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Nama : Rahmi Atika Rahayu

Nim : 1601122413
Jurusan : Hubungan Internasional
Mata Kuliah : B.Inggris Jurusan II

Judul : Pemahaman Mahasiswa Universitas Riau terhadap
ASEAN Community 2015
Nama : Loviana Permatasari Tambunan
Angkatan : 2011

Chapter I

1.1 Background
This research will discuss the level of students' understanding of
ASEAN Community. ASEAN Community is a community formed by
ASEAN itself with the same vision and mission that is to improve the
economy in the ASEAN region and ASEAN or Association of Southeast
Asian Nations (ASEAN) is a geo-political and economic organization of
the countries in Southeast Asia, Founded in Bangkok, August 8, 1967,
under the Bangkok Declaration by Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines,
Singapore, and Thailand. The organization aims to promote economic
growth, social progress and cultural development of its member states,
promote regional peace and stability, and increase the opportunity to
discuss differences among its members from countries of many races,
languages, religions and Connected through the proximity of distance and
online history. Asean Community is one of the targets that proclaimed
realized in 2015 by ASEAN as an international organisms area of
Southeast Asia. This community has an emblem of "unifying" all
Southeast Asian citizens in a large community vessel. Where interaction
among society is no longer limited. This cooperation is based on the
principle of people to people interaction and not the state to state
interaction. There are three pillars that form the foundation of ASEAN
Community is the ASEAN Economic Community, ASEAN Political-
Security Community, and ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community. ASEAN
Community 2015 is an Integration program of countries in Southeast
Asia, especially to its people.

Integration by ASEAN countries also has a reason, namely to

promote the economy, as well as reduce the conflicts between countries
as ASEAN, and of course to expand cooperation in the field of economy,
politics and security and culture. One of the goals confronts the influence
of communist ideology from China, and that the establishment of ASEAN
is a response to the development of external hostilities such as the
Vietnam war and the increasingly widespread and growing Chinese
revolution. China's economy is growing so fast in global trade and China
is seeking to expand its presence and strategic influence on the
surrounding environment. China sees Southeast Asia as a strategic place
to trade. In addition, with China's large population, and with high
productivity a threat to ASEAN.

Especially as a competitor in attracting foreign investors and

market goals. The next factor is after China joined the World Trade
Organization (WTO) in 2001, which made China's economic strength
more advanced. In the integration of ASEAN also raises the problem of
problems within the country and its people. The issue of the country's
territory is that each country of ASEAN has a different country system
that is a little difficult to integrate. The state system which is suitable to
unite ASEAN countries is the democracy. Then the problem with the
community, where the ASEAN community, in this case, is required to
take part in the ASEAN Community. But in this case, the community's
understanding of ASEAN Community it self is very low. Also, the lack of
socialization is done by the government.

ASEAN to integrate into the ASEAN community, of course, we will

see the EU that do the integration. However, if compared, ASEAN
community involvement is still very less, in contrast to the EU's success
as it is today in economic, political and socio-cultural integration as it is
supported by consensus and community involvement. The success of the
EU idea is not only caused by policy, but also positive perception,
acceptance, and public understanding. Even before the EU idea was fully
formalized, extensive research by policymakers worked with academics
to ensure community understanding and acceptance of the idea of the
regional community.

In ASEAN Community there are 3 pillars that will be run one of

them is the ASEAN Socio- Cultural Community. The establishment of
ASCC, in the absence of the term ASEAN citizen, aims to create a desire
to live together (we feel). Thus one of the main identities of ASCC is to
safeguard and promote ASEAN cultural heritage and regional identity.
ASEAN Socio- Cultural is an important pillar in realizing the vision and
mission of ASEAN. As explained in the blueprint, the ASEAN Socio-
Cultural Community Blueprint (ASCCB) is intended to bring ASEAN
closer to the community, more involving the member countries in the
program of ASEAN activities so that in the future ASEAN will no longer
be dominated only by government officials and diplomats.

The condition of Indonesia ahead of ASEAN community is very

concerning because not all Indonesian people know what is ASEAN
Community or ASEAN Community. In addition, the lack of socialization
is done by the government on ASEAN Community to the community.
That indeed the role of society is also very important in the ASEAN
Community. Then, in various regions throughout Indonesia, especially
Pekanbaru is also very less socialization about the ASEAN Community.
Though the draft of ASEAN Community is soon to be run. Especially in
University of Riau students, with many challenges including challenges
in the work, students of the University of Riau are required to know about
the ASEAN Community, but unfortunately, the students' understanding is