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March 20, 2007 Vol. 12, No.


Repairs on Atlantis' tiles ISS crew installs new

from hail damage under way window on Unity node

Shuttle Update: Space Shuttle This was the second hatch window Camp KSC graduation ceremony and
Atlantis continues to undergo inspec- installed by an Expedition crew. A a certificate of completion.
tion for hail damage in high bay No. similar window was installed by Ex- For more information and regis-
1 of the Vehicle Assembly Building. pedition 6 crew members on Unity’s tration details, call 449-4444 or visit
Special scaffolding and access starboard hatch.
platforms have been erected to allow KSC All-American Picnic 2007 KSC RehabWorks Educa-
for the mapping and inspection of the Survey — Did you attend the All- tional Lecture Series No. 3 — Re-
external fuel tank, and repair methods American Picnic on March 10? If so, habWorks is proud to announce the
and criteria are being developed. the picnic committee is seeking feed- third session in its new Educational
Repairs to the orbiter's thermal back on your picnic experience. Lecture Series, "Youth Sports and
protection system tiles are nearly Please complete the short survey at: Exercise: What You Need To Know!"
complete, and technicians are prepar- Session three will focus on youth
ing to conduct non-destructive .cfm?s=KSC_Picnic. and their involvement in safe exercise
evaluation of the vehicle's reinforced and sports. This is a great session for
carbon-carbon panels on the left wing Space Camp — Camp Kennedy
parents and coaches to learn impor-
leading edge using thermography Space Center offers children entering
tant facts in order to guide and direct
equipment. second through ninth grade an out-of-
children effectively yet without in-
Shuttle program managers plan to this-world experience to explore
jury. Learn about common adolescent
meet this week to assess the damage space as never before. The spring ses-
injuries, care and treatment of these
and repair status. sion is scheduled for March 26-30.
injuries, and youth guidelines for
Summer camp sessions are available
ISS Update: The Expedition physical activity.
June 4 through August 17.
14 crew was busy last week moving The hour-long lecture is sched-
Regular tuition is $295 per child
trash into the International Space Sta- uled at 10 a.m. today in OSB I/Room
per session. There is a 15-percent dis-
tion Progress 23, installing a new 6320.
count for badged employees and con-
window and preparing for upcoming For more information, please
tractors of KSC, Cape Canaveral Air
missions to the station. contact Erik Nason at 867-7497 or e-
Force Station, Patrick Air Force Base,
The new window was installed on mail You
and retired KSC personnel.
Wednesday on the port side hatch of can also visit the Web site
Camp KSC is based at the U.S.
the Unity node. It is fitted with a for
Astronaut Hall of Fame. Spring
berthing camera system that includes a complete listing of the 2007 lecture
camp hours are from 9 a.m. to 4:30
target markings on the outside of the topics, locations and times.
p.m., with extended early drop-off
hatch. This will help robotic operators and late pick-up hours available free Did You Know? The O&C Mis-
align and dock the station’s new ele- for badged employees. sion Briefing Room will be closed
ments. Campers receive a complimen- from April 1 through June 30 for ma-
The window’s installation was tary KSC Visitor Complex annual jor facility renovations. The room
part of the crew’s work to ready the pass, lunches and afternoon snacks, will be unavailable for any usage dur-
station’s Pressurized Mating Adapter- an official Camp KSC T-shirt, four ing this time. For additional informa-
3 (PMA-3) for its relocation later this complimentary admission tickets to tion, please contact Brent Seale at
year to Unity’s Earth-facing port. the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame, the
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