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Jaborandi () Rutaceae

Also known as Pilocarpus microphyllus

(MM: Rutaceae)

Very hyper-active
Compulsive hyper-activity
Almost impossible to not OVER DO
Exaggerated, compulsive and unproduc-
tive, and destructive!
Severe Perspiration
Chest symptoms, TB etc.
Severe loss of fluids
Dreams of killing their family members!
(only internal anger)

Spiders are more ineffective (versus destructive)

For Jaborandiit is destructive

Nux and Aurum are hyper activity but able to see

their results
When they work a lot but are destructiveit is
more like MERC

They QUARREL easily

Really distress the other people
Really overdo things
But can not MAKE the project work
As if they are consciously moving in the opposite direction
They are the victim of their own internal judge
Their own inner father

They destroy this projectbut really it is not what they want to do with their life
Used for Hyper-thyroid
SEVERE perspiration
PROFUSE perspiration, change their clothes several times a day
Have to leave their bedchange their linen AND actually flip the mattress

Gives out the bodys liquids

Used to be used for convulsions, and TB

When emaciation, consumption
The patient loses a lot of water
Jaborandi () Rutaceae
Patient was extremely weak, getting sicker
and sicker and sicker.


Often used after serious tuberculosis

DREAMS: Killing their mom, father or rela-


But its hard for them to express it

So they have it in their dreams
Exhausting dreams
It was an awful night
Driving them out of bed

The result of treatment, is to start to see some anger, like in Staph or Ign
They will start to be less calm, and become more aggressive and assertive
Disturbing the family