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Another internal

Discussion Revised 2nd Traffic Report with Kathy from Design on Palmdale SR meeting is schedule
s 298800 713000283 138 36.87 36.870 138 between 5th and 10th Street for next week 85 An internal traffic
generating meeting with OTC,
voulme Design and PM
for direction/moving 20 4
Another internal was5conducted on the 6th of April and followed
305800 14 64.47 64.47 Discussion
Provide Projection
SR14 Ave Report
Traffic M all direction,
with Kathy5 times
from periods,
Design onLOS, Flow
Palmdale SR 4/2/16
meeting is schedule 90 for times period 4
by a focus meeting traffic voulme for7direction/moving
on April th
with all parties
OTE 298800 713000283 138 36.87 36.870 138 between 5th and 10th Street for next week 85 Received
for 5 times data
period, fromoverParson
Monday,check 16
Another internal ( consultant, city, PM OTE,, Design set andneeds
most to
Enviroment 305800 14 64.47 64.47 Discussion
Provide Projection for2nd
SR14 Ave Report
M all direction, 5 times Input file from Parson on Sychron, a lot of issue,
Revised Traffic with Kathy from periods,
Design onLOS, Flow
Palmdale SR 4/20/16
meeting is schedule 95 generate
functional units) . I have repeatedly expressed
only spent 2 days on thisndone, not even close to
OTE 298800 713000283 138 36.87 36.870 138 between 5th and 10th Street for next week 95 concerns
Talked regarding
Liberty the
few the 2 draft
times alrady ofthis
comments traffic
theshe 16
ID th problem, need to stop working onweek,
this one
want report
VMT byand
and Parson.
delay There
on is notflows.
direction a significant
for few days, I need to focus on Ave M I told her
Another internal Iimprovement(
need to reslect actually NO build
the network andisI better
want to than
get it
Enviroment 305800 14 64.47 64.47 Discussion
Provide Projection for2nd
SR14 Ave Report
M all direction, 5 times Talked
Build by tonext
options) few Level
in the timesofalrady
week, she
Revised Traffic with Kathy from periods, LOS,
Design on Flow
Palmdale SR 4/20/16
meeting is schedule 95 done
want VMT and
on direction flows. Iexcept
told her
existing and future conditions,
OTE 298800 713000283 138 36.87 36.870 138 between 5th and 10th Street for next week 100 Ifinish
the to reslect
thethe revised
network on the
and I intersection.
Blvd., want to get it 24
Enviroment 305800 14 64.47 64.47 Provide Projection for SR14 Ave M all direction, 5 times periods, LOS, Flow 4/20/16 95 trafficby
done report
next and
week Synchro run. 16
Hence discuss briefly how improving one
HQ 5/10/16 Microsimulation Training/ Meeting 5/12/16 100 intersection
5/12/16 discussing
Assist HQ on isTraining
with still a significant
design and traffic,safety
and make 16 4
OTE 298800 713000283 138 36.87 36.870 Provide comment on the meeting minutes 5/12/16 100 improvement
5/12/16 sure comments toisallconsistence
users within the entire 8 8
project stretch. Consultant has difficult to
Enviroment 305800 14 64.47 64.47 Provide Projection for SR14 Ave M all direction, 5 times periods, LOS, Flow 5/19/16 99 generate the
optimize report traffic condition, and we have 8 1 2
OTE 5/2/16 29890k 14 61.7 62.1 Discuss Projection issue and Microsimulation Results with Brain from Traffic 6/3/16 100-25 6/3/16 See Sheet
request theEA input29890K file from the consultant and 8 32 16 8
Enviroment 4/30/16 305800 14 64.47 64.47 Was
Provide hopefully
See Sheetour EA expertise
305800 will assist consultant to
by Design,forDeputy
SR14 Ave M all to
decided direction,
sign off 5the
times periods,
project withLOS, Flow
all the unsloved 6/30/16 100 32 24 24 30 40 24 31
find out solution to resolve this issue. I have
OTE 5/17/16 298800 713000283 138 36.87 36.870 issues 5/17/16 100 5/17/16 Completed 4
been spent way too much time on this project.
Provide recommendation to OTE and to verify (HDR) Consultants demand model I felt we are doing a lot more than just reviewing
PSR 7/11/16 Media
31590K 126 and Microsimulation result 7/15/16 100 7/15/16 See
the project.
Sheet EA In331590K
fact, we are providing technical
Regional & Freight Planning Branch 7/11/16 Request support
see Sheet toMedia
the consultant
Request 6
Provide recommendation
Provide recommendation on to PM
SR and
138 to
Aveverify SCAG Model
M alternatives to vs Consultants
Design/OTE North for
PSR 7/11/15 31850K 0715000304 47 0.7 0.860 demand
Consultant's work 7/15/16 100 7/15/16 See Sheet 31850K 3
Provide recommendation on for
SR14both demand
at 10th model
street and Microsimulation
interchange alternatives to
Design 7/29/16 23620 0713000032 138 44.2 44.800 Design/OTE
Analysis results
for reviewing Consultant's work for both demand model and 8/12/16 100 8/12/16 See Sheet23620(0713000032) 16 24 16
7/26/16 298900 07130000284 14 41 41.000 Microsimulation Analysis results 8/19/16 100 8/19/16 See Sheet EA29890K 8 8 14 24 18.5 20 40 7 13 4
OTE 8/1/16 27360 0700000512 126 13.14 20.110 Provide
Provide 2040
AADTProject for OTE
2035 and 2045and comparefor
Projections result with VCTC
mainline model
and all ramps in between 8/3/16 100 see Sheet 27360K 24
PSR 8/16/16 33300K 0716000298 5 14.7 26.900 Provide
the Post2030
Mile and 2040 traffic projection/recommendation on SR14/SR138 9/16/16 100 9/16/16 6 29
OTE North 8/30/16 29880 0713000283 14 43.42 43.680 interchange to Design/OTE and reviewing Consultant's demand model 9/23/16 100 9/23/16 see Sheet 29880 16 8 20
9/23/16 29811 91 I-605 Carmenita Ave Traffic Data Collection Methodology 9/30/16 100 9/30/16 See Sheet 29811 8.5 8

Training IGR- VMT 10/10/16 100 6 24

Prepare and get refamiliar of modeling and

simulation software for air quality and other
Training TransCAD, Vistro, Vissim and Synchro 10/12/16 100 upcoming project 3
COS Budget 10/24/16 Preparing COS Budget for next Fiscial Year 10/26/16 100 10/26/16 24


We had a meeting with Tin Dihn, our Caltrans PM on the Westbound SR-91 Improvement Project PA&E
macro modeling and microsimulation modeling. We are also doing the macro model for the I-605/SR-6


9/30/2016 100%
The Technical Memorandum states that traffic data from a variety of dates and
different locations throughout the project boundary will be used for this study. I also
understand that no data will be collected specifically for validation purposes in this
SR-91 PA&EA. I just want to emphasize that without considering appropriate traffic
data for future validation purposes, the accuracy of future alternative designs may
be questioned.



OTE North has requested us to perform projection for the 2030

starting working on 2030 projection

(1)I have break iit down between the OD from AM vs PM with in

the sam TAZ. (2) I have spent hours to discuss the model with
Mr. Osborn. (3) I have adjusted the linear growth factor to
match the 2040 peak hour. The AM Peak GF=1.16 and 1.62 for
the PM Peak. Even though the 2040 AM peak traffic volume
appears lower than the consultants number, the 2040 PM peak
traffic volume is pretty close to their result. Just FYI, we are
using the 2012 SCAG RTP model not the latest 2016 SCAG RTP
model for this analysis.

Try to help HQ to set up Vissim, Trans Modeler, Trans

8/5/2016 continuous CAD training for D7

5/2/2016 100%

8/5/2016 25%

8/19/2016 100%


9/23/2016 30%

9/30/2016 60%
10/7/2016 80%
1/16/2017 100%
Discuss Issue with Brain from OTE and generate report. I did the
work, traffic needs our help but PM hesitated to provide us resource

(1) I Inform Chao that I have been doing this project for free since
May. As today, there is still no resource on this project. Even PM
injects the necessary hours today( 80 hours for this time and they
owe us at least additional 100 hours since may), I cant finish the
project by next Tuesday. I have suggest My Senior to contact
Mohammad to reschedule the upcoming meeting. (2) a meeting
with OTC/ City of Palmdale is next week, I have spend 4 hours on the
resource issue with traffic and spent another 4 hours on the 4 inches
thick traffic report.

On Jun 28, 2016, I have provided 4 comments regarding AECOMs

demand model and Microsimulation results but I did not get a satisfy
answers. A 2nd meeting was conducted last week. I believed the
growth in that area is too high and I also question AECOM AM/PM
peak hours factor. I have asked AECOM to provide me the trip table
from their model, so I can further looks into the logic behind their
number. I have also requested AECOM to convert their Synchro 9.0
input file into Synchro 8.0 version, so I can review it. Currently, we do
not have the most updated Synchro version. The lack of updated
software could be an issue to prevent us to review future consultants

Pre phone conversation on the 18th of August with Vamshi from

AECOM, We think the 2040 projected volume is on the high side and
we are also concerned about the methodology for applying general
SCAG factor for route and location specific future AM and PM peak
traffic volumes. If you can provide us the following that will really
help us to better understand your model approach: (1) Trip
distribution table (2) Socio- economic data for both existing and
future year by zone (aggregated to SCAGs zones will be highly
appreciated). In addition, for the Synchro 9.0 file, please save as
Synchro 8.0 and email to me for review.

AECOM provided us with the multi file to review

(1)Mr Osborn and I have spent days to compare their TAZ vs SCAG's
TAZ (2) we are comparing 5 time period and each period has a 1700
x 1700 matrix OD for analysis.

(1)still working on 1700 x 1700 Matrix OD, and planning to set up

meeting with AECOM to discuss (2) Synchro License is expired, I am
in the process to renewal with HQ
working on matrix
Ramp Metering Issues
This is a red tag project. I have to generated 2045 traffic volume projections
from SCAG 2012 RTP, the ensure the accuracy of the projection, I went through
the 2009/2035 Ventura County Congestion Management program to cross
checked with SCAG 2012 model and Caltrans TCR segment projection. In
additional, the verification has performed via our counts from 2001 through
Consultants Synchro analysis, Year 2018/2038 Build, EBT lane is coded 12 feet in lane wid
Lane width), but in proposed layout sheet (L1), it stated the EBT lane is 11 feet( non STD).
width will impact the traffic capacity. I have informed traffic and design that it critical that i
width in the Synchro file must match lane configuration proposed in your layout sheet othe
entire traffic report result will not be valid
PDT Meet For this project , they need to email us the existing counts and
the projected traffic numbers( growth and etc). Are they using SCAG 2012 or
SCAG 2016 Model for their analysis. If we do not agreed on their number,
the outcome may impact their alternatives and result greatly.
A reporter with the Los Angeles News Group is looking for information about truck
traffic volumes by time of day. Shes particularly interested in traffic coming from
the ports
PDT Meeting for 3 hours, and spend 1 hour to review previous data


generate report/ Liberty told me, no need to rush, we have additioanl 3 weeks to finish the
project. I have generated all direction traafic datad for 5 time period, including LDV, HDV. I
am currently filtering data for both Air quality and Noise Group and

I am at final stage finish up all required datd for Air Quality and Noise Group, I should be
finish this project( over 100+ data set) by 7/8/16

PM : Jone Lee has question regarding the 2035 and 2040 projected number from HDR and
PSR Report, additional resource is required to nvestgation

OTE : Brain asked us to clearfy some comment made by HDR, I told Brain caltrans
involment is limited to the SR 14 Main line, and we do not use Sub area model
Envirmental: in progress to transfer # to the Excel

OTE : Informed Brian that HDR number looks fine. Just FYI, we ONLY/ ALWAYS use SCAG
2012 RTP as the base year to generate ALL future projections

PM : Answer to John : The Citys projection is approximately 10% to 15% lower than our
own numbers.( It is approximately 0.05% growth different per year) In addition, I am unable
to interpolate the correlation between citys own 2035 vs 2040 number. We are using
SCAG 2012 RTP as our base year for all future projection. Please see attached PDF. We
(Planning/ Traffic/Consultant) have agreed month ago on these numbers. I have more
confident to use this set of number