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Radiogram No.

4780u Form 24 for 02/28/07

Venting Khladon from SKV1

02:00-02:10 Morning inspection

02:10-02:40 Post-sleep
02:40-03:25 BREAKFAST
03:25-03:40 Daily planning conference (S-band)
03:40-05:10 FE-1 Preparation of СКВ1 for KHLADON venting
03:40-04:00 FE-2 Prep for Work
03:45-04:15 CDR Prep for Work
04:00-04:15 FE-2 CWC condensate processing using Condensate Feed Unit [БПК] (terminate)
04:15-04:20 FE-2 Connect LTL jumper in the USOS TCS
Disconnecting Express Rack 1 (ER1) from the LAB Internal Thermal Control
04:15-04:20 CDR
04:20-05:20 FE-2 Physical Exercise (RED)
04:20-04:25 CDR LAB window shutter closure
04:25-04:35 CDR CWC audit
04:40-04:55 CDR Taking readings from АОК ГАНК-4М gas analyzer
04:55-05:25 CDR On-orbit hearing assessment using EARQ s/w
05:10-05:25 FE-1 Preparation for СКВ1 KHLADON venting
05:20-06:05 FE-2 Relocate ROBoT Simulator to set up in LAB1D1
05:25-06:45 CDR, FE-1 СКВ1 KHLADON venting
06:05-06:35 FE-2 Configuring A31Ps for ROBoT
06:35-06:55 FE-2 Start the ROBOT simulation
06:45-06:55 CDR, FE-1 Terminate СКВ1 Khladon Venting
06:55-07:55 FE-1 СКВ1 Khladon Venting Close-out Ops
06:55-08:55 FE-2 SSRMS OBT using ROBoT simulator
06:55-07:55 CDR Physical Exercise (RED)
07:55-08:25 CDR, FE-1 Photo skills training for the Shuttle R-Bar Pitch Maneuver
08:25-08:30 CDR Downlink images obtained during RPM OBT
08:35-08:45 FE-1 PLANTS-2. Photography
08:40-08:45 CDR Opening LAB window shutters
08:45-09:00 FE-1 Charging Stimul Suit Battery
08:45-09:00 CDR Crew Discretionary Conference (S + Ku-band)
08:55-09:00 FE-2 On MCC Go ISS O2 repress from Progress 358 СрПК (start)
09:00-10:00 . LUNCH
10:00-12:00 CDR SSRMS OBT using ROBoT simulator
10:00-10:05 FE-2 ISS O2 repress from Progress 358 СрПК (terminate)
10:00-10:20 FE-1 On-orbit hearing assessment using EARQ s/w
10:05-10:10 FE-2 Payload status check /
10:10-10:20 Start EMU Metox Regeneration
10:20-10:45 On-orbit hearing assessment using EARQ s/w
Post-EVA P/L hardware relocation to ПхО and DC1. ALTCRISS card change-out.
10:20-11:20 FE-1
Tagup with specialists (S-band)
10:45-11:15 FE-2 СОЖ Maintenance
11:15-12:45 FE-2 Physical Exercise (CEVIS)
11:20-12:50 FE-1 Physical Exercise (TVIS) day 4
12:00-12:10 CDR Terminate the ROBOT simulation
12:10-12:40 CDR De-configuration of ROBoT A31Ps and reconfiguration of the SSC network
12:45-12:55 CDR PAO hardware setup
12:50-13:50 FE-1 Physical Exercise (VELO+RED) day 4
12:55-13:05 CDR, FE-2 Crew prep for PAO
13:05-13:25 CDR, FE-2 PAO w/WBZ Radio Station from Boston (S + Ku-band)
13:25-13:55 FE-2 Transfer ROBoT hardware from LAB1D1 to NODE
13:25-14:55 CDR Physical Exercise (TVIS + CEVIS)
13:55-14:15 FE-2 IMS update
14:10-14:15 FE-1 Hematocrit. Equipment setup
14:15-14:55 FE-1 Evening work prep
14:15-14:50 FE-2 Evening work prep
14:50-14:55 FE-2 Transfer TVIS/RED/CEVIS/HRM data to MEC
14:55-15:10 Daily Planning Conference (S-band)
15:10-15:30 Evening work prep
15:30-16:00 DINNER
16:00-16:30 Daily Food Prep
16:30-17:30 Pre-sleep
17:30-02:00 SLEEP
ТБУ (Universal Bioengineering Thermostat). Temperature check
Task list FE-1 URAGAN. Observations and photography
RASTENIYA-2. Payload status check
1. Tagups with specialists during all KHLADON venting activities.
2. See OSTP for references to US activities.
End of Radiogram