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(objects): The
objects that I will be
using in my ident Lighting (colours): The ident of our ident
are a football, rugby will be natural, as it is all set outside in
Narrative (storyline); the narrative of my ball, tennis ball and either a park or astroturf. The colours
groups ident is someone throws a rugby ball, a golf ball. used are mainly green and the colour of
which then turns into a football, then into a the balls, as it is mostly shot on grass.
tennis ball and then into a golf ball that finally
rolls into the hole on a golf course.

Theme: The theme of our ident will appeal to

the audience, as it shows a lotof different types
of sport in it that are screened on Sky Sports

Characters: The characters in our ident are

going to be teenagers, as this is one of the
biggest part of Sky Sports target audience.

Typography for title:

The typography for Environment (setting): The environment for our
my ident is going to ident is going to firstly be on an astroturf pitch, then
be failry similar to a quiet park and finally on a quiet golf green.
the old one, so that
it keeps its ident.
However, it is
slightly more
modern to make it
look stylish and