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Radio Broadcast Rubric

Name: ______________________________
Date: _______________
Class: ________________________________________

Exceptional Admirable Acceptable Amateur

Choppy and
Extremely well organized; format was
logical format that was Somewhat organized; difficult to follow;
easy to follow; flowed Presented in a thoughtful ideas were not transitions of
smoothly from one idea to manner; there were signs presented coherently ideas were
another and cleverly of organization and most and transitions were not abrupt and
conveyed; the organization transitions were easy to always smooth, which at seriously
enhanced the follow, but at times ideas times distracted the distracted the
Organization effectiveness of the project were unclear audience audience

inaccurate; the
Somewhat accurate; facts in this
Completely accurate; all Mostly accurate; a few more than a few project were
Content facts were precise and inconsistencies or errors inconsistencies or errors misleading to the
Accuracy explicit in information in information audience

Went above and beyond to

research information; Did a very good job of
solicited material in researching; utilized
addition to what was materials provided to
provided; brought in their full potential;
personal ideas and solicited more than six Did not utilize
information to enhance types of research to Used the material resources
project; and utilized more enhance project; at times provided in an effectively; did
than eight types of took the initiative to find acceptable manner, but little or no fact
resources to make project information outside of did not consult any gathering on the
Research effective school additional resources topic

Little creative
energy used
during this
Was extremely clever and Added a few original project; was
presented with originality; Was clever at times; touches to enhance the bland,
a unique approach that thoughtfully and uniquely project but did not predictable, and
Creativity truly enhanced the project presented incorporate it throughout lacked "zip"

Was not
Was engaging, Was at times interesting organized
provocative, and captured and was presented effectively; was
the interest of the clearly and precisely; not easy to
audience and maintained Was well done and was clever at times and follow and did
this throughout the entire interesting to the was organized in a not keep the
presentation; great variety audience; was presented logical manner; limited audience
of visual aids and in a unique manner and variety of visual aids and interested; no
Presentation multimedia; visual aids was very well organized; visual aids were not use of visual
Mechanics were colorful and clear some use of visual aids colorful or clear aids

Cooperative Learning Project Evaluation Form B: Product

Name: ______________________________
Date: _______________
Class: ________________________________________

Exceptio Admira Accepta Amate

nal ble ble ur

Content Accuracy



Presentation Mechanics