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March 22, 2007 Vol. 12, No.


Endeavour receives OBSS, ISS crew prepares for

Discovery gets new tiles Soyuz, new crew arrival

Shuttle Update: Endeavour Work is also under way to pre- Women Moving History Forward” is
remains in Orbiter Processing Facility pare for the installation of fuel cell the theme for Women’s History
bay 2, and technicians continue pre- No. 2. Technicians continue replacing Month. The National Women's His-
paring the vehicle for its first launch thermal tile around the main landing tory Project Web site offers historical
in more than four years. The vehicle gear door and the external tank doors and current information about women
has undergone an extensive modifica- with a stronger tile, known as BRI. who have actively sought to improve
tion period, including the addition of the status of women in society, both
ISS Update: On March 29, in the United States and around the
all of the return-to-flight safety up-
the station's current residents will world. The Web site address is
grades added to both Discovery and
take a short ride in the Soyuz TMA-9 The Space Coast Chapter
spacecraft now docked at the com- of Federally Employed Women's Web
Last week, technicians completed
plex. Soyuz Commander Mikhail Ty- site address is
checkout of the trajectory control
urin, Expedition 14 Commander
sensor system, and the payload pre-
Michael Lopez-Alegria and Flight
mate testing is finished. Preparations KSC Fitness Center Presents
Engineer Suni Williams will move
are under way for the installation of W.O.W., or Wellness of the World
the Soyuz from an Earth-facing dock-
the orbiter boom sensor system, — This is a 15-week program en-
ing port on the Zarya module to a
which is a 50-foot extension for the compassing all aspects of wellness
docking port at the aft of the Zvezda
shuttle's robotic arm. The waste con- from cardiovascular health to nutri-
module. The half-hour flight will be
tamination system checkout is com- tional information and even stress
broadcast live on NASA TV, begin-
plete. Testing of the aerosurface management. Each week, you and
ning at 5 p.m.
control system has also concluded. your teammate will virtually travel to
The Soyuz move frees the Zarya
This involved moving flight control new, exciting and exotic places upon
docking port for the arrival of the Ex-
systems such as the elevons, body completion of your exercise activi-
pedition 15 crew, set to launch April 7
flap and rudder speed brake using the ties. Application packets will be
in a Soyuz from the Baikonur Cos-
hydraulic systems. available only at the KSC Fitness
modrome, Kazakhstan. Expedition 15
Processing of Discovery, which Centers in the OSB or O&C through
Commander Fyodor Yurchikhin,
returned from the STS-116 mission March 29. Hours are 5:30 a.m. to
Flight Engineer and Soyuz Com-
on Dec. 22, continues in Orbiter 7 p.m. Applications are due back by
mander Oleg Kotov and spaceflight
Processing Facility bay 3. Work on the end of the business day on March
participant Charles Simonyi will dock
the installation of the new Station to 30. The chosen applicants will be in-
to the station April 9. Lopez-Alegria,
Shuttle Power Transfer System con- formed by the end of the day on
Tyurin and Simonyi will return to
tinues in the forward, mid-body and April 5.
Earth April 20 in a Soyuz.
aft sections of the vehicle. This sys-
Williams will remain with Yur- KSCcountdown is published every Tuesday &
tem will allow the orbiter and Interna-
chikhin and Kotov as a member of Thursday for NASA KSC employees. Dead-
tional Space Station to share power, lines are 10 a.m. Mondays & Wednesdays. E-
the Expedition 15 mission.
which will enable the orbiter to re- mail news to
main docked for longer periods of March Is Women's History For questions or information, e-mail or call 321-
867-2815. Find KSCcountdown on the Web at
time. Month — This year, “Generations of