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We can claim the tax back from your donation if it's given in the

Gift Aid envelope. Please complete with your address, date and THE CHURCHES OF
box ticked. Help us to receive this vital extra income. HEALEY, MASHAM, NORTH STAINLEY, WELL WITH SNAPE
Thank you. & WEST TANFIELD

LOOP SYSTEMS have been installed at Masham, Healey, North Stainley, Pentecost 8.00 a.m. Masham Holy Communion
Well and West Tanfield for the benefit of those who are hard of hearing. 4th June 9.15 a.m. Healey Holy Communion
Please switch the button on your hearing aid to the 'T' position. 10.45 a.m. Masham Family Service
10.45 a.m. North Stainley Holy Communion
WELCOME if you are a newcomer to this church or parish. If you would like more 10.45 a.m. Well Holy Communion
information about the life of the church please complete this slip and give it to one of the 10.45 a.m. West Tanfield Holy Communion
sidesmen as you leave.
Monday 5th 10.00 a.m. Prayer Group at Stanhope, Market Place, Masham
NAME 12.30 p.m. Masham Pie and Pint at the Bay Horse

ADDRESS Tuesday 6th 11.00 a.m. Masham Pop in Coffee at 10 Millgate

TEL. NO. . Wednesday 7th 10.00 a.m. Masham Holy Communion

I would like a visit from someone connected with the church [ ] Trinity 8.00 a.m. Masham Holy Communion
Sunday 9.30 a.m. West Tanfield Family Service
I would like more information about: 11th June 10.45 a.m. Masham Holy Communion
Confirmation groups [ ] 10.45 a.m. Snape Holy Communion
Bible study/prayer groups [ ] 4.00 p.m. North Stainley Revive
Choir [ ] 6.30 p.m. Healey Evensong
Music group [ ]
Bell ringing [ ] First Sunday 9.15 a.m. Healey Holy Communion
Junior Church/young peoples groups [ ] after Trinity 10.45 a.m. Masham Holy Communion and Baptism
Singing for Fun [ ] 18th June 10.45 a.m. North Stainley Service of the Word
Pop-in Coffee [ ] 10.45 a.m. Well Holy Communion
The Planned Giving Scheme [ ] 6.30 p.m. West Tanfield Evensong
I would like to join the church electoral roll [ ]
THE ALTAR FLOWERS at Masham have been given in memory of the Hartley family
SISTER RITA a new musical play by Jim Hunter, based on the life of Sister Rita, a no-
nonsense nun who runs a drop-in centre in one of the poorest parts of Manchester, will be YEARS MIND We remember the anniversary of the death of Mac Blades and Alan Smith
performed in Masham in the last week of October. The production will bring together
young people and adults. If you would like to take part in any capacity as an actor, a REFLECTION Pentecost is about the Spirit dwelling everywhere, not just in one place or
musician, a technician, stage hand, front of house or marketing, come along on Saturday 1 st one city. It represents the birth of the Church. From it spans out and moves forward the
July, at 3.30 p.m. to St. Marys Church, Masham, or contact Jim Hunter on 01765 movement that St. Paul eventually embraced, and which we know as Christianity. It is and
689828. remains the single greatest force for good in history, and the most significant religion the
planet has seen. And to some extent it all began in that secluded upper room in the heart of

THE REV. FRANK LINDARS former Vicar of Masham and Healey, died recently.
Franks funeral will be at St. Andrews, Grinton at 12 noon on Wednesday 7th June.
June 11th & 25th and July 9th in St Mary's Church, North Stainley. All welcome.
WEBSITE The Masham Group of Parishes now has a website - CHORAL EVENSONG
go to to have a look. This is currently St. Pauls Church, Healey
a work in progress - to help us make it better please email Sunday June 25th at 4.00 p.m.
suggestions or photographs of church events to Nick Morgan at with the Roseberry Church Music Singers or telephone 01765 635039.
ACTS 2: 1-21
CLEANING PARTY ST. MICHAELS WELL When the day of Pentecost had come, they were all together in one place. And suddenly
Saturday 24th June 10.00 a.m. from heaven there came a sound like the rush of a violent wind, and it filled the entire
Help would be much appreciated to clean St. Michaels after the recent building work. house where they were sitting. Divided tongues, as of fire, appeared among them, and a
Even if you can only manage half an hour do come and join us. tongue rested on each of them. All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to
Please bring cleaning materials coffee and biscuits provided. speak in other languages, as the Spirit gave them ability.
Now there were devout Jews from every nation under heaven living in Jerusalem. And at
EASY FUNDRAISING FOR ST MARYS CHURCH MASHAM this sound the crowd gathered and was bewildered, because each one heard them speaking
Did you know that whenever you buy anything on line from weekly shop to your annual in the native language of each. Amazed and astonished, they asked, Are not all these who
holiday you could be collecting free donations for St Marys Church Masham There are are speaking Galileans? And how is it that we hear, each of us, in our own native
over 3,000 shops and sites on board ready to make a donation, including Amazon, John language? Parthians, Medes, Elamites, and residents of Mesopotamia, Judea and Cappado-
Lewis, Aviva, the trainline and Sainsbury's. It doesn't cost you a penny extra. cia, Pontus and Asia, Phrygia and Pamphylia, Egypt and the parts of Libya belonging to
It's as easy as 1 2 3 Cyrene, and visitors from Rome, both Jews and proselytes, Cretans and Arabsin our own
1 Head to https// and join for languages we hear them speaking about Gods deeds of power. All were amazed and per-
free. plexed, saying to one another, What does this mean? But others sneered and said, They
2 Every time you shop on line go to easyfundraising first to find the site you want and start are filled with new wine.
shopping. But Peter, standing with the eleven, raised his voice and addressed them: Men of Judea
3 After you've checked out the retailer will make a donation to your good cause for no ex- and all who live in Jerusalem, let this be known to you, and listen to what I say. Indeed,
tra cost whatsoever. these are not drunk, as you suppose, for it is only nine oclock in the morning. No, this is
There are no catches or hidden charges and St Marys Church, Masham, will be really what was spoken through the prophet Joel: In the last days it will be, God declares, that I
grateful for your donations. will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh, and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy,
Thank you for your support. and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams. Even upon
my slaves, both men and women, in those days I will pour out my Spirit; and they shall
PIE AND PINT St Marys Church and The Bay Horse in Masham. Enjoy pie, peas, chips prophesy. And I will show portents in the heaven above and signs on the earth below,
or mash on Monday 5th June at 12 noon for 12.30 pm. Cost 7.50 payable at the bar. blood, and fire, and smoky mist. The sun shall be turned to darkness and the moon to
Other menu choices and drinks are available. Please let Jim Hunter know if you are blood, before the coming of the Lords great and glorious day. Then everyone who calls on
attending on 01765 689828 or the name of the Lord shall be saved.

POP-IN COFFEE Tuesday 6th June. 11.00 a.m. Nutwith House, Millgate, Masham. All JOHN 20: 19-23
welcome to come for coffee and cake. When it was evening on that day, the first day of the week, and the doors of the house
where the disciples had met were locked for fear of the Jews, Jesus came and stood among
REVIVE AT ST. MARYS, NORTH STAINLEY them and said, Peace be with you. After he said this, he showed them his hands and his
A new style of church service starts this month in North Stainley. 'Revive' runs on the 2nd side. Then the disciples rejoiced when they saw the Lord. Jesus said to them again, Peace
and 4th Sundays of the month at 4pm and will normally be led by the Reverend Nick be with you. As the Father has sent me, so I send you. When he had said this, he breathed
Morgan. The service will be more informal in style than our Sunday morning services on them and said to them, Receive the Holy Spirit. If you forgive the sins of any, they are
and... well, rather than us trying to describe it, why not come along and find out? The forgiven them; if you retain the sins of any, they are retained.
service is suitable for all ages (this does not mean it is only aimed at children, though, by
any means). This is in addition to North Stainley's regular Sunday morning services (1st
and 3rd Sundays of each month) which continue as before. The first services are at 4pm on