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Scholastic Success With Reading Comprehension • Grade 2

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Written by Robin Wolfe
Cover design by Ka-Yeon Kim-Li
Interior illustrations by Mark Mason
Interior design by Quack & Company

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Scholastic Success With Reading Comprehension • Grade 2

Parents and teachers alike will find Reading Comprehension to be a valuable learning tool. Children will
enjoy reading a wide variety of stories that are humorous or informative. The activities include puzzles,
brain teasers, and fun ways of finding answers and are tools for improving comprehension skills. Finding
the main idea, reading for details, drawing conclusions, and following directions are just some of the skills
included. Second graders are also challenged to develop vocabulary, identify cause and effect, and analyze
characters. They are encouraged to try different reading strategies that will help them become better
readers. Take a look at the Table of Contents. You will feel rewarded providing such a valuable resource
for your children.

Remember to praise children for their efforts and successes!

Table of Contents
Try This! (Using context clues).. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Summer Vacation (Sorting and classifying).. . . 27
Moon Walk (Finding the main idea) . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Which One Doesn’t Belong? (Sorting
ABC (Finding the main idea).. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 and classifying). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28
Call the Police! (Finding the main idea).. . . . . . . . 7 My Favorites (Sorting and classifying).. . . . . . . . 29
Rachel’s Recipe (Reading for details).. . . . . . . . . . 8 Will He Be All Right? (Making predictions). . . . 30
Rodeo Clowns (Reading for details).. . . . . . . . . . . 9 What Will Happen Next? (Making
Gorillas (Reading for details).. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 predictions).. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31
Fun at the Farm (Real or fantasy).. . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 Wishes Come True (Making predictions). . . . . . 32
Grandma Hugfuzzy (Real or fantasy).. . . . . . . . . 12 Zoo Reports (Comparing and contrasting).. . . . 33
The Change Game (Real or fantasy).. . . . . . . . . . 13 The Contest (Comparing and contrasting).. . . . 34
The Rescue (Sequencing). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 The Accident (Comparing and contrasting).. . . 35
New Kid in School (Sequencing). . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 What Is Cotton? (Developing vocabulary).. . . . 36
A Pencil Sandwich? (Sequencing). . . . . . . . . . . . . 16. Busy as a Bee (Developing vocabulary).. . . . . . . 37
Secret Message (Following directions).. . . . . . . . 17 Sioux Life (Developing vocabulary).. . . . . . . . . . . 38
Rainy Day Fun (Following directions).. . . . . . . . . 18 Chain Reaction (Identifying
Our Flag (Following directions).. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 cause and effect).. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39
After School at Jake’s House (Drawing An American Volcano (Identifying
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conclusions). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 cause and effect).. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40
?ti si tahW (Drawing conclusions).. . . . . . . . . . . . 21 My Favorite Dentist (Analyzing characters). . . 41
They Could Do Better (Drawing What a Kid! (Analyzing characters).. . . . . . . . . . . 42
conclusions). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 Lunch Lady (Analyzing characters).. . . . . . . . . . . 43
Miss Maple (Visualizing).. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 Limericks (Appreciating literature).. . . . . . . . . . . 44
Sentence Shapes (Visualizing).. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 A Tall Tale (Appreciating literature).. . . . . . . . . . 45
Curious Creature (Making inferences).. . . . . . . . 25 A Play (Appreciating literature).. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46
Figure It Out (Making inferences).. . . . . . . . . . . . 26 Answer Key.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 47–48

Scholastic Success With Reading Comprehension • Grade 2 3

1. A gray fulmar flew by the cruise ship. waitress runner flute player _____________________________________________________________________ Write a meaning for this nonsense word: zeebit. See if a friend can guess the meaning of your word by looking at the clues in the sentence. a green stone yellow pudding wet snow _____________________________________________________________________ 4. My sister is the best flutist in the high school band. Use it in a sentence on another sheet of paper. The queen had a beautiful necklace made of jasper. My domino has two white pips. What do you think the underlined word means in each sentence below? Circle the meaning that makes sense. What clues do they give? Then ask yourself what other word would make sense there. baby dogs spots long metal tubes _____________________________________________________________________ 2. Copyright © Scholastic Inc. That means think about the other words in the sentence. do you get stuck on words that you don’t know? Does not knowing a word make it hard to understand what you are reading? This idea can help you. Use context clues to figure out what the word is. 4 Scholastic Success With Reading Comprehension • Grade 2 . lizard swordfish seabird _____________________________________________________________________ 3. and yours has five. Then rewrite each sentence using the meaning instead of the underlined word.Name Using context clues Try This! When you are reading.

1969. Scholastic Success With Reading Comprehension • Grade 2 5 . one giant leap for mankind. “That’s one small step for [a] man. people had wondered if there would be moon creatures living there. Some star words will not be used. Name Finding the main idea Moon Walk The main idea tells what the whole story is about. But the only things Armstrong found were moon rocks and moon dust. Begin at Earth.” Underline the main idea of the story. he said. It was an awesome thing to look up at the moon that night and know that a man was walking around on it! For years. Draw a line connecting the correct star words that tell the main idea of the story. uncle dance walk moon to river on uncle cold the Armstrong man was frog hat Neil the Copyright © Scholastic Inc. candy plate first Write a short story with this title: “My Trip to the Moon. He was the first man to walk on the moon! When he stepped on the moon.” Millions of people were watching this amazing event on TV. Neil Armstrong was an astronaut. He made history on July 20.

ICU 2. Some letters have more than one sound. Now my glass is __________. MT 3. What kind of plant is that? __________ 6 Scholastic Success With Reading Comprehension • Grade 2 . It’s __________. __________ fifty cents. When you were in kindergarten. or maybe before that. alpha and beta. Many of our letters came from alphabets made many years ago in foreign countries. Playing With Blocks All About Our Alphabet The Greek Language Now let’s play a game using the alphabet. Words are the building blocks for sentences. In fact. There are 26 letters in our alphabet. I borrowed some money from your piggy bank. I drank all my milk.Name Finding the main idea ABC The main idea of a story tells what the whole story is about. 1. Letters are the building blocks for words. Draw a line to the letters that sound like the correct answer. which are the first two letters in the Greek alphabet! Underline the title that describes the main idea of this story. What did the blind man say to the doctor EZ who made him see again? __________ 4. What insect makes honey? __________ AB TP Copyright © Scholastic Inc. the word alphabet comes from two words. This math is not hard. 5. Read each clue below. Each letter of the alphabet has at least one sound. you learned your ABCs. We use sentences to communicate our thoughts and feelings. What a Plains Indian used to sleep in? __________ IOU IV 6. 7.

During floods. Sometimes they rescue people who are in danger. Police officers have saved many lives. police officers come quickly to help them. and tornadoes. read the letters that are connected in the puzzle. fires. they take people to safe places. Scholastic Success With Reading Comprehension • Grade 2 7 . Their job is to help people. They direct traffic when there is a problem on the roads. Ask an adult to mail it for you. When people have been in car accidents. Think of a police officer as your best friend! What do you think the main idea of this story is? To find out. R I P O E L L F E S E P O C C P F H I E P E _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ O Copyright © Scholastic Inc. Write the letters in order beside the matching shapes. _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ L _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ Write a letter to your town’s police officers. Name Finding the main idea Call the Police! It is good to know that you can call a police officer when you need help. You should not be afraid of the police. They arrest criminals so that our towns are safe. Make sure the letter’s main idea is to thank them for keeping your town safe. Police officers help find lost children.

bran flakes. Then write the steps to prepare it. and raisins. • Put a dotted line under the word that describes how it tasted. On Saturday. • Underline the word that tells what day Rachel made breakfast. The words go across and down. Then she stirred in some oatmeal. 8 Scholastic Success With Reading Comprehension • Grade 2 . O A T M E A L B K E Q O J W I W R A I S I N S G R A N O L A L G S A T U R D A Y P E R D R G R A C H E L Y U M M Y F A H On another sheet of paper. • Put a box around the word that tells what dish Rachel put the peanut butter in. draw your favorite breakfast.Name Reading for details Rachel’s Recipe Details are parts of a story. • Put a star by each of the four words that tell what she mixed with the peanut butter. B R A N F L A K E S M H N C L Copyright © Scholastic Inc. She mixed it with a little honey. Her mom was still asleep. Rachel got up early. It tasted yummy! When Mom got up. “Oh! You made granola!” Follow the directions below. Details help you understand what the story is about. Now find each of the nine words in the puzzle below and circle it. she said. so Rachel made her own breakfast. • Circle the word that tells who the main character is. • Put two lines under the word that tells what Mom called the food. She put some peanut butter in a bowl.

Bulls are quite fast. and they make sudden moves. P E 8. Rodeo clowns distract the goats while A L the cowboy gets away. ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ _____ ____ Scholastic Success With Reading Comprehension • Grade 2 9 . Rodeo clowns work at the circus. Rodeo clowns are brave. Rodeo clowns help protect the cowboys. Circle the letter under true or false to show your answer. Rodeo clowns sometimes jump in a barrel while the bull pushes it around. Copyright © Scholastic Inc. Bulls can make sudden moves. so it is hard to get away from them. Have you ever been to a rodeo or seen one on TV? If so. To find out who likes rodeo clowns. Rodeo clowns do funny tricks. write the letters you circled in order. F D 7. But the main job of rodeo clowns is to protect the cowboys from the bulls. R U 2. you probably saw some rodeo clowns. Name Reading for details Rodeo Clowns Details are parts of a story. Sometimes rodeo clowns yell and wave their arms to distract the bulls. They try to catch the bull’s attention long enough to allow the cowboy to escape from the arena without getting hurt. Like clowns at a circus. Bulls use their tails as weapons. Other times they wave their arms or yell to keep the bull away from the cowboy. I V 6. L M 3. but it is really a very dangerous job. 4. they entertain the audience by doing funny tricks to make people laugh. Details help you understand what the story is about. R X 5. Rodeo clowns have a very dangerous job. R W 9. They make it look like a funny game. Sometimes rodeo clowns jump in a cardboard box while the bull pushes it around. S C 10. Angry bulls use their horns as weapons. True False B Z 1.

fruit. chase each other. Find the answers to the puzzle in the story. Gorillas eat leaves. adult gorillas ______. either on the ground or in the trees. 10 Scholastic Success With Reading Comprehension • Grade 2 . play. write two things gorillas do that people also do. scream. The largest apes are ______. Across 1. 3. 5. the gorillas build a new nest to sleep in. 4. and beat their chests. In danger. When young gorillas 7. 8. Write the answers in the squares with the matching numbers. Young gorillas swing on ______. young gorillas play. Gorillas are the largest apes. everyone eats again. 1. They break off leafy branches to make their beds. During the day. 6. Every morning. and bark. 6. 2. Meanwhile. 8. When there is danger. gorillas beat their _______. gorillas stand up on their hind legs. 2. Down 5.Name Reading for details Gorillas Details are parts of a story. On another sheet of paper. they _______ and Copyright © Scholastic Inc. They wrestle and chase each other. Baby gorillas snuggle up to their mothers to ______. 7. Every night before it gets dark. bark. They swing on vines. the adult gorillas take naps. During most of the day. Details help you understand what the story is about. 4. 3. When the adults wake up. They live in the rain forests of Africa. Baby gorillas snuggle up to their mothers to sleep. The continent where gorillas live is ______. they wake up and eat a breakfast of leaves. and ______.

a pumpkin pie. golden eggs.” by the big tree. Story events that are make-believe are fantasy. The green tractor The newborn calf walked ran out of gas. The hay was stacked The chickens laid in the barn. The farmer planted pizza and hamburgers. write one make-believe sentence about the farmer’s house and one real sentence about it. If it could be real. On another sheet of paper. Four little ducks swam The farmer’s wife baked in the pond. color the picture. Horses sat on the couch Rain made the and watched TV. Name Real or fantasy Fun at the Farm Story events that can really happen are real. Dairy cows give milk. Read each sentence below. “Let’s go The mouse ate the to the dance tonight!” dinner table. The goat and the Two crickets sang “Mary sheep got married Had a Little Lamb. The pig said. Copyright © Scholastic Inc. If it is make-believe. roads muddy. put an X on the picture. with wobbly legs. Scholastic Success With Reading Comprehension • Grade 2 11 .

A herd of deer carried the wood on their antlers. When morning came. Dozens of raccoons and squirrels worked all night building a log cabin for Grandma. Every day. Poor Grandma! She had nowhere to go and no one to help her. Write a purple F on things that are fantasy. She fed the birds with scraps of bread. She loved to sit on the porch and watch the animals. One terrible. crying herself to sleep. Grandma Hugfuzzy’s house burned down. she put food out for the rabbits and raccoons. Grandma Hugfuzzy was amazed to see what her animal friends had done! She threw a big party for them that lasted ten years! Write a red R on things that are real. Nine black bears chopped down some trees. a woman feeding a house burning animals down deer that carry bears chopping lumber down trees a grandmother birds that can living alone nail on a roof Copyright © Scholastic Inc. the animals came to her rescue. Draw a big orange star at the place where the story changes to fantasy. sleeping on crying that her hay in a barn house burned animals building a party that lasted a log cabin ten years The first part of this story could be real. Birds flew above the house nailing on the roof. She put corn out for the deer. During the night. dreadful day. 12 Scholastic Success With Reading Comprehension • Grade 2 . awful. She spent the night in an old barn on a bed of hay.Name Real or fantasy Grandma Hugfuzzy Grandma Hugfuzzy lived all alone in the country.

_____________________________________________________________________ 3. _____________________________________________________________________ 6. The black spider crawled across the floor. Change it! Rewrite the sentence so that it is real. The broom carried the dog to the moon. draw a picture about one of your fantasy sentences. My pizza has pepperoni and olives on it. The newborn baby was bigger than a house. The moon is made of green cheese. Scholastic Success With Reading Comprehension • Grade 2 13 . _____________________________________________________________________ Copyright © Scholastic Inc. Name Real or fantasy The Change Game Each sentence below is make-believe. 5. The deep-sea diver saw a whale and five dolphins. 1. _____________________________________________________________________ On another sheet of paper. 4. The broom was kept in the closet. ____________________________________________________________________ Now change and do it the other way! Each sentence below is real. The walls were painted with gooey green slime. The moon is made of rocks and ice. The Queen of England turned into a frog. Study the example. Study the example. _____________________________________________________________________ 2. Change it so that it is fantasy.

The firefighters laughed. Spooky jumped to a nearby tree limb. A firefighter climbed the ladder and reached out for Spooky. Carson hugged Mia and said. Carson Mia asked Mr. Mia scolded Spooky. Carson for help. Mia said. Just then. A firefighter climbed the ladder. Carson when he saw Mia’s tears. “I’ll call my buddies at the fire station. They will come and help. “Come down. Spooky!” cried Mia. He was a firefighter before he retired. “What’s the matter. Mia thought hard. The fire truck came.Name Sequencing The Rescue Sequencing means putting the events in a story in the order that they happened. Mia saw the fire truck coming. climbed down the tree. for help. Spooky jumped to a tree and climbed down. Mia?” asked Mr. that they happen in the story. Carson called his ladder. Carson and the firefighters laughed and laughed. Read the sentences on the Mr. and ran into the backyard. “My cat is up on that pole. Copyright © Scholastic Inc. and I can’t get her down!” Mr. “Spooky! You naughty cat!” Mr. Mia’s black cat climbed to the top of a telephone pole and couldn’t get down. 14 Scholastic Success With Reading Comprehension • Grade 2 . The firefighters parked near the pole and raised a long ladder to the top. Number them in the order firefighter friends. Mia begged Spooky to come down. What could she do? She went across the street to ask Mr.” A few minutes later.

Then we go out to recess. Mom took Shelby to meet her new teacher. After that. Then comes learning centers. We start the day with reading and writing. where you can work on the computer. Second-Grade Class Schedule 8:00 Reading and _________________ 9:00 ______________________________ 10:00 ______________________________ 10:30 ______________________________ ___:___ Lunch 11:30 ______________________________ 12:00 ______________________________ Copyright © Scholastic Inc. we have spelling. Next. After story time. we go to music and art classes for the last hour of the day. Here is a schedule for you to take home. The teacher said. We eat lunch at 11:00. Shelby. Just before lunch. Shelby!” Fill in the blanks with the missing words or time. play a game. “Welcome to our school. we do math. I’ll see you tomorrow. 1:00 Learning Centers 1:30 ______________________________ 2:00 ______________________ and Art 3:00 Go home. Let me tell you what we do in our second-grade class. Scholastic Success With Reading Comprehension • Grade 2 15 . Finally. Then we have story time. we have science. Name Sequencing New Kid in School When they finished moving. or read a book. we have social studies.

Then the pencils are cut apart and painted. Graphite strips of wood is laid into the grooves. you sharpen it. An eraser is added on the end and held in place by a metal cut apart and ring.) Then pencil another strip of wood is sandwich glued on top of the first one. Look at the pictures. (We call it lead. and then you are ready eraser to write. uppercase and lowercase. Then grooves are cut in the strips. sharpen Use a pencil to practice writing the alphabet. When you buy a painted pencil. 16 Scholastic Success With Reading Comprehension • Grade 2 . making a pencil sandwich! The wood is rounded in rows on the grooves top strip of wood and the bottom strip.Name Sequencing A Pencil Sandwich? How does the lead get inside a wooden graphite pencil? Pencils are made added out of strips of wood cut from cedar trees. added rounded Copyright © Scholastic Inc. Number them in the order on top and that they happen in the bottom story. but it is really graphite.

” initials are J. 9 – 7 Write your first name. Write the Write the opposite beginning of yes. Work the problem. (Hint: The egg. letter of .” What are Will Smith’s initials? Write the 6th letter of the alphabet. east. word can be found on this page.B. Scholastic Success With Reading Comprehension • Grade 2 17 . you will discover a secret message! Write a word that rhymes Write the Write the with cow and opposite John Brown’s silent letter starts with h. What’s the missing word? North. Name Following directions Secret Message Follow the directions in each shape. Write the answer in the shape that matches it. of “high. in “knot.) Copyright © Scholastic Inc. If you follow directions carefully. south. Draw and west are ______ an on a map. ! Write step-by-step directions that tell how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

so we took some to sack the groceries. 5. Write the directions from your house to a another place in your neighborhood. Then we traded places. Draw some play money in Sharon’s Copyright © Scholastic Inc. Sharon and I decided to play grocery store. When our cousins came over. There were lots of brown paper bags in the kitchen. we gave them some play money and let them be the customers. 1.00” and things like that. Draw two paper sacks under the table. We set our cash register on the old table in the garage. Draw Sharon by the table. Draw three signs on the wall telling what is being sold.Name Following directions Rainy Day Fun One rainy afternoon. 3. hand. We wrote prices on little strips of paper and taped them to the cans. Sharon made signs that said. Who cares if it rains when you are having so much fun? Follow the directions to illustrate the story. Follow the directions to see if they are correct. 2. Then we got some play money out of a game in my closet. Draw cans in all the empty boxes. 6. 18 Scholastic Success With Reading Comprehension • Grade 2 . “Green Beans: 3 cans for $1. We used Dad’s calculator for our cash register. 4. Mom let us have all the canned food from the pantry to play with. We went to the garage and set up four empty boxes for our shelves. Draw a table and four empty boxes.

Seven stripes are red. color it and every other stripe red. The six stripes in between should be white. _____________________ 5. The stars should be white. one nation under God. Write the number in the star. Color the area around the stars blue. so do not color them. Name Following directions Our Flag I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands. Write these letters in reverse to make two words that tell another name for the flag. Follow the directions given in each of the following sentences. 1. Draw and color it. ________________________ 3. Write the total number of stripes. Draw a box around every word in the Pledge of Allegiance that has more than six letters. indivisible. Scholastic Success With Reading Comprehension • Grade 2 19 . 4. 2. Beginning with the top stripe. so do not color them. with liberty and justice for all. Count the stars. Design a flag with four stars and three stripes for a make-believe country. D L O Y R O L G __________________ __________________ 7. There is one star for every state in the nation. Write the name of your state. Copyright © Scholastic Inc. 6.

Copyright © Scholastic Inc. 2 . What kind of homework did Jake have? spelling math reading What clues told you the answer? Underline them in the story. Now Jake could have some free time. brushed his teeth. Jake went from room to room unloading baskets and cans into a large plastic bag. Jake’s dad reminded Jake to do his job. What was Jake doing? playing a video game watching the news playing with toys What clues told you the answer? Underline them in the story. After supper. What was Jake’s job? washing dishes making the bed taking out the trash What clues told you the answer? Underline them in the story. and crawled under the covers. He watched the monsters fighting on the TV screen while his fingers pushed buttons to make them move. “How could that have happened?” Jake had a lot of homework to do. What was Jake doing? waking up getting ready for school going to bed What clues told you the answer? Underline them in the story. 3. He put on his pajamas. He decided to play “Star Monsters. 20 Scholastic Success With Reading Comprehension • Grade 2 . He added and subtracted until his hand got tired of writing. 1. Then he took the bag out to the dumpster. 4. It was three pages long. Jake was tired.” He turned on the TV and put a cartridge in the player.Name Drawing conclusions After School at Jake’s House You are drawing conclusions when you use your own thoughts to answer the question.

Some people fell down. What special day was it? Circle one. The teacher began the day with the subject we usually did last. we had to walk backward all the way to the playground. the children have written it that day? Write the numbers. Connect the dots in backward 3. how would principal looked that day. p q a b o n m c d Copyright © Scholastic Inc. First of all. then our meals! When we went out to recess. If the math assignment was to ABC order to find out how the count by 5’s to 50. All day. The back pockets of my jeans were in the front. our schedule was opposite of what it usually was. and my shirt was buttoned up in the back. Scholastic Success With Reading Comprehension • Grade 2 21 . Everyone was giggling! When it was time to go home.” 1. Then write them the way the children would have written them on this special day. Valentine’s Day Grandparent’s Day Backward Day 2. At lunch time. we wore our clothes differently. we sang “Good Morning to You. we ate dessert first. We had to write our name backwards on our papers. Name Drawing conclusions ?ti si tahW Friday was a special day at my school. e l f k g i j h Make up a spelling word list with ten words. Then we had backward relay races.

Then they laughed.Name Drawing conclusions They Could Do Better told Read each story below. “Ashley. I didn’t. him and told Cindy to look. What did Becky and Cindy do?_ _____________________________________ What should they have done?________________________________________ On a sheet of paper. Mom. truth Write them on the lines. He laughed. Zach burped during the meal. Hill. Dad’s boss. The boy looked away sadly. Explain why you came to that conclusion. Mr. said hurt his “Excuse paid 1. James feelings me” for took a piece of bubble gum from it the candy counter and chewed it. came for dinner. When Mom came home. Ashley played with matches. Choose your lying the answers from the bubble-gum machine. helped stealing showed him bad What was James doing? ________________ manners What should he have done? ______________________________ 2. Becky and Cindy saw a boy trip and fall down. When no one was looking. did you light some matches?” Ashley said. Then he left the store. Becky pointed at Copyright © Scholastic Inc. write the name of a person in your class who has good manners. 22 Scholastic Success With Reading Comprehension • Grade 2 .” What was Ashley doing?_____________________________________________ What should she have done?_________________________________________ 4. “No. His dad looked angry. While Mom was gone. What did Zach do wrong?____________________________________________ What should he have done?___________________________________________ 3. she sniffed the air and said.

little flowers appear along with my new leaves. I stretch my empty arms out to the falling snow. Then they boil the sap and make maple syrup! Add to and color each picture the way it is described in the story. People drill holes in my trunk and put a spout in me to drain the sap. Summer Fall Winter Spring Copyright © Scholastic Inc. red. and orange. my green leaves make a cool. Name Visualizing Miss Maple I am a sugar tree. That’s when the sweet sap inside me begins to rise. Every fall. Some people think it looks like my leaves are on fire! In the winter. my leaves turn brilliant colors of yellow. Scholastic Success With Reading Comprehension • Grade 2 23 . In the spring. shady place for people to rest. Do you like maple syrup? Draw a picture of the kind of food that you would put maple syrup on. my leaves are all gone. In the summer. I live in Vermont.

then fly into the air. If you see someone without a smile. 1. Columbus believed that Earth was round. Copyright © Scholastic Inc. 2. Now write a shape sentence of your own.T ch le ey m o! are so m u h Ya h o y tu m m y ! Now it is your turn! Read each sentence below. 5. give them one of yours. 3. I wonder if this box has my birthday gift in it.Name Visualizing Sentence Shapes Let’s have some fun reading and writing sentences! Look at the sentence below. The shapes at the bottom of the page may help you. 4. On another sheet of paper. 24 Scholastic Success With Reading Comprehension • Grade 2 . erc roll oaste e They ti n! v rs I lo fu ck . I will send a valentine to someone that I love. Think about what it means. It is shaped like what it is telling about. rewrite each sentence in the shape that shows what it is telling about. Jets taxi down the runway.

the dark creature grew longer and longer! Then the strangest thing happened. write the story you think will appear in Vartog newspapers under the headline “Zolak Discovers a Curious Creature on Earth?” Scholastic Success With Reading Comprehension • Grade 2 25 . but everywhere he went. Name Making inferences Curious Creature Use story details to help you make decisions about what has happened in the story. Copyright © Scholastic Inc. during the afternoon. Zolak boarded his spaceship and blasted off from the planet Vartog. Who do you think the dark creature was? ____________________________ 2. but all he could see were rocks and sand. Was the dark creature an earthling? yes no 3. the creature followed him. Do you think Zolak will give a true report about the earthlings when he returns to Vartog? yes no Why or why not? ___________________________________________________________________ 4. Then he looked down and saw a dark creature lying down right next to him. However. Draw a line to match the object to its correct shadow. His spaceship landed gently in a desert. the creature’s feet were touching Zolak’s feet. Zolak was scared and tried to run away. Zolak walked around looking for earthlings. On a sheet of paper. Zolak realized that the creature had shrunk to a very small size but was still right next to his feet. He was on a special mission to learn about earthlings. In fact. At noon. Night came and the dark creature completely disappeared! 1.

Name Making inferences  Figure It Out Read each sentence. Who wore it? 21 23. fishing 9. an adult 17. a stuffed animal 15. 12 Who is its mother? 25 4 21. 3 What time is it? 23 25. eat something Sorry! I broke it. Let’s throw snowballs! Run. night 11. a boy 3. down 8 7 20. Then color the numbered space in the picture that matches the number of the correct answer. a crystal vase 16. playing baseball 10. ends with T. What am I doing? What time is it? What will I do? 7. up 15 10 The lamb lost its mother. swimming 2. noon Riddle: What begins with T. winter 6. He rode his bike. summer 5. Breakfast is ready! I’m so thirsty. He’s a professor. What could it be? What is he? What is it? 13. a sheep 1 24 22. a swing set Look at the dark cloud. a girl 4. a woman 17 6 9 I see a thousand stars. track Please bait my hook. and has “T” in it? Find it in 26. night the puzzle. 26 Scholastic Success With Reading Comprehension • Grade 2 . Where should you look? 2 22 13 19 5 19. drink something 8. 18 16 Copyright © Scholastic Inc. a man 11 24. a baby 18. a horse 14 20 26 She wore a red hat. John. a football 14. morning 12. It won’t fit in the car. run! Who rode it? What time of year is it? What sport is John in? 1.

Mom. She spread a blanket on the sand and set out ham sandwiches. and cookies. Tim. Name Sorting and classifying Summer Vacation Grouping like things together helps you see how parts of a story are connected and makes the story easier to understand. and went sailing. She brought lemonade in the cooler. fished. make one __________________ list of things you __________________ would take for a day at the beach __________________ and another list of __________________ what you would take for a day in the mountains. too. Scholastic Success With Reading Comprehension • Grade 2 27 . Fill in the blanks. built sandcastles. Dad. Saw on the Beach __________________ On a sheet of __________________ paper. Tim threw bread crumbs up in the air to feed a flock of seagulls. Tim and Tara walked along the beach and saw a crab walking sideways. Mom brought a picnic lunch. __________________ __________________ People Who Went to the Beach __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ What They Did __________________ __________________ __________________ Living Things They Copyright © Scholastic Inc. potato chips. Later. A stray dog was barking at it. Use the story to find the Picnic Items answers. and Tara went to the beach in Florida. They swam. and Tim and Tara played video games until bedtime. Then the family went back to the hotel. Last summer. apples. A starfish had washed up on the beach.

Read each list. north away east south _____________ arm dime 3. goat blue jay robin eagle _____________ George pudding 4.Name Sorting and classifying Which One Doesn’t Belong? Look for similarities when grouping items. Birds Desserts Bad Feelings Copyright © Scholastic Inc. grouchy mad cheerful fussy _____________ 2. Boys’ Names Money School Supplies Directions Body Parts Drinks Write a list of five things that go with this category: Things That Are Hot. Cross out the word that doesn’t belong. David Bob Ronald Sarah _____________ west 7. penny nickel quarter marble _____________ Now read these categories. juice milk tea mud _____________ lemonade parakeet 5. 28 Scholastic Success With Reading Comprehension • Grade 2 . spinach cake cookies pie _____________ 8. hand toy foot head _____________ crayons angry 6. In each box. write the number from the above list that matches the category. Then choose a word from the kite that belongs with each list and write it in the blank. glue bicycle pencils scissors _____________ 9. 1.

You might get to know them a little better! Scholastic Success With Reading Comprehension • Grade 2 29 . Name Sorting and classifying My Favorites This page is all about you! Read the categories and write your own answers. Favorite Thing to Do With My Family Favorite School Subject ___________________________________ ______________________ Trade pages with friends and read what they wrote. ______________________ Favorite Holiday ______________________ Favorite Song Favorite Thing to Do After School ______________________ Favorite Movie ___________________________________ ______________________ Copyright © Scholastic Inc. My Favorite TV Shows My Favorite Foods My Favorite Sports ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ Draw two of your favorite people Favorite Color here and write their names.

_____________________________________________________________________ Unscramble the words and write the answer: ODPRU AARDFI 3. “Today is a very special day. my son!” said Father Eagle. 2. “But Father. a tree limb. All of a sudden He got something wonderful happened! He fell on hurt. He said.” Baby Eagle was afraid. Why did you choose that answer? Find the sentence in the story that gives you a hint that the story has a happy ending. How do you think Baby Eagle felt at first when he was pushed off the cliff? _____________________ 4. _____________________________________________________________________ Copyright © Scholastic Inc. Father Eagle said to his young son. “Help! Help!” and wildly flapped his wings. How do you think Father Eagle felt at the end of the story? ____________ 30 Scholastic Success With Reading Comprehension • Grade 2 . What should I do?” His father laid a strong wing on his little shoulder and said. Far below were huge rocks and a canyon. You will fly for the first time. his wing on to fly. Write it here. the rocks.Name Making predictions Will He Be All Right? Use story details to guess what will happen next. 1.” They stood at the edge of a very high cliff. What do you think happened next? Color the rock that tells He broke He learned the most likely answer. I don’t know how. Baby Eagle yelled. “You will know. “Ride the wind. and he gently pushed his son off the cliff.

4. 1. Lightning to seep out. What will happen next? happen next? ______________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ ­­­­______________________________ ­­­­______________________________ 3. Lopez ran over a big nail. towels. The baseball game was tied 2. She swam fly ball deep into right field. Scholastic Success With Reading Comprehension • Grade 2 31 . Dad and Sam went fishing. What will happen cracked. Air began clouds drifted in. piled high with dirty that made a hole in the boat. Latoya decided to bake some 6-6 at the bottom of the ninth brownies. Dark It stuck in the tire. and thunder roared. She forgot all The outfielder caught the ball about the brownies. Write your answer on the blanks. Then they hit a rock basket. The oven and went outside and home team batter hit a high jumped in the pool. Copyright © Scholastic Inc. One day Greg left his toy truck 6. Mrs. for a long time. What will happen next? will happen next? ______________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ ­­­­______________________________ ______________________________ Choose one of the stories above and draw a picture of what happens next. Mom came down rowed the boat to the middle the stairs carrying a laundry of the lake. Name Making predictions What Will Happen Next? Read each story. She put them in the inning with bases loaded. What will but then dropped it. They on the stairs. She stepped on Greg’s Water started rushing in it. next? What will happen next? ______________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ ­­­­______________________________ ­­­­______________________________ 5. What truck. The wind began to blow.

I wish I was a duck. At the end of the day. If you had a wish. “Oh. too.Name Making predictions Wishes Come True Once upon a time Rita Rabbit was complaining to Diana Duck. Rita was wet and cold. She began to cry. Draw what you think happened Draw what you think happened when Rita got her second wish. but it was too far. You’re lucky. “You always have fun. what would it be? On a sheet of paper. She granted Rita and Diana one more wish.” All of a sudden Rita Rabbit became a duck! She waddled to the lake and went for a swim. Just then . . I wish I was a rabbit! You can hop so fast and go so far. Copyright © Scholastic Inc. I think you’re lucky!” Just then the Good Fairy appeared and said. She wanted to go home to the lake. Diana was having trouble. really? Well. . swimming around in the lake. “You are both lucky! I will grant you each your wish. 32 Scholastic Success With Reading Comprehension • Grade 2 . and all she could do was waddle. She missed her family. Diana Duck became a rabbit and hopped down the road as fast as she could go. POOF! The Good Fairy appeared again. She had hopped so far away that she got lost.” Diana Duck said. draw a picture of what might happen if your wish came true. when Diana got her second wish. She missed her home in the hole at the bottom of the hollow tree. She wanted to hop over there.

I thought the albino alligator Owls sleep in the daytime and was really cool. Ryan Jessica What I Learned at the Zoo What I Learned at the Zoo I learned about the giant The tallest animal on earth is tortoise. It eats leaves from the guide let us sit on its back. When they sleep. write the name of the animal that they both wrote about. Ryan Jessica Write three facts about a zoo animal. The second-grade class went to the zoo for a field trip. It was so big that the the giraffe. Contrast means to look for things that are different. the teacher asked the children to write a report about what they learned. It was white instead of the three-toed sloth. It hunt at night. Some sloths born without the coloring of other sleep more than 20 hours a day. old! That’s older than my grandpa! I learned about an albino The slowest-moving mammal is alligator. If you need help. was completely white all over. alligators. It wasn’t green. use a dictionary or encyclopedia. Giraffes come tortoises live to be over 100 years from Africa. What a lazy animal! I saw an owl sleeping in a tree. In the center where both Copyright © Scholastic Inc. It they don’t fall out of the tree was born that way. Scholastic Success With Reading Comprehension • Grade 2 33 . Read the two reports below. Some tops of the trees. It hangs from green. because they have sharp claws that lock onto the branch. circles overlap. Name Comparing and contrasting Zoo Reports Compare means to look for things that are the same. Ryan and Jessica each wrote about three animals. Write the names of the animals they wrote about in the correct circles. The next day. The guide told us that it was trees and eats fruit.

eggs. ____________________ ___________________ _____________________. They were Joey Jumpjolly and Harry Honkhorn. make a list of what you would buy at a grocery store. work the puzzle below. Then cross out every question mark. Z’s. How are Joey and Harry alike? How are they different? To find out. V’s. Cross out all the Q’s. Harry Honkhorn had a different idea. Joey Jumpjolly decided to spend his prize money on his favorite foods. cereal. _____________________ _________________________ __________________________________ ________________________________. and waffles. Two people guessed the right answer. both of them were given a $20 gift certificate. Are your choices more like Joey’s or Harry’s? 34 Scholastic Success With Reading Comprehension • Grade 2 .Name Comparing and contrasting The Contest The Super Grocery Store held a contest. What is left? Write the words in order in the blanks at the bottom of the page. Since there were two winners. There were exactly 372 jelly beans. On a sheet of paper. and a chocolate candy bar. angel food cake. animal cookies. He used his money to buy bacon. Next cross out all the numbers 1–9. and X’s. 3 ? 5 Q B O T H 9 9 7 X H A D 6 2 T W E N T Y X Q 8 D O L L A R S 7 X V 5 Z T O 4 ? Q S P E N D 3 2 1 ? Q J O E Y 3 B O U G H T Z V 7 6 Z 9 X S W E E T S 4 ? V H A R R Y 7 ? V Z V B O U G H T 8 9 X V 3 7 B R E A K F A S T 4 ? V F O O D X ______________ __________ _____________________ ____________________ Copyright © Scholastic Inc. _______ __________________. Whoever could guess the correct number of jelly beans in the big jar would win a prize. He bought vanilla ice cream.

About that same time. Lacey got well in a day or two. Name Comparing and contrasting The Accident Kendra and her mom left their house on Oak Street to go to school. but she learned an important lesson! Draw a in the correct column. Kendra put on her safety belt. Kendra Lacey Both driven to school by Mom wore a safety belt didn’t wear a safety belt lives on Maple Street was in a wreck bumped her head got an X ray Copyright © Scholastic Inc. On the way to school. But. Lacey bounced up and down on the seat watching her pigtails fly up and down in the mirror. Scholastic Success With Reading Comprehension • Grade 2 35 . She had to go to the hospital and get an X ray. lives on Oak Street bounced up and down in the car didn’t get hurt learned a lesson Write a sentence telling why it is important to wear a safety belt. Her safety belt kept her in her seat. She had forgotten to wear her safety belt. Both moms turned into the school parking lot at the same time. Lacey fell forward and bumped her head HARD! She cried and cried. Lacey and her mom left their house on Maple Street. and they crashed into each other! Kendra was not hurt.

or cloth. 36 Scholastic Success With Reading Comprehension • Grade 2 . The plants grow and make white flowers. Put an X on things that are not made of cotton. towels. and many other things. When the boll dries. Draw and color the clothes that you are wearing today. Farmers take the cotton to a gin. Machines at the gin take the cotton out of the bolls. Then it is made into clothes. it splits open.Name Developing vocabulary What Is Cotton? Cotton is a very useful plant. a boll grows in its place. curtains. sheets. Inside is the fluffy. Farmers plant cotton in the spring. Draw a line from the word to its picture. The bales are sent to cotton mills where the cotton is spun into yarn. white cotton. The cotton is pressed into wrapped bundles called bales. The story will help you. which looks kind of like a walnut. When a flower falls off. Put an X on the ones made of cotton. The boll is the seed pod. The yarn is woven into fabric. flowers • • bales boll • • yarn gin • • fabric Color the things below that could be made from cotton. Copyright © Scholastic Inc.

They live together in a nest called a hive. She is the largest bee. The worker bees fly from flower to flower gathering a sweet liquid called nectar. Each bee has a stinger to protect it from its enemies. Use each underlined word in the story to label the pictures. A person who is a beekeeper makes wooden hives for bees. Look at the picture below. Each little room is a cell. You may need an encyclopedia to help you. Scholastic Success With Reading Comprehension • Grade 2 37 . They make honey from the nectar and store it in little rooms in the hive. Many cells in a row make a honeycomb. then sells the honey when the bees finish making it. There is one queen bee in each hive. There are hundreds of worker bees. When a bear or a person tries to steal the honey. Name Developing vocabulary Busy as a Bee Bees are hardworking insects. the bees swarm. make a list of five other insects. On a sheet of paper. Copyright © Scholastic Inc. flying around in large groups.

Some called these animals buffalo. Circle the things below that the Sioux tribes might have had. 38 Scholastic Success With Reading Comprehension • Grade 2 . The leader of the tribe was called the chief. Sometimes they decorated their clothes with colorful beads. making tall tents. Buffalo hides were used to make tepees. • plains • buffalo • jerky • tepee • canoe • buckskin clothing • chief • headdress Copyright © Scholastic Inc. The Sioux cut the meat in strips and dried it in the sun to make jerky. the Sioux tribes lived on the grasslands. A group of Sioux living together was called a tribe.Name Developing vocabulary Sioux Life Many years ago. They killed bison for meat. called the plains. The tepees could be taken down and moved around from place to place to follow the buffalo herds. Draw a line from each word to the picture that matches it. The hides were wrapped around long poles. Put an X on the things they didn’t have. The chief often wore a long headdress of eagle feathers. The Sioux made buckskin clothing out of deer hides. Canoes were used for traveling down a river or crossing a lake.

and she ducked her head. Her eyes got big. “Girls. Just then. The girls saw a bee land on Dad’s bald Dad said to be quiet. so Dad said. and Mary Beth loudly whispered. What happened as a result is the effect.” They knew Dad meant business. Dad jerked the steering wheel. Scholastic Success With Reading Comprehension • Grade 2 39 . It was a long way to Aunt Ruth’s house. Keep the chain going! Write what happened next because Dad ran off the road. swatting the bee away. head. there is usually a reason something happens. The cows that were in the field ran away. and the car ran off the road and through a fence. Terry looked at her. settle down. Mary Beth saw a bee flying around in the car. “BEEEE!” Terry wanted to scream. The girls got too which let the loud. Name Identifying cause and effect Chain Reaction In a story. but she knew Dad would get mad. so The car ran off the Mary Beth whopped road and through Dad on the head a fence with a book. so she whopped Dad on the head with her book. a police officer gave Dad a ticket for reckless driving. This is the cause. so cows out. Mary Beth knew she had to save him from getting stung. Later. the bee landed on Dad’s bald head. “What are you two doing back there?” Dad asked. Terry and Mary Beth started getting a little bit too loud in the back seat. Draw a line to match the cause to the effect. Be quiet and read your books. Copyright © Scholastic Inc. Just then.

Explosions caused a huge cloud of dust. Mount Saint Helens still erupts from time to time but not as badly as it did in 1980. This gray dust filled the air and settled on houses and cars many miles away. The explosions trees. Because Mount spewing hot Saint Helens is lava and ash an active into the air. The hot rocks it still erupts from caused time to time. Write a story that begins this way: We were camping in the mountains. spewing hot lava into the air. Write the number of each phrase in the explosion of the volcano that correctly completes the sentence. when all of a sudden a volcano erupted! 40 Scholastic Success With Reading Comprehension • Grade 2 . 1. The thick dust made it hard for people and animals to breathe. Melting snow and animals caused to breathe. The hot rocks caused forest fires. Copyright © Scholastic Inc. The explosions flattened trees on the side of the mountain.Name Identifying cause and effect An American Volcano Mount Saint Helens is an active volcano in the state of Washington. Mount Saint Helens erupted. 2. The snow that was on the mountain melted quickly. The thick ash forest made it hard fires. floods and mudslides. causing floods and mud slides. volcano. 4. 6. for people 5. In 1980. flattened 3. this volcano erupted. Read each phrase below.

He asks funny questions like “Are you married yet?” and “Do you eat flowers to make your breath smell so sweet?” That makes me laugh. I have a funny dentist. Dr. but not me. he always gives me a surprise. Smileyface. he told me this joke. he pulled my tooth. He has a cool waiting room. 5. Smileyface makes how to take with a Copyright © Scholastic Inc. he gave me a rubber spider to scare my mom with! Color the pictures that could be Dr. 9. It didn’t hurt at all! He also teaches me how to take care of my teeth because he says he doesn’t want me to get a cavity the size of the Grand Canyon. Dr. care of their surprise. Sometimes he has his face painted. It has video games and a big toy box. I don’t think that’s his real name. Dr. 3. 1. 7. 6. Name Analyzing characters My Favorite Dentist A character is a person or animal in a story. To understand a character better. One time. laugh. you should pay attention to the details a story often gives about the character. Smileyface. Dr. teeth. Draw a line from the toothbrush to the tooth that makes the sentence true. Smileyface sends kids home Scholastic Success With Reading Comprehension • Grade 2 41 . Smileyface always wears funny hats. Put an X on the pictures that could not be him. Some kids are scared to go to the dentist. 2. His name is Dr. Smileyface teaches kids dentist. “What has lots of teeth but never goes to the dentist? A comb!” When I laughed. 4. Last time I went. Before I go home. The child who wrote this story is not afraid to go to the his patients 8. but that’s what he tells all the kids who come to see him.

If he doesn’t. If not. write a C. If not. • If Tad plays games with the blind children. If that is not correct. write an L in Box 3. • If Tad looks for ways to make people happy. He plays games with them. He called the Green Oaks School for the Blind and asked if he could volunteer. write a Z in Box 4. • If Tad is a happy person. write a J in both boxes. write a P. write an O in Box 7.” write a K in Box 8. Sometimes he helps them do their schoolwork. If not. write a T. write a B. If not. Every day. That makes Tad very happy! • If Tad is confined to a wheelchair. write a V. • If Tad helps them with their homework. “Sure!” Tad went to the school and quickly made friends. write a G in Box 6. he reads books to the children. he looks for ways to make people happy.Name Analyzing characters What a Kid! Tad is a very special boy. write an H in Box 1 and Box 9. If not. Some boys would be sad or angry about that. The children at the school nicknamed him Lucky because they feel so lucky to have him as a friend. write a D. write an R in Box 11. write a E in both boxes. They said. Copyright © Scholastic Inc. but not Tad. If not. • If Tad volunteers at the River Oak School for the Blind. • If Tad feels sorry for himself. write an R. Tad’s secret of happiness is I S 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 42 Scholastic Success With Reading Comprehension • Grade 2 . If he doesn’t. write a U in Box 2 and Box 10. He is confined to a wheelchair. He was born with a disease that made him unable to walk. • If Tad reads to the blind children. Instead. • If the children nicknamed Tad “Grumpy. write an N in Box 5.

Karen wrote about Lunch Man. but Lunch Lady came to my rescue. 1. Karen’s favorite food is hot dogs. Find the words that are wrong and cross them out. Whenever that is what is being served. Every day she smiles at me when I go through the line. Food went all over the floor. The reason I admire Lunch Lady is because she is friendly and kind. your favorite!” One day. One time. “Look. Miss Daniels helped her. She is one of the workers in our school cafeteria. I was so embarrassed. When Karen dropped her tray. Read what one student wrote. Another time. and I saw Lunch Lady. Lunch Lady by Karen Jackson I don’t know her name. Lunch Lady frowns when Karen comes through the line. 4. “Hi Karen! Are you having a good day?” Lunch Lady always remembers that I like chicken nuggets the best. Name Analyzing characters The writing assignment in Ms. Karen saw the Lunch Lady at the hardware store. There are several nice ladies in the cafeteria. I just call her Lunch Lady. She says things like. and she told me. 5. 3. 6. She’s my friend. I was at the shoe store with my mom.” That made me feel better. “Don’t worry about it. I tripped and dropped my tray. but the Lunch Lady is the nicest of all. Then above them write the correct word or words that make the sentence true. Write a paragraph about someone you admire. Scholastic Success With Reading Comprehension • Grade 2 43 . It’s okay. she hands me the chicken nuggets and says. Copyright © Scholastic Inc. Read each sentence. She gave me a big hug. Karen admires Lunch Lady because she is friendly and mean. 2. Daniels’ class was to write about someone you admire. She helped me pick up the mess.

In the limerick above. Her poor teacher finally went ___ ___ ___ ___ ___. It is usually funny and has a special order of rhyming words. He slept for so long That something went wrong. His hair grew long on his head. No way she could ___ ___ ___ ___. Work with a partner and write a limerick.Name Appreciating literature Limericks A limerick is a poem that has five lines in it. Word Bank class lazy pass crazy Daisy There once was a student named ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ Who wouldn’t work because she was ___ ___ ___ ___. The first two lines rhyme. Help finish the limerick below by filling in the blanks with a word from the Word Bank. draw a red circle around the three words that rhyme. There once was a fellow named Jed Who spent too much time in his bed. She slept during ___ ___ ___ ___ ___. Draw a green box around the two words that rhyme. Then the last line rhymes with the first two lines. Read the limerick below. 44 Scholastic Success With Reading Comprehension • Grade 2 . Then the next two lines rhyme. It helps to start with three rhyming words and two other rhyming words. then make up the sentences. Copyright © Scholastic Inc.

it got so cold that Lucy’s milk turned Copyright © Scholastic Inc.000 lakes in the state of Minnesota. He owned a blue ox named Babe. Use a yellow crayon or marker to highlight each thing that is exaggerated. The End Choose two funny sentences above and copy them on another sheet of paper. he had to use wagon wheels for buttons. Paul worked with seven axmen. Scholastic Success With Reading Comprehension • Grade 2 45 . Paul and Babe were so big that their tracks made 10. their words froze in midair. All of them were named Elmer. In the year of two winters. Read the tall tale below. Then draw a picture about each one. Paul Bunyan Paul Bunyan was a mighty man. They were so big that they were six feet tall sitting down. it got so cold that when the axmen would speak. So when Paul called “Elmer!” they all came running. there was a terrible chatter for weeks. The story is funny because everything is exaggerated. That means it is much bigger and better than real life. Paul Bunyan had a purple cow named Lucy. The year of the two winters. to ice cream before it hit the pail. When it thawed in the spring. One time Paul caught two giant mosquitoes and used them to drill holes in maple trees. Paul was a lumberjack. He was so big. Name Appreciating literature A Tall Tale A tall tale is a story about a superhuman hero.

Kyle: (raising his hand) Mrs. 2. The words in parentheses are called stage directions. may I get a drink? I have the hiccups. don’t worry. . Highlight Mrs. Actors read the script. Kyle: (looks over at Megan) Oh no . what is that on your hand? I think you better come to my desk. Use markers or crayons to follow each direction. Highlight Kyle’s words in yellow. King: Okay. then memorize their lines. Underline all the stage directions with a blue line. King. no more talking. are you ready for the big test today? I studied that list of words and the definitions for two hours last night. (Kyle looks at his hand when the teacher isn’t looking. 5. Mrs. Highlight Megan’s words in pink. King: Yes.Name Appreciating literature A Play A play is a story written as a script. 4. 3. Read the play below. King will never know. Kyle. You may begin. The words in parentheses tell the actors what to do. Mrs. Kyle: Oh. I won’t get caught. so they can pretend to be the characters in the story. King. and cover your answers with a cover sheet. .) Mrs. A Bad Idea (Megan and Kyle are talking before class starts. King’s words in green. see? Megan: Kyle! You can’t do that! That’s cheating! Kyle: Hey. (Teacher passes out the tests. too? Mrs. King: Kyle.) Megan: Hey. may I get a drink. you may. I just wrote all the answers on the palm of my hand. Everyone keep your eyes on your own paper. Megan: Busted! Copyright © Scholastic Inc. 1. 46 Scholastic Success With Reading Comprehension • Grade 2 . Highlight Joe’s words in orange.) Joe: (raising his hand) Mrs. brother! I didn’t study at all.

She put Spooky. A green stone. Page 26 yummy! When Mom got up. 3. angry. Story Time. Sarah. 2. crayon. Social *bran flakes. Scholastic Success With Reading Comprehension • Grade 2 47 . teapot Page 16 B R A N F L A K E S M H N C L 3. Page 25 1. 3. Neil Armstrong was the first man to (The rest are make-believe. 4. heart shape. showed spots. and Tara L G S A T U R D A Y P E R D R G R A C H E L Y U M M Y F A H directions! What They Did: swam. sea gulls Republic. 6. arm. 35. R. Carson called his 4. 30. marble. The firefighters laughed. TP. 5. America. 2. box shape. 4. helped him queen had a beautiful necklace Page 12 Page 23 made of a green stone. Math. 2. 1. 4. indivisible. 50. I 3. Picnic Items: ham sandwiches. 6. Beach: crab. I. dog. It tasted Studies. F R U I T 1. Desserts 7. E. starfish. walk on the moon. 2. spots. Page 14 1. S. A gray seabird flew by the mouse and table. stealing. IV 1. 18. 7. L. 9. 7. mud. goat. 7. Copyright © Scholastic Inc. 4. Bullriders 1. 13. ICU. MT. 1. 3. 2. Page 19 lemonade 7. L P 5. allegiance. pizza and hamburgers. R . 40. taking out the trash. sea horses. Then Page 15 she stirred in some *oatmeal. potato chips. 3. He 6. Rachel got up early. 4. sleeping described in the story. You made granola!” 21. Mia scolded made her own breakfast. 8. 11:00. 11. Zolak’s shadow. parakeet. cookies. and *raisins. 3. pudding. for help. on hay in a barn. 15. went sailing Page 18 Page 9 Check child’s picture. flute Real: a woman feeding animals. 2. IOU. 8 Page 27 O A T M E A L B K E Q O J W I People Who Went to the Beach: W R A I S I N S G R A N O L A Page 17 (Child’s name) knows how to follow Dad. 4. 6. away. B. 4. toy. some peanut butter in a bowl. 4. 1. L. Bad Feelings C H E S T S E 2. 2. My domino has two white Make-believe: pig. playing a video game. 5 V I N E S Page 29 Children’s answers will vary. apples. U. built sandcastles. hurt his cruise ship.) circle shape. justice N A P Page 28 F Page 20 1. a Each tree should be illustrated as player. spinach. only Page 7 down. west. 25. bird. Living Things They Saw on the Page 10 Old Glory. 20. No. 50. crying that her house burned 1. 5. 5. Mr. paid for it. Money 9. so Rachel and climbed down. Boys’ Names 6. firefighter friends. Tim. 45. Directions 2. The crickets (The others are real. Mom. “Oh. 2. 20. School T E Supplies 8. 6. goat and sheep. 26. dime E L 1. said “Excuse me”. D. liberty. 15. 1. 2. cheerful. Spooky jumped to a tree Mom was still asleep. 14. ladder. bad manners. Answer Key Page 4 Page 11 Page 22 1. 2. going lemonade. 5. 4. 8. My sister is the best flute grandmother living alone. Police officers help people. She mixed it with a little *honey. 10. 7. Mia asked Mr. 7. Carson his own shadow. Backward Day Binds 3. Music 1. The fire truck Page 8 came. Page 13 5. Recess. math. 6. Body Parts 3. 24. semi-circle shape. No. Mia begged Spooky to come didn’t see any real earthling. 7. fished. Drinks 4 10. Spelling. 2. Check child’s dot-to-dot picture. bicycle. A firefighter climbed the On Saturday. told the truth. 3. and yours has five. 5. 9. lying. she Science. W C to bed George. Writing. player in the high school band. 3. 3. 6. golden eggs. AB. 4. EZ. GO R I L L A S Page 21 8. a house burning Page 24 Page 5 down. 10. 4.) feelings. arc shape Page 6 Children’s answers will vary. (your state). said.

• buckskin clothing 5. shorts. queen worker Page 37 cell bee bee Page 42 hive HELPING OTHERS Page 43 1. proud • buffalo Page 31 • jerky (Accept any reasonable answers. pillow. so Dad said Daisy. which let Page 46 breakfast food. 3. 3. afraid. 2. both. Lacey. 3. Man. frowns. Page 34 Beth whopped Dad on the head Discuss their choices. 4. hardware. for people and animals to Kendra. Lacey breathe. 4. She • canoe will have a flat tire. towel. it • bales still erupts from time to time flowers • Page 41 boll • • yarn 1. 5. hot dogs. Ryan—giant tortoise. floods and mudslides. The home team wins the game. 4. Kendra. Check children’s pages. bed. 5. He learned to fly. Lacey. pictures should be circled. trumpet. the cows out. mean. 8. The boat will sink. 2 • fabric 6. Copyright © Scholastic Inc. It will rain. Smileyface sock. Lacey. The girls saw a bee Page 45 Jessica—giraffe. with a book. flattened trees. Harry bought road and through a fence. Kendra. 1. to the dentist. forest Page 36 fires. 6. their teeth. lazy. 6. kind beekeeper stinger nectar 48 Scholastic Success With Reading Comprehension • Grade 2 . 3-toed sloth The girls got too loud. pass. cake kids home with a surprise. Page 35 Page 40 both. spewing hot lava and ash into Lacey. chicken nuggets. 3. Green boxes should be drawn Page 33 Page 39 around long and wrong. Lady. owl land on Dad’s bald head. the Red circles should be drawn around became a duck again. 7. 2. 4. smiles. the air. The child who wrote this story is not afraid to go Things made of cotton: shirt. and head. Dr. • chief Page 32 • headdress Children should draw pictures that show these conclusions: Rita Children should put an X on the Page 44 became a rabbit again. Mom will fall. Diana pictures of the computer. so Mary Children’s answers may vary. 6. Answer Key Page 30 Page 38 1.) • tepee 1. The car ran off the Joey bought sweets. Smileyface sends pitcher. The brownies will burn. and the car. helicopter. Dr. Dr. Miss honeycomb Daniels. 2. Smileyface makes his gin • patients laugh. Both had twenty dollars to spend. crazy Both—albino alligator to be quiet. teaches kids how to take care of not made of cotton: scissors. Lunch Lady. All of a • plains sudden something wonderful happened. shoe. Lacey. 9. Other Jed. class. 2.