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or iconoclastic news of the auto world. This corresponds to two thousandths of a second. please visit https://www. and collisions between two moving cars at different angles and speeds.. SWEDEN. a continuous implementation of new equipment and new test methods. Different types of crash test barriers can be built on three sides of the block.” says Thomas Broberg. Here crash tests are carried out against a variety of objects found in the traffic environment.5 cm. with 3. Until then. photos or anecdotes about you and your car (hopefully a Volvo!). Even the surrounding landscape serves as an integrated part of the crash-test laboratory. When the Volvo Cars Crash-Test Laboratory was inaugurated by Sweden’s King Carl XVI Gustaf in early 2000. IN IT YOU WILL FIND NEWS about the most advanced laboratory crash test in the car industry (Volvo’s of course!). It will not be sent through mass mailing. • There are around 20 other barriers to support Volvo’s own extensive testing. This says a whole lot about the laboratory’s precision. We are continuously taking new steps towards our vision that nobody should die or suffer serious injuries in a new Volvo car by the year 2020. based on knowledge from real life situations. about a team of international auto journalists testing new Volvo models in Faqra. just let us know. • Volvo Cars’ also performs crash tests in a unique simulator that can recreate the tipping. • The laboratory’s crash block weighs 850 tonnes.SWEDISHNEWS EVOLV is an e-newsletter published by Gabriel Abou Adal. • Crash tests on both test tracks can also be carried out in the opposite direction. CELEBRATES ITS 10TH ANNIVERSARY THIS YEAR HIGH TECH FACILITY FACTS FROM VOLVO CARS SAFETY CENTRE to bring you updated. rear end collisions. catchy.. Senior Safety Advisor at Volvo Cars.volvocars.media. The latest technology addition is a set of digital high-speed cameras that can take 200.AND SAFE DRIVING.volvo. GOOD READING. In the computer a crash test can efficiently be simulated a number of times with different parameters without destroying a car. we also welcome your comments. as well as the various official test requirements. In addition to the lab’s full-time employees. • The crash-test laboratory has one fixed and one movable test track. where a concrete slab is used for various tests such as rollovers.O. WELCOME TO OUR FIRST ISSUE OF EVOLV. The smallest cameras are used to study the behaviour of small components inside the cars. women and children of different sizes and ages. using ten pistons representing different parts of the car.” says Thomas Broberg. • At the point where the two test tracks meet. Alternatively. The newsletter will be sent individually to selected e-mail addresses.. there is a team of about 100 silent yet efficient staff members: the crash-test dummies. videos and images.. are advanced measuring instruments with different designs and configurations for different crash situations. Volvo cars agency in Lebanon. about a group of students from College Notre Dame de Jamhour who organized a car safety event. • There are about 50 high-speed cameras. cameras are set to film crash tests from above and below the point of impact.000 frames per second. These are matters of concern to all of us. By way of comparison. “The degree of precision in our tests is 2. side impacts. The crash-test laboratory makes it possible to replicate most of the accident scenarios that occur in real-life traffic. THE NEWSLETTER FOR VOLVO CARS IN LEBANON. or about any matter related to driving. men. For more information. It has since retained that position. Dear Reader. environment or road safety in Lebanon.com. THIS NEWSLETTER IS YOURS. It can also simulate intrusion into the passenger compartment. if you know someone who might be interested in it.Lebanon P. • A new car model that is being crash tested in the lab has already been tested thousands of times in Volvo’s computers. or pitch. If we strive VOLVO CARS CRASH-TEST LABORATORY CELEBRATES ITS 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY VOLVO CARS’ CRASH-TEST LABORATORY IN TORSLANDA.000 full-scale tests carried out in the Laboratory.or a glimpse of the new Volvo S60. a blink of the human eye takes about 60 thousandths of a second. The movable track can be moved to perform crashes such as frontal impacts. The crash-test laboratory is a central part of this development. Should you want us to remove your name from the list just drop us a line. These dummies. “The risk of being involved in an accident or being injured in one of our latest car models has more than halved compared with a Volvo from the 1970s.com #1 | EVOLV | 3 . Nagi Abou Adal Associate Gabriel Abou Adal CONTACT Gabriel Abou Adal VOLVO . We perfectly understand and will not be offended. it was one of the most advanced in the car industry.Box 166614 – Beirut Tel: 961 (1) 614 615 Fax: 961 (1) 611 166 www. in real-life collisions without destroying the car body. • Volvo Cars also has 100 different types of crash-test dummy to represent humans in the car.lb • On the fixed track it is also possible to crash-test trucks at speeds of up to 50 mph.

they managed to explain the hazards of the road and traffic safety basics to children from 6 to 13 years. Feel Better”. “ 4 | EVOLV | #1 VOLVO C30 T5 R-DESIGN: SHORT AND SWEDE. #1 | EVOLV | 5 . the media representatives test drove eight of them. WITH THE SUPPORT OF ORGANIZATIONS WHOSE PRIMARY CONCERN IS TO REDUCE ROAD ACCIDENTS. Jad Fakhoury. After lunch. a demonstration on the Volvo XC60 allowed students to experience the “City Safety” system that allows the car to brake automatically if the driver is about to bump into the vehicle in front and doesn’t react in time. the students displayed Volvo cars. THEY ACHIEVED A TWO-DAY PROGRAM AIMING TO EDUCATE AND RAISE ROAD AWARENESS AMONG THE YOUNG GENERATION. It’s gone a long way to ensure Volvo’s dull days are very much a thing of the past. Thomas Chekaiban. And apparently. after a quick overview of the latest Volvo models. Karine Abi Saab. Journalists start to arrive at Mzaar Intercontinental. Ms. which simulates a low speed impact. for the media test drive event organized by Volvo regional office. Wheels May 7. All it needs now is an ejector seat. VOLVOs ABC MALL ASHRAFIEH SHOWING OFF AT April 8th. Anushka Asmar. The new C30 is nippy. nimble and very pretty. Kathleen Antaki. HANGING OUT AT ABC MALL ASHRAFIEH. Liam Nelson. Thanks to YASA. THEY HAVE BEEN SPOTTED LATELY.. under the very evocative theme “Look Better. rumour has it they’ll be spending more time down at level 2 . Volvos have been spending a lot of time at ABC. they’re the ones doing the show now.a close friend recently revealed they simply adore Casper’s frozen smoothies. For older students. VOLVOS DECIDED TO GO OUT AND ABOUT. so grab your cams and send us your best paparazzi shots. Patrick Bitar. having a bite outside the movie theatre before the show starts.. Sandra Abou Jaoude (Seated) Rana Ayoub. S80 and XC60 models undertook two hours of rough challenges and crisp examination of a dozen of highly qualified automotive experts. fully equipped and featuring the sporty R-design kit. Dubai. Fouad Andari. where students learn while having fun. THIS YEAR. Carl Daou ” Being huge movie fans. C70. 2010 Left to right: (Standing) Elias Bejjani. the group went out for an ATV tour of the area and came back for a short wrap up before gathering around the traditional mouth watering fondue. through the “Traffic Safety Educational Garden”. especially if you see some handsome stranger hanging out with one of them. The next day. demonstrating the importance of wearing the seatbelt at all times and for everyone in the car.REGIONALNEWS LEBANESENEWS LOOK BETTER. kunhadi association provided the “Seat Belt Convincer” machine. The C30. But with the sun out. FEEL BETTER YOUNG AND MATURE A GROUP OF STUDENTS OF NOTRE-DAME DE JAMHOUR HIGH SCHOOL ORGANIZED ACTIVITIES REGARDING ROAD SAFETY AS PART OF THEIR SOCIAL PROJECT. especially since that mischievous C30 and then the XC60 got all big in Hollywood with the Twilight saga. And to conclude the activities of this project. 2010. a theoretical and practical program.

Volvo has teamed up with Live Nation’s Hard Rock Calling Festival to become the events’ Official Automotive Partner. WITH THE ALLNEW VOLVO S60. director of Global Marketing Communications. Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney as the headline acts. IN THE UK ON THE WEB Volvo Cars is putting most of its campaign online and reveals its more playful dimension. This will be an eye-catching addition to the festival and will blend effortlessly with the fans enjoyment of the shows. it lives up to its sporty design. “Hard Rock Calling provides us with a great opportunity to showcase the all-new Volvo S60 to an audience who are happy to let their hair down and embrace their ‘naughty’ side. Check out one the first footage published by clicking the image below.and what better place to debut that statement than in the environment of Hard Rock Calling. tweets. the naughty volvo is everywhere on the net. A NEW DIMENSION IS NOW BEING REVEALED .volvo. “The all-new Volvo S60 is a particularly dynamic car with an exciting design and innovative safety features. fan pages and videos. photos. Managing Director for Volvo Car UK. Blogs.” Simon Lewis.” commented Peter Rask. The films haven’t been faked or enhanced in any way. “The Volvo S60 is a car that makes a statement .THE NAUGHTY VOLVO.” says Michael Persson. SCANDINAVIAN DESIGN AND ENVIRONMENTAL CONSIDERATION ARE ALL PART AND PARCEL OF THE VOLVO BRAND.lb .ALL NEW S60IT GET? HOW MUCH NAUGHTIER CAN WORLDWIDE SAFETY. Twelve short films have been produced at the Volvo test-track. You get to choose from four headlines what test you want to try out and by using the naughtymeter.Marketing Partnerships International. GABRIEL ABOU ADAL | 961 1 614 615 | www. The festival has already announced Pearl Jam. President . where properties such as extreme driving pleasure and daring design are in the spotlight. you decide just how naughty the S60 is to be. and we’ll make sure to keep them coming your way. The all-new model will be on display throughout the three day music festival for visitors to take a closer look at its new coupe-like design. To celebrate the UK arrival of the all-new Volvo S60.com. The S60 not only represents the fun side of Volvo.

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