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PAGE 31 PAGE 25 PAGE 12 • vol. 41, issue 31 • july 30, 2010 • Still sharp after 40 years

Will health reform make AIDS groups obsolete?

federal funds. Like the Whitman-
HIV clinics face Walker Clinic in D.C., many of
new competition the clinics and advocacy groups
provide a vast array of services
as clients obtain for people with HIV and AIDS,
insurance by 2014 most of whom can’t afford private
health insurance.
But in March, Congress
By LOU CHIBBARO JR. approved and President Obama signed into law a sweeping
health care reform measure
When the AIDS epidemic burst called the Patient Protection &
on the scene in the 1980s, a cadre Affordable Care Act. Obama
of volunteers — many from the administration officials say it will
LGBT community — emerged to result in more than 94 percent of
provide compassionate and dedi- all Americans being covered by
cated care for the sick and dying, some form of private or public
services that government agen- health insurance by 2014.
cies and existing charitable groups Although most AIDS activists
were not providing. and officials with local and
Since that time, those mostly national AIDS organizations
volunteer-driven, community- have hailed the health care
Washington Blade photo by Michael Key
based AIDS clinics and advoca- reform measure as an unprece-
cy groups have evolved into pro- dented benefit to people with ‘Health care reform has been a real motivator around us improving the quality of what we do because we know
fessionally run facilities receiving we’re going to have to get better,’ said Don Blanchon, executive director of Whitman-Walker Clinic.
millions of dollars in state and Continues on page 16

ENDA blame game underway

Dems cite GOP
opposition; others
fault Senate leadership
Michaele Salahi to host ‘Real Housewives’ premiere
party at EFN Lounge. Page 38 Democratic senators are blam-
ing Republican obstructionism for
the Senate’s failure to advance the
Employment Non-Discrimination
Act, but others say a lack of strate-
gy is preventing a vote.
The plight of ENDA in the
Senate received renewed attention
last week when GetEqual staged a
protest in Las Vegas blocking traffic
on Las Vegas Boulevard and
demanding Senate Majority Leader
filmagenda Harry Reid (D-Nev.) take action.
Washington Blade photo by Michael Key

This movie is all right. Don't miss Annette Bening and The legislation, stalled in the LGBT activists targeted Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) last
Julianne Moore in moving dramedy. Page 36 week, urging him to advance the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.
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Lesbian chef challenges Dupont restrictions

Gay man found dead The acclaimed chef and owner of the Dupont Circle restaurant
Hank’s Oyster Bar, who is lesbian, has created a stir by challenging a
longstanding city practice backed by some civic groups calling for
restaurants and bars to agree to certain restrictions on their operations.
The restrictions are outlined in documents known as volun-

in D.C. apartment
A 26-year-old gay man who “He was a very reliable guy and
tary agreements, which Advisory Neighborhood Commissions
and some neighborhood activists have demanded in exchange
for not opposing a business’s liquor license. Nightlife advocates,
gay and straight alike, have complained that the voluntary agree-
ments are forced upon the businesses and unfairly impose
had been missing for about two always called if he needed to restrictions, such as early closing hours and bans on dancing or
weeks was found dead inside change his schedule,” said Cliff entertainment, that are not required by law.
his apartment in Northwest Witt, the Secrets dancer manager. Supporters of the agreements say they are needed to protect
Washington on July 22. Gower’s friend, Timothy White, residential areas from noise and other disturbances that they say
Mark Gower, a native of said he was troubled that police some bars, restaurants and nightlife venues create.
Portland, Ore. who lived in D.C. rules governing missing person Hank’s Oyster Bar owner Jamie Leeds has applied for permission
for several years, was found after reports precluded him from imme- with the D.C. Alcoholic Beverage Control Board to expand her popu-
failing to show up for work at his diately filing such a report. White lar restaurant to an adjacent building near 17th and Q streets, N.W.
day job at a cosmetics store and noted that authorities told him that She has requested that the voluntary agreement she signed five
his night job as a dancer at the a relative usually must file such years ago when she opened the restaurant be terminated because,
gay nightclub Secrets, friends reports — but he had trouble among other reasons, it forbids her from expanding to a larger space.
and co-workers said. tracking down Gower’s exact In a development viewed as recognition of Hank’s as a well-
Photo courtesy of Timothy White
A spokesperson for D.C. address and reaching the man’s liked and trouble-free business, the Dupont Circle Advisory
police said there were no out- Police found Mark Gower, a family in Oregon. Neighborhood Commission voted not to challenge Leeds’ expan-
ward signs of foul play or trauma native of Portland, Ore., dead Although it couldn’t be immedi- sion proposal or demand she sign a new voluntary agreement.
on Gower’s body when police inside his D.C. apartment July 22. ately determined how long Gower But the Dupont Circle Citizens Association and five nearby
forced open his apartment door. was dead inside his apartment, residents filed challenges with the liquor board requesting that it
Police Lt. Nicholas Bruel said the wounds or a violent act, authorities White said police indicated he reject her request to terminate the voluntary agreement. The
homicide squad and the city Medical could not rule out a homicide until could have died shortly after he challengers say they are open to negotiating an amended vol-
Examiner’s Office are investigating the completion of an autopsy and was discovered missing, which untary agreement that might allow Hank’s to expand into the
the matter as a death of unknown toxicological tests. Bruel said other was nearly two weeks before the adjacent building if Leeds complies with various restrictions.
cause. He noted that although there possible causes could include acci- body was found. Nightlife advocates have hailed Leeds for standing up to what they call
was no immediate evidence of dental death or suicide. LOU CHIBBARO JR. unfair and unreasonable restrictions imposed in voluntary agreements.
David Mallof and Alexis Rieffel, two of the residents opposed to
dropping the agreement, say in their challenge that any decision
by the liquor board approving Leeds’ request “would be widely

Minister denounces HRC viewed as aggressive, anti-resident regulatory behavior.” The two
called for the board to reject a “sweeping, draconian, unwarranted,
and overreaching possible termination of an appropriately and
legally promulgated, valid and in-force, mutually and contractually

silence on Wone verdict

A D.C. minister who emerged as
agreed upon voluntary agreement.”

an outspoken opponent of the city’s Rehoboth attack not bias related: police
same-sex marriage law has The assault and robbery of a gay man on the Rehoboth
denounced the Human Rights Beach boardwalk was one of at least four muggings in the pop-
Campaign and other LGBT groups ular resort town over the past two weeks and does not appear to
for not speaking out against the be a hate crime, according to Rehoboth’s police chief.
acquittal of three gay men implicated But Stephen Gerard, the victim of the July 17 boardwalk mug-
in the Robert Wone murder case. ging, said the trauma of the attack was heightened when two
Rev. Anthony Evans, presi- police officers responding to the scene asked him if he provoked
dent of the National Black the incident by making a pass at one or more of the perpetrators.
Church Initiative, was referenc- “The officers who took my statement were skeptical of me,” he
ing a D.C. Superior Court judge’s said in an e-mail. “They determined I was gay and accused me
decision June 29 acquitting of looking for prostitutes who frequent that end of the beach.”
Joseph Price, Victor Zaborsky Gerard said the incident was unprovoked and took place sec-
and Dylan Ward of charges onds after he walked past a group of about five young men who
stemming from the 2006 murder were hanging around a bench on the boardwalk.
Washington Blade file photo by Michael Key
of local attorney Robert Wone. “After I passed them, I noticed a shadow coming from behind to the
Judge Lynn Leibovitz, who Rev. Anthony Evans, president of the National Black Church Initiative, left,” he said. “Then everything went black. When I awoke, I was bleeding
presided over the non-jury trial, ruled chided LGBT groups for not speaking out against the ‘miscarriage of jus- profusely and my wallet was stolen. A straight couple nearby called 911.”
that prosecutors failed to provide tice’ in the Robert Wone case. Gerard was taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital, where
sufficient evidence to prove beyond he was treated and released.
a reasonable doubt that the three wronged,” he said. “What kind of issues of crimes against our com- Rehoboth Police Chief Keith Banks told the Blade he regrets that
defendants committed any crimes. hypocrisy is at play when they munity because one of the critical Gerard interpreted the officers’ questions as being accusatory. He
“In the past, the National refuse to respond when homo- pieces of work that we deal with is noted that the south end of the boardwalk — where Gerard was
Black Church Initiative has spo- sexuals perpetrate a wrong?” protecting our community from attacked — has been known as a gay male cruising spot and that
ken out against violence against Michael Cole, an HRC spokesper- hate crimes,” Cole said. some gays have been targeted for assaults there in past years.
homosexuals,” Evans said in his son, said the group speaks out on David Greer, one of three gay “For a very long time we haven’t had anything like this,” Banks
July 21 statement. “But none of hate crimes against gays and editors of the Who Murdered said, so when Gerard’s case surfaced last week, the officers
the local or national gay groups other minorities, but it’s not within Robert Wone blog, said the editors arriving at the scene wanted to cover every possible angle.
have spoken out against this its purview to comment on other and numerous contributors to the Banks said the victims in the other three incidents are not
miscarriage of justice. criminal cases. Police and prose- blog have spoken out in the blog on believed to be gay. He said each gave similar descriptions of the
“Outcries are heard loud and cutors did not classify the Wone what they consider the injustice of attackers, leading police to believe the same group of perpetra-
clear when these organizations or case as a hate crime. the unsolved Wone murder. tors is committing the muggings.
members of their community are “We follow and comment on LOU CHIBBARO JR. LOU CHIBBARO JR.
july 30, 2010 • 5
6 • july 30, 2010


Could 2014 Gay Games Choi discharged from Army

WASHINGTON — Dan Choi, the public face of

move to runner-up D.C.? protest against “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” has been hon-
orably discharged from the Army National Guard.
Choi, who held the rank of lieutenant and was an
Organizers in ‘sensitive Iraq war veteran, called the July 22 development “infu-
Blogging from Cologne riating and painful,” but vowed that his fight against the
discussions’ over Cleveland Blade sports writer Kevin Majoros is in “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” law “has only begun.”
Germany with D.C.’s Gay Games delega- “The true honor and dignity of service does not
By LOU CHIBBARO JR. tion and will post updates on all the action come from a piece of paper, a pension or paycheck, next week at a rank or status,” he said in a statement. “Only an
unflinching commitment to improve the lives of oth-
The international LGBT sports organiza- Only if those first two meetings result in an ers can determine the nature of one’s service.
tion that chose Cleveland over D.C. to host the impasse would mediation [be] an appropriate “From the first moment we put on our nation’s
2014 Gay Games says it’s engaging in “sensi- third step, according to the agreement.” uniform and swore our solemn oath, we com-
tive discussions” with a Cleveland-based foun- A letter sent to Synergy Foundation by mitted ourselves to fight for freedom and justice;
dation that reportedly has faltered in its role of the head of Cleveland’s Department of to defend our Constitution and put the needs of Washington Blade file photo by Michael Key
coordinating the quadrennial event. Economic Development, which has others before our own. This is not an oath that I Dan Choi
In a cautiously worded statement pledged to help finance the 2014 Gay intend to abandon. Doing so at such a time, or
issued July 23, the Federation of Gay Games, says the FGG has begun the remaining silent when our family and community members are fired or punished
Games said it was “cooperating with its license revocation process and scheduled a for who they truly are would be an unequivocal moral dereliction that tarnishes the
Cleveland partners” and would make “any 14-day mediation period aimed at resolving honor of the uniform and insults the meaning of America.”
further announcements” about the status “issues” between the two groups. Choi announced he is gay on MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show” more than
of the 2014 games following meetings in Stevens told the Blade he could not com- a year ago.
Germany in August. ment on the outcome of the mediation.
The statement said the FGG board “There will be a general report explain-
and Membership Assembly “must now ing the status of the 2014 games when we Lawyers seek injunction
turn our full attention to supporting our
colleagues in Germany as we all cele-
complete our meetings in Cologne,” he
said. “We can’t get into further details now.” to halt ‘Don’t Ask’
brate the 2010 Gay Games in Cologne,” Officials with the Metropolitan Washington RIVERSIDE, Calif. — Lawyers for a gay Republican group say they will ask a
which begin Saturday. Gaymes, Inc., the non-profit coalition of LGBT federal judge in California to impose an injunction to halt the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”
The statement follows reports that sports groups that submitted a bid to hold the law nationwide.
FGG took steps earlier this month to 2014 games in D.C., have said they were des- The Associated Press reported that lawyers for the Log Cabin Republicans made
revoke the license it awarded last fall to ignated as the “runner up” venue to host the the request during their closing arguments July 23 in a Riverside courtroom.
the Cleveland Synergy Foundation, a games should problems arise with Cleveland. The case is considered the policy’s biggest constitutional test in recent years.
non-profit group that submitted the win- Gay People’s Chronicle, an LGBT news- It has put the Obama administration in the awkward position of defending a poli-
ning bid for Cleveland and nearby Akron, paper in the Cleveland area, has reported cy the president wants repealed.
Ohio to host the 2014 Gay Games. that “financial irregularities and reporting Government attorneys have said throughout the two-week trial that the matter
Kelly Stevens, the FGG’s communica- issues” appear to be the reason the FGG should be decided by Congress — not a federal judge.
tions officer, told the Blade this week that has taken steps to revoke Synergy’s license The government presented only the policy’s legislative history as its defense.
the FGG would have no further comment to organize and run the 2014 Gay Games.
on any aspect of its discussions with the In the letter to Synergy, Traci Nichols,
Synergy Foundation until after its meet- director of the Cleveland Department of Florida campaign signs
ings in Cologne. He also declined to com- Economic Development, said the office
ment on whether the FGG would consid- had suspended its approval of $38,000 to defaced with anti-gay slur
er moving the 2014 Gay Games to D.C. if help finance a contingent of Synergy NORTH MIAMI, Fla. — Campaign signs for Florida gay congressional candi-
developments in Cleveland deteriorated staffers to travel to Cologne to promote date Scott Galvin have been found defaced with anti-gay slurs, according to his
to the point where it would be impractical the 2014 Games in Cleveland. campaign.
to stage the event there. As part of Synergy’s bid to operate the Derek Newton, general consultant for the Galvin campaign, told the Blade that
The Synergy Foundation fueled specu- games, Cleveland’s mayor and City in the past several days between six and 10 signs have been found in North Miami
lation about a conflict with the FGG when Council agreed to contribute at least spray-painted with the word “fag.”
it suggested in a July 19 statement that $700,000 in city funds to help finance the “We’ve taken them down, obviously — had people calling in to report them and
the FGG may not have followed proper games. LGBT sports observers have said what-not,” Newton said. “It’s impossible to know who’s doing it, of course.”
procedures in beginning the process to the prospects of holding the games in Galvin, who serves on the North Miami City Council, is among nine contenders
terminate its license. Cleveland would be seriously jeopardized seeking the Democratic nomination to represent Florida’s 17th congressional dis-
“As outlined in the mutually endorsed if the city withheld those funds. trict. The primary is set for Aug. 24.
agreement, this process should begin with a Others familiar with the situation, includ- Newton said the Galvin campaign informed the North Miami Police Department
meeting of the two groups’ steering commit- ing high-level city officials in Cleveland, have about the graffiti and is considering the next appropriate action.
tees,” says the statement. “If that meeting pledged to set up a new entity to organize
leaves questions unanswered, the groups’ and operate the games if the FGG revokes
boards of directors are then required to meet. Synergy Foundation’s license. Study: MTV leads in
depicting gay characters
Victory Fund backs Ray’s D.C. Council bid NEW YORK — MTV held a solid lead among 15 networks for its representation
of gay characters last season, according to a new report.
The Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund, a The Victory Fund’s decision to endorse In its fourth annual Network Responsibility Index, the Gay & Lesbian Alliance
national group that helps elect LGBT can- Ray is considered significant because it Against Defamation found that of MTV’s 207.5 hours of original prime-time pro-
didates to public office, has endorsed gay limits its endorsements to “viable” candi- gramming, 42 percent included content reflecting the lives of gay, bisexual and
D.C. City Council candidate Clark Ray. dates capable of running a professional transgender people. This earned MTV the first-ever “Excellent” rating from GLAAD.
Ray, former director of the city’s campaign, who are raising sufficient “MTV programs like ‘The Real World’ and ‘America’s Best Dance Crew’ have
Department of Parks & Recreation, is money to be competitive and have a rea- offered richly diverse portrayals of gay and transgender people that help Americans
challenging incumbent Phil Mendelson in sonable chance of winning. better understand and accept our community,” said GLAAD president Jarrett Barrios.
the Sept. 14 Democratic primary. Many “I’m honored to receive the endorsement Among broadcast networks, the CW was on top with 35 percent, while Fox
political observers believe Ray has an of the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund,” Ray said ranked a close second with 30 percent. ABC, with 26 percent, got a “Good” rat-
uphill fight against Mendelson, a longtime in a statement. ing, while NBC was “Adequate” with 13 percent. CBS’ 7 percent earned that net-
supporter of LGBT rights who has held work a “Failing” grade from the report.
the seat for nearly 12 years. LOU CHIBBARO JR.
july 30, 2010 • 7
8 • july 30, 2010


Two gay candidates shine in fundraising

Pougnet, Cicilline post Potosnak’s GOP opponent in his
race to represent New Jersey’s
strong 2nd quarter results 7th congressional district, one-
term incumbent Rep. Leonard
By CHRIS JOHNSON Lance (R-N.J.), raised $108,000. However, he spent nearly
$250,000 in the same period,
Two gay politicians posted leaving him with $359,000 in
strong second-quarter fundrais- cash on hand.
ing numbers that could propel In what could be an uphill bat-
them to seats in Congress. tle for a U.S. House seat,
Campaign finance reports made Potosnak is running in a tradi-
public earlier this month show Steve tionally Republican district. He
Pougnet, the mayor of Palm Springs, hasn’t been endorsed by HRC or
Calif., and David Cicilline, the mayor the Victory Fund.
of Providence, R.I., boasting particu- Potosnak didn’t immediately
larly strong numbers. respond to the Blade’s request for
And Pougnet had the added comment on his campaign finances.
accomplishment of keeping his A similar situation with cam-
fundraising numbers on par with paign finances is playing out in
his incumbent Republican oppo- Florida’s 17th congressional dis-
nent, Rep. Mary Bono Mack (R- trict, where nine candidates,
Calif.). Both candidates raised including North Miami City Council
about $400,000 for the April to member Scott Galvin, are vying for
June period. the Democratic nomination in a
The second-quarter numbers primary set for Aug. 24.
mean Pougnet has raised After raising $57,000 in the
Photo courtesy of Cicilline
$1,267,910 so far in his campaign, second quarter while spending
leaving him with $878,283 in cash Congressional candidate David Cicilline, the mayor of Providence, R.I., has raised $1.16 million over the $97,000, Galvin had about
on hand, while Bono Mack raised course of his campaign. $15,000 in cash on hand. He’s
$1,731,752, leaving her with raised about $112,000 over the
$1,241,919 in cash on hand. Fund and $6,900 from the Human PAC funds could be made available ceed Kennedy in the U.S. House. course of his campaign, accord-
In a statement, Pougnet said Rights Campaign. Both organiza- contingent upon her future work and The Providence mayor has ing to FEC records.
he’s “incredibly humbled” by the tions have endorsed the candi- performance in the House.” been the beneficiary of LGBT sup- Galvin said he’s feeling good
support he’s received in his bid date. Donations also have come Cicilline, who’s running to suc- port over the course of the cam- about his finances for the second
to represent California’s 45th from Bruce Bastian, a Utah-based ceed Rep. Patrick Kennedy (D- paign, particularly during the sec- quarter and was preparing to
congressional district. gay billionaire philanthropist, who R.I.) to represent Rhode Island’s ond quarter. The Gay & Lesbian submit an amended report show-
“In these very difficult times, our donated $2,400; Hilary Rosen, a 1st congressional district, mean- Victory Fund, which has endorsed ing that he has raised $130,000
congresswoman has been absent D.C. lesbian PR executive, who while raised $436,000 in the sec- Cicilline, contributed $2,400 to his over the course of his campaign.
and it’s clear people are hungry for donated $1,000; and Lane ond quarter. He’s raised $1.16 campaign in the second quarter. “We found several pages of
change,” Pougnet added. Hudson, a D.C. gay activist, who million over the course of his Michael Cole, an HRC donations that didn’t get included
But Ryan Mahoney, campaign contributed $300. campaign and ended the quarter spokesperson, said his organiza- by accident, so for what it’s worth,
manager for Bono Mack, touted But Bono Mack is not without with $901,000 in cash on hand. tion donated $721 to Cicilline in the to-date total, I guess, would
the Republican candidate’s LGBT donors. In April, the Log In a statement provided by his the second quarter, which was show $130,000,” Galvin said.
fundraising ability and noted that Cabin Republicans gave $500 to campaign, Cicilline said he’s mostly in-kind contributions The Gay & Lesbian Victory
Bono Mack is “humbled” by the her campaign. pleased with his fundraising and raised through HRC’s website. Fund, which has endorsed Galvin,
support she’s received. Bono Mack had been consid- the LGBT support he received in Noting that HRC previously contributed $2,400 to his cam-
“She is proud to represent the ered a pro-LGBT Republican the second quarter. donated $6,025 to Cicilline, Cole paign during the second quarter.
people of California’s 45th con- because of her votes in favor of the “I am extremely grateful to the said HRC plans to max out that con- The candidate in the Democratic
gressional district and will contin- hate crimes bill and a version of the members of our community who are tribution to $10,000 by year’s end. primary with the greatest war chest
ue to fight on their behalf to end Employment Non-Discrimination supporting my campaign for Among the notable contributors is Rudolph Moise, a physician and
reckless spending and debt in Act, as well as votes against the Congress,” he said. “They are helping to Cicilline’s campaign in the second president of the Comprehensive
Washington and create more jobs Federal Marriage Amendment. Her to ensure that we have the resources quarter were Bastian, who donated Health Center in North Miami. He
and better business opportunities record was tarnished in May when necessary to get our message out $4,800; Rosen, who donated $500; raised $938,162 for his campaign,
in California,” Mahoney said. she voted against an amendment for the Sept. 14 primary.” Joe Solmonese, HRC’s president, although $800,000 was a personal
Pougnet’s ability to match Bono that would lead to repeal of “Don’t Bill Lynch, the former head of who personally donated $500; and loan to his campaign from himself.
Mack during the second quarter is Ask, Don’t Tell.” the Rhode Island Democratic Party Winnie Stachelberg, senior vice He spent $280,000 in the second
unusual because challengers often R. Clarke Cooper, Log Cabin’s who’s running against Cicilline in president for external affairs at the quarter, leaving him with $909,000
do not match their incumbent national director, noted his organi- the primary, raised $55,832 in the Center for American Progress, who in cash on hand.
opponents in fundraising. The zation made the $500 contribution second quarter. In the same period, donated $1,000. Galvin said the disparity in
fundraising numbers are also sig- prior to Bono Mack’s vote against he spent $126,000, leaving him Other gay congressional can- finances didn’t bother him and
nificant because the race in the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” repeal. with $139,000 in cash on hand. didates seeking office didn’t fare he would remain focused on a
45th district is widely seen as He said although Bono Mack The winner of the Democratic as well as Pougnet or Cicilline “grassroots concentrated effort.”
among the most competitive con- voted against the repeal amend- primary will likely face Republican during the second quarter. “We’re doing it through all the
gressional contests in the country. ment, she ultimately voted in favor John Loughlin, an Iraq war veteran Ed Potosnak, a gay Democratic old-fashioned, knocking-on-door,
The Democratic Congressional of the fiscal year 2011 defense and Rhode Island Assembly mem- former staffer for Rep. Mike Honda mail-to-the-home, traditional way
Campaign Committee put Pougnet authorization bill as a whole. ber. He raised $104,786 in the (D-Calif.) and public school teacher of campaigning,” he said.
on its “Red to Blue” program, and Consequently, Cooper said Log second quarter while spending running in New Jersey, raised The 17th congressional district
Bono Mack has been a lawmaker the Cabin’s endorsement of the $192,000. Loughlin has $101,000 $47,000 in the second quarter in Florida is also considered a
National Republican Congressional Republican lawmaker stands. in cash on hand. while spending $26,000. safely Democratic seat. No
Committee has worked to protect. “[Log Cabin] will continue to work Cicilline is running in a safely His finances leave him with Republican candidate has filed for
Notable donations to Pougnet with Representative Bono Mack,” Democratic district and the $72,000 in cash on hand. candidacy, so the winner of the
from LGBT groups include $2,400 Cooper said. “Using the carrot Democratic nominee who wins the Potosnak has raised $148,000 Democratic primary would be the
from the Gay & Lesbian Victory approach, additional [Log Cabin] primary is widely expected to suc- over the course of his campaign. presumptive winner of the seat.
july 30, 2010 • 9
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Images by LIRONE Photographer

1517 Wisconsin Avenue NW

Washington, DC 20007
(202) 625-2677

Tysons Galleria
1828G International Drive
McLean, VA 22102
(703) 848-2197

Names: Sam Roberson & Ted Buckley

Hobbies: Hiking, Traveling, Gardening and Family
Philosophy: love, humor, balance and intimacy
10 • july 30, 2010


Who’s to blame for ENDA delays in Congress?

Continued from page 1 islation from coming to a Senate ership tried to move forward on a Senate, according to his office.
vote, Harkin simply replied, campaign finance reform bill “I think, at this point, it’s kind of
House and Senate, would pro- “Republicans.” known as the DISCLOSE Act. something that we’re waiting for
hibit job bias against LGBT peo- “It’s one of my priority items,” Republicans, who hold 41 of 100 the House to pass to build a little
ple in most public and private Harkin said. “I’d like to move it, seats in the chamber, were uni- momentum here in the Senate,
workforce scenarios. but [I’m] not certain we’re going fied in their opposition and able and then hopefully get going on it
Democratic supporters say to have the time.” to filibuster a motion to proceed here,” said Mike Westling, a
Republican opposition is pre- Harkin said he couldn’t imme- with the legislation. Merkley spokesperson.
venting Senate action on the bill. diately recall if any particular part Still, ENDA is likely to fare better But in response to inquiries on
Assistant Majority Leader of the measure was causing con- with Republicans in the Senate why the House hasn’t moved for-
Richard Durbin (D-Ill.) said troversy and keeping it from because the legislation has two GOP ward with the bill, House leader-
Democratic leadership wants to coming to a Senate vote. co-sponsors, Sens. Susan Collins ship pointed to the lack of a strat-
move forward with ENDA, but noted “There’s been a lot of objec- and Olympia Snowe of Maine. egy for ENDA in the Senate.
difficulties in moving any item on the tions by certain Republicans on it,” R. Clarke Cooper, executive “We should encourage the
legislative agenda forward. Harkin said. “As far as I’m con- director of the Log Cabin Senate to develop a course for
“We have a tough time moving cerned, they’re not legitimate. I Republicans, dismissed the notion ENDA to ensure that when the
Photo courtesy of Cooper
anything on the calendar because of couldn’t even enumerate them that Republicans were holding up House passes the legislation, the
Republican filibusters,” Durbin said. right now, I forget what they are.” ENDA in the Senate and said “only Senate can move quickly to send R. Clarke Cooper, executive direc-
Still, Durbin said a vote on the Mara Keisling, executive the current Senate majority leader- the legislation to the president’s tor of the Log Cabin Republicans,
legislation in September after law- director of the National Center ship can truly answer” why ENDA desk,” Drew Hammill, a spokesper- said ‘Blaming the minority leader-
makers return from August recess for Transgender Equality, also isn’t on the calendar. son for U.S. House Speaker Nancy ship for the majority’s disorganiza-
is “possible,” while adding that time- blamed Republicans for the fail- “Blaming the minority leader- Pelosi, earlier told the Blade. tion and lack of planning this year is
frame is a “pretty hectic period.” He ure to advance ENDA in the ship for the majority’s disorgani- Asked whether any discus- simplistic and, frankly, lazy.’
noted that a vote would more likely Senate. She also cited what she zation and lack of planning this sions on a strategy to advance
come in the period following the called a “general dysfunction” in year is simplistic and, frankly, ENDA in the Senate have taken were unfruitful,” he said. “So, with-
November election. the chamber as a problem. lazy,” Cooper said. “Both sides of place, Durbin replied, “We have out a time limit, we’re not going to
Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa), chair “It’s certainly not all about ENDA,” the aisle are frustrated with the not reached that level.” bring anything up.”
of the Senate Health, Education, she said. “It’s certainly, certainly not lack of activity.” Harkin said he hadn’t yet done a Harkin said Senate leadership
Labor & Pensions Committee where about transgender inclusion in Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.), whip count on the legislation and is “always looking” for other bills
ENDA is pending, on Tuesday ENDA. They can’t get campaign the sponsor for ENDA in the wasn’t sure whether the legislation that could serve as a vehicle to
expressed similar grievances about finance reform through, they can’t Senate, is hoping House pas- would have 60 votes to pass. move ENDA forward as an
Republican obstructionism. get, sometimes, job bills through.” sage of ENDA would jumpstart “I just know that initial inquiries amendment, but didn’t name any
Asked what’s keeping the leg- On Tuesday, Democratic lead- interest in passing it in the about getting a time limit on it potential legislation.
july 30, 2010 • 11

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The joy of giving

Fleming finds meaningful Center for Lesbian Rights and ment for more than 70 cyber
Lambda Legal, he noted, as well centers throughout the country.
work directing Bohnett as toward the ongoing legal bat- “Some are in big cities, but
tles and public education cam- there others that are in medium-
Foundation’s LGBT grants paigns in California. sized cities, or smaller places,”
“So if this matter comes up on he said.
By CHRIS JOHNSON the ballot again, you’ve laid The D.C. Center is among the groundwork for victory next time,” facilities to receive a cyber cen-
Fleming said. ter from the Bohnett Foundation.
Michael Fleming spent a lot of Fleming married his spouse, the David Mariner, executive
time on planes last week. Cuban-born Los Angeles Superior director of the Center, said the
After leaving his home in Los Court Judge Luis Lavin, in October donation of six new computers, a
Angeles, he flew to Boston to 2008 when same-sex marriage flatbed scanner and a color laser
attend a dinner for LGBT officials was briefly legal in California. printer has been a very impor-
receiving leadership training at After marriage rights for gay tant part of the D.C. Center.
the Harvard Kennedy School of couples were taken away following “What the cyber center does is
Government. the passage of Prop 8, Fleming give people an opportunity to
On Friday, he traveled to D.C. to said the measure’s success was access the Internet and find out
speak with Latino college students “poignant for everyone who got about resources in the community
taking part in a Capitol Hill internship married” before its passage. that are available to them,” he said.
program with the Congressional “We realized how lucky we Mariner said the cyber center
Hispanic Caucus Institute. Before were to be able to [get married], has been integral to the D.C.
the day was out, he was on his way but I think it’s especially poignant Center’s career development
to New York to visit the city’s LGBT realizing that so many of our program and has allowed local
Community Center. friends and colleagues now do LGBT residents to work on their
But for Fleming, who serves not have the ability to do the resumes and job searches.
as executive director of the David same thing we did,” he said.
Bohnett Foundation, the busy In addition to supporting groups Political giving
travel schedule isn’t unusual. He working specifically to advance Fleming wears another hat,
told the Blade he travels about same-sex marriage, Fleming said serving as Bohnett’s political
50 percent of the time for work. the Bohnett Foundation provides director and advising him on
“It’s totally valuable if you real- funding to just about every national political candidates that would
ize at the end of that flight, you’re LGBT group, including the Human advance LGBT rights and social Washington Blade photo by Michael Key
meeting with really impressive Rights Campaign. justice causes.
and interesting people doing In particular, Fleming said the A major donor to the Democratic Michael Fleming, who serves as executive director of the David
important work,” he said. foundation is a major contributor to Party, Bohnett last year donated Bohnett Foundation, will oversee about $5 million in donations this
In the position he’s held since HRC’s Historically Black Colleges & $30,400 to the Democratic National year to various political candidates and social justice causes.
2000, Fleming is charged with Universities Program, which edu- Committee, according to Federal
decision-making and oversight cates students in leading viable Election Commission reports. Other LGBT legislation, Fleming said profit programs are also things that
for grants that gay billionaire phi- LGBT programs on campus. donations have gone to the few this perceived lack of progress he would care about our elected
lanthropist David Bohnett makes “It’s been another program that Democratic candidates that could hasn’t been a factor in his advice leaders paying attention to.”
to social justice causes through gets young people — those who take Republican seats this fall, as Bohnett’s political director.
the foundation he chairs. are [attending] historically black col- including a $2,000 contribution to “I don’t just say, ‘Well, this ‘Relationships are primary’
For 2010, Fleming estimates leges and universities — to come to Missouri Secretary of State Robin administration may have let us While the fruits of contributing
the Bohnett Foundation’s total D.C.,” Fleming said. “There’s train- Carnahan, who’s seeking to become down on this item,’” Fleming said. to candidates and campaigns
amount of donations will top $5 ing that they go through. They learn the state’s next U.S. senator. “I look at things in totality [and are difficult to witness firsthand
million. Among the causes that about the political process; they Other recipients of Bohnett’s say], ‘Well, they may have suc- — except on election night or
are a priority for the organization learn how to take those skills back donations are gay congressional ceeded here and succeeded when pro-LGBT bills become law
are LGBT rights, gun control and to the campus.” candidates. Bohnett gave Steve there.’” — keeping an eye on work
the arts. Even animal language Michael Cole, an HRC spokesper- Pougnet in California, the mayor of Sean Theriault, a gay govern- resulting from the foundation’s
research gets a cut. son, said the “continued generosity” Palm Springs who’s running for ment professor at the University contributions is a different story.
But donations to LGBT causes, of the Bohnett Foundation has Congress, $4,800 last year. David of Texas, Austin, said even donat- Fleming was able to witness
Fleming said, land the most enabled the program for seven years Cicilline in Rhode Island, the mayor ing $30,000 to the Democratic such work upon his visit to the
money, accounting for about 65 to to “combat homophobia and intoler- of Providence who’s running for National Committee in the grand Congressional Hispanic Caucus
70 percent of the organization’s ance on campuses where they too Congress, received $2,400. scheme is “small potatoes.” Institute, where about 30 Latino col-
annual donations. Fleming noted often run rampant.” Fleming said donations to the “Now, if he bundles that lege students last week gathered to
that LGBT work is important for “When we started the pro- gay congressional candidates money with other ‘gay money,’ it hear from various speakers as part
the foundation because such gram, there was only a single are important for Bohnett gives him just that much more of their internship program.
efforts are “very personal” for him campus with an LGBT student because they “stand a very good clout,” Theriault said. “What it As part of a $25,000 grant,
and Bohnett, who are both gay. group and now we work to sup- chance” of winning their races. probably buys him is access to the Bohnett Foundation paid for
“I think we’re passionate port 26 such groups at [histori- “We’ve long been … support- politicians who are already sup- two Latino college students to
about it because it’s our lives and cally black colleges and universi- ers of the [Gay & Lesbian] portive of the gay rights agenda.” attend the internship program:
our rights and I think, as a fun- ties],” Cole said. Victory Fund,” Fleming said. “It’s While he wears two hats, Jefrey Valasquez from Mount
der, it’s the most important work The Bohnett Foundation has been one of the chief tenets of Fleming said that Bohnett’s dona- Saint Mary College in New York,
we can be doing,” Fleming said. also provided many local LGBT the Victory Fund that it’s really tions to political candidates and and Rolando Rodriguez from
Fleming said organizations community centers throughout terrific to have friends, but it’s the foundation’s contributions to Columbia University.
that are working to advance the country with cyber centers, even better to have folks from social justice causes are really Waiting at the event for his turn
same-sex marriage in the wake or areas where LGBT people our own community elected.” one-and-the-same mission. to speak, Fleming was dressed in
of Proposition 8 have been a pri- can access computers and the Although there has been criti- “At the end of the day, those a summer grey suit, sensible attire
ority for the Bohnett Foundation. Internet free of charge. Fleming cism that the Obama administra- things are all tied together,” Fleming for the 100-degree temperatures.
Funds are being directed to estimated that the foundation tion and Congress have not said. “What he believes in when he
Equality California, the National has provided funds and equip- moved quickly enough on pro- gives money to really terrific non- Continues on page 17
july 30, 2010 • 13

703 D St NW 1221 Mass Ave NW*

Washington, DC Washington, DC
202-628-1288 202-628-7979
14 • july 30, 2010
july 30, 2010 • 15
16 • july 30, 2010


Ryan White program likely to be scaled back

Continued from page 1 look alike.” that will be through the mandatory “I think we know from our “It will not solve all of our
Blanchon and other Clinic offi- expansion of the Medicaid program.” experience with HIV that we’ve access issues,” said Schmid of
HIV and AIDS, some believe the cials said the new status enables He said that similar to all built up a great HIV workforce,” the new health care measure.
law could prompt large numbers the Clinic to accept a greater Americans, people with HIV will also he said. “We have a lot of expert- Weinstein said that state pro-
of patients to leave community- number of Medicaid patients as be eligible for private insurance cov- ise. I want to make sure as we grams to expand health insur-
based clinics and seek medical well as patients with a wide erage through a variety of options build and expand an insurance ance have been slow to enroll as
care elsewhere. range of private health insur- based on their income. Among the system through the Affordable many people as expected for a
With a possible loss of clients, ance. Patients covered by these options will be the purchase of Care Act that these HIV medical variety of reasons, some bureau-
community AIDS clinics would be in programs allow the Clinic to insurance coverage through com- providers are making sure that cratic in nature.
jeopardy of losing government obtain reimbursement for its petitive insurance exchanges. He they’re part of this new system. “So I wouldn’t expect an
funding, which is based on the services by doctors, its own noted that by 2014, no insurance “Some of them might only overnight change in 2014,” he
number of clients served. It would pharmacy, and other service company can deny coverage based receive funding through the Ryan said, pointing to a need to keep
be ironic, some have said, if the providers, eliminating the need on pre-existing conditions such as White programs, and I would say the Ryan White program operat-
benefits of health care reform result to rely more on private donors. HIV or other illnesses. they need to look at their future ing for some time after 2014.
in the closing of community institu- Unlike other community-based Keith Maley, a spokesperson and say that they need to be part Weinstein said that in some
tions that have served people with AIDS clinics, Whitman-Walker will for the U.S. Department of Health of the new insurance system,” he states, including California,
AIDS during a time of need. be in an excellent position to take & Human Services, which will said. “But there’s no question that Medicaid reimbursement for med-
“The LGBT community and on new patients or retain its exist- administer most of the provisions we’re going to need their expertise ical services is far lower than that
people living with HIV are going ing ones as the new health care of the new health care law, said and commitment at providing provided by private insurance com-
to have options that they may not reform measure enables the people with HIV and other illness- medical care going forward.” panies. He predicted that people
have now,” said Don Blanchon, majority of patients to obtain pri- es could be immediately eligible Crowley’s reference to the Ryan with HIV or AIDS who obtain cover-
executive director of the vate insurance or Medicaid. for private insurance coverage White Care Act, the largest existing age under the new law through
Whitman-Walker Clinic, which Under the Patient Protection through high-risk pools. federal program created to provide Medicaid might be turned away by
has served people with HIV and & Affordable Care Act, all lower- People eligible for the immedi- care for low-income people with private doctors who decline to take
AIDS since the epidemic began. income individuals, including ate coverage must show that they HIV/AIDS, is expected to change all Medicaid patients.
“And so for us, health care people with HIV, will be eligible have had no health insurance cov- significantly following the full imple- “The reimbursement that we
reform has been a real motivator for Medicaid coverage if they fall erage for six consecutive months, mentation of the Patient Protection receive from Medicaid or from pri-
around us improving the quality of below 133 percent of the federal have a chronic health condition, & Affordable Care Act, according to vate insurance is far below our
what we do because we know poverty level, where an individ- and are not eligible for employer officials with a number of national cost and far below what we get
we’re going to have to get better,” ual has an income of about provided insurance or Medicaid. AIDS groups. from Ryan White,” he said of the
he said. “We know at some point in $15,000 a year or lower. Crowley noted that the new law Many people, including Crowley, AIDS Healthcare Foundation. “So
time almost every District resident Under current federal law, low- has other immediate benefits for agree that the Ryan White program we will suffer a hit in that regard
is going to have some type of pub- income people with full-blown AIDS people with HIV and other chronic should remain, but most likely in a as well as most providers.”
lic or private insurance, which are already eligible for Medicaid cov- health conditions. As of July 1, private scaled back form. Congress passed But Weinstein said his organi-
means they, in theory, are going to erage. But Congress has declined to health insurers can no longer use a the act in the 1990s as a means of zation has a wide variety of
be able to go to a lot of different pass legislation proposed by AIDS rescission, a practice that cancels a helping cities and states that were income streams and the lower
places for their care.” advocacy groups calling for Medicaid policy when someone gets sick and grappling with the enormous burden reimbursements under the new
Blanchon noted that a financial coverage for low-income people with needs expensive treatment. of providing care for people with law “won’t be a fatal blow to us.”
crisis that Whitman-Walker faced HIV, with the intent of providing med- He said the law also immediate- HIV/AIDS who lacked health insur- Blanchon said the benefits of
four years ago forced it to take steps ical services to prevent them from ly prohibits insurers from imposing ance coverage and were overwhelm- the new law greatly outweigh its
that have placed it in an excellent advancing to AIDS. a lifetime “cap” on insurance bene- ing local and state hospitals and possible shortfalls.
position to flourish under the health The new law makes that legis- fits. Annual limits on coverage or health care facilities. “Health care reform is going to
care reform law. The Clinic’s board lation unnecessary after 2014, benefits will end in 2014, he said. Carl Schmid, director of federal be a real help to our patients and
hired Blanchon, a managed care when the Medicaid provision Crowley, a gay man who previ- affairs for the AIDS Institute, a nation- clearly to the Clinic because more
expert, to help the Clinic navigate a takes effect. ously worked for the National al advocacy organization; Michael of our patients are going to be
time when private donations and Jeffrey Crowley, director of the Association of People with AIDS Weinstein, executive director of the insured under more comprehen-
fundraising efforts were faltering. White House Office of National before joining the White House AIDS Healthcare Foundation, the sive benefit programs,” he said.
With the board’s full approval AIDS Policy, told the Blade the staff, said he expects most com- nation’s largest AIDS-related medical “And what that means at the
and over the objections of some Patient Protection & Affordable munity-based AIDS clinics and care provider; and Jose Zuniga, end of the day is the Clinic is not
of the Clinic’s longtime supporters Care Act is a significant advance- local and national AIDS advocacy executive director of the International going to have to shell out as much
and volunteers, Blanchon trans- ment for the care and treatment for organizations to continue to exist Association of Physicians in AIDS free care. So we’re going to be in
formed the Clinic from a volunteer people with HIV/AIDS. after the health care law is fully Care, said they believe the Ryan a position to be able to offer more
model operation into a managed “It will fundamentally expand implemented in 2014. However, he White program will be needed for at services to more patients and
care-type facility, becoming a access to insurance coverage for peo- said most will have to change the least some services the new law keep them healthy, and ultimately
“federally qualified health center ple living with HIV,” he said. “Much of way they do business. does not provide. that’s what we’re here for.”

‘Exorbitant’ rent forces

MOVA to move within D.C.
D.C. gay bar MOVA, formerly that came from. But because of N.W., where the bar is located.
known as Halo, is planning to the exorbitant amount of rent that “No one can survive on that,”
move to a new but undetermined we pay, we are looking to move he said. “So we are seriously
location in D.C., according to the location to a different area.” looking at different locations to
owner Babak Movahedi. Movahedi said his rent move MOVA, not to close MOVA.”
Movahedi dismissed as “silly” exceeds $25,000 a month and Movahedi said he has three
and untrue rumors that he planned his landlord has declined to possible locations in mind and
to close the bar this summer. negotiate a more affordable rent, will make an announcement as
Washington Blade file photo by Michael Key
“We’re not closing down even though MOVA paid the full soon as “the signatures are on
MOVA, that’s for sure,” he told cost of a major renovation of the the paper.” MOVA will move to a new D.C. location.
the Blade. “I don’t know where interior space at 1435 P St., LOU CHIBBARO JR.
july 30, 2010 • 17


‘Everything in life is about relationships’

Continued from page 12 Latino communities,” Fleming said. “The guys against me are the same ones that the benefits of his work is “overwhelming”
good news is that at end of the day, there paint me as a middle-aged white guy and because it’s far more informative than
Behind his silver spectacles was a face was this poll out in the past week about say, ‘Oh, you should [vote] this way on looking at grant reports.
bronzed with a California tan. marriage equality in California, and immigration,’” Fleming said. “They will “I think when you’re funding some-
When his turn to speak came, Fleming they’re the one minority community that’s break us up, they will target us. They will thing,” he said, “especially an internship,
introduced himself to the students and over 50 percent in favor of it.” split us any way they can. Our communi- especially something that involves young
noted how impressed he was with the stu- Fleming said that those who care about ties, whatever communities we think we people, nothing compares to meeting
dents’ resumes. An organizer said that only LGBT civil rights are the same people belong to, are much bigger than just one them and hearing their stories and hear-
30 out of 396 applicants were accepted. who care about other people’s civil rights. group, just one small group.” ing what they learned working in
Fleming described the students as peo- “The same folks who want to target you Fleming said touring the country to see Washington for the summer.”
ple who have already achieved much. He
advised them to focus on the relationships
they build over the course of their careers.
“My sense is that everything in life is
about relationships,” Fleming said.
“Relationships are primary; everything
else is secondary.”
As an example, Fleming recounted that
he first knew Bohnett as someone who
worked out at his local gym in Los
Angeles. That relationship ultimately land-
ed him a position running the foundation.
Fleming also recalled how Bohnett in 1999
closed a huge deal after GeoCities — an early
social networking website he founded — was
sold to Yahoo for about $3 billion. A few
months after the sale, Fleming said Bohnett
invited him for breakfast after a workout.
“It was the worst restaurant,” Fleming
recalled. “You made $3 billion. Why’d he take me
to this dump?”
Fleming said Bohnett asked him to
help him give away his money and wrote
down on a napkin the social justice caus-
es deserving of donations.
“He says, ‘I got $3 billion. Do you want
to help me?’” Fleming said. “Something’s
telling me go to the gym more often.”
Since he accepted the position, Fleming
said the Bohnett Foundation has made dona-
tions to various causes, including leadership-
training programs like the one in which the
students attending the event were engaged.
Fleming said he takes particular pride in
the Bohnett Foundation’s contributions to the
Latino internship program because the Latino
community often goes unfunded by other
foundations. He noted that the average allo-
cation of philanthropic dollars to non-Latinos
per year is $62, while those in the Latino
community receive around $4.20.
“Some of these foundations are not pay-
ing attention,” Fleming said. “I’m going to go
out and rely on all of you to go out there and
pay attention. Those numbers have to
increase. There’s no excuse why they won’t.”
Fleming also stressed the importance of
minority groups, including LGBT people, real-
izing that they’re part of a common coalition.
Recalling the fight in 2008 over Prop 8,
Fleming said those advocating for the
California measure sought to disrupt the
coalition of traditionally progressive groups.
“And folks who don’t [want] people like me
to get married — when they have to go look
for a community that they thought would be
their friend and vote against [Prop] 8, who’d
they target?” Fleming asked the audience.
One of the students responded,
“African Americans.”
“And?” Fleming asked.
“Latinos,” said another student.
“And they spend ridiculous sums of
money trying to have a conversation in the
18 • july 30, 2010

VIEWPOINT washingtonblade
Vol. 41, Issue 31
Address: 1810 14th St., N.W.,

Nervous Nellie Democrats want your money

Washington, D.C. 20009
Phone: 202-747-2077
Publisher: Brown Naff Pitts Omnimedia, Inc.
their distinct minority status, anti- extending its trembling hand for Congress and the party to make
Give to candidates, LGBT extremists wield inordi- another round of donations. Like good on ENDA. That there exists PUBLISHER
not a cowardly nate power when directly chal- a broken record, we’re already no plan in the Senate to move on ext. 8075
lenged. Swat that nest, the think- hearing how important it is to ENDA anytime soon confirms the
political party ing goes, and the hornets will give money to the DNC. worst suspicions about the party EDITORIAL
swarm. Incumbents, especially Party treasurer Andrew Tobias, tossing breadcrumbs to keep gay KEVIN NAFF ext. 8088
By KEVIN NAFF this year, aren’t eager to add per- who’s gay, again finds himself in the donors on the financial hook for
News & Multimedia Editor
ceived obstacles to reelection.” unenviable position of asking for another election cycle. JOSHUA LYNSEN
As Congress heads into its This isn’t a new problem for the money from a constituency that is Gay money this year is better ext. 8086
August recess and the November party. Many in the Democratic tired of being taken for granted. Why directed to individual incumbents Features
elections draw near, the Democrats Party base were anxious for bold should we give money to a party and challengers who support our ext. 8081
are plunged into full panic mode, change after eight years of the that promises the moon and deliv- issues, not just in private, off-the- Sr. News Reporter
with some prognosticators con- Bush-Cheney debacle. And some ers only the lowest-hanging fruit? record meetings, but in public LOU CHIBBARO JR. ext. 8079
vinced the Republicans will retake have been mollified, following pas- According to Tobias, it’s because statements and votes. Since News Reporter
the House. sage of financial regulation and “Democrats are overwhelmingly Howard Dean’s groundbreaking CHRIS JOHNSON
Playing defense is, of course, health care reform. But the change more supportive of our issues than presidential campaign, many have ext. 8083

familiar turf for Democrats, who around signature LGBT issues Republicans.” Unfortunately, that’s predicted that the Internet will one Editorial Intern
never seem comfortable in power. remains elusive, as Democrats not saying much. As Tobias himself day mean the end of the modern Staff Photographer
They live in perpetual fear of Fox have backed down from promises has pointed out, 224 Republicans political party, as donors can more MICHAEL KEY
News, Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh and cowered in fear of what Glenn scored a zero on HRC’s congres- easily direct contributions to candi-
and a handful of other shrill Beck might say about them. sional scorecard for the 109th dates. It hasn’t happened yet, but a PRODUCTION
blowhards, even though the far The Employment Non- Congress. So being “more support- diminished role for the two central- Creative Director
right has all but lost the culture Discrimination Act is arguably ive” isn’t enough. ized parties would likely benefit ext. 8074
wars, particularly when it comes to the most important piece of that The administration has made LGBT equality. Graphic Designer
gay issues. Witness last week’s change. First introduced in the numerous pro-LGBT policy In the meantime, Democratic GEORGE BETANCOURT
pathetic turnout for a rally against 1970s, ENDA has been watered changes and appointments, most politicians will never shake their nerv-
marriage equality in Maryland down and kicked around for of which don’t make mainstream ous Nellie ways and stand up for Sr. Acct. Executive
staged by the dinosaurs at decades. It’s now all but dead in media news. Tobias is a good guy LGBT constituents if BRIAN PITTS ext. 8089
National Organization for Marriage. the Senate and if Republicans and he’s right to tout the progress they know gay donors
Acct. Executive
The Victory Fund’s Chuck take the House, we’re in for a to date. But expectations were will write checks elec- JERYL PARADE
Wolfe recently wrote about this prolonged wait on basic job pro- set much higher than what’s tion after election ext. 8072
phenomenon of Democrats afraid tections that a vast majority of been delivered. Candidate regardless of legisla- Marketing Sales Executive
of their own power. Americans support. Obama vowed to repeal the tive advances. ext. 8084
“Congress still hasn’t enacted Despite the justified LGBT Defense of Marriage Act, a bold Classified Advertising
significant protections for LGBT disappointment and frustration promise that I never expected Kevin Naff is editor of PHILLIP G. ROCKSTROH
the Washington Blade. ext. 8092
Americans,” Wolfe wrote. “Why? with nervous Democrats, the him to honor in a first term. I did, Reach him at
Advertising Intern
Fear, mostly. Fear that despite party has no qualms about however, expect him, the MALCOLM SCOTT
For distribution, contact Lynne Brown
at 202-747-2077, ext. 8075
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marriage equality seemed bleak. when Republican Gov. Jim the vote tallies that the vote was
Supporting marriage The economy was faltering, and Douglas announced his intention uncontroversial. It wasn’t.
Blade. The sexual orientation of advertisers, photog-
raphers, writers and cartoonists published herein is

equality is right — many of our own supporters in to veto the bill, an uphill battle In November, dozens of
neither inferred nor implied. The appearance of
names or pictorial representation does not neces-
sarily indicate the sexual orientation of that person
the Vermont Legislature were became a Herculean task. Vermont legislators who stuck
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the overwhelming electoral back- to work. We had entered the port for the override. responsibility for its return. The editors reserve the
In 2009, our civil rights move- lash following passage of our process with a substantial major- In the meantime, Sen. Shumlin is right to accept, reject or edit any submission.
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a convenient free distribution point, you may
Maine turned the tide, passing Our only chance to get the job some representing quite conser- stood up for us in 2009 (vermont- receive a 52-week mailed subscription for $175 per
marriage equality bills in all three done was to rely on strong and vative districts or facing over-, and Vermont year. Checks or credit card orders can be sent to
Phil Rockstroh at
New England states (though vot- effective leadership. Vermont whelming personal or intra-party Freedom to Marry Action
ers in Maine narrowly turned Senate President Peter Shumlin pressures, in order to override Committee is urging our community Postmaster: Send address changes to the
Washington Blade, PO BOX 73647 Washington, DC
back Maine’s advance). The D.C. stepped up to the plate. Inspired by the veto. The night before the to support Peter Shumlin for gover- 20056. The Washington Blade is published week-
City Council followed suit. And his own indignation at Prop 8, and override vote, we were still two nor. ( ly, on Friday, by Brown Naff Pitts Omnimedia, Inc.
Individual Subscriptions are $175 per year for 52
legislators in Iowa held the line defying the conventional wisdom votes short. I spent the evening We’re doing this to send a mes- issues (only $3.37 per issue mailed to you USPS).
Rates for businesses/institutions are $350 per year.
against the backlash after the that taught that the freedom to drafting a press statement sage to politicians across the Periodical postage paid at Washington, D.C., and
Iowa Supreme Court’s ruling marry was a third-rail issue, Sen. acknowledging the setback and country that supporting the free- additional mailing offices.
affirming our equal right to marry. Shumlin vowed to do whatever he vowing to continue our efforts. dom to marry is not only the right Editorial positions of the Washington Blade are
In each of those places, coura- could to pass a marriage law in The light of day brought fairer thing to do, but it’s the politically expressed in editorials and in editors’ notes as deter-
mined by the paper’s editors. Other opinions are
geous leaders stuck their necks 2009; he kept his pledge. He put winds, and the legislature over- smart thing to do. And we’re doing those of the writers and do not necessarily represent
out to get the job done, often at the issue high on the agenda, and rode the governor’s veto by a this because, after years of asking the opinion of the Washington Blade or its staff.
great personal and political risk. urged, cajoled and inspired many 100-49 vote—without a single them to stand up for us, it’s our To submit a letter or commentary: Letters should be
Our collective success going for- of his reluctant counterparts to vote to spare, making Vermont turn to step up for them. fewer than 400 words; commentaries should be fewer
than 750 words. Submissions may be edited for con-
ward will depend on the strength of come along. Without his commit- the first state in the nation to tent and length, and must include a name, address
our commitment to stand by our ment, we would never have gotten secure the freedom to marry Beth Robinson is chair of Vermont and phone number for verification. Send submissions
Freedom to Marry Action Committee by e-mail to
friends through November. out of the blocks. through legislation. We didn’t get and helped lead Vermont’s marriage
Take Vermont. In the fall of It was a tough political lift much national press at the time, movement for the past 15 years. Reach
2010 Brown Naff Pitts Omnimedia, Inc.
her via
2008, our prospects for securing under any circumstances, but and folks may assume based on
july 30, 2010 • 19


Routine HIV testing is a flawed strategy

Too much time and the CDC believe that we should
make an effort to screen every-
risk for transmission. By focusing
on people at the highest risk for
anything about the client in
advance; so if there are no risk fac-
norms, fear and stigma will still
prevent some people from seeking
effort wasted on those one — as in every American. transmission, we are more likely tors, choosing not to test a person health care even when it’s free or
This is a deeply flawed to discover new infections. If I for HIV is actually client-centered. largely subsidized.
who aren’t at risk approach. Attempting to test every were looking for cavities it’s much By making HIV testing a routine I know people who advocate
American for HIV would be too more likely that I would find them part of health care, it invites lazy for routine and/or universal HIV
By ISAIAH WEBSTER III costly, and more importantly, it in people who eat lots of candy care from doctors. If HIV testing is testing are well intentioned; some
would not lead to discovering a than in people who never eat routine, then doctors won’t need to of these people are my col-
President Barack Obama significant number of new infec- candy and brush their teeth three talk to their patients about risks; leagues and friends. And you
unveiled a new National AIDS tions. And while routine HIV testing times a day. they will simply give them the test can’t fault good people for trying
Strategy earlier this month, and sounds good in theory, in practice, The jury is still out on whether and check off a box on a form. This to help others learn their HIV sta-
the plan calls for more emphasis it makes no sense either. trying to test everyone is a sound is not client-centered; this is health tus, which certainly leads to
on HIV antibody testing. Unlike cancer or diabetes, HIV strategy. We should measure this care system-centered. It would be healthier communities and fewer
Surprise, surprise. is a virus that is acquired through approach and weigh its effective- much better if doctors actually new infections. But these blanket
As those of us who work in certain behavior. While I might be ness against a more targeted spent time talking to patients, get- efforts to test the masses are mis-
the HIV prevention field know, more likely to get diabetes approach to HIV testing. ting to know them more closely, guided and lazy. It’s hard work to
increased testing efforts are not because it runs in my family, my Routine HIV testing is another and recommending what tests seek out and test the people who
new at all. The U.S. Centers for risks for HIV are not increased if grand idea that only works in theo- they should take based on individ- need HIV testing the most, but
Disease Control and Prevention my parents both died of AIDS. I ry. HIV testing, and the risk reduc- ual need. Routine testing also that is the calling of this genera-
has been pushing routine HIV can only catch HIV by explicitly tion counseling that goes along with assumes that people see a physi- tion of AIDS activists. And no mat-
testing for years. The idea is doing something to acquire it, like it, should always be client-centered. cian routinely; this concept ter how routine the test or how
that HIV testing should be sharing needles or having unpro- This means that each testing event becomes even more flawed when readily available it is, we must
included in a battery of tests tected sex. Testing everybody, is approached from the perspective you consider the number of people convince people it is within their
performed during a routine regardless of their risk factors, is of what’s in the best interest of the who never see a doctor. Studies best interest to know their status
physical. The CDC, along with unwise because it wastes too person being tested. Under this show that the people who don’t and to protect their communities.
many in the HIV prevention much time and effort on those construct, no two HIV testing ses- have routine medical care are the
arena, believes that HIV testing who aren’t at risk. Since we have sions are ever the same; and it very people at the highest risk for
Isaiah Webster III is director of capac-
should be a common practice. limited resources and limited would be impossible to predeter- HIV. And let’s not leap to the con- ity building for Metro TeenAIDS in
Though not many people are manpower, it makes more sense mine any aspect of the session clusion that health care reform Washington, D.C. The views expressed
publicly saying that testing to focus prevention efforts on itself. For example, a client-cen- equals more people taking advan- here are his and do not necessarily
reflect the views of MTA.
should be required, many within people who are at the highest tered approach would not assume tage of health care. Cultural
washingtonblade • vol. 41, issue 31 • july 30, 2010 • Page 20

long term appreciation rate for the

Getting Back to past 25 years was nearly 8% and

mortgage rates have previously
been much higher. Even if appreci-
ation rates for the next several years

are only half of what they have been
historically, you will do fine.
Generally speaking the days of flip-
ping are over and buying fixer
uppers results in over-improving the
property. Foreclosures and short
sales can be extremely complicated
and take months to navigate.
For sellers, remember that your
By JOHN PLANK improvements may or may not home needs a customized, com-
translate to a seller’s bottom line. prehensive marketing program and
Although the local real estate Some of this confusion can be proper pricing. Buyers today are
market is experiencing increased explained by the 24-hour news just as well-educated and if your
stabilization overall, there is no one cycle and the onslaught of infor- home is overpriced, they will not
rule for all submarkets, property mation that technology has made come through the door to fall in
types and price points. For the possible. A very favorable local love. Their perception of the value
month of June, 2010, for example, housing report may come out in of your property is dramatically dif-
the median townhome price in the morning and then some ugly ferent if it has been on the market 3
Arlington was up 11% relative to national foreclosure rate comes days rather than 3 months.
the same month in 2009. The out in the afternoon. The emo- As with any important financial,
number of condos selling in DC in tions of someone in the middle of medical or legal decision, consult
the $500-600k range was down by a real estate transaction are sud- Image courtesy of John Plank a seasoned expert when consid-
9%, while the number of units sell- denly tied to the direction of the ering buying, selling, updating or
ing in the $600-700k was up 54% latest statistic. My best advice is er sustained affordability. exchange for coffee shops and investing in real estate. Cocktail
and the number of detached hous- to remember that bad news sells On the down side, the lesson restaurants within a few blocks. party suggestions or advice from
es settling in Montgomery County better than good news, take a we’ve also learned is that when In addition to the trend toward Grandpa who bought his last
was up almost 13%. deep breath, and don’t get caught economic, social and world urbanization of neighborhoods, home in 1948 may not suffice.
These figures from the Multiple up in daily news reports. events occur, they have a direct we are seeing changes in atti- Personally, I always seek counsel
Listing Service by themselves Leverage (the price of the impact on demand and prices for tudes towards housing. Owning and assistance in real estate
don’t really inform individual trans- home appreciating compared to properties, and a home is not like is not necessarily the status sym- transactions to minimize the emo-
actions. What I’ve seen are buy- the rate of return on the down many other investments which bol it once was. Both financially tional component and help keep
ers that are over-negotiating, payment) and the ability to write are more liquid in nature. and in regards to your lifestyle, things in perspective.
resulting in a loss of a home that off mortgage interest and real Buyers today are looking for a renting can make sense. Some
was an excellent option because estate taxes makes owning a more balanced combination of people want the flexibility for their John Plank, Associate Broker,
they were looking for a below- home an excellent investment for urban environment, neighbor- job, relationship or just because… has a BS/BA Degree in Real
market deal. Lack of inventory in people who plan on staying for hood character, amenities and What if I want a puppy? What if I Estate Construction & Investment
some submarkets has seen a more than a couple years. With proximity to work than in the past. want to travel? A detached house and 25 years of experience
return of bidding wars where buy- historically low interest rates and Many people want less bling and may be the ideal answer for servicing DC, Maryland & Virginia
ers are dramatically overpaying. some of the highest wages in the are willing to pay a premium to some, renting an apartment the with Long & Foster Real Estate.
On the other end, investing time country, our area enjoys a gener- chop 30 minutes off their com- ideal answer for others. He can be reached at
and money on staging and ally more stable market and high- muting time each day in For buyers, remember that the

EVERS & CO. Real Estate, Inc.
703.629.8455 (c) 202.464.8400 (o)
REALESTATE july 30, 2010 • 21

Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

sells over 50% of all properties over
$1 million in the nation!
Owned and Operated Unmatched Resources; Impeccable Service; A Track Record of Distinction
by NRT Incorporated Dedicated to your Luxury Real Estate Property Needs!


550 N ST SW # S-802 3505 17TH STREET, NW • $499,900
DON'T DELAY! This gorgeous loft style condominium is nestled THE RHAPSODY
$1,225,000 2120 VERMONT AV NE #2
1ST OPEN SUNDAY 1-3PM! in a park like setting at an entrance to Rock Creek Park!
Peaceful and serene! Completely renovated, 1 BR, 1.5 BA, two PRICE REDUCED!
Luxury living in DC's SW Waterfront with amazing views of
levels, hardwood floors, drop dead gourmet kitchen (!), f/p, in- $233,200
the Potomac, monuments & more! Beautiful 3 bedroom,
unit washer/dryer, front & rear balconies, newer systems, this SUPER NICE! Bank Owned Lower Level Condo in the
2.5 bath unit with Brazilian granite floors, kitchen with
exquisite condo is simply - STUNNING!! Parking included! Just Rhapsody, with stainless steel appliances, wood floors,
Poggenpohl cabinetry, Stainless Steel Bosch appliances,
minutes to all city amenities! DON'T MISS. gas cooking, walk in closet, top of the line finishes, and
Boffi & Waterworks Bath & Washer/Dryer
OPEN SATURDAY, JULY 30TH 1 - 3 & located near metro rail. Sold Totally As-Is.
in unit. Building also has indoor pool!
SUNDAY, AUG. 1ST 1 - 4. Seller will not assist with any inspections.
Details/photos at


DAVID BEDIZ 202-352-8456 202-288-3185 202-465-2357

ST NW #1
Tasteful and architectural
one bedroom with delight-
ful private patio in the heart
of Dupont. A gardener's
and dog lover's delight! SHAW/ LOGAN
Steps to 17th St and short UNDER CONTRACT!
walk to Metro, Logan, 1629 MARION STREET, NW
1201 Q STREET, NW #1
Dupont Circle, U Street, WASHINGTON, DC
restaurants, cafes, and $589,000
shops. Wood floors, fire- This beautiful single family home has been completely
Surrounded by southern facing windows, this corner unit
place, built-ins, chair rail, renovated!! Truly special - 3BR/2BA, 2 fireplaces, new
with turret is flooded with sun. Fantastic location only 3
crown molding, big clos- bamboo floors, updated kitchen with breakfast room, cen-
blocks to Whole Foods, 1 block off Logan Circle. The
ets, front and rear tral a/c, great closet space, new deck overlooking delight-
stone floors, huge closets, recessed lights, granite coun-
entrances. ful garden, full basement, the list goes on & on. Just steps
ters, extremely low condo fee, and the unusually large
number of parking spaces surrounding away from METRO and many city
the building make this a Slam Dunk! amenities! You'll love this one!


202-465-2357 202-288-3185
202-387-6180 JBLUMSDEN@AOL.COM

1326 R STREET,
NW #4
LY! Sun splashed top
floor unit with over 1,100
sq. ft. of open space.
2BR/2BA, high ceilings,
hdwd flrs, f/p, large
kitchen with pass-thru to
LR & Dining area, w/d,
CAC, skylights, pet GEORGETOWN
friendly and PARKING!
Just steps to Metro,
1731 RIGGS PL NW $1,549,000
Restaurants, Shopping,
$1,699,000 Treetops, now Bank Owned, was fully renovated and
Amazing 3 unit fully renovated historic townhome on rebuilt in 2003 includes chefs kitchen w/top-of-the-line
Whole Foods, 17th St.
quiet Dupont street. 2 separately metered 1 bedrm appliances, custom kitchen cabinets, speakers throughout
action.....the finest in
Logan Circle living! apartments with updated kitchens and W/D. Dramatic 2 home; marble & granite fireplaces, built in office & library,
bedroom owner's unit with beautiful details, open living whirlpool baths, premium windows. SOLD AS-IS, SELLER
room with fireplace, gorgeous chef's kitchen, separate WILL MAKE NO REPIARS. BROKER
dining area, roof deck and 2 car parking! MAKES NO REPRESENTATIONS RE
Details/photos at PROPERTY CONDITION.


202-288-3185 DAVID BEDIZ 202-352-8456 202-465-2357

“The most tools, the most technology, the most leads, the best working environment. Sound interesting?
Call me to discuss the advantages of Coldwell Banker. We offer more so our agents can do more for our clients.”
Kevin McDuffie, GRI, Managing Broker • 202.439.2435 (c) • 1606 17th Street NW cbmove com
22 • july 30, 2010 REALESTATE
Osprey Landing at Love Point
Bay Front Estate

Gated, waterfront estate with endless views of the

Chesapeake Bay. This totally custom designed &
built residence boasts top quality materials & fin-
ishes including–Brazilian Walnut wrap around
porch, screened gazebo, back up generator,
Architectural Series Pella windows & doors, Hardy
Plank siding, heated in-ground pool, Brazilian
cherry hardwoods on the main & upper levels,
Gourmet Kitchen with professional appliances,
granite, imported ceramic flooring, double sided
fireplace, 325' of bulk headed water frontage,
imported lighting, outstanding landscaping, &
expansive Master Bedroom Suite with sitting
room, fireplace, & huge custom closet. 5,625
Square feet of luxury on 2.9 acres with stellar bay
views from most rooms. This prestigious home is
well suited for grand scale entertaining and cozy
family gatherings. Also available fully furnished.
Recent appraisal of $3,200,000 and priced to
move at $2,372,500!

for a photo gallery and virtual tour.

Professionally Marketed by
Kathy Langsner
410.458.6335 Cellular
41.647.2222 Main

Your Retreat Awaits!

Distinctive Tudor façade opens to one of the more interesting
homes in Chevy Chase DC. You’ll love relaxing in the great
room with its vaulted ceiling and glorious natural light.
Take in some fresh air on the porch and patio or unwind in
the sauna. This is a great home for entertaining! Photos and
virtual tour at

Presented by:
Steve Agostino
REALESTATE july 30, 2010 • 23

8Eastern Ave #20 Annapolis, MD 21403

All of the luxury, none of the worry in this wonder-
ful gated community in Eastport. Beautiful bay-
side pool, panoramic views of the Naval Academy
and the Severn River. Completely redone in 2007
and barely used since. This end unit is a show
place and could be turn key as furniture is nego-
tiable. Four bedrooms and four and a half baths,
two fireplaces, waterside decks on each level, elec-
tric awnings, private walk out water side patio on
lower level. Walk to town or any of the wonderful restaurants in Eastport. End of a very quiet
street. Renovation was done with a designer and top of the line everything! $2,250,000

1712 Westminister Way Annapolis, MD 21401

Beautiful contemporary home on over an acre of
forest in the Downs. This very private 4 bed-
room home (or 3 bedroom plus office) features a
large deck that stretches the length of the house
and mature landscaping. The gourmet kitchen
has granite counters, stainless appliances and a
lunch bar. The master suite features a private
deck, large walk-in closet and bathroom with
large travertine shower and separate Jacuzzi
tub. Other features include laundry room, cir-
cular driveway and two-car garage. $834,900
24 • july 30, 2010 REALESTATE

Welcome to the vintage beauty and

tranquility of yesteryear intertwined
with the convenience of today!
Charming 4 BR home exudes love and
caring from the foyer through the living
room with fireplace and dining/library
out to the beautiful gardens and fish-
ponds. Relax in the garden room or
deck taking in the sounds of the flow-
ing waterfall while surrounded by the
visual delight of nature’s palette. An
aesthetic feast! Quaint 2 bedroom cot-
tage in rear provides potential income.


from 12 P.M. to 3 P.M.
Call for details and to preview.

Pam Verity 609-425-2550

Coldwell Banker
Otton Real Estate

The Realtors you refer

to your Friends & Family
The Gale Storm Team
571.236.9329 •

Licensed in DC, MD & VA

Denis Dison answers 20 questions.
arts & entertainment
Queery, PAGE 28 • vol. 41, issue 31 • july 30, 2010 • Page 25

Meet the

Blogger helps locals

know about it,” Melrose said in an Washington after graduation, but Photo courtesy of Melrose
interview. Melrose is in her mid-30s the city’s accessible culture had
find free or cheap and works part-time as a freelance her hooked. AMY MELROSE promotes ‘funky’ events that are free or cheap in the
new media marketing consultant. “You don’t have to be 21, have D.C. area.
area events Melrose’s self-described blog a car, or have a lot of money” to
“baby” was born in October 2007, take advantage of D.C.’s culture
By STEPHEN KILAR while Melrose was between jobs, and recreation, Melrose said. Entertainment on a budget
Special to the Blade after a few glasses of wine during Melrose compiles her blog with Following is a sampling of events from Amy Melrose’s blog. For
a birthday party. newcomers and tourists in mind. more information, be sure to check out
There are more than a dozen “‘You always know all of the “I write it with the idea that the
yoga studios throughout the metro cool stuff going on. You should stork just dropped [readers] in OPEN DOOR READING SERIES WITH JAMIE FORD
area that offer free, low-cost or pay- just start a blog,’” Melrose said D.C. and there’s everything on Thursday, Aug. 5, 7:30 p.m., free
what-you-can classes. More than her friends told her that night. my site they need [to find enter- Open Door Reading with novelist Jamie Ford, author of the NY
five locations that project free Over the prior five years she tainment]: location, price and Times bestselling novel “Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet,”
movies outdoors throughout the had fleetingly thought about creat- directions,” Melrose said. will read at the final Open Door reading of the summer. For details,
summer. And at least three days ing a website that listed inexpen- In addition to her blog, Twitter contact 301-654-8664 or visit
per week, every week, profession- sive events in the District, but a lack feed and Facebook updates, The Writer’s Center
al musicians and actors at venues of time and computer skills inhibit- Melrose posts twice weekly on 4508 Walsh Street
across the city play for free for ed her from actually starting. ReadysetDC and occasionally Metro: Bethesda, just a block or so from the elevator exit
those lucky enough to know where. That night, after the revelry on Borderstan. Melrose has also
How to find out where, exactly? ended, a friend created a blog- entered into an agreement with “5 EYE ASIAN FILM SERIES” FREE OUTDOOR FILMS
Follow Amy B. Melrose, the ger template for Melrose. for a Screenings every Sunday in August
founder and sole blogger of the “It was the kick in the butt I weekly feature column. 8:30-10:30 p.m., film
site “Free in D.C.,” on Twitter. needed to get things going,” said Melrose sees her passion for Free outdoor showing of five award-winning movies every
Or become her fan on Facebook. Melrose. Melrose still uses the orig- collecting and distilling inexpen- Sunday night in August. The selections will span a variety of cul-
Or find her highly trafficked, inal template her friend created for sive, accessible events as a tures and genres - action, drama, and comedy. Blockbusters
searchable site with Google. the site, which averages about 800 community service. abroad, some have never been shown in the United States.
Melrose provides many options unique visitors per weekday. “I do the work, put these Bring a low lawn chair or a blanket to sit on.
to find the event information she When Melrose started the site, events into a digestible format, Parking lot at 5th and I St, NW
aggregates. For free, of course. most of the events she posted so that other people don’t have Metro: Gallery Place - Chinatown or Mt Vernon Sqaure - Convention Center
The energetic, quick-tongued came to her by bills posted in cof- to,” Melrose said. “People expect
Melrose spends more than 20 hours fee shops, bulletin boards outside information to find them now.” OPEN MIC AT THE POTTER’S HOUSE
per week sifting through online invi- restaurant bathrooms, hyper-local But the amount of time she Last Friday of the month (July 30)
tations, e-mails and paper fliers look- newspapers and word-of-mouth. spends finding, posting and con- 7:00-10:30 p.m.
ing for events that fulfill her criteria: Today about half of the events firming the facts of events has led Free, donations appreciated
the event is in the D.C.-metro region, she posts come to her as Facebook her to ask for donations from users The Open Mic is held on the last Friday of every month and is
costs less than $10 and is accessi- invitations. On Saturday, she had 58 via PayPal. In addition, Melrose now open to artists of all genres and styles. Bring your music, your
ble by public transportation. invites sitting in her inbox, waiting to has several local businesses spon- poetry or whatever other Open Mic talent you have to share. All
And to make the cut an event be reviewed for posting. soring her site with small advertise- ages welcome, alcohol-free space.
must be “funky,” a loose term that Melrose, a native of Philadelphia, ments on the page margins. The Potter’s House
encompasses think-tank lectures, moved to the District in 1993 as a Melrose is also, somewhat jokingly, 1658 Columbia Rd, NW (Adams Morgan)
art exhibits and “Kostume Karaoke.” transfer student to George looking for an unpaid intern. She can Metro: Columbia Heights and walk or take the Circulator bus
“Somebody cared enough to offer Washington University, where she be contacted through her website, two stops from Columbia Road at 14th or Woodley Park and
the event. Somebody cared enough majored in psychology and worked, on Facebook take the Circulator bus a few stops to the Safeway, Ontario Rd
to create a sign or invitation for it. And at the university’s Lisner Auditorium. at or via and walk a block and a half.
I care enough to post it so people She did not plan to stay in Twitter at
26 • july 30, 2010

Eat, drink, shop

on a
Summer brings bounty of
discounts to D.C. scene
Special to the Blade

The summer rush on Metro has lately

caused me to strip off my dress shirt and
ride in my Hanes undershirt to keep from
passing out while jammed uncomfortably
close to the nearest stranger’s armpit.
Luckily, D.C. has a plethora of LGBT-
friendly locations that offer happy hour
specials to help you cool off after the rush
hour frenzy.
If you’re looking for a relaxed, low-key bar
scene, Monday “Showtunes” night at JR.’s
offers one of the best deals in town. The $3
beer specials and flat screen TVs playing
Broadway musicals will have you relaxed
and chatty before sunset. Sundays are also
a great night at JR.’s, with a $2 Skyy vodka
special that proves the perfect add-on to Photo courtesy of Perry’s
your “Sunday-Funday” budget plans.
Just a few paces down 17th Street is The long-popular PERRY’S still packs
Cobalt, where Wednesday night karaoke them in with an affordable Sunday brunch,
attracts a crowd with affordable drinks complete with drag entertainment. It’s a
and no cover charge. Specials include: $1 memorable way to end your weekend with
rail drinks and $2 domestic beer from 4-7 out-of-town guests.
p.m. Monday-Saturday and then until 9,
there’s $3 beer and $3 rails. Fridays are for regular specials on some of the city’s
also a must at Cobalt, with an open bar best Thai food.
rail drink special from 11 p.m.-midnight Or cook your own food with produce
and $6 cover at the door. from one of the city’s many farmers mar-
Ziegfeld’s/Secrets (1824 Half St., S.W.) kets. One of our favorites is the 14th and
boasts bargains galore, from reduced cover U Farmers Market held Saturdays from 9
charges on Friday and Saturday (just $5 a.m.-1 p.m. near the Reeves Center. Find
from 9-10:30 p.m.) to its popular shirtless fruit, vegetables, grass-fed beef, pasta,
Thursday special, when doffing your shirt cheese and more at affordable prices.
gets you free drinks from 10-11 p.m. If you’ve made it through the week and
Meanwhile, PW’s Sports Bar & Grill are looking for affordable ways to wind down
(9855 Washington Blvd. N. in Laurel) has and have fun, the venerable Perry’s Sunday
free pool on Wednesdays and happy hour drag brunch on Columbia Road in Adams
lasts all night on Sundays. Morgan provides memorable entertainment
Ladies are in luck, too, as Lace (2214 and a spacious venue with a full buffet.
Rhode Island Ave., N.E.) offers some terrif- “Sundays tend to get very crowded with
ic bargains, including half-price cocktails the line for the drag brunch forming at
and appetizers on Friday, Saturday and around 9 a.m. since it’s on a first come, first
Sunday nights from 6-8 p.m. this weekend. served basis” says manager Devin Sparks.
And don’t miss Lace’s naked sushi bar and “Doors open at 10 a.m., and the first drag
$3 Saki bombs on Thursday, Aug. 5. performance comes on at about 10:45 with
If you’re looking for a quieter evening things winding down by 3 p.m.” The all-you-
with great deals on food, look no further can-eat buffet and drag show price is $22.95
than Masa 14 (1825 14th St., N.W.), which per person (drinks not included), which is a
offers recession friendly prices and terrific reasonable price for entertainment provided
tapas that are big enough to share. If by some of D.C.’s best queens in heels. For
you’re feeling extra exotic, try their popular more information, please visit www.per-
Sangria jugs. For $22, they’re big enough
to share with a large group and the choice If shopping is more your speed, then
between white or red Sangria makes it a there are plenty of places to find a deal this
Argent Heating offers Washington Blade Readers a FREE Energy Audit great option to combine with the tapas of summer. The summer clearance sale at
for the first 10 people who contact us and mention the Blade. your choice. Make sure to get comfortable, Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams (1526 14th
as the large crowds of gay patrons make St., N.W.) ends Aug. 1. You can find dis-
Argent is expanding its services to offer Energy Auditing services. Size does for an entertaining evening full of eye counts on floor samples and other items of
matter and the smaller the carbon footprint the better for our customers. candy and friendly conversation. Visit up to 70 percent and 20 percent off some for more information. special order upholstery. At Israeli Accents
Call 703-281-6300 or contact us through our website: Check out local favorite Thai Tanic in (4838 Boiling Brook Parkway in Rockville)
We are gay-owned and operated. Columbia Heights (3462 14th St., N.W.) you’ll find a unique collection of Judaica at
or in Logan Circle (1326-A 14th St., N.W.) 20 percent discounts.
july 30, 2010 • 27
28 • july 30, 2010

QUEERY: 20 Questions for Denis Dison

By JOEY DIGUGLIELMO How long have you been out and What was your last Facebook
who was the hardest person to tell? post or Tweet?
Denis Dison came to D.C. on a dare. I think I finally told my mother when I “I’ve spent almost all of July in Las Vegas
He’d spent most of his early years in was 24. Her response was, “Oh yeah, I or D.C., so maybe in August I’ll take a
Florida but after finishing college, a friend thought so.” I think the fact I was con- long weekend on the face of the sun.”
invited him here for the weekend. sidering becoming a Catholic priest
“She said, ‘I think you really need to be probably tipped her off. If your life were a book,
here,’” he recalls. “‘This is where you what would the title be?
should live and work.’ I came to visit, got Who’s your gay hero? “Denis Dison: The Authorized Hagiography”
a temp job that weekend, found a place Harvey Milk was a flawed human being
and started packing as soon as I got but his life is a case study in change, If science discovered a way to
home three days later.” persistence, hope and courage. As for change sexual orientation, what
That was 20 years ago. Four years ago, living heroes, I’d say Houston Mayor would you do?
the 42-year-old self-described political Annise Parker for the same reasons. You mean, I could become a better gay?
junkie joined the Gay & Lesbian Victory She’s kind of awesome.
Fund where he’s vice president for external What do you believe in
affairs. He’d worked in editorial and mar- What’s Washington’s best nightspot, beyond the physical world?
keting jobs before but he’s been putting his past or present? I wonder, but I don’t yet believe. The
writing skills to use blogging at Fund-spon- Tracks was a personal favorite. They physical world is mind-blowing enough.
sored and is also a had a disco ball the size of a
spokesperson for the organization. Volkswagen. And a beach volleyball What’s your advice for
“It can be a bit jarring moving from the court. And an outdoor grill where you LGBT movement leaders?
non-profit world, but I saw this as a unique could buy a burger. Come to think of it, Engage and organize straight allies,
opportunity to contribute to the greater Washington Blade photo by Michael Key
what was all that about? too. We’re outgunned and outspent, but
equality of LGBT people and I’ve always if everyone who loves somebody who’s
felt if you have the opportunity to work for patient person.” He calls Dupont Circle, Describe your dream gay wedding. LGBT spoke out, we’d win every fight.
the community you’re part of, you should where he lives, “one of the world’s great I actually don’t dream about gay wed-
take it.” Things are “incredibly busy,” he neighborhoods.” dings, though my friends Ryan and What would you walk
says. This year’s batch of 147 Fund- In his spare time he enjoys reading and Curtis got married in Baltimore in an across hot coals for?
backed hopefuls includes six (three incum- watching political news and keeping up ancient church and I got to set my drink The repeal of the filibuster rule in the
bents) running for congressional seats. with the latest Apple gadgets. After this on Edgar Allan Poe’s grave. That was Senate.
Dison, who’s gay, has had a few rela- summer’s intense D.C. heat, he jokes that kind of inspiring.
tionships but is single. “I could see myself he might move back to Alaska where he What gay stereotype
in a relationship, but I’m kind of set in my was born or Iceland, where his late father What non-gay issue are you annoys you most?
ways,” he says. “It would have to be a was stationed during Dison’s toddler years. most passionate about? Weakness
Feminism. I think a lot of the world’s
problems could be solved by empower- What’s your favorite gay movie?
ing women and girls. Also, the death “The Birdcage”
penalty is insane.
What’s the most overrated
What historical outcome social custom?
would you change? Saying “God bless you” after some-
The 2000 presidential election in one sneezes. I mean, it’s a sneeze,
Florida. I’m fairly bipartisan but just not an aneurism.
imagine what the world would be like
today had that gone a different way. What trophy or prize do you most covet?
Winning elections.
What’s been the most memorable
pop culture moment of your lifetime? What do you wish you’d known at 18?
Seeing Michael Jackson in concert at The power of compounding interest.
the Gator Bowl in 1984 along with
45,000 other people. I was 16 and it Why Washington?
was amazing. Because this is where my family of
friends is and life would be no fun without
On what do you insist? them. And because I like to complain so,
300 thread count or higher. you know, there’s lots of material.
july 30, 2010 • 29

Wedding DIRECTORY bladebiz

Individuals u Couples u Sex
CATHOLIC WEDDING? Cognitive-Behavioral
Bishop Charles F. Braun, D.D. Therapy Helping People
202-486-3071 Grow Stronger
Results-Oriented ▼ Affordable in Rough Times Larry Cohen, LICSW
Msgr. Gerald V. Miller, Ph.D. 22 years serving the glbt community Michael Radkowsky, Psy.D.
Licensed Psychologist u 15 years experience
202-554-0870 202-244-0903
Near Woodley & Cleveland Park metro
See website for NPR story on my work ( 202) 234-3278

Becky Carroll, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist
Interactive Counseling,
Psychotherapy and
Somatic Experiencing
3000 Connecticut Ave., NW

Joel C. Ang, M.D.

Family Medicine, HIV Diagnosis & Treatment
Adult Primary Care
1759 Q Street NW, Washington, DC
Red Line Metro • Dupont Circle
free Wi-Fi • Limited Parking
Same Day Appointments
Insurance Accepted
Copies of records at each visit
Instant HIV/Syphilis/Herpes Testing
CLIA Certified Laboratory

Sylvia R. Medley, M.D., M.P.H.

Internal Medicine, HIV, Women’s Health
Weight Management
Michael Deninger PhD
Licensed Professional Counselor
Certifed in Hypnotherapy and NLP
• Relationships • Habits
ASL Used Here

• Coming Out
• Phobias
• Depression
• Spirituality
Health Insurance
• Traumas • Family Issues Plans for individuals, families,
• Anxiety • Intimacy small businesses and the self-employed
(703)212-8406 • • Replace Expensive COBRA Insurance
• Choose your own doctors/hospitals
• Doctor Office Co-Pay Available
• Prescriptions, Disability, Life Call for
Sidney W. Binks III, Ph.D. a FREE
Licensed Clinical Psychologist • Preventive care benefits Quote!
• Fast, fair claims & great service
Individual & Couples Therapy
for the LGBT Community
18 years experience!!
William J. McNamara
202.333.8325 Since 1993
3000 Connecticut Avenue We offer 25+ plans. We will help you choose the plan that works best for you.
30 • july 30, 2010

Friday, July 30 Power, Sara Bareilles and more. Doors
SLUT NIGHT returns tonight at Phase 1, open at 2:30 p.m. Tickets range from $57
525 8th St., S.E., at 9 p.m. A Phase Fest to $127 and can be purchased at merri-
fundraiser like no other, come to Slut Night (See page 31 for an
in whatever makes you feel sexiest — interview with the Indigo Girls.)
cleavage, ties, stilettos, boots, polos, feath- NSO at Wolf Trap presents THE MUSIC OF
ers or even just jeans. This is a no-holds- JAMES BOND at 8:15 p.m. at Wolf Trap
barred event where you can be you and be National Part for the Performing Arts,
positively free to engage your personal def- 1645 Trap Road, Vienna, Va. You’ll be both
inition of “slutty.” There will be tantalizing shaken and stirred by the powerful theme
performances, shot specials and door songs from classic James Bond films like
prizes plus a chance to win a pair of tickets Goldfinger, Casino Royale, Dr. No, and oth-
to Phasefest 2010. There will be a $10 ers. Tickets can be purchased at
cover and you must be 21 to enter.
GOOGOO FOR GAGA tonight at Apex, Wednesday, Aug. 4
1415 22nd St., N.W. A night of music ded- HANDS ON DC SPORTS CHARITY
icated to the hit machine, DJ 45Z will be AUCTION at Nellie’s, from 6-9 p.m. Get your
playing Lady Gaga and more all night. hands on some spectacular, one-of-a-kind
There will be an $8 cover charge. Must be sports items from your favorite D.C. teams.
18 to enter, 21 to drink. Some of the items being auctioned include a
DJ SKEET SKEET will be spinning Bowman Rookie Card for Nationals Rookie
tonight at Ultrabar, 911 F St., N.W., from Stephen Strasburg, a set of signed photos
9 p.m. to 3 a.m. Must be 18 t enter. from the Capitals Alexander Ovechkin, Mike
QUEER PULP FOR THE GIRLS AND Green, Alexander Semin and Nicklas
BOIS at Black Squirrel, 2427 18th St., Backstrom and a DC United 2010 premium
N.W., is tonight at 9. No cover charge, 21 It’ll be a bumpy night on Thursday when Atlas presents the classic ‘ALL ABOUT EVE.’ game package featuring two premium seats
and over to enter. to a United game. There will also be raffle
GAY DISTRICT, a weekly, non-church a.m. sharp. For more information, visit at their ANNUAL PICNIC at noon at Ft. prizes for gifts from Landmark Theaters,
affiliated discussion and social group for Washington Park, located a few miles, Results Gym, Joy of
GBTQ men between 18 and 35, meets Capital Cause presents “TO DC, WITH south of the District on the Maryland side of Motion, Tranquil Space and more. In addition
tonight from 8:30-10:30 p.m. at St. LOVE” street festival, an interactive, fun, the Potomac. The picnic is a potluck, so to all proceeds from the auction going to
Margaret’s Episcopal Church, 1820 and creative outdoor party at Howard bring a dish to share with others. The park Hands on DC, Nellie’s will also donate $2
Connecticut Ave., N.W. For more informa- University, 5th and Harvard streets., charges a small entrance fee ($5 for cars). from every Nellie beer sold. Hands On DC is
tion, e-mail N.W., from 4-9 p.m. Ticket information can The Rainbow History Project is an all-vol- an all-volunteer, non-profit organization that
Celebrate SHABBAT SERVICES, 8:30- be found at unteer 501c3 nonprofit organization. organizes projects to improve the physical
10 p.m. at the Washington, D.C. Jewish Proceeds will benefit various nonprofits. condition of D.C. public schools.
Community Center, 1529 16th St. Bruce Pfeufer presents the DC COWBOYS Monday, Aug. 2 OPEN HOUSE AND RE-LAUNCH OF
Services are followed by an Oneg social. in a benefit performance for the CAMP ROBYN and KELIS will be at the 9:30 DAVID BOHNETT CYBER CENTER at the
Rehoboth Community Center at the club, 815 V St., N.W. Doors open at 6 DC Center, 1318 U St., N.W., from 6-8:30
Saturday, July 31 Rehoboth Beach Theatre of the Arts, 20 p.m. This is a sold-out event. p.m. The David Bohnett Foundation is donat-
DC FRONT RUNNERS fun walk/run at Baltimore Ave., from 9-10:30 p.m. Tickets VOLUNTEER NIGHT at the DC Center, ing six state-of-the-art computers and a color
Rock Creek Park is today from 9:30-11:30 range from $25 to $35 and can be pur- 1318 U St., N.W., at 6:30 p.m. Come for a laser printer to update the cyber center. With
a.m. The walk goes from 9:30-10:30 a.m. chased by calling 302-227-5620. chance to get involved with the local com- the support of the Verizon Center, the DC
and the run goes from 10:30-11:30 a.m. HONDA CIVIC TOUR WITH PARAMORE at munity center and to check out the facility. Center will be able to provide classes and
Adventuring and the Dulles Triangles Merriweather Post Pavilion, 10475 Little Activities may include updating the lending programs including a new class to help peo-
present ANTIETAM CREEK TUBING Patuxent Pky., Columbia, Md., featuring Tegan library, making safer sex kits, data entry, or ple living with HIV/AIDS learn how to find reli-
TRIP. The flow is generally calm, with a and Sara, New Found Glory, and Kadawatha. anything else that needs to be done. This able health information online.
few areas of mild rapids for excitement. Doors open at 5 p.m. Tickets are $36 for the month volunteers will also be putting up pic-
Bring a towel, swimsuit, old shoes to wear pavillion and $21 for the lawn and can be pur- tures and getting ready for the open house. Thursday, Aug. 5
in the creek, a “substantial” tube (heavy chased at Pizza and soda will be served. The Atlas Performing Arts Center pres-
vinyl, no pool float), water, lunch to eat ents SUMMER FILM SERIES: GAY 101
prior to tubing, sunscreen, a change of Sunday, Aug. 1 Tuesday, Aug. 3 showing “ALL ABOUT EVE” starring
clothes, and the $2 per person trip fee. No THE BEST OF WASHINGTON, D.C.’s long LILITH FAIR comes to Merriweather Bette Davis and Anne Baxter at the Paul
glassware, please. A life jacket is required running African-American GLBT social Post Pavilion, 10475 Little Patuxent Pky., Sprenger Theatre, 1333 H St., N.E., at 8
for tubing. Meet in the main parking lot at group, will honor Rainbow History Project Columbia, Md., with Sarah McLachlan, p.m. Buy tickets at or at the
the East Falls Church Metro Station at 9 for its 10 years of service to the community Indigo Girls, Court Yard Hounds, Cat box office one hour prior to the movie.
july 30, 2010 • 31

Indigo Girls rejoin Lilith Fair for local stop
more, including a stop in Atlanta, at Wolf Trap with Brandi Carlile.
All-female tour is but many dates were canceled. “Wolf Trap’s one of our favorite
like ‘summer camp,’ “I don’t want to gush too much, places to play historically,” said
but for us it’s like summer camp,” Ray. “So it was good to be able to
Ray says Ray said. “We get to go hear a get something from that.”
bunch of music we’ve never heard There are a few songs Ray
By JULIETTE M. EBNER and party with people we love and would have liked to include on
have a great audience. You just the album, but they just did not
Lilith Fair comes to the can’t go wrong.” have a good live recording.
Washington, D.C., area on Tuesday While touring with Lilith Fair, “One song that I really wanted to
as the tour finishes its revival after the Indigo Girls have met and get a good recording of was ‘Fleet of
an 11-year hiatus featuring artists collaborated with many different Hope,’ a song by Emily,” said Ray.
from previous years as well as artists, especially while perform- The song is on their most
some fresh faces. ing “Closer to Fine,” which Ray recent studio album, “Poseidon
Lilith Fair started in 1997, led said often draws other artists to and the Bitter Bug,” which was
by Sarah McLachlan because the stage to sing with them. released in 2009.
Photo courtesy of Ray
she’d become frustrated with “Meeting Chrissy Hines was a “Our newest record, we haven’t
concert promoters and radio sta- really big deal, I was a huge ‘It’s always fun to do stuff on Lilith with a bunch of different artists,’ says toured it for as long, obviously, as
tions that refused to feature two Pretenders fan,” said Ray of one the Indigo Girls’ Amy Ray. the other stuff,” Ray said. “We did-
female musicians together. In its of her favorite Lilith moments. n’t have as many recordings of it.”
first year, Lilith Fair earned $16 Other returning acts include two-CD set, “Staring Down the what sounds good.” The Indigo Girls have another
million, making it the top-gross- Sheryl Crow and Suzanne Vega.The Brilliant Dream,” the girls are excited The set has 31 tracks including studio album coming out soon —
ing touring festival at the time. members of Courtyard Hounds have to perform again according to Ray. “The Wood Song,” “Got Out the a holiday record.
“The first time around, we had also been a part of Lilith previously “Staring Down the Brilliant Dream” Map,” a cover of “Wild Horses,” “There are a few original songs
a great time,” said Amy Ray of as members of the Dixie Chicks. is a compilation of live recordings and probably the best known on it and the rest of them are dif-
the Indigo Girls in an interview Some of the newer faces on tour this from shows spanning from 2006 to Indigo Girls’ song, “Closer to Fine.” ferent holiday songs. There’s a
with the Blade this week. “It’s year include Selena Gomez, Colbie 2009, hand picked by the Indigo Girls “We tried to make it a balance Hanukkah song, Christmas songs,
always fun to do stuff on Lilith Caillat and Janelle Monáe. with the help of Brian Speiser. between me and Emily’s songs,” and some, just kind of, secular,
with a bunch of different artists.” “My favorite thing is to see “We didn’t start out thinking, said Ray about the final song choic- winter songs,” said Ray.
The Indigo Girls, who have people that I’ve just never really ‘hey, we need to put these spe- es, “and a balance of playing with The record was recorded
been a part of Lilith on each tour, heard of,” said Ray. “I go watch cific songs on the record,’” said the band and playing acoustically.” back in May in Nashville with a
return to the tour for the last three them and get to hear new music.” Ray. “We just said, let’s listen to There is even one song, bluegrass band, giving it more of
dates. They were on the lineup for Coming off the release of a live everything we have and see “Ozilline,” that was recorded in D.C., a country feel.
32 • july 30, 2010

An early start to professional success
Long after the last guest departs, the answer: Corporate Connections.
Young local uses impact of an event lives on.” CAGLCC’s Corporate Connections
social media as No doubt LaRosa represents a programs target LGBT employees
new breed of business leader, and executives from companies with
business tool where the present is an evolution of 2,000 or more employees, says
the past: Keep what works, incorpo- Mark Guenther, CAGLCC execu-
By J. MAX BARGER & rate new strategies, and move for- tive director. Often these companies
ERNESTO M. SANTALLA ward. More information on BRAVO! have an employee resource group
is available at (ERG) that allows you to be out inter-
Energy, passion, determination nally. But there is really no avenue
and creativity are key to Mike CAGLCC gives away an iPad for LGBT employees and executives
LaRosa’s business smarts. “What a great e-mail to receive,” to cross-network with their peers
LaRosa, 25, entered the workforce Mark Soike exclaimed after win- in other similar organizations.
in college. He started at ning CAGLCC’s Pridelicious iPad
Starbucks and by graduation day giveaway. Soike, who works in gov- CAGLCC member news
from George Mason University, he ernment sales for Corporate James Jones, managing part-
was one of the youngest store Executive Board, said that he reg- ner of 360 Sustainability Group, a
managers and senior training spe- Photo courtesy of Frundt istered for the prize while visiting D.C.-based business helping organ-
cialists in the Eastern Division. Mark Guenther, CAGLCC’s executive director, presents Pridelicious to learn when the izations reduce costs, increase rev-
Equally impressive, but not sur- iPad winner Mark Soike with his new iPad. next networking event was sched- enue and improve brand equity
prising, as marketing coordinator uled. “It was a Network Thursday. I through sustainability, has been
for the Washington Business “In this day and age, you have all day, but I have to say something have been to a couple and really retained by a national not-for-profit
Journal, he managed a record 57 to know what’s going on and useful to get the public’s attention enjoyed them,” he said. to develop capacity-building strate-
events in one year, while growing Google Alert ALL your clients,” he and make them my sales force.” His CAGLCC sponsored a month- gies around corporate partnerships,
overall profitability 13 percent in a said. “Weird stories are the best business, however, is all about the long “Pridelicious” campaign fea- board recruitment, organizational
down economy. When he joined ice breakers at a networking connection. “A phone call, e-mail, IM turing the iPad prize to highlight effectiveness and marketing. Learn
BRAVO! Events by Design as event.” He added, “Never, never, or tweet doesn’t make a sale. I close the Gay Chamber’s Community more at
business development manager, never burn your bridges: D.C. is a deals because of the relationships I Partnership in Capital Pride. As Kim Rosenberg and Meghann
LaRosa had more than six years really small town. You never know form. Passion for my work is con- a member of the corporate Novinskie are changing the face of
of work experience. who that person you meet at a veyed in person. I need to express world, serving Fortune 100 and gay and lesbian dating. Off-line
An expert in networking events, hopping happy hour might know!” the excitement of a live event and 500 companies, Mark had a matchmaking is the way at
LaRosa is a self-declared news LaRosa understands that social how they are the most effective form question for CAGLCC. “How do I Mixology. For a new way to connect
and blog hound. media is a business tool. “I can tweet of marketing. At BRAVO! we say: participate in CAGLCC?” The the “old” way, visit

G a r d e n Wi s e
DC 202/543-3422
VA 703/243-5982



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a cleaning service, inc.

a clean house
a clean mind

satisfaction guaranteed
services provided in DC, VA and MD
commercial and residential
licensed, bonded, insured
free estimates


Half-Price Tickets
to the Performing Arts throughout Metro DC
Advance Sales and Day-of-Show
Inventory changes daily


Sign up to receive weekly updates at

or follow us on at TICKETPLACEDC

A program of the Cultural Alliance of Greater Washington

34 • july 30, 2010


Through August 01 Scena. 703-683-2824. SECOND ANNUAL JURIED PHOTO-
202-393-3939 thursday, august 5 Workhouse Arts Center. GILBERT AND SULLIVAN'S THE MIKA- SUMMER EVENINGS AT DUMBARTON
Peter Jackson may have had the use of CGI DO ON CAPITOL HILL. Capitol Hill Arts HOUSE: JAZZ AT THE JEWEL OF
effects for his legendary film version of The Workshop. 202-547-6839. GEORGETOWN. Dumbarton House.
Lord of the Rings trilogy in comparison to 202-337-2288.
Charles Ross' one-man show. However, it is STELLA MORGAN. The Keegan Theatre
more impressive and entertaining to see LAST CHANCE at Church Street Theater. 703-892-0202.
Charles' solo act shoehorn 11 hours and 23 sunday, august 1
minutes of film into a 65 minute performance. ANYTHING GOES. Encore Stage & Studio LANFORD WILSON'S SERENADING
at Gunston Theatre One. 703-548-1154. LOUIE. The American Century Theater at
EDVARD MUNCH: MASTER PRINTS Gunston Theatre Two. 703-998-4555.
National Gallery of Art Athenaeum. 703-548-0035. NOISES OFF. The Keegan Theatre at Church SENSORY OVERLOAD EXHIBITION. Street Theater. 703-892-0202.
The central ideas and accomplishments of Corcoran Gallery of Art. 202-639-1700. LIFESTRAW DEMONSTRATIONS. National
Edvard Munch (1863-1944) are illuminated in Geographic. 202-857-7588. events.national-
an exhibition that brings together sixty of his
rare color prints and hand-colored variations of monday, august 2 LA FEMME. Arlington Artists Alliance at
these prints. Major loans from two of the world's MEGAN COYLE'S STORIES IN PAPER. The Arlington County Board Offices. arling-
finest private collections are joined by exquisite Art League. 703-683-1780.
ON MYLAR. Prince George's Publick Ford's Theatre. 202-347-4833.
ART AND ARCHITECTURE AT THE CORCORAN GALLERY OF ART: Playhouse for the Performing Arts. 301- TAKE YOU HOME. Gallery plan b. 202-
A PHOTO SAFARI 277-1710. 234-2711. galleryplanb com.
Saturday, July 31 CM DUPRE'S ALICE. The Art League at
Corcoran Gallery of Art tuesday, august 3 National Harbor. 703-683-1780.
Join E. David Luria of Washington ELLEN BAER. Brentwood Arts Exchange. National Gallery of Art.
Photo Safari in the galleries to learn 301-277-2863. DESIGN FOR THE OTHER 90%.
how to successfully photograph art National Geographic. 202-857-7588.
in museums without using a flash or
through 20th century American and july 31-august 1 NINGS. National Archives.
European paintings, sculpture, and NEW RELEASES SHOWCASE. Dance DA VINCI - THE GENIUS. National Geographic.
architecture at the Corcoran. Place. 202-269-1600. 202-857-7588.
Sunday, August 01 ONE NIGHT ONLY Museum. 202 667 0441.
The Barns at Wolf Trap friday, july 30 CHUCK CLOSE PRINTS: PROCESS AND
1-877-WOLFTRAP NSO: DISTANT WORLDS - MUSIC FROM COLLABORATION. Corcoran Gallery of FINAL FANTASY. Wolf Trap. 1-877-WOLFTRAP. Art. 202-397-7328.
Pianist and commentator Steven Blier of the RARE: PORTRAITS OF AMERICA'S
New York Festival of Song joins singers from MUSIC AT TWILIGHT CONCERT SERIES. ENDANGERED SPECIES. National
the Wolf Trap Opera Company to offer the Alexandria Citizens Band at Alexandria's Geographic.
music that makes us dance, from Brahms & Market Square. GERMAN MASTER DRAWINGS FROM
Respighi to Bacharach & Gershwin. THE WOLFGANG RATJEN COLLECTION,
saturday, july 31 1580-1900. National Gallery of Art.
The Guide to Arts & Culture is supplied by, a program of the Cultural Alliance of IMAGE TRANSFER TECHNIQUES AMERICAN MODERNISM:THE SHEIN COL-
Greater Washington. ONE MAN LORD OF THE RINGS: Courtesy of Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company,
photo by Chris Mueller; EDVARD MUNCH: Supplied by The National Gallery of Art, Collection of Catherine
WORKSHOP. Brentwood Arts Exchange. LECTION. National Gallery of Art.
Woodard and Nelson Blitz Jr.; PHOTO SAFARI: Supplied by Corcoran Gallery of Art, photo by Denny 301-277-2863. THE ART OF LIVING: TEXTILE FUR-
monday, august 2 COLLECTION. The Textile Museum. 202-
ALEJANDRO SANZ. Wolf Trap. 1-877- 667-0441.
VITT. Ford's Theatre. 202-347-4833.
wednesday, august 4
CHRIS BOTTI. Wolf Trap. 1-877-WOLF-
EARTH. Smithsonian Resident Associate JAZZ IN THE GARDEN: JOHN JENSEN
Program. 202-633-3030. (JAZZ TROMBONIST). National Gallery
of Art.
ONGOING saturday, july 31
Hisaoka Healing Arts Gallery at Smith Center at Reston Town Center. 703-476-
Farm Center. 4500.
PASSING STRANGE. The Studio Theatre.
202-332-3300. wednesday, august 4
E7: TETRAD. Transformer. transformer- ELIKEH. Strathmore. 301-581-5100.
july 30, 2010 • 35
36 • july 30, 2010

This movie is all right
so completely conventional they together can’t season the staleness
Bening, Moore could be straight. of their sex lives, though their vibra-
bring modern For in this film it’s simply one tors are going into overdrive
take on the modern family, in a This unease together becomes
family tale to life tale of the “new normal” told with especially true when an “intruder”
droll accuracy about everything enters this family dynamic, already
By DAVID J. HOFFMAN from mid-life crisis, to adulterous teetering dangerously into chaos,
temptation, to teenage angst, to as Laser convinces his older sister
You may wince a little, and coming-of-age. We meet uptight that they must track down and dis-
Photo courtesy Focus Features
weep a lot, as you also laugh out doctor Nic (Bening), in a short, cover their “donor dad,” the anony-
loud at this hilarious yet heart- blunt, butch haircut, who clearly mous sperm donor from whose Annette Bening and Julianne Moore shine as a lesbian couple coping with
rending story of a family and the is the type-A breadwinner and artificial insemination each of “the the sudden arrival of their sperm donor in ‘THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT.’
trials and troubles of marriage. “wears the pants” in this family, Momses” gave them birth.
“The Kids Are All Right,” stars but is a compulsive drinker, and The donor is an organic restau- of course, order must be restored, film will be Cholodenko’s first full-
the incomparable Annette Bening Jules (Moore), the stay-at-home rateur and shambling bachelor but only after much “sturm und fledged box office hit.
and Julianne Moore as a lesbian mom who gave up her career for Paul, played with feckless charm drang” between Nic and Jules. “I love lesbians!” Paul enthuses
couple wedded to each other in a sort of ditzy and “emo” feminin- as a man-child with roguish appeal Lesbian writer and co-director when he first hears about his new
every sense but without a marriage ity. Their lives of conventional by skilled actor Mark Ruffalo. Lisa Cholodenko, together with her “family” but the two Momses view
license to prove it, for 20 years. affluence — troubled however by In this way “The Kids Are All co-writer Stuart Blumberg, report- Paul with caution (though Jules later
And yet it is marriage ren- signs of growing apart — take Right” becomes a comedy in the edly wrote many drafts of the script switches sides), not because he is
dered so utterly commonplace place in their comfortable home Shakespearean sense. A strict beginning in late 2004, and in straight, or even because he is a
and completely real in its com- in the Los Angeles hillside. social order is upset and reshaped 2006 she and her partner used a man, but because having dropped
plexities and its triumph of hope Their two kids, 18-year-old, col- by the clash with an alternative sperm donor to “mother” a son, out of college he doesn’t appear to
over experience, which is what lege-bound Joni (Mia Wasikowski), lifestyle — the straight world now four years old, and Blumberg them as good role-model material.
any marriage must ultimately be. named for Joni Mitchell, and 15- whose sexual allure proves to be a himself had been a sperm donor “You’re a fucking interloper,” Nic tells
As such, it should put to rest, to year-old and sweet-natured Laser flame for the moth flight path of when he was in college. him near the end of the movie. “You
the extent any film ever can, the (Josh Hutcherson), skateboarding Jules. In fact, Paul’s backyard and Once postproduction was want a family? Go make your own!”
debate over whether gay mar- on the edge of delinquency, are — farm become an alternative gar- completed they rushed to get the How does it all end? Is order restored?
riages have the right to exist or soon will be — all right. It’s their den drawing newbie landscape film entered last year at the The answers are part of the
alongside straight ones — and parents (these two kids call them designer Jules seeing what she Sundance Film Festival where it sizable satisfactions of this first-
be just as wonderful or just as “the Momses”) that may not be all calls its “fecund” potential, and became one of the breakout hits. rate, even Oscar-quality film. See
miserable. For these lesbians the right. Even the occasional sexual soon she and Paul are copulating Based on its receipts since its it wondering and be amazed
real twist is that their marriage is spice of watching gay male porn like newlywed rabbits. Eventually, opening earlier this month, the when you find out.
july 30, 2010 • 37
38 • july 30, 2010

D.C. ‘Housewives’ ready for close-up
receive a portion of the proceeds. and got her some water and made
Michaele Salahi to The new show is the latest install- sure she was OK. That’s how we
host premiere party ment of the “Real Housewives” fran- are. We fought all our lives to be
chise, a series of Bravo reality shows who we are and have been misun-
at EFN Lounge overseen by Bravo impresario Andy derstood. That’s probably why gay
Cohen, who’s gay. Previous install- men like her so much.”
By JOEY DiGUGLIELMO ments were set in Orange County A month before their brush with
(Calif.), New York, Atlanta and New notoriety, the Salahis appeared at
Washingtonians eager for the lat- Jersey. A Beverly Hills edition is slat- the Washington Blade’s 40th
est installment of “Real Housewives” ed for late fall after D.C. anniversary party last October.
can buy tickets for a Bravo-endorsed Thursday’s party will be hosted by Editor Kevin Naff remembers them
premiere party slated for Thursday Michaele Salahi, she of White House as gracious and generous — they
from 7 to 11 p.m. at EFN Lounge State Dinner-crashing fame. She’s donated wine for the event — but
(1318 9th St., N.W.). one of this season’s housewives also eager for the limelight.
Tickets for the “Real Housewives along with Mary Schmidt Amons, “They were friendly and outgo-
of D.C.” debut event, which must be Catherine Ommanney, Lynda ing and it was clear they liked to
Washington Blade file photo by Michael Key
purchased in advance, range from Erkiletian and Stacie Scott Turner. be the center of attention, though
$25 for general admission to $500 Cromwell has partnered with Tareq and Michaele Salahi with Blade editor Kevin Naff (center) at the no one flipped a table,” Naff
for VIP ($80 and $150 tickets are Michaele and Tareq Salahi for their Blade’s 40th anniversary party in October. says. “I wish them well — they told
also available). Visit rhodc-premier- America’s Polo Cup events and me they were Blade readers, so I for tickets. helped them field media requests “People would see something in have embraced Michaele while oth- have a soft spot for them.”
Howard Cromwell Jr., the gay pub- after their notorious Nov. 24, 2009 the Post and go, ‘Oh, well, it was in ers have shunned her in the wake of The other D.C. “Housewives”
lisher and editor of D.C.’s “Most White House appearance. He says the Post,’ so they go ahead and their party-crashing scandal. have said the State Dinner fiasco
Fabulous Magazine” and an organ- he’s known the couple for seven run with the story. … It was com- “They were at the W rooftop for is only a small part of the show
izer of monthly charity nightlife years and says they’ve been unfair- pletely blown out of proportion.” an event and she felt faint,” though it occurred while filming
events, is organizing the party as a ly maligned in the media. Cromwell says “Housewives” will Cromwell says. “Everybody else was underway.
benefit for Dab, the AIDS Bear “There was a lot of misinforma- give America a chance to get to looked at her like she had three The show premieres Thursday,
Project, an HIV charity that will tion about the Salahis,” he says. know the real Salahis and that gays heads but three gay guys went Aug. 5 at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

SPORTSAGENDA: The Blade soccer team @ Bell-Lincoln Field

Washington Blade photos by Michael Key

july 30, 2010 • 39

2008 Volvo V70 2007 Volvo S-60 2007 VW Passat Wagon

16K Miles, 3.2L. Auto, Leather, Sunroof, Heated Seats, Power 33K Miles, 2.5T, Auto, Leather, Sunroof, Heated Seats, Power 46K Miles, 2.0T, Auto, Leather, Sunroof, Alum. Wheels, P.
Seats, Power Windows & Locks, Tilt, Cruise, Alum. Wheels, Windows & Locks, Tilt, Cruise, Keyless Entry, Alum. Wheels, Windows & Locks, Tilt, Cruise, Keyless Entry, Heated Seats,
Keyless Entry, AM/FM/CD Player. AM/FM/CD Player. Keyless Entry, AM/FM/CD Player, VW Certified.
#9821P Sale Price: $26,924 #9834P Sale Price: $18,698 #9818P Sale Price: $17,925
…………………………………………… ……………………………………………
2008 2010 VW Jetta TDI
2009 Volvo S-60 2.5T Volvo S40 2.4I 12K Miles, Auto, Leatherette, Sunroof, Heated Seats,
23K Miles, Auto, Leather, Sunroof, Alum. Wheels, Heated 14K Miles, Auto, T-Tec, Sunroof, Power Seat, 17” Alum. Alum. Wheels, Power Windows & Locks, Tilt, Cruise,
Seats, Power Seat, Power Windows & Locks, Tilt, Cruise, Wheels, Power Windows & Locks, Tilt, Cruise, Heated Seats, AM/FM/CD Player, Satellite Radio, Certified.
Keyless Entry, AM/FM/CD Player. AM/FM 6-CD Player, Satellite Radio, Keyless Entry. #9864P Sale Price: $23,995
#9762P Sale Price: $24,299 #70032A Sale Price: $18,695 ……………………………………………
…………………………………………… ……………………………………………
2009 VW Jetta 2008 Volvo XC90
2005 Volvo 30K Miles, 3.2L, Auto, AWD, Leather, Sunroof, Power Seats, Heated
S-80 AWD Wolfsburg 2.0T Seats, 7-Passenger, Power Windows & Locks, Tilt, Cruise, Keyless
20K Miles, Auto, Leather, Heated Seats, Sunroof, Alum. Wheels, Entry, AM/FM/CD Player.
8K Miles, 2.5T, Auto, Leather, Sunroof, Power Seats, Heated Power Windows & Locks, Tilt, Cruise, Keyless Entry, MP3 Sound
Seats, Power Windows &Locks, Tilt, Cruise, Park Sensors, #9815P Sale Price: $28,899
System, 4-Wheel ABS, AM/FM/CD Player, Certified.
Alum. Wheels, Keyless Entry, AM/FM/CD Player. ……………………………………………
#70052A Sale Price: $16,295 #9824P Sale Price: $18,987
…………………………………………… 2009 VW
2008 VW Tiguan SEL 4-Motion
2007 Volvo V-50 Wagon 2.4I GTI 4-DR 4K Miles, 2.0T, Auto, Leather, Navigation, Sunroof, Heated Seats,
42K Miles, Auto, Leather, Sunroof, Alum. Wheels, Power Seat, 31K Miles, Auto, Cloth, Sunroof, Power Windows & Locks, Alum. Wheels, Power Seat, Power Windows & locks, Tilt, Cruise,
Power Windows & Locks, Tilt, Cruise, Keyless Entry, Alum. Wheels, Tilt, Cruise, Keyless Entry, Satellite Radio, AM/FM/CD Player, Satellite Radio, Keyless Entry, Certified.
AM/FM/CD Player, Certified. AM/FM/CD Player, Certified. #27621A Sale Price: $29,295
#9866P Sale Price: $19,995 #9891P Sale Price: $20,989
40 • july 30, 2010

Raise your sail with the Rainbow Spinnakers
It’s the best way
to enjoy the
Chesapeake Bay

With images and stories of the

BP oil spill filling up our media
outlets, what better time to get out
and enjoy the Chesapeake Bay?
Team DC has a sailing club on
its roster, which offers a great
daytrip out on our local waters. The
Rainbow Spinnakers Sailing Club
(RSSC) is a diverse group of most-
Photos courtesy of Kevin Majoros
ly gay and lesbian sailing enthusi-
asts who stay connected through Team DC’s sailing club, the Rainbow Spinnakers, takes to the Chesapeake Bay most weekends.
their Google Group e-mail list,
which has close to 400 names. are just interested in going out The group sails on rental crafts 19-foot day sailer dinghy used for The costs associated with going
The Spinnakers generally do for a day sail. They do not offer obtained from their launch locations pleasure sailing as well as racing out for a sail with the Spinnakers
short day sails on the weekends sailing lessons, but many people and occasionally a member will throughout North America. It has range from $20 to $40 depending on
and the occasional weekday. If have learned to sail by going out offer up their boat for a sail. The a large deep cockpit and provides the length of the sail. All you need to
you sign up for the Google sailing with the Spinnakers. If number of boats that depart on any comfortable sailing for up to 6 bring is a change of clothes, a bever-
group, you will receive notices as you let the skipper know that you given weekend depends on how people. The Sonar is a 23-foot age, sunscreen and a hat. Whether
to when the next sail is taking want to learn how to sail they can many skippers are available. A skip- keelboat with a contoured sit-in you want to learn to sail or just be out
place and how many sailors are provide extensive, but informal per is defined as the person who cockpit that seats 3 to 5 people. in the water is your decision. The
needed to fill the boats. If you instruction. Formal instruction is has command of the boat, but may The Sonar was adopted years Chesapeake Bay has an abun-
would like to become a member, offered at both of the launch or may not be the owner of the ago by the world’s disabled sailors dance of osprey, blue heron and
the dues are $20 for an individ- locations, Belle Haven Marina in boat. The rental boats are either as their premier boat for racing. Its other wonders of nature. What are
ual and $30 for a couple. The Alexandria and the Downtown Sonars or Flying Scots. The Flying large cockpit makes adaptations you waiting for? Visit rainbowspin-
RSSC also welcomes those who Sailing Center in Baltimore. Scot, ideal for beginning sailors, is a easy for handicapped sailing. for more information.
july 30, 2010 • 41


Twice voted Maryland’s Best Gay Bar
FREE POOL (Baltimore Outland News, Maryland R-Group)

EVERY WEDNESDAY Top Ten List Area’s Best Burgers

(WTOP Listeners Poll)
BUZZTIME Texas Holdem. Interactive electronic trivia,
players can compete against other players or teams
• Happy Hour All Night
and be ranked against other players nationwide. • Games on the Big Screen

• Buzztime Trivia contest and
50 Cents Off Bottles and Drafts
• Games on the Big Screen

• Happy Hour All Night

• Free Pool, 50 Cents Off Bottles and Drafts

• Karaoke in the Show Lounge

We Offer Fridays
• Alternating Weeks, 1st and 3rd DJ,
a Full Menu 2nd and 4th Drag Show

A short drive from DC, Baltimore and Annapolis. • Karaoke
Come see what you’ve been missing! • Drag Bingo 3rd Sat. of Every Month


9855 Washington Blvd. N • Laurel, MD 20723
301-498-4840 •
42 • july 30, 2010

washington, dc DELTA ELITE
3734 10th St. NE
1435 P St., NW
30 DEGREES Washington, DC 20017 Washington, DC 20005
1639 R St., NW 202-546-5979 202-797-9730
Washington, DC 20009
202-462-6569 Longtime bar popular with African- Trendy Logan Circle bar and lounge American men in Brookland popular with men features regular
In Dupont Circle area; popular with men neighborhood; hosts regular ladies night. happy hour and other specials.
but check schedule for other events. Check web site for special events. Formerly known as Halo, MOVA re-
launched in early 2010 as a environ-
1409 PLAYBILL CAFÉ DIK BAR mentally friendly bar with an emphasis
1409 14th St., NW 1637 17th St., NW on community service.
Washington, DC 20005 Washington, DC 20009
202-265-3055 202-328-0100 NELLIE’S
Logan Circle area restaurant and bar SPORTS BAR
(Dupont Circle Metro) popular with the In Dupont Circle area, above 900 U St., NW
theater crowd and featuring open-mike Dupont Italian Kitchen. Washington, DC 20001
nights, karaoke and other special events. 202-332-6355
ACADEMY 2004 18th St., NW Sports bar featuring poker events, drag
OF WASHINGTON Washington, DC 20009 bingo, trivia contests and other specials. 202-265-9599 Popular bar with massive outdoor deck
Longtime organizers of drag events in the and plenty of TVs for watching sports.
city; most events held at Ziegfeld’s. See Popular restaurant and bar in the
web site for full list of upcoming events. Adams Morgan area; happy hour OMEGA
specials and many other special events. 2122 P St., NW
ANNIE’S PARAMOUNT See web site for updated schedule. Washington, DC 20036
STEAK HOUSE 202-223-4917
Washington, DC 20009
1318 9th St., NW
Washington, DC 20001
Dupont Circle area bar and club popular
with men featuring dancing, drag and
In Dupont Circle area; popular longtime 202-341-8281 • 202-642-4537 other special events. Washington Blade photo by Michael Key
restaurant and steakhouse with recently •
renovated Upstairs Lounge. PHASE 1
Funky, edgy neighborhood lounge in
Logan Circle with special events galore.
525 8th St., SE
Washington, DC 20003
baltimore LEON’S/
1415 22nd St., NW Popular with men and women; features 1722 870 Park Ave.
Washington, DC 20037 dancing, videos. Check web site for 1722 N. Charles St. Baltimore, MD 21201
202-296-0505 event schedule. The Phase opened in 1970 and remains Baltimore, MD 21201 410-539-4993 a popular lesbian bar and club. Features Multi-level after-hours dance club attracts
In Dupont Circle area; popular with men, but FAB LOUNGE regular special events, including Jell-O a mixed crowd but remains gay-friendly. In business for more than 50 years,
check schedule regularly for other events. 1805 Connecticut Ave., NW wrestling, ’80s theme nights and more. Leon’s is the oldest gay bar in
Washington, DC 20009 Check web site for details. BALTIMORE EAGLE Baltimore and among the oldest in
BACHELOR’S MILL 202-797-1122 2002 N. Charles St. the country. Friendly bar with jukebox
1104 8th St., SE QUEER PULP Baltimore, MD 21218 gets especially busy on Sunday nights.
Washington, DC 20003 In Dupont Circle area; popular with men @ BLACK SQUIRREL 410-82-EAGLE Tyson Place is a restaurant bar
202-544-1931 but hosts regular women’s events. 2427 18th St., NW Longtime Levi/leather bar not far located behind Leon’s with a
Longtime bar popular with African- Washington DC 20009 from Mount Vernon offers friendly bar, separate entrance.
American men in Capitol Hill area. FIREPLACE Alternative party for queer people billiards, outdoor patio, videos and a
2161 P St., NW featuring disco house, electro, indie pop, full store for your leather needs. PORT IN A STORM
BANANA CAFÉ Washington, DC 20037 dance and industrial every Friday night. Mostly men, but welcoming to women. 4330 E. Lombard St.
500 8th St., SE 202-293-1293 Baltimore, MD 21224
Washington, DC 20003 In Dupont Circle area; neighborhood bar REMINGTONS CLUB PHOENIX 410-534-0014
202-543-5906 popular with men. 639 Pennsylvania Ave., SE 1 W. Biddle St. Friendly neighborhood lesbian bar gets Washington, DC 20003 Baltimore, MD 21201 especially popular when the Ravens
Popular Capitol Hill area restaurant and GREEN LANTERN 202-543-3113 410-837-3906 play. Features billiards, music and more.
bar (Eastern Market Metro) for both men 1335 Green Court, NW Mount Vernon-area downstairs bar
and women. Features Cuban, Mexican Washington, DC 20005 attracts men and women; friendly service. QUEST
and Puerto Rican cuisine. Popular country/Western nightclub in 3607 Fleet St. Capitol Hill neighborhood with more than DRINKERY Baltimore, MD 21224
BLOWOFF Friendly bar for men hosts regular happy 6,000 square feet of space for dancing 205 W. Read St. 410-563-2617
815 V St., NW hours and special events, including and billiards. One half block west of Baltimore, MD 21201 Neighborhood bar in Highlandtown
Washington, DC 20001 karaoke and shirtless drink special Eastern Market Metro. 410-225-3100 area is popular with men and women nights. Check web site for details. Another of Baltimore’s friendly neighbor- and offers billiards.
Created by musicians Bob Mould and McPherson Square Metro. TOWN hood bars in Mount Vernon featuring
Richard Morel, Blowoff is an occasional DANCEBOUTIQUE billiards, jukebox and welcoming service. SAPPHOS
dance event popular with men. Events are JR.’S 2009 8th St., NW 1001 N. Charles St.
held in clubs around the country; D.C.’s 1519 17th St., NW Washington, DC 20001 GALLERY Baltimore, MD 21201
Blowoff parties are held at the 9:30 club Washington, DC 20036 202-234-TOWN 1735 Maryland Ave. 410-752-7133
in the popular U Street corridor. 202-328-0090 Baltimore, MD 21201 Dance club and bar popular with men 410-539-6965 Part of the Grand Central complex,
COBALT Longtime friendly Dupont Circle area and women, features regular drag per- Longtime bar and restaurant popular Sappho’s attracts a lesbian crowd
1639 R St., NW bar popular with men; videos, regular formances. U Street Metro. with African-American clientele. and offers comfy couches, outdoor
Washington, DC 20009 special events. patio and more in its second
202-462-6569 ULTRABAR GRAND CENTRAL floor location. LACE 911 F St., NW 1001 N. Charles St.
In Dupont Circle area; part of complex 2214 Rhode Island Ave., NE Washington, DC 20004 Baltimore, MD 21201
of LGBT businesses at this address,
including Level One restaurant on
Washington, DC 20018
northern va
street level and 30 Degrees bar. Large dance club with gay-friendly Large entertainment complex featuring FREDDIE’S
Every night is ladies night at Lace; events and vibe located downtown near friendly pub, lesbian bar Sappho’s upstairs BEACH BAR
CREW CLUB features regular special events for women Metro Center. and a dance club on the first floor. 555 23rd St. South
1321 14th St., NW in Brookland neighborhood. Check web Arlington, VA 22202
Washington, DC 20005 site for details on happy hour specials. WHERE THE GIRLS GO HIPPO 703-685-0555
202-319-1333 1 W. Eager St. Freddie Lutz’s Virginia establishment LARRY’S LOUNGE Queer women's events in the D.C. area. Baltimore, MD 21201 includes a restaurant and friendly bar,
Men’s 24-hour gym in Logan Circle area, 1836 18th St., NW Check web site for latest info. 410-547-0069 regular specials and is popular with
featuring steam rooms, lounges, Washington, DC 20009 men and women. Crystal City Metro.
private dressing rooms and more. 202-483-1483 ZIEGFELD’S/ Large club popular with men and women
Dupont Circle area bar and restaurant SECRETS featuring billiards, top DJs/dancing, karaoke,
639 New York Ave., NW
popular with both men and women. 1824 Half St., SW
Washington, DC 20024
videos and more. Opened in 1972, Hippo’s
motto is “where everyone is welcome.”
laurel, md
Washington, DC 20001 MIXTAPE 202-863-0670 PW’S
202-347-6025 Different locations JAY’S ON READ 9855 N. Washington Blvd. Featuring all-nude male dancers 225 W. Read St. Laurel, MD 20723
The popular Levi/leather bar’s origins date Wednesdays-Sundays, drag perform- Baltimore, MD 21201 301-498-8202
to the 1960s. Features billiards, regular Alternative dance party for queer men and ances, large dance floor and many reg- 410-225-0188
tournaments and other special events. women featuring electro, alt-pop, indie ular special events, contests and more. Piano bar attracts a mostly male Restaurant and bar is popular with gay
Located near the convention center, two rock, house, disco and New Wave. Check Large parking lot available; located in crowd, though welcoming to women and lesbian sports fans and is known
blocks north of Gallery Place Metro. web site for 2010 schedule of events. Buzzard’s Point warehouse district. and straight patrons. for its superb burgers.
july 30, 2010 • 43

Come and see

what you’ve been
missing 24/7
1/2 PRICE ROOMS 10 - 2PM
8AM - 12 Midnight
All Rooms & Lockers 1/2 Price
Late Night Steams • Afternoon Workouts
Goodlooking Guys • Hot Showers • Videos
Big Steamroom • Sauna
Gym & Cardio • Lounges
Friendly Staff • Very Clean Facilities
Private Rooms & Lockers
Must have valid I.D.
All STD/HIV testing Information
44 • july 30, 2010

experienced massage therapist. Convenient
PHOTOGRAPHY non-profit rescue. 100% volunteer run. Donations wel-
Try Car Sales at a well established, multi franchised, Arlington location. Evenings and weekends. Photographer for portraits, weddings & dating
large dealer in Northern Virginia! $60/hr, $85/90 min. Visa/MC photos for the internet. Call (703) 532-3031.
We have: Errol (703) 525-4616. PET SERVICES
• Paid Training, Full service. No hidden add on fees. Stall Board/Field
• Tremendous Floor Traffic Experienced, Athletic, Friendly, Certified Masseur LIMOUSINES/DRIVERS Board. Indoor/Outdoor/Round Pen/ Riding Lanes. Gay
• A professional team already in place to work with offering excellent therapeutic massage. Trained in KASPER'S LIVERY SERVICE Gay owned Luxury Owned and operated. Boarding/Lessons/Training. Fully
• Over 50 years of Automobile experience Deep Tissue, Swedish & Sports, near 15th St. NW Sedan Service with special rates for Airport Transfers, accredited/Liscensed/Insured. Email for further infor-
here in Northern Virginia in Logan or call Rehoboth Beach, and Charles Town Casino, 24hrs mation.
• 401K Health insurance, Paid Vacations, 202-669-1643. 202-554-2471, 800-455-2471
Bonus Programs, And so much more!
For a private interview contact (703) 606-6644. TIME TO RELAX, TAME YOUR TENSION & MOVING
improve your health with a professional mas- BODY AND SOUL John Henry Movers Since 1990, the area's
sage! Swedish, Deep Tissue, Athletic and Pain HEALING THAI MASSAGE for Men & Women at Qi favorite gay owned crew. Expert packing, pianos.
MASSAGE Management massages really can improve your Spa-3106 M St, NW Please call Experienced, equipped & punctual as hell.
Professional Massage Therapist offering best outlook. J. David Starn, Nationally Certified, (202) 333-6345 for waxing, massage, skincare... Cheapskates love us! 703-597-5561
deep tissue massage available. Stretching, Swedish LMT. or call
& Sports massage. Dupont, Special 1st time rates. 202-257-9726. Ask about weekday specials! GULLIVER'S MOVERS - Swift & gentle reloca-
Marcio (202) 271-9440. COUNSELING tion's. Packing, pianos, antiques. Local & long dis-
LGBTQ Affirming Therapy at Dupont Metro. tance 202-483-9579
MID DAY / AFTERNOON SPECIAL Only $49/hour Individuals, couples, families, adolescents. Over 15
3 Rs to Health. Experienced Certified
for mid day & afternoon professional massage. years serving the community. Mike Giordano, LICSW.
Regular rates are only $55/hour & $85 per 90 min-
Massage Therapist helps you with the 3 Rs:
Swedish, Deep Tissue, Reiki, Energetics. Call
202/460-6384,, CLEANING
utes. Excellent techniques & top quality massage. TOO NEAT GUYS INC. Residential & commercial
DUPONT/ADAMS MORGAN. Ron 202-641-1078 Bruce (202) 491-8306. MT 0697. cleaning in DC & Northern VA. Over 12 years
COUNSELING FOR GAY MEN. Individual/couple experience, gay owned, licensed, bonded &
INDULGE YOURSELF WITH RELAXING, deep tis- counseling with volunteer peer counselor. Gay insured (703) 622-5983.
sue massage. Feel the stress leave your body. CMT Men's Counseling Community. 202-265-6495. gay-
with 15 years experience. Located in Logan/Dupont No fees, donation requested. POWER CLEANERS, LLC. Experienced, depend-
Circle. Visa, MC. able service seven days a week. Gay owned and
David (202) 213-9646 Lic#MT410 INDIVIDUAL THERAPY FOR the gay & lesbian com- operated. Call Matt for free estimates at 202-352-
munity. Relationships, grief, anxiety, transitions, careers. 0739 or visit
N.ARLINGTON CMT - Enjoy your massage in a pri- Jonathan Kirkendal (202) 550-3589.
vate, in-home studio. Great location. Clean, quiet, A CLEANING SERVICE invites you to relax while
discreet. - 301-704-1158 our team of experienced, dependable & friendly
LEGAL SERVICES professionals provides top-quality cleaning serv-
GREAT TOUCH! Full sensual body massage by FULL SERVICE LAW FIRM Representing the GLBT ice to your home or office. Excellent refs, satisfac-
Latin Male. Swedish, deep tissue. Relieve stress! community for over 25 years. Family adoptions, estate tion guaranteed. Licensed, bonded & insured.
Parking available. In/out. 703-401-9093. planning, real estate, immigration, employment. (301) Reasonable rates. Call today for a free estimate.
891-2200. Silber, Perlman, Sigman & Tilev, P.A. & (703) 892-8648.
ITALIAN JOCK Give full body massage. Masculine, BEST TOUCH in ADAMS MORGAN. Deep tis- Kirstin Gulling, Of Counsel.
muscular, VGL masseur, offers, full-body, Swedish, sue, therapeutic sensual combo, all kinds of pres- FERNANDO’S CLEANING: Residential &
sports, deep tissue massage on a table, including sure, 8 yrs experience. Call VLAD 646-463-2804. EMPLOYMENT LAW ATTORNEY - Wrongful Commercial Cleaning, Reasonable Rates, Free
stretching, shower available. See my photos on Discharge, Sexual Harrassment, Contract Review, Estimates, Routine, 1-Time, Move-In/Move-Out. Located down- Whitleblowers. The Law Office of Carl Roller (202) 234-7050, 202-486-6183.
town, parking available. Brian 312-961-7724. (202) 531-2777,
MAID TO CLEAN. Rated #1 in Metro DC. Gay owned.
ADOPTION & REPRODUCTIVE LAW Jennifer Serving DC/VA/MD. DC (202) 297-2967, VA (703) 299-
PAMPER YOURSELF with a 60 or 90 min. mas-
Fairfax handles adoption, donor, carrier & parenting 0101. MD (301) 672-4331. Visit
sage. With 11 years experience let me tailor a
matters for LGBT families. Experienced. Affordable.
session right for you. Ben 202.277.7097
Maryland & D.C. 301-221-9651. JFairfax@jennifer-

Lippman, Semsker & Salb. A full-service law

firm serving the GLBT community. Protecting You.
Protecting Your Family. Since 1972. (301) 656-6905

Deep Tissue Massage for neck/back pain,

injury rehab. All welcome. Last min ok. AUTOS
7dys/wk till 11pm. NW 17th/Kal next to HT. FAST CASH!!! Wanted Cars & Trucks. Don’t Cleaning Service.
Tim 202.957.1559 throw your money away, call me! I will buy your Specializes in daily, weekly and monthly; DC and
vehicle. Call Marty Salins, at Auto Plaza, in Northern VA cleaning.
THE MAGIC TOUCH: Swedish, Massage or Deep Rockville, (301) 340-1390.
Tissue. Appts 202-486-6183, Low Rates, 24/7.
Get results! Massage treatment to deal with BUY/USED BOOKS Branches Tree Experts has certified arborists with
tight areas, imbalances, & stress release. ALL GAY THEMES. G BOOKS. 1520 U St, NW. 202- experience in Spraying, Fertilizing, Tree Pruning, Root
Licensed Massage therapist, comfortable, private 986-9697 4pm-10pm. Pruning, Construction Damage, Storm Damage,
studio, heart of DC. Packages available & 1st time P.S. our lubes, DVDs & gear cheaper than online. Stump Grinding, Tree Protection Plans, Planting and
discounts. FREE herbal body oil for your first appt. Consulting. 301-589-6181, Expert Tree Care Service
Call Sam 202-213-0401 or check my website at Since 1988, PETS & SUPPLIES
One of the best massage in Georgetown at HOME IMPROVEMENT
reasonable price, by Max 301-801-6072 CROWN MOULDINGS & CHAIR RAILS - All facets of interior trim, specializing in crown moulding, chair rails
maxgeorgetown.shtml & custom moulding fabrication. Call Matt 571-238-8366.

TIRED OF THAT DAMN DOOR? Specializing in older

WEDDINGS & SERVICES doors, repairing, modifying, weatherstrip, thresholds,
RC priest, American Catholic affiliation, deadbolts and doorknobs. Call Matt 571-238-8366.
licensed DC marriage officiant. Many years expe-
rience working with gay & straight couples in sec- CRAFTSMAN with OVER 30 YEARS EXPERI-
BEN 202.277.7097 ular & religious services. No venue too small. Let
me help you make your special day simple, ele-
Born on June 13th (Capitol Pride Day). 4 Males,
ENCE as a British Master Carpenter. Our company
adheres to the highest industry standards & prac- gant, memorable. Call Ed (202) 445-0366, $550/ea. 1 Female $600. Call (240) 388-7201. tices. Murphy & Maguire, LLC. Call Kevin Maguire Pics & videos avail. (202)
july 30, 2010 • 45

OLD TOWN, FAIRFAX... “Immaculate Apartment
SHARE/DC for Rent!” 1700 sq. ft 2 BR, 2 BA, STUNNING,
CAPITOL HILL 14TH & F STS, NE, Unfurnished fully furnished condo for rent. Complete kitchen,
BR for rent $500 monthly + utilities + deposit. beds, linens, towels, TVs & even original artwork
Thomas 202-397-7132. on the walls. Underground parking & a small bal-
cony. Nothing to bring but your clothes! Please
Call (703) 606-6644.
BELTSVILLE SPLIT LEVEL $275,000 SHARE/VA Met someone recently?
Sparkling Spotless! Full Party Room Basement! Alexandria VA Rose Hill mature g