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did my What do I have to do

Date before or on my next
group discuss? PD?
PD Day Look at some dierent Math Openers to try
September Focusing on Math, our essen:al ques:on was with my class to provide feedback for my
discussed as to how to move forward while next Math Cohort on November 7th.
30th , 2016 building a thinking classroom. Discussed
dierent math openers to use. Talked about
possible PD opportuni:es.

Math Problem Solving Group Try 2 problems with my class before our
October We tried a variety of math starters and next group mee:ng. Document their
problems today. We also then had a group solu:ons and progress throughout their
11th, 2016 share of numerous problems to try in our solving.

October PD Day Read the research we have found and

21st, 2016 We focused on Math Openers and try an opener with my class.
nding websites that will support a
thinking classroom.

Math Cohort Try and document specic Math Openers from our
November Our Cohort Group, discussed current research cohort Math group and look and discuss how the
and how to create our own openers to students are showing a progression in their
7th, 2016 facilitate student thinking. We looked at Quick thoughts to problem solve.
Draw and QUIP as openers.

What did my What do I have to do

Date before or on my next
group discuss? PD?
PD Day Further look at Grayson Wheatlys
November We are working to organize dierent levels of book and determine what I am
openers from Grayson Wheatly Coming to
25th, 2016 Know Number. We watched TED Talk How able to use with my class.
you can be good at Math by .Jo Boaler.

Math Problem Solving Group Share my new problems with my

November We discussed what makes a good problem great group members.
and looked at dierent problems. We also
29th, 2016 shared our successes within our classroom and
looked at new problems.

PD Day Try some new starters with my
January We looked at what we need to change and do class.
dierently. We also looked at more math
20th, 2017 starters and problems we could use.

February Math Problem Solving Group Share my new starter with my
13, 2017 We tried a new problem and math starter. We group.
then began linking the problems we have done
to the curriculum.

What did my What do I have to do

Date before or on my next
group discuss? PD?
March PD Day Take more videos and pictures to use
3rd, 2017 We discussed the importance of taking in my PLP.
videos while students are working and
gather samples of their process and nal
May PD Day Organize and upload informa:on to my
5th, 2017 We discussed informa:on we needed to PLP. Work on crea:ng our chart for our
add to our PLPs and what we need to gallery walk.
prepare for our gallery walk.

May Math Problem Solving Group Share curriculum related problems
8th, 2017 We sorted problems according to grade 4 with my group and add them to my
outcomes. PLP.

June 9th, PD Day

2017 We presented our PLP through a
gallery walk.