Radiogram No.

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Form 24 for 01/19-01/20/07

Progress 359 Docking to DC1. Progress 359 and DC1 Interface Leak Check GMT 23:00-23:10 23:00-23:05 23:05-23:10 23:10-23:40 23:40-00:35 23:40-00:30 00:30-00:40 00:30-00:40 00:40-00:55 00:55-01:20 00:55-01:10 00:55-01:05 01:05-01:35 01:10-01:35 01:20-01:35 01:35-03:05 01:35-03:05 03:25-04:25 03:45-03:55 03:55-04:20 04:20-04:25 04:25-05:25 05:25-05:55 05:25-06:40 05:55-06:10 06:10-06:40 06:40-06:50 06:40-07:00 06:50-07:10 07:00-07:20 07:10-07:40 07:20-07:35 07:20-08:20 07:35-08:20 FE-2 CDR FE-1 FE-1 CDR FE-2 FE-2 CDR, FE-1 FE-2 FE-1 FE-1 CDR . FE-2 CDR, FE-1 FE-2 FE-2 FE-2 CDR, FE-1 FE-2 CDR, FE-1 FE-2 FE-1 CDR FE-1 FE-2 CDR, FE-1 CDR FE-1 CREW CDR, FE-1 FE-2 FE-2 Morning Inspection SLEEP - data logging Morning Inspection Post-sleep BREAKFAST Air duct disassembly, removal of ИП-1 sensor and installation of ПхО-СУ(DC1) cover Prep for Work Daily Planning Conference (S-band) Prep for Work Air duct disassembly, removal of ИП-1 sensor and installation of ПхО-СУ(DC1) cover Prep for Work Prep for Progress 359 docking Activation of A31P Laptop Photography of Progress 359 Progress 359 docking to DC1 Physical Exercise (RED) Reconfiguring comm after Progress 359 docking Removal of ПхО-СУ(DC1) cover, installation of ИП sensor and air duct assembly Disconnecting the LTL jumper to the LAB106 rack to support CDRA activation LUNCH Removal of equipment for Ku-band TV downlink (after Progress 359 docking) Progress 359 - DC1 Interface Leak Check IWIS removal СОЖ Maintenance EMCS - cooling system replacement DC1-СУ and ТКГ-СУ Transfer Hatch Opening EMCS - ARIMIX replacement Installing quick release screw clamps EMCS - water reservoir replacement Progress 359 air sampling using AK-1M sampler before air duct installation. Use sampler #3 from kit 73 (СМ 1 РО_2_MedCab_cont.7). Return the kit to its nominal stowage location. Physical Exercise (RED) Progress 359 deactivation, air duct installation ACTIVITY

07:40-08:10 08:10-08:55 08:20-09:20 08:55-09:15 09:15-09:30 09:20-11:20 09:20-09:50 09:50-10:00 10:00-11:20 09:30-09:45 10:35-12:05 11:20-12:30 11:20-12:00 12:00-12:05 12:05-12:25 12:05-12:40 12:25-12:30 12:30-13:00 12:40-12:45 12:45-13:05 13:00-13:30 13:05-13:10 13:10-13:40 13:40-13:45 13:45-14:30 13:30-14:30

FE-2 FE-2 CDR, FE-1 FE-2 FE-2 CDR FE-1 FE-1 FE-1 FE-2 FE-2 CDR FE-1 FE-1 FE-2 FE-1 FE-2 CDR, FE-2 FE-1 FE-1 CDR,FE-2 FE-1 FE-1 FE-1 FE-1 CDR,FE-2

EMCS - LSS filter replacement EMCS - RBLSS module replacement Progress 359 Docking Mechanism Removal EMCS - water reservoir replacement EMCS: changeout of gas removal module Progress 359 unloading and IMS updates URAGAN. Earth Observation and Photography (Search for divers) Progress 359 unloading and IMS updates EMCS - sensor module replacement Physical Exercise (TVIS) Physical Exercise (CEVIS) GCF-JAXA. Hardware transfer and set up in ТБУ thermostat. Tagup with specialists (S-band) GCF-JAXA. Hardware photo IMS update CRYSTALLIZER. Transfer to SM, activation and set up in Cryogem-03M. Tagup with specialists (S-band) Transfer TVIS/RED/CEVIS/HRM data to MEC Daily food prep CRYSTALLIZER. Hardware photo STATOKONIA. Transfer and stow hardware in SM DINNER STATOKONIA. Hardware photography after set up in SM DINNER URAGAN. Photo downlink Pre-sleep Pre-sleep

14:30-06:00 . SLEEP Note: See OSTP for references to US activities. End of Radiogram