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NASA Dryden Simulation Capability

Aerospace Simulation
Dryden Flight Research Center
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The NASA Dryden simulation capabilities support the most
Provides research teams the advanced aeronautical and space-based research now and in
means to conduct efficient, the future, through all phases of vehicle design, development,
thorough testing of advanced, systems integration, verification, validation, and flight test.
highly integrated aerospace
We place the simulation capabilities in the hands
APPLICATIONS: of the customer
• High-fidelity 6-DOF real-time
and desktop batch • The same software operates on a
simulations desktop as well as integrated laboratory
• Pilot-in-the-loop simulation environment
• Hardware-in-the-loop • All simulations are operable by one
• Users have access to all the source
• Vehicle-in-the-loop
• Closed-loop vehicle systems
verification and validation
testing Configurable Simulations
• Combined Systems Testing
• Mission Control Room • Simulations are scalable to varying
levels of complexity and stage of
training, mission
planning, and post-mission
• Can support systems integration and
data analysis evaluations of multiple design
RESOURCES: • Quick study of mission trajectories,
• Scalable and flexible flight management, and performance
simulation package to characteristics
support conceptual design • Mission planning and training to
to flight reduce or mitigate risks
• Common, reusable
technology for software
and hardware to support
multiple, varying projects Integrated Vehicle Testing
• Dedicated or configurable
• Enables systems integration, verification,
cockpits and validation testing of vehicle
• Configurable hardware hardware and software
interface unit for vehicle • Facilitates Failure Modes and Effects
systems integration testing Testing (FMET)
• Test flight hardware and software as
subsystems and components become
CONTACT: available
Jeanette Le, Branch Chief
To Fly What Others Only Imagine
NASA Dryden
Walter C. Williams Research Aircraft Integration Facility (RAIF)
Research Aircraft Dryden Flight Research Center
Integration Facility
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TEST BAYS: The NASA Dryden Research Aircraft Integration Facility (RAIF)
• Six vehicle test bays in three and its simulation capabilities support the most advanced
physical areas aeronautical and space-based research now and in the future,
• Support both classified through all phases of vehicle design, development, systems
and proprietary projects integration, verification, validation, and flight test.
• Interface to simulation
laboratories and Mission
Control Rooms
• Provide full vehicle system
support infrastructure

• Up to 11 simulation
laboratories, each
configurable to various
security levels
• Labs overlook the test bays
with data, video and audio 135’ 80’ 100’

Test Bay 3 Test Bay 6
• Co-location of project and
facility management, vehicle
maintenance, and Test Bay 2
Test Bay 5
engineering personnel 125’
• Conference rooms Test Bay 1 Test Bay 4
• 30,000 ft2 office space

• X-31, X-33, X-37, X-38, X-40, First Floor Layout Second Floor Layout
X-43A, F-18, F-15, F-16XL,
C-17, UCAV, Pathfinder
Test Bay Vehicle Support
• Vehicle avionics cooling supply
CONTACT: • Independent hydraulic supply systems
Brian Barr, Facility Manager • 120/208 three-phase 400 Hz power
(661) 276-2585 • 28Vdc 400 Hz power • 277/480V three-phase 60 Hz power
• Uninterruptible 277/480 60Hz power

To Fly What Others Only Imagine