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1. To present, proffer or put forward smthg to someone for


Ex. May I offer you a drink?

I was offered the job immediately after the interview

2. Express readiness to do something on behalf of someone; to


Ex. He offered to fix the shed roof.

After the party, a work colleague offered to give her a ride home.

3. Make available for sale

Ex. Orange offers this bundle at a very competitive price.

Profit from our limited-time offer: sign-up for a plan and get a mobile
phone as a gift.

4. Provide (access or an opportunity)

Ex. Our company offers a number of product and services for individuals and
small businesses.
The opportunities, which the economic recovery will offer, are numerous.

1. To put forward for consideration; to recommend

Ex. The vice-chair of Investor Relation suggested that hiring an expert might
be the most sensible decision in such a complex situation.
May I humbly suggest a clearer alternative to what has been put forward
so far?

2. To indicate (based on the evidence at hand)

Ex. The presence of inflation and high unemployment suggests that the
countrys economy is in recession.
The communications we have had with customers strongly suggest that
our technical support department must be completely reworked.

3. State or express indirectly; to imply

Ex. Are you suggesting I am incompetent at my job simply because I

overlooked to update the sales figures in our quarterly report?
The discovery suggests that life could exist on planets very different from

1. (More formal) Put forward (a plan or suggestion) for consideration
by others.

Ex. The CFO proposed that the government should retain a 51% stake in
the company.
It was proposed that the meeting be postponed until further evidence is
made available.

2. Nominate (someone) for an elected office or put forward a motion

at a legislature or committee.

Ex. Roy Thompson was the only candidate to be proposed as chairman

The government proposed to hold a referendum.
3. Make an offer of marriage to someone; propose a toast.
O ff e r, S u g g e s t , P r o p o s e
1. Are you _____________ that sun moves around the earth and that Copernicus and Galileo
were wrong?

2. The Lord Mayor _____________ a toast to the Queen in honour of her Diamond Jubilee.

3. She _______________ to reorganize his file cabinet.

4. These figures _____________ a further significant increase, but they need to be treated with
some caution.

5. Margaret Thatcher was a bold thinker who _____________ and implemented a number of
tough measures in order to save Britain from sinking into debt.

6. The company _____________ not only a competitive salary, but many benefits as well.

7. Can I _____________ we spend the day at the park reading poetry to each other?

8. After getting quite drunk at the office party, Matthew not only got up the courage to
____________ to Clara, but insisted that she accept.But because he is a doctor, Reuters is
_____________ to readers that his word is necessarily authoritative.

9. Apple is today a world-renowned technology company, which _____________ the most

innovative range of personal communications devices.

10. His ______________ that the sales department be downsized was upheld by
management and now it will be officially _______________ at the next Board Members

11. At the meeting, B.I.G. Capital Group made him an ________________, but he chose to decline