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SIT TESOL Certificate Course Lesson Plan Form

Teachers Name: Pedro Level: High Intermediate # of Students: ~15 Date: 24 May 2017

Action Points from previous teaching: 1. I will not force students participation.
(Based on your own reflection, and feedback from 2. I will allow ss to form their opinions, and not share mine.
trainers and peers, what are two things that you will
try to do in this lesson to help your own learning as a

What skill and content are you teaching? (Check

the main lesson focus; also provide details / list of Support Language:
items) Alternating
Culture regarded
Grammar/Vocabulary Current
Speaking Listening Priest
Reading Writing Devised

Main Objectives: SWBAT demonstrate comprehension of the reading text by correctly creating a summary using a mind map.
(What do you want the Ss to be able to do with the
new material that they couldnt do before?)
(there might be subsidiary objectives. Feel free to
include them.

Assumptions: I know / expect that my students are familiar with

(What do your students already know what can they
already do in relation to todays lesson?) Who Isaac Newton was.

Challenges/Opportunities for Teaching: * Students might not be used to working multiple times with the same listening text
(What will be new for your students? What aspects * As is the second biography they are going to work with, they might be tired of it.
of the lesson do you anticipate they might find
challenging / difficult?)

Solutions for challenges: In order to remedy/avoid these potential challenges I plan to

(How will you avoid and/or address these problem
areas in your lesson?) * Have them really busy, so they dont have time to complain.

Assessment: * I will offer peer-checking time after each interaction with the text and I will pay attention to their conversations as much as possible
(How will you assess to see that Ss are ready to * I will elicit information from other students in the During stage if I see no balance
move on to the next stages of the lesson or have

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SIT TESOL Certificate Course Lesson Plan Form
reached the final learning objective?)

Framework Activity, Procedure/Steps- describe the essence of the activity

Focus: S; Materials/Aids
Time ECRIF & What will the Teacher say/do? What will the ss hopefully say and do?
stage objectives
1. Activity or task:
12 PRE Whiteboard
minutes Activating schema T-S VAK
colored paper with words
Teacher: Students:
will say some words related to the STUDENTS WILL CLAP IF THEY KNOW THE S-S Tape
will put all the words in the board in S-S
colored paper. Will work in pairs to create a definition or give
an example of at least 4 words.

Then will share with other groups

2. Activity or task:
5 PRE Unscramble the sentence The True Genius and Father of Electricity Strips of paper with sample
(Support Language) The Forgotten Genius of Electricity sentences
The Miracle Mind of Nikola Tesla TS
Teacher: Students: SS
Will ask ss to form 3 groups. *Will form 3 groups
*will unscramble the sentence
Will provide a set of scrambled words to each
group. *Will say their sentence

During 3. Activity or task:

8 Gist First Mission: Organize the text Whiteboard

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SIT TESOL Certificate Course Lesson Plan Form
Teacher: Students: TS
*Will provide each group with the disorganized * Will work in pairs to organize the text. SS Copies of the text 1 per group = 5
text. (each part will have greek letter) the order * Will tell the teacher the correct order to put it
will be: , , , , , , or on the board.
could use colors.
*Will verify the correct order on the board

4. Activity or task:
5 DURING Second mission: Make a mind map with 4-6 ideas of the text. Whiteboard
Skeleton Teacher: Students: V
* T will ask ss to individually create a mind map * Will read again to find the ideas and organize S
with 5-6 ideas of the text. them in a mind map.

5. Activity or task:
Teacher: Students:
Will ask ss to use those ideas to summarize the Will read the text one last time in order to
text in a paragraph. create a summary.
Will stand up and compare summaries

6. Activity or task: SS
5 Post 4 Specific Questions Whiteboard

Teacher: Students: VA
* T will put the following questions on the board. *
Will answer the questions and share their
What do you think about Nikola Tesla.? answers if they feel like it.

How do you think Nikola Tesla had an effect in

our life nowadays?

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SIT TESOL Certificate Course Lesson Plan Form

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