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Marcus Delacor

Preparation for the EPSO Selection Procedure

Booklet 8



euphorum has published a range of booklets as prepara- Booklet 1

tion for the selection process of the European Person- EU open competitions: Overcoming the hurdles
nel Selection Office (EPSO).
Booklet 2
The pre-selection phase: The computer based tests

Booklet 3
The situational judgement test

Booklet 4
The verbal reasoning test: Part I: The principle of

Booklet 5
The verbal reasoning test: Part II: Methodical

Booklet 6
The numerical reasoning test: Tasks and strategies

Booklet 7
The abstract reasoning test:

Booklet 8
The accuracy and precision test

Booklet 9
The organising and prioritising test

Booklet 10
The assessment centre

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General information about the test The questions

The accuracy and precision test has been used by epso The task is always to find mistakes in a very short time
since the reform of the selection procedure in 2012. The period. There are two tables which seem to be identical
aim of the test is to assess the candidates ability to work but one of them might contain mistakes which must be
under the pressure of time in a concentrated and precise discovered by the candidate.
manner. The test is carried out in the participants There are always five answer options of which only one
second language, i. e. in English, French or German. is correct. For each correctly answered question 0.5
40 questions ought to be answered within 6 minutes points are credited, 10 points are required to pass the
so that there are 9 seconds for each question on test. Thus, half of the questions must be answered
average. correctly.

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Approach Additional hints:

It is important to quickly realise the relevant criteria for each table is used several times
each task. The following questions might help to one row constitutes one task
immediately focus on the task: the structure of the tables is always the same,
What criteria are sought? only the content changes
Which of the columns should be compared?

It is of crucial importance to develop an individual

rhythm to solve the tasks. Proceed systematically and
practise these kind of task extensively.

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Reference table

Telephone Computer Photo- Coffee Furniture

system copier maker

Name Date Office equipment

1 D35 Hendon 20/01 - 27/03

2 L21 Quinn GmbH 11/04 - 28/04

3 F10 Milne 18/05 - 22/07

4 B74 AJ Ahmed 14/09 - 27/09

5 J88 Johnson 29/06 - 31/07

Comparison table

Reference Name Date Telephone Computer Photo- Coffee maker Furniture

number system copier

2 L21 Quinn 11/04 - 28/04

Question and answer options

What are the mistakes?

A) Reference number and Name

B) Date and Office equipment
C) There is no mistake
D) Office equipment
E) Name and Office equipment

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E) Name and Office equipment: In the category Name
there is only Quinn instead of Quinn GmbH. In
the category Office equipment, instead of a Photocopier
a Computer is indicated.

What kind of mistakes might occur?

To conclude, we would like to araise your awareness for
some typical mistakes which might occur:
typing errors
transposed digits (date)
form of adress/title (Mr./Mrs.)
currencies ($ instead of )
incomplete information

Please keep in mind that there might be rows without

mistakes as well.

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