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Plutonium nitricum (R7C8)

Actinides, Column 8 (Ferrum, Samarium)

More real heaviness

Black dreams
Dark dreams
World is going to end, feeling
Plutonium Case (Sankaran)
Pressure, containment

Intensity and Depth

The deep nucleus of generative will
The inner essence of Pu must forever remain hidden
Metamorphosis idea
When they break down they form a new element
Heavy repression of SELF
Mother did not allow her to be human in any way
Suppress that human part of her
The so and so part of me as if separate personalities
Transsexual in process of becoming a man
Everything is HIDDEN, everything is a lie

Light and Elevated

As if great burden lifted off shoulders
Incredibly Heavy and Weighed down
Weight from their CORE
Heavy wet, uncomfortable blanket = depression
Interacting w/people wears me down
Take energy from me
Deep isolation w/intense despair
As if totally alone in the world
Sense of elongation
Plutonium nitricum (R7C8)
Dreams of being very tall
As if soul leaving bodyfloating upward
Pu discharges Helium (rising)
Dreams of two points of view
I must be contained
Ability to learn from past experience
Our Primal Nature
Dreams of warriors fighting
Of aboriginal people throwing stones
Delves deep into the center of our being
Where basic instincts for survival lie buried
Plutothe God of the Dead
Deep suffering originating from our ancestors
Punishment echoing down through the generations
Because of its half-life, the Pu in our environment will linger and effect generations to come
The CORE that energizes our being
Like our bone marrow
Generates a life force
Pu affects the bone marrow
The ability to use this core energy depends on integration with all levels of being and slow release
When chakra revolve harmoniously, root energy can ascend to power us towards higher purposes
When this root energy is split form the higher (Helium) the explosive properties
Intense violence, intense enough to destroy the world
Frightful black depression
Enormous rage
Fear of unleashing this destructive power (contained by Nit)
Desire for red meat, liver, bacon and blood
Verbally rip them to shreds, I rip them apart
Delusion is a vampire
Powerful sexual urges
Dreams of enormous phalluses
Pluto was god of material wealth
If someone touches her in panic attack
I want to move if I move I will have a break down cease to exist
All molecules fly apart like a big explosion

Entries from the Proving

I realize the remedy seems to work like a mushroom that grows for a long time underground and
then suddenly pops up
I had clear vision of the earth exploding. It felt horrific, and I felt fear and despair
Image of falling head first, the fall from grace, Paradise Lost
I feel raw, as if the outside of me has been burnt away
The bed is rapidly becoming a pool of tear and still the fire burns
I feel it is something to be done alone, balancing the light with the dark. I feel heroicfull of cour-
Vacant sensation, out of my head
Feel depressed, paralyzed, almost possessed by heaviness, which was physical, going deeper
into my body
Dissolving the sins of the Fathers
Plutonium nitricum (R7C8)
I have the feeling of battling against something evil out there that
is actually inside of me but not quite part of me
When it is this painful, I either leave my body or kill myself
I feel brutish and coarse
Violence could erupt at any moment
Delusion that people are about to burst through the door
I feel separate from the rest of the world, just observing
I feel slowed down physiologically, as if I will live longer
I am still like a tree in wintera skeleton of my former self. I
stand and watch the world, so slow I can almost live forever. I feel stripped naked before the
world. I feel full of love again. I thank the heavens for this experience. Again I yawned and
stretched, this time I laughed
Dreams of sexually abused children, people

Physical Profile
Osteosarcomabone tumors
Lung tumors
Liver cancer
Numbness in extremities
Paralysis, loss of coordination
Skin symptoms

40 y/o woman, pregnant
Its very heavy, so heavy. I feel crazy and off balance in a very dark place. Deep deep down some-
thing went wrong, beyond my control. Terrible depression. Very deep dark depression. All my weak-
nesses, faults and dark places are coming up from deep deep down inside of me. I feel totally pas-
sive. Totally knocked out. At night I just loose a sense of self, esp at sunset depression comes up
lasting until sunrise.
My mother is a holocaust survivor. Something from there is touching me, she has to reject what is too
close to her. I feel totally rejected, no love, no consciousness, just nothing
There is something have always kept inside, a deep secret. Extremely angry but cannot express it.
Its very hard is someone is angry at me it crushes me. I fear my own anger. I block it but inside Im
in pain, overwhelming pain and suffering, such deep pain. I suffer but I keep a faade so people dont
Such a big split in me. I cant function with this split. Its like a state of obliteration, total destruction,
like in the holocaust. I keep getting this image of total nothingness, a feeling of being obliterated,
dark, and black and very close to death. I feel like in hell, dying with intense suffering without a
higher state.
I always find a way to fail. Something always trips me. I feel a huge force pushing me backwards, a
deep connection to the past, to the forefathers. A connection to ancient states of being, pulling me
back. A force making me live their lives instead of my own. Sometimes I feel in the state of being an
I feel violent but would never let it out. There is a contradiction between passive and totally violent,
such strong violence. I would never dream of unleashing it. I would just cause total destruction if I
let it out.
Plutonium nitricum (R7C8)
I am either extremely slow or make very big leaps. I can make very big leaps
fast, go from one state to another very quickly. My main strength is deep
deep intuition but I have no intellect. I feel things very strongly. I fall into
such a state of disorganization; I dont have the intellect to help pull things
together. I have a great need to expose myself but am super-sensitive to
how people see me. I have no self worth but on other hand can be very big,
Sun aggr, heat and cold aggr, gums bleed often and profusely, perspiration
strong smelling.
Desires salt, citrus, fat, butter. Menses irregular. Fear of insanity and can-
I need a heavy remedy with a huge voice, a remedy that can destroy the world. I feel like this mon-
ster has been chasing my all my life. Like being in the underworld. My astrologer says this is due ot
the state of Pluto at this time.
Rem: Plut-nit 30c (one dose)

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