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Monday 05 Jun 2017

FIP annual report out

The International Pharamceutical
Monash-J&J partnership MSD threatens drug
PBS delisting
Federation has released its Monash University has signed worldwide, the agreement has
Pharmacists have until
annual report for 2016, recording a major multi-year research and the potential to deliver significant
tomorrow, 06 Jun to provide input
the numerous activities and commercialisation deal with benefit to community, industry and
to a controversial review (PD 30 Jan
achievements of FIPs officers, staff J&J offshoot Janssen Biotech to research, Dalidakis said.
17) that has called into question
and members during the year. research the early detection and University deputy vice-chancellor
the way ezetimibe is prescribed
See to view. prevention of rheumatoid arthritis. Ken Sloan said the partnership
and dispensed to patients with high
One of the most common of with Janssen was another example
cholesterol who are inadequately
autoimmune diseases, RA affects of Monash actively engaging with
controlled on, or unable to tolerate,
more than 400,000 Australians industry in order to translate its
statin therapy.
and more than 24.5 million people world-leading research.
MSD, the manufacturer and
worldwide, Monash has said.
marketer of ezetimibe, has declared
Monash Vice-Chancellor Professor
Margaret Gardner announced
Pharmacy satisfaction that the draft Department of Health
My CHEMIST has come out on Post-market Review of ezetimibe
the collaboration today alongside
Choose the app top of the monthly Roy Morgan is flawed and if acted upon, could
Victorian Minister for Small
provider that does not customer satisfaction rankings for result in a number of unintended
Business, Innovation & Trade, Philip
stop innovating the pharmacy category, achieving a consequences, including the
Dalidakis, representatives from
rating of 90% for Apr 2017. possibility of the delisting of
J&J Innovation and Janssen, along
Terry White was in second place, ezetimibe in Australia.
with researchers from the Monash
followed by Priceline, Chemist The draft proposal recommends
Biomedicine Discovery Institute.
Warehouse and then Chemmart significant price cuts for the drug
It is great to have our world-
Pharmacy in fifth position. which are based on only two years
leading universities partnering
2015 of data rather than a broader
Snap 'n' with global companies to drive
perspective of the past decade of
innovation that will create jobs in Intern registrations statin use, MSD argues.
Victorias medical technologies and The Australian Pharmacy Council Visit to submit.
pharmaceuticals sector. has confirmed registrations for
With nearly 25 million people
2016 OTC & suffering from rheumatoid arthritis
the upcoming Intern Written Exam Todays issue of PD
and Competency Assessment of
Pharmacy Daily today has
NDSS Overseas Pharmacists (CAOP) will
two pages of news plus full
Bexsero back on shelf open on 20 Jun 2017.
pages from: (click)
The Intern Written Exam is
2017 GSK has confirmed that doses of Wizard Pharmacy
GP scheduled to take place on 06 Aug -
Bexsero (meningococcal B vaccine) MIMS
Link will again be available toward the
end of this week following the
supply of an additional 200,000
doses in Australia.
The additional doses are being
COPD: demonstrating
Professional Services
Booking Request
made available following an update devices, evaluating
to the Australian licence extending
the shelf life to 36 months which
allowed increased supply of the
vaccine, GSK said in a statement. Up to 90% of patients who
See more details at
use an inhaler device dont
use it correctly.
Support your patients
by adopting best
practice methods to
teach and assess
inhaler technique.
We have two well positioned pharmacies located in Sydney
shopping centres available to purchase. The T/O estimate
for 2017 is in excess of $8M & $6M. For a copy of the Pharmacy Practice Review
information memorandum please call Sean Roffey on
0408 882 111 or email
Enrol now
Pharmacy Daily Monday 5th June 2017 t 1300 799 220 w page 1
Peptic ulcer & NSAIDs
Non-steroidal anti- Weekly
inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)
including low-dose aspirin are Comment
among the most commonly used
medicines but are associated with
gastrointestinal injury, says an Welcome to PDs
article in the NPS MedicineWises weekly comment
Monday 05 Jun 2017 publication Australian Prescriber. feature. This
A new CPD activity for weeks contributor
Big pharma lawsuit pharmacists around the article is Dr. Jaspreet
Dispensary The US state of Ohio last
recommends proton pump
inhibitor therapy to reduce the risks
Singh, Vicks
Senior Scientist.
week sued five major drug
Corner manufacturers, accusing them
associated with NSAID ingestion.
Visit to access. Managing pain
of misrepresenting the risks of
A Western Australian with a
prescription opioid painkillers. during cold & flu
powerful junk food craving has Pantoprazole recall
Attorney General Mike DeWine ACCORDING to a global
attracted attention online after
filed the suit which joins a Apotex has announced the Vicks survey, most Australians
documenting a 500km KFC run.
growing number of state and local recall of one batch of Apotex- experience between 2 and 5
Josie Gandolfo from Port
governments suing drugmakers and Pantoprazole 20mg tablets (batch colds / flus every year1 . Nearly
Hedland was travelling the 241km
distributors, seeking to hold them number F4442, expiry 10/2018), 20% of Australians report minor
to Karratha for an appointment,
accountable for the deadly and in the latest expansion of recalls pains such as headache, body
and when her friends found out,
costly opioid crisis, Reuters reports. associated with the valium and muscle aches1. While simple
they gave her a list of specific
The five companies concerned substitution scandal (PD 29 May). analgesics can tackle the aches
requests plus $300.
with Ohios suit were named The new recall is in addition to the and pains, colds are multi-
Popcorn chicken, wicked wings,
as Purdue Pharma LP, Janssen previous recall of a batch of 40mg symptom conditions, therefore
zinger meals and of course, a
Pharmaceuticals, a unit of Endo tablets, with pharmacists advised multi-symptom relief (MSR)
couple of buckets and barrels
International Plc, Teva offshoot to quarantine all affected packs and products should be considered
were included - along with some
Cephalon and Allergan. return to the wholesaler for credit. reducing the need for multiple
thermal bags to keep it all warm.
DeWine argued the companies medications.
Gandolfo told the
helped unleash the opioid crisis by
chicken run ritual was an
marketing such drugs as OxyContin Cannabinoids for BCs For aches and pains, Paracetamol
important part of the Hedlander Cannabinoids have been is a safe and effective analgesic
and Percocet, overstating their
way of life. found to be effective against some and antipyretic, and can
benefits and trivialising their
potential addictive qualities. types of breast cancer (BC) in be recommended during
Janssen spokesman Jessica Castles recent studies, according to an ASX pregnancy/breastfeeding or
Smith said in an emailed statement: update from Zelda Therapeutics. in case of gastrointestinal
The allegations in this lawsuit It appears from the studies that problems. With liver problems,
are both legally and factually the products may be beneficial where paracetamol may be
unfounded, while Purdue said, across a broad spectrum of breast contraindicated, a suitable non-
We share the attorney generals cancer types including hormone steroidal anti-inflammatory drug
concerns about the opioid crisis receptor positive, HER2+ and (NSAID) may be recommended.
Size definitely does matter - at
and we are committed to working the very difficult-to-treat Triple There is little evidence that
least when it comes to wine
collaboratively to find solutions. Negative cancer types, Zelda said. low-dose codeine medicines
glasses and alcohol consumption.
are any more effective for pain
Theresa Marteau from
relief or cough than similar
Cambridge University tracked
medicines without codeine2.
the sizes of wine glasses over the
With the planned up-scheduling
decades, which have increased
This week Pharmacy Daily and Designer Brands are giving of codeine products, Pharmacists
from 65ml 300 years ago to 450ml
away a set each day of their 2017 Beauty can utilise combination
today - and in turn encouraged us
Heaven Glosscar Award Winners. The awards MSR products containing
to drink far more than we should.
saw DBs Glow Get Em Bronzer win best new Paracetamol or NSAIDs to
As well as examining glasses
bronzer, while their Pro Brow Kit with Stencils provide relief from pain due to
from the Ashmolean Museum
won best new brow powder, the Express cold & flu, while ingredients
in Oxford and some held in the
Makeup Remover won best such as Phenylephrine and
collection at Buckingham Palace,
makeup Remover and the Chlorpheniramine help to
the scientists carried out an
Spray and Set Makeup Setting Spray took out the best new manage a blocked and runny
experiment at a Cambridge wine
tool. CLICK HERE for more. nose.
bar where 175ml of wine was sold
1. Data on file. Vicks global cough, cold
in three different sized glasses. To win, be the first person from NSW or ACT to send the and flu survey, 2014.
Although the contents were correct answer to the question to 2. Update on the proposal for the
the same size, sales of the largest How many categories did Designer Brands win in the 2017 Beauty Heaven rescheduling of codeine products. https://
glasses were 14% higher than the
Glosscar Awards? proposal-rescheduling-codeine-products
smaller ones. Accessed on: 18 May 2017
Check here tomorrow for todays winner.

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Pharmacy Daily Monday 5th June 2017 t 1300 799 220 w page 2
Does your brand
deliver the promise?




June 2017
New Products
Onivyde (nanoliposomal irinotecan as sucrosofate) is a topoisomerase inhibitor formulated into a liposomal dispersion for
intravenous use. Onivyde has been shown to extend circulation of irinotecan and prolong the duration of active therapy at the site of
tumour cells to inhibit tumour growth. Onivyde is not equivalent to nonliposomal irinotecan formulations and should not be
interchanged. Onivyde is indicated for treatment of metastatic adenocarcinoma of the pancreas, in combination with 5-fluorouracil
and folinic acid (leucovorin) in adults who have been previously treated with gemcitabine based therapy. Onivyde is available as one
10 mL vial containing irinotecan sucrosofate equivalent to 43 mg irinotecan (or 50 mg irinotecan hydrochloride trihydrate).

Ristempa (pegfilgrastim (rbe)) is a long-acting form of recombinant human granulocyte colony stimulating factor (G-CSF).
Ristempa is composed of filgrastim (recombinant methionyl human G-CSF, Neupogen) with a 20,000 dalton polyethylene glycol
(PEG) molecule covalently bound to the N-terminal methionine residue. Pegfilgrastim has reduced renal clearance and prolonged
persistence in vivo compared to filgrastim. Ristempa is indicated for the treatment of cancer patients following chemotherapy, to
decrease the duration of severe neutropenia and so reduce the incidence of infection, as manifested by febrile neutropenia.
Ristempa is contraindicated with known hypersensitivity to Escherichia coli derived proteins, or filgrastim. Ristempa is available as
one ready to use prefilled syringe containing 6 mg of pegfilgrastim in 0.6 mL (10 mg/mL).

New Indications
Fycompa (perampanel (as hemisesquihydrate)) is now indicated for the adjunctive treatment of primary generalised tonic-clonic
seizures in adults and adolescents from 12 years of age with idiopathic generalised epilepsy.

INOmax (nitric oxide for inhalation), in conjunction with ventilatory support and other appropriate agents, is now indicated as part
of the treatment of perioperative and postoperative pulmonary hypertension in newborn infants, infants and toddlers, children and
adolescents, ages 0-17 years in conjunction with heart surgery, in order to selectively decrease pulmonary arterial pressure and
improve right ventricular function and oxygenation.

Kalydeco (ivacaftor) is now indicated for the treatment of cystic fibrosis (CF) in patients aged 6 years and older who have an
R117H mutation in the CFTR gene.

New Contraindications
Accupril (quinapril hydrochloride) and Accuretic (quinapril hydrochloride/hydrochlorothiazide) are now contraindicated in
combination with sacubitril/valsartan due to the increased risk of angioedema.

Angiomax (bivalirudin) is now contraindicated in severe renal impairment (GFR< 30 mL/min) and in dialysis dependent patients.

DBL Amikacin Injection (amikacin sulfate) is now contraindicated in myasthenia gravis.

DBL Sulfamethoxazole 400 mg and Trimethoprim 80 mg Concentrate Injection BP (sulfamethoxazole/trimethoprim) is now

contraindicated in patients with a history of drug induced immune thrombocytopenia with use of trimethoprim and/or sulfonamides.

Diane-35 ED, Juliet-35 ED (cyproterone acetate/ethinylestradiol), Petibelle, Yasmin, Yaz, Yaz Flex
(drospirenone/ethinylestradiol) and Triquilar ED (levonorgestrel/ethinylestradiol) are now contraindicated with the use of
direct acting antiviral (DAA) medicinal products containing ombitasvir, paritaprevir or dasabuvir and combinations of these.

Indocid (indometacin) is now contraindicated in severe hepatic impairment.

Prezista (darunavir) is now contraindicated with elbasvir/grazoprevir and lurasidone.

Stelazine (trifluoperazine hydrochloride) is now contraindicated in uncontrolled cardiac decompensation.

Xifaxan 550 mg (rifaximin) is now contraindicated with intestinal obstruction.

This list is a summary of only some of the changes that have occurred over the last month.
Before prescribing, always refer to the full product information.