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Name: __________________________________________ Meeting Your Classmates

Find Somebody in this Class Who....

1. __________________________________ has brown eyes.

2. __________________________________ has a dog.

3. __________________________________ likes math.

4. __________________________________ wears glasses.

5. __________________________________ is left-handed.

6. __________________________________ made their own bed this morning.

7. __________________________________ was driven to school.

8. __________________________________ likes cheese pizza.

9. __________________________________ was born in January.

10. __________________________________ likes to read.

11. __________________________________ can count to ten in Spanish.

12. __________________________________ has been on an airplane before.

13. __________________________________ likes to sing.

14. __________________________________ is a good artist.

15. __________________________________ has been on a boat.

16. __________________________________ takes dance classes.

17. __________________________________ has a younger sister.

18. __________________________________ has an older brother.

19. __________________________________ has been camping.

20. __________________________________ has a cat.

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About the Classroom Friends Game

The Classroom Friends Game is a terrific activity for helping students become
comfortable with their new classmates. To play, students must find friends who meet
the given criteria and add their names to the list.

Students can list each classmate only once on the worksheet.

Encourage students to spell names correctly. When they find a friend to add to
their sheet, they should ask the friend how to spell their first name.

Encourage neatness. Insisting that students demonstrate their best handwriting

from the very beginning of the year sets a good precedent.

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