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Official Newsletter of the

Verbum Dei Catholic Missionaries Luzon

Issue 24 June 2017

Hello dear readers. We are happy to update you with our latest news from Luzon. God bless!

Visit of our President, Luca Herreras

Verbum Dei, composed of 3 branches, has one President
worldwide. Our current President is Luca Herrerias, and she
is from Mexico. She actually did part of her theology studies
here in UST in the 1980s so is quite familiar with the
Philippines. She visited our communities in Tagaytay,
Manila-Pasig, Pansol, Cebu and Cagayan de Oro to share
with us all, and to reflect together on how best to help our
Verbum Dei mission to grow. And our General
Administrator, Miguel Angel, came to visit us too at the
same time. Thanks for you visit Miguel Angel and Luca!

Official Newsletter of the
Verbum Dei Catholic Missionaries Luzon
Issue 24 June 2017

Hola! From Spain

I am Sarah Jane Abellana, a missionary from the
Philippines. After spending the first years of my
formation in Luzon, I am now in Loeches, Madrid to
start my Philosophy studies in the Verbum Dei Institute
of Theology. It is a gift to be in this place, to discover
more of the Verbum Dei Charism, and to enjoy the
company of missionaries from all over the world.
Thank you for your prayers and support for the mission
and formation of missionaries!

Easter Encounter Tagaytay 2017

This activity was held in Tagaytay from April 13-16. All the participants received a warm
welcome upon arrival at our Verbum Dei Center. The Verbum Dei family facilitators
enthusiastically shared their testimonies and talks to the 50 attendees. The participants found
the encounter and experiences enlightening, enjoyable and served as an eye-opener to their
lives. The lay facilitators who shared during the encounter expressed deep gratitude and felt
one with their listeners in their struggle to live and love without limits.

Official Newsletter of the
Verbum Dei Catholic Missionaries Luzon
Issue 24 June 2017

Marriage Takes Three!

Ten couples attended It Takes Three:
Marriage as a Reflection of Gods Love
at the Pasig Apostolate Center last May
21. Attendees ranged from one
engaged couple to another five years
shy of their golden anniversary! All
were one in rediscovering the richness
of marriage with God at its center. As a
spouse shared: (I liked) being able to
share reflections with my husband and
making concrete plans to ensure we
fulfill Gods plan for our marriage.

Taking Care of the New Life

We gave a recollection to a group of
Doctors and staff from the Pediatrics
department of Philippines General
Hospital. These Doctors are used to taking
care of the newborn, but after Easter,
asked for a recollection to help take care of
the newborn life of the risen Lord in them.
The words of Padre Pio inspired us Prayer
is the oxygen of the soul. We hope this day
of recharging their spiritual batteries can
help them be more effective in their
demanding work!

Official Newsletter of the
Verbum Dei Catholic Missionaries Luzon
Issue 24 June 2017

Enlarge the space of your tent

This was the theme of the Verbum Dei
Disciples annual retreat 2017, held in the
Verbum Dei Retreat House, Tagaytay. This
retreat brought interior renewal to the disciples
and to those aspiring to be part of the Verbum
Dei family. In the general sharing, some of the
fruits shared by the participants were:
embracing their process of formation, the
necessity of a personal relationship with Jesus,
communion, community, and co-responsibility.

Campus Ministers of Gods Word

The Missionaries of Manila are joyfully making their way into ministering the Word of God
to people in the Universities. Adriana is a Campus minister in PLM (Pamantasan ng Lungsod
ng Maynila). They have their weekly School of the Word, First Friday Mass, and have offered
special events like formations, song forum, etc. Rana and Percy are also holding a weekly
School of the Word in UST. In both ministries, the common ground is a fulfilling experience
of witnessing the faith of these young people and their love for God that is expressed in
loving othersthey are Gods missionaries.

Official Newsletter of the
Verbum Dei Catholic Missionaries Luzon
Issue 24 June 2017

Valerias Wonderful Experience in the Philippines

When Im asked about my experience in the Philippines I
have just one word: wonderful! God has given me a
wonderful experience that has marked my missionary life,
opening my eyes to a broader horizon that I had never
imagined - learning another language, knowing a different
culture, another continent . . . Jesus has made me
immensely happy here amidst challenges, confirming that
he has called me not only for a few people, but for many. He
is making my heart universal, with no boundaries
missionary. God has allowed me to meet wonderful people,
perhaps one of them is you who is reading these lines. I
want to thank each one of you who have given me faith,
hope, friendship . . . you have given me God!

Official Newsletter of the
Verbum Dei Catholic Missionaries Luzon
Issue 24 June 2017

The next recollection for couples is Communication and Love Languages in

Marriage, and will be held on August 13, 2017.
Contact Sr. Sol (0932.429.0330) or Melissa (0977.712.5862) for details.
Please invite couples to come and join us!