted and constrained

Religiousness Define: to bind or to hold
Means to belong to a group
To be included opp. Pushed out or excluded
To be forced out, squeezed out, excluded, or oppressed constrained
Feeling: wants to move is related to this family
Attractive behavior: Behavior that draws attention, they want to belong
Crocus: life of party, singing, dancing
Paris: exaggerating, boasting, talking a lot
Colorful, talking sing, dancing
Almost an animal kind of feature
Not competing, just reacting to sensation of being excluded
Not comparing themselves to someone else
I am being put out or excluded and I dont like this

Affinity to reproductive system

Husband too busy no sex drive

No one to talk to
They yell at me I want to be liked and appreciated
I do all sorts of things to keep up with friends
He says if I die, you will be on the road, you are capable of nothing
I fear he will come and beat me, I get very frightened
The house is in mother-in-laws name, shell kick me out
The entire false image Ive created will be gone
Acute: Bruc, Stry Typhoid: Nux-v Malaria: Spig
Ringworm: Upa Sycosis: Gels Tub:
Cancer: Ign Leprous: Cur Syphilis: Ho

Very, very sensitive

(gasp!) How could this happen?
I was just talking to them yesterday and now they are dead
Shocked, Shattered, Torn to Pieces

How could this be? (gasp)

So completely in a shock state (common plant feeling)
shattered, ruined, disappointed, devastated (SO)
From the death of a loved one
Shocked, let down, disappointed, spasms, astonished, as-
Shattered, torn to pieces, ruined
Passive: to be paralyzed, grief and cannot cry
Cannot move and cannot weep
Active: to be besides myself, oh god what should I do now!
Excitable, convulsions
Comp: to be composed or calm in most surprised or shocked circumstance s
What they feel is they feel everything, In a nervous system way
They feel shocked, Things feels like a shock
They feel shattered, I am torn to pieces
Sensitive to bad news, Ign ailments from disappoint and grief
How did you feel now that he is gone? It was a shock
Its like all the pieces are torn to pieces
Nux: when things are out of order How is it? It drives me crazy
Cant bear this feeling if things being torn to pieces
Ailments from anger and bad news, from mortification
You feel shocked, you feel torn to pieces, You feel ruined
I just want to go somewhere that is peaceful and calm
In interest and hobbies you see no sky diving, you see going somewhere calm

Ailments from anger, with fright and shock

Ailments form bad news
Ailments from grief, cannot cry (paralyzed from shock)
Ailments from death of a child (when child dies, its shock with surprise)
Wow, such a small child!
As if shattered or torn to pieces
Shock, spasms, shattered, torn to pieces
The shock is sudden and paralyzes person causing convulsion (same as Umb)
Umb: abuse and horror
Log: more a surprise, disappointment, (gasp) how can this happen
I was talking to him last night and now he is dead, (gasp)
Not violence in Umb, Umb huge impact that hits you from out of blue

Also VERY SENSITIVE to Suppression of a symptom

I couldnt believe it, when older sister asked me to leave the house
The shock, surprise, how can this happen?
Sensitive to bad news, to grief, to surprise
Logan shock, surprise, torn to pieces, the shock is so sudden it paralyzes the person
Acute: Camph Typhoid: Camph-ac, Nux-m Malaria: Magn-gr
Ringworm: Asim Sycosis: Cinnam Tub: Myris
Cancer: Asar Leprous: Arist-c Syphilis:


Theyre so sensitive
They have to turn off everything they are sensitive to
The southern belle
To everything in their environment
They control in order to not be sensitive
So out of reality
Out of touch with reality
Not knowing
Acute: Choc (chocolate) Typhoid: Abel (Abelmoschus) Malaria: Abrom-aug
Ringworm: Goss Sycosis: Til (Tilia) Tub:
Cancer: Leprous: Kola (Kola nut) Syphilis:


Attached, detached
Joined, then separated
Together, a CLINGING
I want someone to hold my hand
Shes slipping away
Shes letting go
I will just tightly hug her
I am emotionally attached to her
To be connected, to be in touch
This left me feeling empty lonely
Childlike dependence
Over-protection, then sudden isolation
Left alone to fend for herself
Someone nice suddenly showing their hard and malicious side
Rejection and longing to be loved
Craving for love, warmth and affection
A child is separated from the mother too early while the need to suck at the breast was still strong
The child feels forsaken, isolated, estranged from family, as if separated from the world.
A child suddenly made to stop breast-feeding, because it is inconvenient for the working mother
A mother gives warmth and affection initially, then turns her back on her child, and shows her thorny side
(like a hedgehog)

Malvales attachment, is holding on, a clinging

Schruph: Attachment is the bond between two equal or two partners

Tilia Europea (Malvales) Symptoms Lovesickness

Delusion: Alone in world (Choc)
Delusion: Separated from world (Choc)
Acute: Morph, Apom Typhoid: Arge Malaria: Chel
Ringworm: Sanguin-n Sycosis: Sang Tub: Succ-a
Cancer: Opium, Leprous: Cod, Fum Syphilis: Cory

SO INTENSE is the suffering

A HELL-like situation, death, dying, torture, war

Pain of any character of great intensity

Intense suffering, agony, fright and shock, war, murder, cruelty, torment,
carnage, slaughter
First scene from Saving Private Ryan
A lot of shelling and violence
Suffering from tremendous anguish
An idea of war
Fear and pain, violence, turmoil
A HELL-like situation
War and peace
Themes of dead bodies and war
The suffering is like death and dying
The half-alive and half-dead state
Often a fascination of dead bodies
In Sang: dreams dissecting a dead body

Passive: analgesia
Fainting, hibernation, meditation, blankness, no feeling
Narcoleptic, numbness, COMA
Serene, calm down, tranquil, untouched by pleasure or pain
Pleasure: Freedom from pain and suffering
Peace, bliss, etc. (does not stir you to activity)
Desire for the bliss, togetherness, and union, better with yoga

Super strong, bold, brave courageous, fearless

Active: violence, spasm, maybe numbness alternating with pain

Fears of children, falling off playground equipment and impaled

Close my eyes an envision Nazis torturing my son
The pain of anguish, the agony (holding my dead daughter in my arms,
having our children die in our hands)


Pepper family (Piperacea)
Acute: Typhoid: Malaria:
Ringworm: Sycosis: Pip-n, Mati Tub:
Cancer: Pip-M Leprous: Cub Syphilis:

Totally taken down when its boring

Spicy family
Producing agreeable excitement
Accompanied by fantastic ideas
Boredom has also pain and suffering
Passive: give into boredom
Active: to seek stimulation
Fun, enjoyment, parties, music, dance
Pain and suffering, boredom, insipid

Limitations around boredom and fun,
anything to have fun
As spices that have pungent taste
Very strong aromatic oils, have drug like effect
All symptoms are better for a time by being distracted or amused with something
Excitement amel
Ennui, amel from entertainment

Primarily boredom and ennui

Results from lack of activity or excitement
Desire for stimulation from amusement
Life seems to be a bore
Use pepper when food is too bland
You add a little taste to it or you are bored with the food
Life is bored and bland
Like a worker in the factory, the same boring job
Work that is monotonous and routine
He come shoe, wants to watch tv, some stimulants
Boring, bland, monotonous, tasteless, colorless
Exciting, amusement
Never like to become a janitor, Its so boring, And has to clean up the mess, dirty, gross (Leprous) Remedy: Pip-

Wants life to be exciting and interesting otherwise boring and monotonous

Talking non-stopexcitement

Lots of bladder problems

Acute: Acon, Aconin Typhoid: Acon-ac, Hell Malaria: Ran-b, Ran-s
Ringworm: Act-sp Sycosis: Puls Tub: Cimic
Cancer: Staph Leprous: Hydr Syphilis: Clem

Fear, Anger, Sadness, Guilt ALL felt TOGETHER (an Internal Dialogue)
Morbidsensitivity,as if my nerves are RAW, exposed,
the least touch...

Anger and vexation, Grief and fright
Sensitive to mortification, chagrin, and insults
Give rise to anger, Effects nervous system
Sharp stabbing, stitching, stinging, As if someone is poking you,
stabbing you, morbidly sensitive to comments
An OUTBURST of emotion, Or a bluntness
Puls outburst a weeping; Staph anger and violence; Hell you
see other side extreme bluntness

Trifles (important word) The least thing hurts and offends

Feelings continue for some time after the event
Fear, Anger and Sadness are all felt TOGETHER
Intermingled with each other an internal conflict or dialogue
Many bodily symptoms from this
Many emotions experienced together
Anger and guilt at same time
Someone speak insulting to you: Feel angry! Also Did I do something wrong?
Feels both anger from insult, grief that he has to bear insult, a fright what is consequence from this will
he loose his job; All felt together
A feeling if injustice or insult, but maybe my weak spot makes this possible
I cant blame him completely
Its not a hit or a hurt (Comp) to be touched in a raw vulnerable spot
As if skin is not there, As if nerves are exposed
Someone has touched my raw vulnerable spot!
Vulnerable spot: He is not rich. Person says How much do you earn that you are talking!
That is the chagrin of Rannunculaea
Really sensitive to TOUCH
Sensation: Vexed, easily excited, raw nerves
Electric shock, excessive irritability, anger w/grief, guilt, shock and annoyed, distress, harassed
Insulted dreams, Sharp, stitching, stabbing, stinging and sticking pains, Bursting
Passive: Numbness
Active: Nervous tension, inner conflicts many emotions together, outburst, brooding
Sensitive to trifles
Lots of pains, Stitching pains, lots of kinds, Nerves so worked
Tension and tightens that piles up
You experience every so morbidly
Tightness, tension, stitching pains
Hold that so tight (Staph)
Sensitivity to insults, to being spoken to in a particular way
Roseacea Family
Acute: Pyrus, Hydr-ac Typhoid: Amyg-am Malaria: Prun, Rose
Ringworm: Amyg-p Sycosis: Tub: Prun-c
Cancer: Leprous: Laur Syphilis: Crat

A sudden forceful squeezed

Feels like its pinched
Suffocated, its pinched
Goes like this (HG) hand clapped together
Like tube of toothpaste
You have to pinch it
Feels like its pinched
Not an opposite
They just get squeezed
A sudden forceful squeezed
The sudden squeezing feeling
Like you are suddenly suffocated
Pinched is a good word
Lightening things rose family
Rubiaceae Family
Acute: ; Coffin Typhoid: Ip Malaria: Chin, Chin-b, -m,- sal, -s
Ringworm: Sycosis: Yohim Tub: Coff
Cancer: Chin-ar, Gali Leprous: Syphilis:


Mind constantly thinking, Air Castles, Day dreaming

Creative ideas, creativity, joy
Mind constantly creating ideas
Over stimulation which aggravates
Many desires Mind: Desires, indefinite
A hunger for stimulationhe is greedy, has many de-
Hunger for stimulation
Desires stimulation (mental)
Many ideas, Fancies, imaginations Mind; Theorizing,
Tobacco, alcohol, sex and other stimulants aggravate
Joy aggravates M; Ailments, from surprises, pleasant
Mind; ailments from joy, excessive (Chin, Chin-ar, Coffea) Chin will bleed
Gen; convulsions, from laughing (Chin, Coff)
Passive reaction
Fatigue, exhaustion, weariness. Dullness, vanishing thoughts. Sleep amel, rest
Active reaction
Making plans. Theorizing. Rush of thoughts.
Creative pursuits: reading, writing, music
Sleeplessness with fancies. Greed in eating. Activity. Sentimental
Tranquility and meditation

the opportunities to study and grow I love all that stuff

all very excited about baby..(cries) joy aggravates
The thought of not learning or not advancing myself is unbearable
Mind; Desires, numerous, various things (insane)
China: he makes many grand plan for the future; building castles in the air
Mind; Desires, indefinite (13) Chin, ip
Excitement, excitable, coffee, after (bad effects after stimulants)

(L dack)

IpDesires, indefinite (also Cham) (Cham will be insultingCompositea family) Ip not so much
ChinaMalarial, persecuted, harassed, flights of fancy at night
Case: He can not go out on holiday or to restaurant because of fear, he is imprisoned
His neurosis stops him from being stimulated
He is dependent, because he is crippled (Malarial miasm)
Rutaceae Family
Acute: ; Typhoid: ; Malaria: Ang;
Ringworm: ;Aegle: Sycosis: Ptel; Tub: Cit-v;
Cancer: Ruta, Cit-l; Leprous: Xan; Syphilis: Jab

Its a squeezing sensation, twisted

Like the lemons

Its a squeezing sensation, twisted
(HG) squeezing a lemon
Twisting and squeezing
Ruta a sprained ankle it got twisted, like I fell over and
(hg) I twisted my ankle
Scrophulariacea Family
Acute: Digin Typhoid: Euphr Malaria: Chelo
Ringworm: Vero-o Sycosis: Dig Tub: Verb
Cancer: Scroph-n Leprous: Grat Syphilis: Lept

Of being bonded; Adhesion

The connection is so thin can break at any time
Adhesion and the tearing
Joining, Bound, tenacious
Bonds that are easily attachable and detachable
I need to hold on very tight because connection can
Any situation can cause that bond to break open
Both are independent entities but the bond if very important
to them
When bond breaks, experience separation, disconnection

Not of dependence or that one is smaller than the other
Like a plug and a socket, one fits into the other, to-
gether makes the perfect connection
Having a common space with another
There are two independent, separate beings that come together,
and share a common space. They can exist independently with-
out each other. Then there is a connection, they come together as
a single unit
Were together were bonded, Between two equalsa BOND
Loose connection
A muscle torn loose from the bones
As if heart is only connected to body by a thin thread
The connection is so thin can break at any time
The bond is so thin that that bond can snap at any moment
The problem is with separation
Stuck; adhesion
Like for the discharge in the eyes, its a bond
They can hardly open their eyes
Like its bonded and stuck
Like glue (fingers together)
The opposite (not breaking free (action) thats Euphor)
The opposite for this is separated

Abstraction of mind, absorbed in thoughts and reveries

When there is a disconnection of any kind, on starts to seek connection in a sexual way, in an emotional
way, or in an abstract way, such as to spiritual things
Can appear drug-like (felt like had smoked marijuana when hadnt)

Malvales attachment, is holding on a clinging
Schroph: Attachment is the bond between two equal or two partners
Acute: Bell, Hyosin, Nicot, Stram; Typhoid: Hyos; Malaria: Caps;
Ringworm: Dulc; Sycosis: Fab; Tub: Atro;
Cancer: Tab; Leprous: Mand; Syphilis: Franc

Violence, terror, fright and fear, pursuit and escape
Bursting, Exploding, shooting, constricting, spasm
To be killed and murderedthe things of horror movies

Sudden death, Life and death, Horror, Panic, Alarm

Caught, to be chased, to be hurt, escape, flight or fight
Animals, fear of dogs, snakes, ghosts, vampires
Idea of BLACK, sees black figures, Desires the Light
During fever; had vision that train was coming, was go-
ing to hit him hurt him
He had to get out of place
Wake someone coming to kill me!
Better someone is with me, dont like alone in dark
Horror, someone coming to kill, violent
I like movies, terminator, shooting fighting, suspense
and horror
Ghost comes suddenly and tries to kill, He breaks legs, or cuts off head
Feels someone will kill him
Thinks these are like vampires, and prays to God to protect him
(When you are in terror may pray a lot)
Like games with running, when someone chasing you and almost catch you

Violence of attack, suddenness of, Deeds of rage

Frightful images, sees monsters and hideous faces
Delusion: being hurt, being harmed
Experience is: fear or fright
Passive: stupefaction, fainting, unconsciousness
Active; alert, acuteness of senses, shrieking, screaming, striking, killing, rage, running
Comp: to be courageous in face of danger

Stram: often chooses black clothes, Dont like dark, want light
DD: Sol and Um: Um loves dark to be in dark room, Sol desires light
The holocaust: A previously safe time, changes to fear and crisis
People were offered money to turn people in, Sold
Critical period, get out and youre safe: Typhoid
DD: Animal and Solenaceae
Sol: Being pursued and want to kill
Primary focus, not strength or one vs. another
Something harmful is happening to you
You need to react to it, Focus is reaction, not comparison

Bell: Most acute, Just panic and run for life, Things come suddenly and go suddenly
Stram, You panic, but you try to find someone you can cling on to, Try to find light, Try to find company
Hyos, Even bit more on your own, Need to find your way out
World is dangerous place no one you can trust
Shamelessness, a ploy to attract partner back to you
R: Refuses to take medicine they dont trust you, You will betray their trust
Umbelliferae family
Acute: Conin, Oena Typhoid: Aethusa Malaria: Sumb
Ringworm: Sycosis: Asafoetida Tub: Phel
Cancer: Conium Leprous: Cicuta Syphilis: Corian, Hydrc

The Pain of the Blow can happen at any moment!!

Sudden unexpected violence or attack
Smash and Stab family

Ripping and grinding

Accidents, a blow, riots (suddenly it happens)
Stabs, lancination, abuse
Followed by: faintness, sleep, numbness, stupefaction
Sudden weakness, deep sleep, regression, dullness
Active reaction; violence, fits of emotions, convulsions
Comp: calmness in situation when sudden or violent attack
Molest, rape, assault, brutality, bloodshed, strike, catastrophe
No feeling, no sensation, anesthetized
Or hysterical, mania

Shock, Sudden, Severe, without warning - Unexpected

Convulsion w/o Aurano warning
(LD) The pain or the blow can happen at any moment (at any moment is the energy)
Out of the blue it came and hit me on the head
Um: and you can do everything to prevent it and out of the blue comes the pain
The befallments comes from somewhere you never expected it
It came from no where?
MUCH MORE Violence (than Compositea)
Mutilations, riots, accidents, cruelty all come up w/o notice
(Rajan), sensations thru family are stabbing, knife-like pains, violence, blows, wounds, injuries and
sudden attacks followed by numbness
Needs to recover quickly from unexpected violence, blows or stabs
Rape, Abuse, Violent blow, Accidents
In Umb. the numbness has a spasmodic quality
Why this family (Con) has a lot of convulsions
Regression theme
As if violence and cruelty makes then shut out and regress into childhood
Cic: Childish has gone backwards
Affects you profoundly
Much more susceptible to being affected profoundly from what has happened
(Compositea) will likely sayIm okaydeny
Loves Darkness (DD: Solenwhich desire light)
May sit in dark room

Never SMASH a carrot (Umb)

CASE: So unexpected, BAM, Im watching and thinking the truck will go this way, SO FAST
He was coming at me so fast, so unexpected, never imagined
Truck crawled over her, went over the top, pinned down, breast smashed
Ripping, grinding, punctured lung
The seat beat, held her tight, but smashed her breast (then breast cancer)

CASE: CC: anxiety and depression, A lot of tension and then I feel weak
Acute: Elat Typhoid: Bry Malaria: Coloc
Ringworm: Viol-t Sycosis: Luf-op Tub: Cist
Cancer: Viol-o Leprous: Syphilis: Passi


Never disturb a watermelon (Violales family)

So irritable, left alone
Dont move, even the slightest
Dont want to be disturbed, interrupted
Both and painful and
Sharp stitching, radiating pains

At physical level
Cutting, Stabbing, Lancinating, Sharp, Stitching, Pinching
At Mental Level
Vexation, Chagrin, Disturbed

Passive reaction: Prostration, Morose, Averse to being disturbed

Wants total rest, avoidance of people
Active reaction: Irritability when questioned, Violence, Malicious, Rage, Restless

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