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The ultimate Taxi dispatch software

What is TaxiMobility ?

TaxiMobility consists of mobile apps and a taxi

dispatch software which bridges the gap

between taxi companies and their customers

It is a complete package that connects taxi

companies with their customers and vice versa,

making communication easier than ever before

Our solutions

Providing a highly personalised and demand-responsive taxi dispatch software

to reinforce the role of taxis in public mobility
Taxi Dispatch

Launching a safe and sound Limo software that is a worthwhile investment

for limo management, scheduling and dispatch
Limo Dispatch

Delivering a rapid and reliable courier software to optimise your transit jobs
with door-to-door courier service
Delivery Dispatch

Automating all taxi operations with an end-to-end solution that serves

NEMT & Paratransit dispatch needs

Dispatch System

Eminent Features of TaxiMobility
User friendly apps for passengers and drivers
Least guidance required to work on apps
Suits small, medium and large size businesses

Dashboard with statistical figures
Detailed report on taxi fare, drivers, routes and taxis can be downloadable in xls, pdf format
Convenience of cash / credit card payment options
Auto calculation of fare, display of ratings
Complete CRM activities


Scheduling, rescheduling and cancellation of taxi reservation without incurring any loss
Instant booking & timely pickup and drop
Google navigation to reach the destination displaying a summary of past rides
Supervision on taxi movements

Benefits of having TaxiMobility

Minimising chaos in taxi hiring for Booking Engine that takes up orders over

passengers and dispatchers telephone and through mobile apps

Book, Track, Manage and Execute Facebook Login in Passenger app

functionalities for the entire taxi booking Personalized and white-label app to

and dispatch process promote your brand identity

Complete CRM activities and reports from Ready to use software that helps you

admin panel start right away

App User
App User OTP User Profile
Download Registration
Download Registration Authentication Settings

How many terminals does TaxiMobility have?

1. Android and iOS apps for passengers and drivers

2. Web based Dispatch System for Dispatchers
3. Web based Admin panel for Company Owners
4. Web based Master Admin panel

Passenger-Mobile Driver-Mobile
Application Application
Responsive Website
Dispatcher Panel

Technical Architecture

How TaxiMobility Works ?
Passenger application

Download TaxiMobility Passenger app
Register using Facebook or Mobile Number login

Get Located

Allow the app (GPS based) to locate Passenger's current location

Confirm pickup address and destination tapping over Google Map
Choose Taxi Model
Click Request taxi

Booking & Confirmation
Passenger application
Booking request is sent to the nearest available taxi driver
Passenger gets confirmation from the driver within 30 seconds
Split fare feature is enabled to share ride fare with other users from within the passenger contact list

Travel & Pay
Passenger application
Passengers can view the taxi approaching the
pickup point in Google Map
Passengers can track the ongoing journey using
map while on move
Passengers also have the option to call the
driver over phone


Provision to choose the preferred payment

method - by cash / card / wallet
Payments can also be shared with friends in
their contact list during Split-fares is enabled
E-receipts are sent to passengers immediately
after each ride
Promo Codes are offered with instant
discounts while booking

Rate Drivers & Trip History
Passenger application Rate & Submit feedback

On completion of each ride, passengers can

post rate and share their feedback on a
particular driver or taxi agency

Trip Details

A detailed account of all past and upcoming

trips are furnished to passengers
All past trip details are integrated with Map to
determine the route travelled

How TaxiMobility Works? Driver application


Drivers log in into smartphone using their mobile
Drivers can edit their visibility/status going online
or offline

Set location

Drivers can set their Profile with photo and

mobile number, viewable to passengers
Drivers can set their status as Online to be
visible in the Google map search

Driver application


Drivers receive notification for every

passenger request
Driver can Tap on the screen & confirm the
booking in 30 seconds
Driver also has the option to call the
passenger over phone

Pick up

Driver clicks Start Trip after picking the

passenger from the pick-up point
A stopwatch option is provided to drivers
to estimate the waiting time charges
during the trip

Driver application

Get paid
The driver drops the passenger at
The app auto calculates the taxi fare
Cash or credit card payment is then
processed after the trip

Withdraw Request
Drivers can request for withdrawal of earned
referral money as well as earned trip fare
Driver can view the same in the Withdraw

Driver application

Street pick-up
Drivers can enable the street pick-up feature
to eliminate waiting time till another request
Street pick-ups are also counted as the
working time
Pick-up & drop off locations are displayed in
addition to the distance travelled

A complete report of daily income with
graphical representation is provided to
manage earnings

What is Dispatcher panel ?

Dispatcher panel is a online portal that can take telephonic booking, manage drivers and assign trips. This can be
operated through call centres either at the taxi company location or offshore, at our place.


Manage Manage Manage Scheduling Real Time Manage Loyalty Analytics

Drivers Trips Cars Automatic Asset Pricing Programs Reports
Trips Monitoring

What is Company Admin panel ?

Company admin panel is implemented in large taxi companies that have several branches in various states and
cities. Company admin panel handles dispatchers, drivers, passengers and transactions within its geographical limit.
All company admin panels are controlled by a single master admin panel. Company Admin panel automatically
updates itself with all the transactions within its geographical limit. Company admin panel comprises of all the
features of the dispatcher panel. Small taxi companies can ignore this panel if they do not have many branches in
different cities or states.

What is Master Admin panel ?

Master Admin panel has total control over all company admin panels, dispatcher panels, drivers, passengers, taxis
and transactions. The complete process of taxi management is controlled using the Master admin panel. There can
only be a single master admin panel for a taxi company. It supports all features aside from the dispatch system.

How to Start ? Fare Settings

Purchase our ready-to-use taxi application Promote your brand with our personalised
The setup and installation of the app is our mobile app for a wider passenger attention
responsibility The company is given the privilege to set
Set your own taxi business up trip fare, cancellation charges and night
All you require is a smart phone and PC fare
connected to the Internet These details can be modified anytime as
Get your ROI without any delay per discretion

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