HARGA RUMPUT NAPIER INDIA Seruas : Rm0.15 (stock ada dalam 2000 ruas) HARGA DAGING KAMBING Seekor tak sembelih - RM680 Sembelih & Lapah - RM50 (Timbang hidup min 40 kg seekor) ATAU Beli daging sahaja RM 40 / kg .. Beli lebih 2kg rm35/kg Ciri2 kambing slaughter: Umur: > setahun (sepasang gigi) Jantina : Jantan di kasi
Harga yang kami tawarkan adalah ; 1. untuk sekilo daging kambing boer ialah RM40/kg (penghantaran percuma sekitar cheras dan lenggeng).


Untuk seekor kambing boer harga adalah 700/ekor (termasuk sembelih dan melapah) - berat hidup min lebih kurang 35kg .

Worm Disease This disease often suffer from the sheep. This occurred when the animals eat grass that has been contaminated by animal feces with the worm eggs. Signs of Illness • Body lean and not grow up (blocked) • Distended stomach • Sometimes, diarrhea and weakness • Swelling under chin • Hair, not glossy, and easily killed • Pale and body dehydration (dehydrated) • Manure in the laboratory analysis showed a high number of worm eggs Prevention • Pen should be used to clean and dry • Grass given water not from the area, or from areas that were contaminated with worm eggs • Grant worm medication properly, for example three weeks or two months depending on the circumstances • The new livestock must be given worm medicine before release Treatment • To provide effective worm medicine • To ensure that the animals have to drink a lot • Provide additional food


Systernex, Synantic, Nilzan etc.

Coccidiosis The disease is caused by protozoa and usually occurs among children sheep. It occurs when the animal is in the narrow, damp, and dirty. Signs of Illness • Diarrhoea • Foul smelling stools and sometimes bloody • Lack of appetite • Weakness and lack of water (dehydrated) • Thin • Deaths Confirmation is made by examining faeces in the laboratory. Prevention • Make sure the cage is clean and dry • Provide adequate area for livestock barn Treatment: • Providing drugs containing sulfur (sulfur drugs) • Providing more drinking • Report to the nearest Veterinary Officer The types of drugs • Sulphamezathine (33 1 / 3%) etc.

Puru Diseases (Contagious ecthyma) Puru disease is caused by a virus. It usually attacks children who are still feeding sheep and causes sheep son became thin and weak as difficult to eat Symptoms • There are bubble-bubble containing water at the mouth of soft leather. gums and lips • When the bubbles, this bubble burst, it will be keruping and sometimes cracking and bleeding • The signs also occur in the legs, especially in the fingers and blend into the nipple on the mother Prevention • Inject all the sheep brought to the field • Inject all sheep after weaning children • Inject breeding adults each year • If the animal is infected with the disease, treatment and medication in place to prevent infection of other diseases. Treatment • Clean and treat the wound as a result of the bubble that burst with iodine medication or fiber violet '(drug blue). Antibiotics should be used. The types of drugs / veksin: • Veksin Contagious ecthyma, iodine, 'Fiber violet'

Paru-paru/Selsema/Sejuk disease The disease usually occurs when sheep infected with a long rain. Place a damp or wet, and a narrow area and has good air circulation can cause this problem. Symptoms • Seen moyok and withdrawing • Weak and helpless • Fast breathing • Sometimes cough and out of fluid from the nose as salivary • Temperature rise Prevention • To separate the non-communicable diseases • Taking care not to wet cleaning pen • Ensure sufficient area for livestock

• Have good ventilation for the enclosure • Do not let the animal in the middle of the rain Treatment • Place the animal in a dry and clean and has good air circulation • Report to the Veterinary Department for the immediate treatment The types of drugs • Terramycin LA ampicillin, chloramphenicol dil.

Bloating Disease Bloating occurs when there is a lot of gas in the stomach. This can occur when cattle consume too many young grass or plants that contain a lot of nitrogen materials such as legumes. It can also happen in the event of sanctions in the esophagus. Symptoms: • Distended stomach, especially on the left • Denturnan powerful sound when tapped • Shortness of breath • Produce saliva • Make noise - bleat • Drop right 'convulsion', and can cause death Prevention Proper nutrition management, reduce the provision of pulses, and the young grass has a high nitrogen content Treatment • The feeding of peanut oil, vegetable or corn • In relation to the nearest Veterinary Services Department for treatment Type of drug-lenis • 'Bloat Remedy', salad oil, etc..

Diarrhoea Diarrhoea may be caused by several things such as: • Worm • Protozoa (coccidia) • Bacteria • One meal Symptoms • Liquid manure or rounded as usual • Dirty and wet around the base of the tail • Sheep will look and turn away moyok • Sometimes the smell naiis • Temperature rise • Poor • Lack of water (dehydration) • Weight loss • Shag Prevention • Giving drugs to reduce the burden of worms worms • Keep the pen clean so far from the dangerous germs • Providing the right food. If I change Treatment • Provide plenty of water, especially those containing glucose • Giving medication can reduce diarrhea, such as' koalin that can cover the skin in the stomach • Providing drug killer bacteria, protozoa or worms • Report to the Veterinary Department for the immediate treatment

Less Blood Anemia is a condition in which the number of red blood cells than normal.

Signs • Lips, gums and tongue pale • Layer in the eyelids and white kernaluan • Poor • Bristle hairs • Lean body Treatment and Prevention • To provide sufficient and nutritious food • Adding iron • Giving vitamins to increase appetite • Providing drugs worms

Teeth Tetanus (Tetanus) The disease is caused by toxins from a bacteria that can damage the nerves. This usually happens when terdapatluka-lukakecildi body / skin the animal. This germ enters the body and multiply, and then remove the poison. Signs • The whole body shiver and tremble that can not be controlled. All four legs will be straight, firm and hard. • Teeth and mouth will terkancing (zip teeth) and the head is usually looked on. If you happen while standing, it will fall. • These signs become more severe when there is a strong stimulus of sound and light. Prevention and treatment: • Veksin injections during 3-month-old child • Terutarna treat wounds for wounds caused by sharp objects The types of drugs: • Tetanus antitoxin • Injection veksin

Luka Wounds can be caused by sharp objects. Although it is considered mild, but if not given attention will be rotten and worm-eaten. Upon the occurrence of wound treatment should be made immediately. Prevention • Keep the sharp objects in the pen • Make sure tree branches are thorny / local dilonggok sharp. Examples of palm branches • Avoid animal fighting Treatment: • Wash his wounds with medicine yellow (iodine) to escape the dirt and dust • Apply the medicine lorexane 'in cuts • Spray flies penjauh drugs such as gusanex 'or' negusant ' • Report to the nearest Veterinary Department for treatment

Yellow Disease (Jaundice) due to poisoning The disease is caused by damage to the liver. It usually happens when the sheep eat the grass Brachiaria decumbens , and also when eating in the long run kernel oil and palm kernel oil contains a high copper content Symptoms • Parts of the eyes, genitals and lips yellowish • Skin in the eye, face, the lips, ears and genitals become swollen (edema), then split and terkelupik • Urine, sometimes red • Decreased appetite and weight declined. Always seeking a dim / dark • Show signs of anemia and water • Shag • Struggle, struggle and death Prevention

Do not eat the grass Brachiaria decumbens • Avoid giving supplements with high copper content Treatment • Report to the Department of Animal berclekatan The types of drugs • Cupramine tablets, etc.

Flea disease / Ringworm Parasites, skin parasites such as ticks (tick) louse (lice) and mite (mites) can cause irritation and blood loss in animals and this may affect animal health. Symptoms • Wool sheep will fall • Sheep will menggesel-geselkan body to hard objects • In the animal severe skin and sometimes keruping abscess • Weak and thin • Show signs of anemia • Some parasites can be seen with the naked eye Prevention • Spray all the animals if there is showing signs of disease • Separate animals was severe and treatment • Organize a flea treatment program for livestock based on advice from officers of the Department of Veterinary Services Treatment • Spray or animal bathed with flea medication. Contact the office of animals to determine the type of lice, ticks and the rate of drug treatment. First hair cut for thick hair sheep that is diseased or badly. Types of Drugs • Asuntol, Taktic etc.

Eye pain (Conjuctivitis) This disease often occurs in spring-summer and Conditions berabuk. It starts with pain and watery eyes, and eventually have pus and can become blind. Symptoms • Watery eyes, swollen eyes and a white membrane covered Prevention • Cut hairs poked in the eye • Pen and hygiene must be maintained so that the flies can be avoided • Do not give food berabuk • Sort animals and treat disease due soon Treatment • Clean the eye with clean water (distilled water or normal saline) • Apply eye cream medicine • Give injections if the situation worse (contact the Department of Veterinary Services) The types of drugs • Terramycin eye drops, chloramphenicol • Terramycin LA

Bad Foot Disease (Foot Rot) The disease occurs when the foot between the skin and nails become bad, rotten and smelly. These incidents usually occur when animals are placed in areas that are wet and dirty during the monsoon season terutarna Signs • Early signs are swollen and wet in between the nail • Walking with a crippled condition • The foot of the skin and nails, and nail the other will be rotten and decayed Treatment • Remove / delete all the tissues of the foot that is rotten and rotten to reach the tissues of fresh / healthy.

Use a sharp knife Then soak the feet that have been cleaned / washed into the liquid 10% formalin, Copper Sulfate or Zinc Sulfate for some time (3-5 minutes) • Apply antibiotic cream and spray to prevent fly drug if severe wounds • Saving the animals in the area to dry for 2-3 hours before being released • Perform the above treatments for a few days to recover Prevention • Keep the area clean and stable • Cut nails are always / often • Avoid sheep kept / maintained in a damp and dirty • Buy sheep from areas that do not have the disease • Is "foot bath" in the rainy season • Separate the sick animals Drugs • Liquid 10% formalin, Copper Sulfate, Zinc Sulfate, cream antibiotics, drugs to prevent flies •

Diseases should be reported to the Department of Veterinary Services for immediate action
Foot and Mouth Disease The disease is caused by a virus. It is the type of disease that spreads quickly and easily. In groups of animals, it can cause 100% of the group fell ill. A sick animal would be difficult to eat and stand and will result in reduced production. Signs • Fever • Dismal and monyok • There is a small bubble-bubble containing water at the mouth, tongue, nipple, foot and in between the nail • Bubble-bubble will burst and leave sores. Mouth to produce more saliva. Decreased appetite • Livestock run with the lame, and if the sores are painful, animals do not want to stand • Death in young sheep is relatively high - 50% Prevention • Giving injections at the age of two weeks veksin on and again 2-3 months later and repeated once a year

Caseous disease Lymphadenitis The disease is caused by the bacteria Corynebacterium ovis. It is a chronic disease (prolonged / long). Sheep that have it will have a boil on the edge of the spleen blot stain. Cause of this disease are stains spleen has burst. Germs from spleen stains will enter the bodies of other animals through the wound as a result of shaving sheep, tail, stuck thorns / sharp wire and others. Symptoms • Visible ulcer / stain spleen enlarged side • Sheep decreased body condition and a thin / hollow • Weak and can cause death Prevention • Foreign and remove the animals that have signs of disease • Shaving young sheep before older sheep shaving • Keep pen and shaving equipment sheep • Avoid the occurrence of wounds in animals Treatment • If the injury occurred in animals treated promptly be paid / sewing etc. • Treatment is not recommended

Melioidosis Disease The disease is caused by the bacteria Pseudomonas pseudomallei. It is a chronic disease spreading in the

body. Young sheep are more frequently suffer without exception for the elderly. Man can have it if Ingestion of this germ. Signs • Mild fever • Decreased appetite • Breathing becomes heavy and difficult • Frequent cough • Runny • Noda joints swollen spleen and testicles • Lame • Sometimes show signs of less insane Treatment • Treatment is often ineffective Prevention • Isolate sick animals immediately • Clean areas that have been contaminated with disinfectant

Brucellosis disease The disease is caused by bacteria. It causes abortion in sheep. In humans it causes the common cold, weakness and body aches. Signs • Loss usually occurs at 40-50 days gestation Treatment • Treatment is often ineffective Prevention • The sick animal should be isolated remove • Buy animal tests do not have the disease

Clostridlum disease The disease is caused by several types of bacteria Clostridia. The signs of the disease is the type of food poisoning, food poisoning resulting from infection until the infection may involve damage to the tissues of the animal. One of the diseases caused by bacteria of this type is a catch tooth disease as discussed above. Signs • Lame. • Swollen muscles, contain water clan gasserta black skin color. • Weak and lifeless. • Died suddenly. • Fever and pain in the waist (abdominal). • Mouth pale yellow color. • Feces and urine showed signs of blood. • Show signs of insane. • Paralysis and death. Treatment • Treatment is difficult and not so effective. • Any treatment should be made in the early stages. • Use antibiotics with a broad action with the antitoxin. • Use the medication as the signs of the disease. Prevention • Prevent livestock from the wound. • Use of nasilhat antiserurn veksin and Veterinary Department of the station.

Pasteurellosis disease The disease can cause high losses, either through weight loss or even death. In each group, 40% of the total can be infected and can cause death up to 5%. Signs

Sudden death without any signs of the real. High body temperature. In the adult it is showing signs of the respiratory system as ○ shortness of breath ○ cough ○ phlegm in the nose (runny) ○ mouth foaming. Treatment • Treatment should be made immediately. • Use of appropriate antibiotics. Prevention • Reduce the tension (stress) to livestock, especially the newly arrived. • Use of appropriate antibiotics in water or food. • Veksin injection can prevent this disease. Medicines • Penstrep, Oxytetracycline (LM) Sulphar-drug, etc. Amoxycillin. The disease is caused by a virus. It usually occurs after the onset of the rainy season when the sandfly (culicoides) and mosquito infection began to grow substantially. Symptoms • increased body temperature. • Do not want to eat. • Ngulumkan mumble-mouth. • Lip lap. • Produce saliva. • Runny liquid and then becomes thick. • Spitting dry and cover the nostrils. • The nose, face and tongue to swell. • Nose bleed. • Tongue and lips are swollen and bleed easily injured. • The surface of the tongue, bluish in color. • Scabies, sores appear on the tongue, lower lip, jaw and lips. • Flawed and often do not want to stand. • Part of the nails and skin bruising and swelling. • Death usually occurs after six days showed signs of disease Treatment • The sick animal should be removed immediately. • If possible, pull the crate / box that is free from midge / mosquito and shade. • Treat the wound as usual. Prevention • Keep pens / poultry from mosquito / gnat with a fire lit at night - take care not to burn. • Spray the area with drugs to prevent midge and mosquito terutarna during the rainy season and in the evening. • Inject animals with veksin recommended by the Department of Veterinary Services.

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Ubat - Ubatan Asas Bagi Penjagaan Kambing 1. Antibiotik - Ubat selsema, murung dsb Contoh: Teramycin LA Antibiotik merupakan ubat asas bagi penyakit berkaitan selsema dan apabila kambing anda menunjukkan simptom dihinggapi penyakit seperti kurang cergas, kurang selera makan, murung

dsb. Antara jenis antibiotik yang popular adalah Terramycin/LA. 2. Iodin - Ubat luka Iodin merupakan ubat luka, sesuai bagi bagi luka-luka biasa sahaja. Walau bagaimanapun, ia tidak efektif untuk luka-luka berulat. Disapu atau disembur terus pada bahagian anggota yang luka. 3. Prosanex - Ubat Untuk Luka Berulat Prosanex merupakan ubat luka yang sangat efektif, terutama untuk mengubat luka berulat. Ia adalah semburan aerosol berwarna biru dan sangat mudah digunakan. Keluarkan dan bersihkan dahulu sebarang ulat yang ada di dalam luka ternakan anda. kemudian disembur terus ke tempat luka. Elakkan semburan dari terkena mata, hidung dan mulut ternakan.

4. Tetravet - Ubat Puru Tetravet merupakan semburan berwarna ungu, ubat yang efektif untuk merawat 'puru' yang menyerang mulut ternakan. 5. Cidectin (Pour-On) - Ubat parasit 3serangkai( cacing/kutu/kurap) Ubat 3 serangkai jenis sapuan (pour-on) bagi merawat kecacingan, kutu dan kurap pada ternakan. Hanya perlu dilumurkan di atas kulit, iaitu disapu di celah-celah bulu ternakan. Tidak perlu suntikan, ia merupakan alternatif kepada ubat jenis suntikan. 6. SulphaDimidine - ubat coccidiosis (sejenis protozoa)

Ubat untuk coccidiosis, sejenis protozoa yang boleh menyebabkan ternakan kambing sering mengalami ceret beret dan akhirnya menjadi kurus kering. Sulphadimidine adalah ubat cecair oral iaitu diberi minum terus ke dalam mulut haiwan. Ubat ini perlu diberi secara berulang untuk tempoh 1 -2 minggu. 7. Scourban Plus - Ubat cirit birit Ia adalah sejenis ubat dalam bentuk cecair 'emulsion' dan diberi secara oral.
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