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OptiVision LED

BVP520 GRN 121K/757 IP66 A-WB T20

BVP520 - LED GreenLine - 121,000 lm - Asymmetrical

wide beam

Philips OptiVision LED floodlighting system the latest in high-

efficiency LED technology provides a complete lighting solution for
the simplest through to the most complex area and recreational
sports lighting applications. The specially engineered OptiVision LED
luminaires come with a full range of options to meet the highest
performance standards, to provide outstanding light quality, and to
guarantee safety and visual comfort. They deliver maximum light
output while ensuring effective thermal management in order to
maximize lifetime and minimize maintenance costs. In area
applications, the OptiVision LED system offers new possibilities to
reduce energy consumption and increase flexibility (instant start,
programmable lighting levels based on actual need) when used in
conjunction with Philips advanced system controls and sensors. The
OptiVision LED luminaires are also compatible with other external
control systems via DALI protocol. The range includes versions with
three/two LED light modules which function with an external driver
box, as well a compact version with two LED light modules and an
integral driver unit for easy installation and lower installation costs.

Product data

General information Light source flux 121K [121,000 lm]

Product family code BVP520 [BVP520]
Lamp family code GRN [LED GreenLine] Electrical
Light source color 757 [757 cool white]
Input voltage 110-277 V [110 to 277 V]
Light source replace- true [Yes]
Driver/power unit/ No [-] Mechanical
Housing material ALU [Aluminum]
Driver included false [No]
Optic material PC [Polycarbonate]
Ingress protection IP66 [Dust penetration-protected,
Optical cover/lens PC [Polycarbonate]
code jet-proof]
Mech. impact protec- IK08 [5 J vandal-protected]
tion code
Optic type A-WB [Asymmetrical wide beam] Initial perform. (IEC compliant)
Optical cover/lens PC [Polycarbonate bowl/cover]
Initial luminous flux 121000 Lm
Init. Corr. Color 5700 [5700 K]
Color GR [Gray]
Coating No [-]
Init. Color Rendering >70 [>70]
Dimmable Yes [Yes]
Surge protection SRG [Philips standard minimum surge
protection level]
CE mark CE [CE mark] Application conditions
Constant light output No [No]
Average ambient T20 [+20 C]
Light technical Ambient temperature -30 to +45C [-30 to +45 C]
Glare shielding acces- No [-]
OptiVision LED

Product Data Bar code on 8717943178926

outerbox - EAN3
Order code 912300022850
Logistic code(s) - 912300022850
Full product code 912300022850
Full product name BVP520 GRN 121K/757 IP66 A-WB
Net weight per piece 28.000 kg
Order product name BVP520 GRN 121K/757 IP66 A-WB
Pieces per pack 0
Packs per outerbox 1

Dimensional drawing

BVP520 GRN 121K/757 IP66 A-WB T20

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