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Issued by Canon Europa N.V.

MODEL: NP4835/NP4335/NP4835i/NP6835 No.: 4835-061 Rev. 3

DATE: 26.06.98
Major quality issues Quality upgrade/production efficiency CANON SUBSIDIARIES ONLY!
Field quality problems Miscellaneous


We would like to inform you that it is absolutely necessary to conduct the measures described in this
Service Bulletin. Please inform your technicians that even greater damage might be caused if the
Service Bulletin is not heeded.

Liquid spill may occur from the electrolytic capacitor used on the Mitsubishi motor controller, likely
causing smoke and this is to inform you on the field measure. The Matsushita motor controller do not
require this preventive measure.
Smoke from the motor controller
The airtightness of the electrolytic capacitor (C38, C39) on the motor controller becomes less perfect over
time, eventually allowing electrolyte solution to leak. Leaked electrolyte solution corrodes the pattern on the
board, causes a short circuit between the patterns this condition results in smoke.
Measures for servicing
During servicing, use the following method to check whether the motor controller is one of those that
requires the preventive measure before attaching the countermeasure part (FY3-0275) or replacing the part
with the Matsushita motor controller. (The method of attachment is shown on the next page.)
1) Checking the part
1. All machines need to be checked for the countermeasure part. The last serial numbers for the
manufactured machines are as follows:

NP4835 NP4335 NP4835i NP4835 NP4335 NP4835i NP6835

220V DPH00766 KTH03551 DVE01097 GSN 1C102443 1C205545 8C102245 QMF00663
GPH01300 KVE01853 1D103545 1D205615 8D103180 SMF00169
HPH00750 TMF00108
KPH02760 UMF00541

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4835-061 Rev. 3
2. Check the manufacturer of the motor controller
Controllers with "DZ629CA" printed in white in the lower left corner of the board are manufactured by
Matsushita; those parts without the white letters are manufactured by Mitsubishi and as such require
implementation of the countermeasure. (See Fig. 1.)
All Mitsubishi motor controllers require implementation of the countermeasure.

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4835-061 Rev. 3


Matsushita-manufactured model
(the Mitsubishi controller does not
have this marking)
Fig. 1 Matsushita motor controller
2) Attaching the countermeasure part for the field
1. Remove the motor controller from the copier main unit. (See Fig. 2 for the position.)
2. Remove electrolytic capacitor C38 and C39 from the motor controller. (See Fig. 3 for the position.)
3. Clean the area from where the electrolytic capacitor has been removed with alcohol (to remove
electrolytic residues).
4. Connect the countermeasure part (FY3-0275) between J801 of the motor controller and the connector of
the power supply input cable attached to J801. (See Fig. 4.)
5. Use the cable band to bundle the power supply input cable at the cord clamp location, exercising caution
to avoid the countermeasure cable from contacting the motor controller. (See Fig. 5.)

Motor controller Electrolytic capacitor C38

Electrolytic capacitor C39

Fig. 2 Position of motor controller Fig. 3 Mitsubishi motor controller

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4835-061 Rev. 3
Power supply input cable connector (connector removed from J801)


Motor controller

Countermeasure part (FY3-0275)

Fig. 4 Attaching the countermeasure part

Power supply input cable

Countermeasure part

Cord clamp

Cable band

Fig. 5 Neat routing of the cable

Affected machines
There are no affected machines because production has been terminated.

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