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Dr. Ronald P.


An accomplished family man

A distinguished professional

A charismatic servant leader

A social activist and philanthropist

A visionary and innovative educator and manager

A few of the endearing qualities of one of the Gods best gift to humanity who through the years has advocated and
lived the Pauliniuan values

An accomplished family man

All his children speak of him with profound admiration, pride and respect. The children say that a great deal
of what they have become as individuals and professionals, they owe it from the tranquil, firms and encouraging
posture and modeling of their great father. Dr. Ronald P. Guzman would always spend quality time with his family,
which they describe as always a moment of joy, sharing and fellowship, inspired by their fathers passion for service.
This is over and above their individual civic duties and outreach programs which they aggressively engaged
themselves with on a personal and organizational basis. Dr. Christopher Mark Guzman for example served as a
doctor to the barrio in Camiguin Island just after their graduation. Ms. Cristina Amelia Guzman is now an active
member of a cancer institute that helps cancer patient. Dr. Charles and Mr. Christian Guzman are helping the
marginalized and under privilege sectors several times they have been recognized and acknowledge for their heroic
effort. This holds true with his family or origin where his mother, Mrs. Salud P. Guzman would fondly characterize his
son as very loving and extremely caring to his brothers and sisters. Indeed, Dr. Ronald P. Guzman is a family worth
emulating. Dr. Ronald P. Guzman is blessed with loving wife, Dr. Wilma R. Guzman, who like him is distinguished
citizen and leader in the society.

Distinguished Professional

In his desire to be a man for others and embrace service as a lifetime vocation, Dr. Ronald P. Guzman took
up Doctor of Medicine at Far Eastern University where he landed as 6 th place in the Medical Board Examination of
1970. Without wasting any time, he went back to Tuao where he put up a community hospital. There, his faithfulness
to social idealism and service to the poor which has been inspired by his Jesuit and Paulinian mentors have been
concretized by serving the barrio folks for eight years in the mountain of Cagayan and Kalinga-Apayao. He served as
a general practitioner playing the role of an obstetrician, surgeon, pharmacist, internist and at times social worker and
embalmer. He would sometimes contend himself with the chicken, eggs and agricultural products his patients would
bring him in exchange for his services. After eight years of serving the poor people in the Itawes and part of Kalinga
and Apayao, Dr. Guzman took the opportunity to work overseas. He worked in Nigeria for two years where his
competence as doctors was enhanced further. When he returned to the country, he established a hospital in
Tuguegarao to be closer to his parents, brothers and sisters. The Holy Infant Hospital from the time of its existence
until today has earned the distinction as a hospital of the masses because of its very affordable quality medical
services. His excellent medical practice in Tuguegarao has gained him the respect of people across sector of society.
This popular respect they have for this man has later been translated to making him assume leadership roles in
various inter-agency and sectoral organizations where he has significantly contributed a lot. In recognition of his
exemplary competence in his chosen career and profession, he has received various recognitions, citations and merit

Charismatic Servant Leader

A great love and compassion Dr. Ronald Guzman has for his work of mercy and service has merited him the
respect of people from all walks of life. His sincere and profound gesture to be a man for others can easily be seen
from his dedication to his profession and immense charity for those who are in need. Dr. Guzman is wrapped with
heroic qualities like humility, compassion, competence, social justice, generosity, sincerity and simplicity to mention a
few which makes him easily rally people for the noble cause he is fighting. People who have less in life look up to his
leadership to liberate them from the bondage of poverty, diseases and ignorance, which subsequently he took as
personal apostolate. Other than his amiable and convincing qualities, he never withdraws from a good fight. He
always takes the lead for his civic and cause- oriented battle with so divine wisdom and calculated courage to make
the life of the suffering better and to make this world a safe heaver for humanity. He sees to it that all the fights he
would take would be sustained until he gets a favorable conclusion. However it is not in his personality to claim credit
instead he would humbly say, it is collective effort coupled with Gods grace that God gave victory to his people. In
almost all his battles ha has put his life, property career and reputation at risk but he is always comforted by the fact
that they cannot put a good man fighting for a good cause down. Moreover, he said, if you are doing it in the service
and love of God, then, He will be with you till the end of your fight.

Social Activist and Philanthropist

The passion of Dr. Ronald P. Guzman is to improve the standard of living of many of our people has made
him an advocate of social justice. It is a principle that would give more benefits and protection to those who have
loess in life. In pursuit of his principle, he would bravely move for the demolition of unjust structure in the society that
would not support this ethical cry. He would always openly express his opposition to oppressive and repressive
policies of government, non- government organizations, peoples organization and other interesting groups that
would exacerbate the already unfortunate and depressing conditions of the poor and the helpless. To further
strengthen his resolve on this matter, he joined various sectoral groups, inter- agency committees advocacy groups,
and socio- civic organizations as a strong voice and active representation of the poor. He would go to the extent of
taking the issues of the poor and the oppressed as his own and result, he would fight until the end without regard to
cost and consequences.