Radiogram No. 4822u Simvol-Ц System Test. АСН-М Test.

Thruster Inhibit 02:00-02:10 02:10-02:40 02:40-03:30 03:30-03:40 03:40-03:55 04:00-04:30 04:00-06:00 04:30-04:40 04:40-05:10 05:15-05:20 04:20-04:30 04:50-05:05 05:05-05:35 05:20-06:20 05:35-06:50 06:00-06:05 06:10-06:15 06:15-06:45 06:25-06:45 06:45-07:00 06:50-07:30 07:00-07:20 07:00-08:30 07:30-07:35 07:30-09:00 07:35-08:00 08:00-08:05 08:05-08:20 08:20-08:30 08:30-08:40 08:30-08:45 08:45-09:00 CDRassistance FE-2 CDR CDR CDRassistance FE-2, CDRassistance FE-1 CDRassistance FE-2 CDRassistance FE-1 FE-2 FE-1 CDR CDR FE-2 Morning inspection Post-sleep BREAKFAST Prep for Work

Form 24 for 03/08/07

Daily Planning Conference (S-band) Defibrillator Checkout Micro In-Flight water collection for analysis and chemical archive- Water Sample Collection NiRA temperature leveling. ITCS samples. ALTEA - CNSM data transfer check RASTENIYA-2. Photography Regeneration of Micropurification Unit (БМП) Absorption Cartridge Ф2 (begin) Replacement of urine receptacle [МП] and filter-insert [Ф-В] in the toilet [АСУ] (МП #1250151, delivered on Progress 356, Ф-В #504049, delivered on Progress 359 or Ф-В #504050, 504051) Physical Exercise (RED) Simvol-Ц Tests ALTEA PL Lockup Recovery ALTEA - deleting data from laptop for CNSM ALTEA - dosimeter setup for CNSM


ALTEA - hardware activation for CNSM Maintenance closures of Vozdukh [ABK] valves in the spare part kit ALTEA - crew member Central Nervous System functions test ALTEA - test of Central Nervous System monitoring Physical Exercise (TVIS), day 3 Maintenance of Compound Specific Analyzer- Combustion Products (CSA-CP) ALTEA - test of Central Nervous System monitoring ALTEA - Historical Photos of CNSM Hardware PAO hardware setup/prep ALTEA - CNSM hardware deactivation Private family conference (S-band)

08:45-08:50 08:50-09:05 09:00-09:05 09:00-09:25 09:25-10:25 09:25-09:30 09:30-10:30 10:05-10:55 10:30-10:35 10:35-10:55 10:40-11:20 10:55-11:05 10:55-11:45 11:05-11:40 11:20-11:50 11:50-12:00 12:00-12:20 12:20-12:55 12:20-12:45 12:20-12:55 12:45-13:45 12:55-13:30 12:55-13:15 13:15-14:15 13:30-13:45 13:45-15:15 13:45-15:15 14:15-15:15 15:15-15:30 15:30-15:35 15:30-16:00 15:35-16:00 16:00-16:30 16:30-17:30 16:30-16:35 16:30-17:15 16:35-16:45 16:45-17:30

FE-2 CDR FE-1, FE-2 FE-2 FE-1 CDR FE-1 FE-2 FE-1 FE-2 CDR FE-2 FE-1

ALTEA - CNSM Data copy ALTEA - hardware transfer Deactivation of CSA-CP data log TV greetings to Young Cosmonauts Club in Rostov-on-Don TV greetings to the participants of Space Odyssey theme group (То=09:00, Т1, Т2, Т3 from СПП) LUNCH On MCC Go ISS O2 repress from Progress 358 СрПК (start) LUNCH Micro In-Flight water collection for analysis and chemical archive- Water Microbiology Kit ISS O2 repress from Progress 358 СрПК (terminate) TRAC - hardware setup Filling EDV [KOB] (separation) for Elektron TRAC - video equipment set up Micro In-Flight water collection for analysis and chemical archive- Water Microbiology Kit (water collection device) TRAC - data СОЖ Maintenance Crew prep for PAO PAO dedicated to the 50th Anniversary of Space Age event in Paris (S + Ku-band)


Evening work prep Evening work prep TRAC - data Physical Exercise (RED) TRAC - data IMS Update Physical Exercise (VELO+RED) day 3 TRAC - equipment stow Physical Exercise (CEVIS) Physical Exercise (TVIS) Evening work prep Daily planning conference (S-band). Transfer TVIS/RED/CEVIS/HRM data to MEC DINNER DINNER Daily food prep Pre-sleep HAM radio setup Pre-sleep HAM radio session Pre-sleep

17:15-17:30 17:30-03:00 Task List Note.


Regeneration of БМП Absorption Cartridge Ф2 (terminate) SLEEP ТБУ (Universal Bioengineering Thermostat). Temperature check / r/g 4552 URAGAN. Observations and photography


See OSTP for references to US activities.

End of Radiogram