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Jan. 25, 2007 Vol. 12, No.


Mating of THEMIS to upper stage NASA previews ISS spacewalks

booster set for Monday in on-air briefing Friday

ELV ducted using U.S. spacesuits and will lestial Miracles," being held at 8 p.m.
Update: At each start from the station's Quest air- Saturday at the Bob Carr Performing
the Astrotech lock. The fourth spacewalk, sched- Arts Center in Orlando. All KSC,
payload proc- uled for later in February, will be CCAFS and Patrick AFB employees
essing facility, conducted by Lopez-Alegria and and their families are eligible for this
engineers and Flight Engineer Mikhail Tyurin using offer. Mention the "buy one ticket,
technicians successfully completed Russian spacesuits from the station's get one ticket free" offer when calling
spin-balance testing (above) of Pirs airlock. the box office for tickets at 407-770-
THEMIS on Jan. 12. The prelaunch The U.S. spacewalks will bring 0071. The program will feature two
processing of the spacecraft is now online new portions of the station's stellar favorites: Mozart's Symphony
finished. THEMIS awaits mating to cooling system, expanded with com- No. 41 (the "Jupiter" Symphony) and
the upper stage booster, scheduled for ponents that were activated during a Gustav Hoist's most famous work,
Monday. The spacecraft will then be space shuttle mission in December. "The Planets."
installed into its transportation canis- Lopez-Alegria and Williams also will
Keeping KSC Safe — The best
ter and moved to Launch Complex 17 assist in the retraction of heat-
way to prevent mishaps is to identify
on Cape Canaveral Air Force Station rejecting radiators on the station's P6
and eliminate unsafe conditions or
for mating with the Delta II on Feb. truss, install some external devices to
hazards. Some examples are ripped
2. The payload fairing was lifted into stow cargo, and install cabling for a
or frayed carpet, a missing cover
the mobile service tower on Tuesday. new power transfer system for future
plate on a light switch, and faded
shuttle flights, among other tasks. On
ISS Update: NASA will pre- crosswalk paint. Report such find-
the fourth spacewalk, Lopez-Alegria
view an unprecedented series of four ings, or others you might find, to your
and Tyurin will remove a stuck an-
spacewalks to be conducted from the supervisor and/or the appropriate
tenna from the Russian ISS Progress
International Space Station during the trouble-call organization. For more
23 cargo spacecraft docked to the aft
next month in a media briefing information, contact Alan Zoellner,
end of the station. Removing the an-
scheduled for Friday. The briefing SA-E2, 867-7554.
tenna will ensure it can safely undock
will air live on NASA Television at 2 in early April. Did You Know? Appointments for
p.m. EST and be streamed on the Coverage of the Jan. 31 space- massages are available from 10 a.m. to
Internet at walk on NASA TV will begin at 9 4 p.m. Tuesday to Friday in room 1023 in
The briefing will originate from a.m. EST. Coverage of the Feb. 4 and the O&C Building. To schedule an ap-
NASA's Johnson Space Center and 8 spacewalks will begin at 7:30 a.m. pointment, contact Valerie (L.M.T.
will include questions from media EST. Media briefings will follow the #19362) at 867-4762 or send an e-mail to
representatives from NASA locations. conclusion of each spacewalk and
Expedition 14 Commander Mike also will air on NASA TV and the Massages are $1 per minute. Gift certifi-
Lopez-Alegria and Flight Engineer agency's home page. cates and discounted packages are also
Suni Williams will begin the series of
Buy One, Get One Free Con- available. If you have any questions per-
spacewalks with a six-and-a-half-
cert Tickets — The Orlando Phil- taining to scheduling, types of massages
hour excursion on Jan. 31 and subse-
harmonic Orchestra extends its ticket offered, or any other issues, please call
quent spacewalks on Feb. 4 and 8.
offer for the upcoming concert "Ce- Valerie at 867-4762.
Those three spacewalks will be con-
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