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You are different but seen through my eyes


Youth Exchange - Erasmus+

22 to 30 August, 2017 in Uzana, Bulgaria

Coordinator: CET Platform Bulgaria

Partners: ATIC - Romania;

CET Platform - Slovenia;
CET Platform - Croatia;
CET Platform - Macedonia

The youth exchange "You are different but seen through my eyes" will take place in Bulgaria in the
beautiful village of Uzana, near Gabrovo. 42 young people, aged between 18 to 29 years will participate
in the project from Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Croatia and Romania. Each group will have two leaders
with no age limit. The project frame will be between 15 May 2017 and 15 November 2017, including the
project activity days( 22 - 30 August 2017) .
Each partner will be responsable for 6 participants(18-29 years old) and 2 leaders.

The aim of the exchange is to provide the young people with the main frame of an attitude of tolerance
and solidarity as well as to stimulate the mutual understanding between people of different countries,
having different religions, different preferences in their personal and professional life. This basic
purpose is driven by the main topic of the project, namely - anti-discrimination and European self-
consciousness as a form of behavior and attitude of the young people. The planned initiatives are
combination of practical workshops, where the young people will be occupied with team work towards
achieving the set goals, presentations, role playing and other methods within the project context.

The design of the methodology will be based on tested and result-oriented tools and activities of the
non-formal education to ensure a positive learning environment and achieving the aims and objectives
of the youth exchange. The modules will be logically connected and will develop knowledge, skills and
competences in the participants. All activities will aim inclusion and active participation by engaging and
empowering young people to learn by doing.

The project will include not only practical part - preparation of an anti-discrimination campaign, but as
well will give the participants the opportunity to analyze the main problems and possible solutions
related to human rights, democracy, equality through creating a single document with guidelines for
sustainable development.

Central moment in the program is the self-assessment of the participants, their tolerant behavior, social
and human attitude towards the society and the world as well as the differences within it and
acceptance of diversity as our asset and treasure instead of elements creating discrimination and

See you soon