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Sample Assignment

Strategic Marketing
Table of Contents
Introduction to Assignment
1.1 Strategic planning process for a smart phone
1.2 Key elements of strategy and marketing plan
1.3 Marketing Plan
1.4 Potential problem areas for short, long term and medium

Companies need to differentiate themselves along the other
players in the market in order to obtain a competitive advantage
which will facilitate the long term sustainability of the
organisations. This assignment will discuss the strategic planning
process and the associated marketing plan for a smart phone
manufacturer and will pay particular attention with regard to an
emerging Smartphone manufacturer. This assignment will further
focus on the background and the development of a marketing
plan with regard to the food brand Primark. This assignment takes
into account the marketing plan for a new restaurant in the
Central London, which could be identified as the busiest city in
England. Fast foods like fish n chips are in demand in London,
due to the busy lifestyles of people. The factor which would affect
the decision of the type of restaurant that needs to be started in
Central London has been considered in this assignment.

Assignment 1
1.1 Strategic planning
process for a smart phone
As explained by Himmelsbach (2012:p.7) smartphone sector can
be identified as one of the very much dynamic business sectors
where the industry mainly depends on the new technologies and
new innovations. In that light for an upcoming smart phone
manufacturer it will be very much important to be equipped with
a proper overall strategy that will enable to obtain a competitive
edge in the mobile market. The following can be identified as the
strategic planning process for a new Smartphone manufacturer.
Where are we now?
According to Grunig and Kuhn (2011:p.188) strategies should be
developed in order to compete with the current situation in the
market. So the position of the company should be identified with
regard to the industrial situation. A Porters five forces analysis
can be carried out in order to identify the current position.

Porters five forces analysis

Bargaining power of customers
High level of bargaining power due to the low switching
costs and the availability of same type products from different
competitors (Kurtz, 2010:p.40).
Bargaining power of suppliers
High level of bargaining power due to the availability if
different potential buyers and a competitive price.
Threat of substitute products
Moderate level of threat due to certain substitutes such as i-
pads and similar products.
Threat of new entrants
High level of threat due to low initial costs and availability of
different technologies.
Competitive rivalry
High to large scale manufacturers such as Apple, Nokia, HTC
and Samsung (Goggin, 2011:p.24).
Where we are going?
After identifying the current position the the strategic direction
should be identified. The Ansoff matrix can be effectively used in
that light.