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During the June 4, 2015 meeting conducted at 1:00 oclock in the afternoon, BukSu
Auditorium, the attendees being the City Scholars of Malaybalay City, we have the honor to make
the following report:
That the attendees totaled to fifty-nine (59) composing of incoming second years, incoming
third years, incoming fourth years and the newly graduated scholars. Attached herewith are the
attendance sheets of the meeting.
That during the said meeting the group discussed the importance of the continuation of the
City Scholars Program. Several of the scholars voiced out how essential to their studies is the
Program and how it helped their families.
That the whole group was then divided into six (6) smaller groups and therein discussed
among themselves with a member of Xtus Society who are and were also scholars of the aforesaid
Florivic Macabugto, an incoming 4th year BEE student of BukSu wrote that had it not for
Program, her studies would almost be an impossibility for she had to be a working student and
would have to work for 4 years and finish studies for another 4. Dynalen T. Timogan of Linabo
says that she encourages her siblings to be at their best so that they could also avail the scholarship
in the future.
Karen Grace Damicog of Sumpong said that the Program is necessary because in their
family 2 of them are in college. If not for the scholarship, finishing college is almost nil. Deneza
M. Galvan also has the same sentiments and added that since her mother is a widow, without the
Program the future would not be as bright as it would be. Jude Erwin C. Umas-as, a BS-ET 2nd
year student repeated that schooling would not be a possibility if not for the scholarship. Percival
Y. Martinez, Jr. also has the same thoughts. Hazel Ann A. Tuba said it would be a great loss if the
program would not continue what it started.
Anonymous stated that the Program is a link between the youth and the City Government.
Another anonymous said that it boosts confidence and it is stress-free. Felbert Jan O. Ceballos
reinforced this declaration. Karl James. Gallogo said that the Program is a molder of leadership
skills, talents, etc. through the sessions conducted. He also reiterated what others said. Another
anonymous also said that the Program would encourage the scholars to help the community in the
future. This contention is supported by Yoniel Almerida.
Eduria L. Jonilo of Bangcud said that the Program is important especially that the only
income her family has is farming and the harvesting period is not almost always successful or the
time for which it occurs is not fixed. It is also a means of self-development aside from it being a
source of financial support. This is what Kristal Rulloda also made mention of these important
points. Another anonymous said that it was easier for him/her to find part-time work.
Jessa M. Ayuban mentioned about expenses outside school. Free tuition fees only cover
tuition fees and does not include those outside of such fees. Blezza Lhea G. Balane echoed Jessas
pronouncements. Supporting her statements are Cristine O. Ardiente, BEE student, Arben Clinton
B. Coseph, Christa Mae Ponce, Zweetzell S. Baslot, Princess Ann Yurong, Mihkael Eldrick B.
Adag, Lea Grace Piodos, Mariani B. Villacura, John Jenson P. Ayo-on, Marve Joy Garcia, Cathy
Angelete S. Fongtong, BSBA III, Jerald M. Ravidas, Lendon C. Daguyo, Harlene A. Saclote,
Janice D. Brigole, Real Jane Geolagon, Jocelyn L. Barace, Risty D. Despillo, Philipp Girado, and
Jhon Daniel Ramirez.
Lenelyn N. Maderse explained that it is a great to be called a City Scholar graduate. Alexa
Abarador said that her family already expected that the scholarship would sustain her entire 4 years
in college. Ellasiha G. Anselmo wrote that the Program is a mind-setter to also have best grades.
Eureka Amor B. Salvador said that meetings conducted for the city scholars are emotionally
uplifting. Another anonymous said that the scholarship is two-way, that is, aside from the funds
provided for, it makes the grantees learn something outside the halls of the classrooms.
Nianae Marie Buscato, 19 of Sinanglanan, discussed the relevance of the Program by
writing that it is a pride to pass the scholarship examination, a way to reach dreams and to
continually do their best in their studies. She made a specific appeal to the City Mayor to continue
helping them and be a bridge to success. Allen Dave S. Pahanguin substantially echoed this.
Ivan Kirk M. Datu is thinking positive that the Program would not be abolished. Girley M.
Ybaez made mention about leadership activities, social rights, confidence build up, fun, team
skills, encouragement of relatives to be scholars too, productivity, future applications for work and
Last but not the least, Luv T. Butil specified that being in the group is a path that develops
individuals holistically through the conduct of activities purposely made for the scholars. She also
made mention that discontinuance would pave the way to an increase of out-of-school youth.
IN VIEW OF THE FOREGOING, we strongly recommend the continuation of the