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STO Intrastate Transactions

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As per the model GST law, for an intrastate transaction between the same GST identification numbers,
GST will not be applicable. For an intrastate transaction between different GST identification numbers,
CGST and SGST will be applicable.

To handle this scenario for the STO transaction in SAP: -

Setup the STO process as per the document STO configuration for GST.pdf attached in the
note 2474335.
Create a pricing requirement routine (for example, 900) using t-code VOFM. Copy the following
sample code to the requirement routine and activate it.

Note: Please enhance the code as per your business requirement, if needed.

Sample Code:


DATA: lv_cust_gstin TYPE stcd3,

lv_ven_gstin TYPE stcd3,
lv_subrc TYPE sy-subrc,
lv_lifnr TYPE lifnr.

lv_subrc = 4.

SELECT SINGLE stcd3 FROM kna1 INTO lv_cust_gstin WHERE kunnr = komk-
kunre. IF sy-subrc = 0.
SELECT SINGLE lifnr FROM t001w INTO lv_lifnr WHERE werks = komp-werks.
IF sy-subrc = 0.
SELECT SINGLE stcd3 FROM lfa1 into lv_ven_gstin WHERE lifnr =
lv_lifnr. IF lv_cust_gstin <> lv_ven_gstin.
lv_subrc = 0.
sy-subrc = lv_subrc.
CLEAR: lv_cust_gstin,

Assign the requirement routine to the CGST and SGST condition types (JOCG and JOSG
respectively) of SD pricing procedure ZINSTO. Screen shot attached for your reference below:


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